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Canadice  News

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Rochester Republican,  Rochester, Monroe, NY      Tue Dec. 29, 1846         by: GSubyak@aol.com   

Marriages - In Canadice, on the 3d inst., Mr. John C. KINNEY to Miss Hannah PULVER.

Rochester Republican,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.        Jan. 3, 1848                         by: GSubyak@aol.com 

In Canadice, on the 16th ult. Mr. John SINFIELD to Miss Hannah COY KENDELL.

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY            Wed, Nov 4, 1863             by: Dianne Thomas 

GANUNG - Of diphtheria on Oct 16, 1863, at her home in Canadice, Frankie B. GANUNG, in her fifteenth year.  The departed has been removed from us, leaving a void in the circle of her friends, her Bible Class and her home.  And as the glories of Autumn have faide from our sight leaving the scar, rustling leaf to remind us of departed loveliness; so she had gone, bequeathing to us the memory of a short life that closed amid the bright hopes and visions of youth, and the solemn warning that comes from the silence of her tomb, "Set thine house in order; for thou shalt die and not live." Canadice Oct 26, 1863   J. E.

The Naples Record                                 Feb 6, 1875                            by: Dianne Thomas 

CANADICE - Our community was shocked on the 23rd ult by the sudden death of Mr. Jonas Putnam, one of our oldest residents. He was a bachelor of 63, and has resided alone for many years. On the morning of his death he had started for the post office, and when but a short distance from home was taken suddenly ill and called at Mr. H. Brown's.  Mrs. Brown prepared and gave him some simple remedy, and after having given him a comfortable place on the couch, went about her work ; returning a few minutes later, She asked how he was feeling, and receiving no response, repeated the question with the same result; then the terrible truth came forcibly to her mind that he was dead. The cause of his death is unknown, and many think that a post mortem examination should have been made. The funeral services were conducted from the M. E. Church by Rev. S. M. Dayton on the 26th in the presence of a large congregation.  

Mr. Putnam was as honest and upright citizen, having enjoyed the confidence and esteem of his fellow townsmen,

and served his town in various capacities, as supervisor, Justice of the peace & ?? .

The Livonia Gazette                                Friday                       Sept 19, 1884         by: Dianne Thomas 

CANADICE - The "girls" had a party on the 13th inst., at the residence of B. H. Burch, and they report a very interesting time. The occasion was the eightieth birthday of one of their number, Mrs. Charlotte Adams, mother of Mrs. B. H. Burch

There were gathered fifteen of these "girls,'' whose names and ages are as follows: Mrs. Hulda Price, aged 83 years; Mrs. Mary Beam, 82; Mrs. Charlotte Adams,80; Mrs. Rhoda Lucas, 79; Mrs. Ruth Hicks, 77; Mrs. Fidelia Burch, 78; Mrs. Jane Partridge, 75; Mrs. Emily Sayre, 74; Mrs. Barbara Fenton, 72; Mrs. Catherine Thayer, 71; Mrs. Electa Coykendall, 66; Mrs. Juliette Pursell, 66; Mrs. Francena Coykendall, 65; Mrs. Orcelia Slingerland, 64; Mrs. Jane Tibbals,62. Their age aggregated at 1,092 years. 

After an elaborate dinner, presents were bestowed upon Mrs. Adams, to whom the whole affair was a perfect but a very agreeable surprise. Others in attendance were Mrs. Wm. Struble, Mrs. J. S. VanDorn, Miss Martha Thayer, Marcus Burch and family of Livonia and Mrs. Laura Gibbs, daughter of Mrs. Fidelia Burch.

Geneva Advertiser                                    Tuesday                                    May 13, 1890       by: Dianne Thomas 

Murder In Canadice - 

News reached Canandaigua yesterday about noon of a cruel murder in the town of Canadice. The reports received were very meager, merely stating that Alfred Leach, a prominent farmer of the town, was shot and killed by a farm laborer named Frank Lamont, whom he had just discharged.           It seems that Leach had become dissatisfied with Lamont for some reason and went yesterday morning to the tenant house where Lamont lived to discharge him. After Lamont had been told that his services were no longer desired he picked up a shot gun and discharged the contents into Leach's body, killing him almost instantly.

Lamont and his wife fled after the shot was fired, but were arrested before noon at Springwater, Livingston county. Lamont is 24 years of age and Leach was fifty-five. - Journal



Carmel County Courier   NY                    Friday                      March 25, 1892         by: Dianne Thomas 

OBITUARY - Isaac Drew HAZEN - 

The following was taken from the Grand Rapids (Mich.) Democrat, dated March 11: Isaac Drew Hazen, the subject of this sketch was born in the town of Kent, Putnam county, N. Y., January 23,1812.  He was reared on a farm, and on attaining his majority settled on a farm in the town of Canadice, Ontario county, N. Y.  After four years he removed to the village of Honeoye. in the same county, where he was engaged in general mercantile business until the spring of 1854, when he removed to Michigan. 

He purchased a tract of unimproved land on South Division street about four miles south of the city of Grand Rapids, where he resided until about the year 1867. when he removed to the corner of Burton avenue and South Division street, where he reside until the spring of 1810.  The following summer he built a residence on Ridge avenue, which was his home at the time of his death.

Mr. Hazen was an active, energetic business man, and by thrift and careful management had acquired a moderate fortune and at the time of his death was as active and careful as most men at sixty.  His wife died in January,1884, and lie leaves two daughters, Mrs. J. W. Pennell of Paris township, and Mrs. W. R. Pursel, of Corinth, and their families; also aa brother-in-law, Dr. David McCrossen of Wyoming township who is eighty-three years of age, a niece, Miss Dora McCrossen, who has kept house for him since the death of his wife; and a brother, Caleb Hazen, of Penn Yan, N. Y., who is eighty-six years of age, and a sister, Mrs. Harriet Lawrence of Patterson, Putnam county, N. Y. who is eighty-two years, to mourn his sudden death.

Mr. Hazen had just recovered from a long illness, and left home at about 8 a. m., Wednesday, March 9, to attend to some business near Grandville avenue, and had concluded his business and was ready to return home at about 10 o'clock when the horse after which he was riding, became fractious and Mr. Stevens with whom he was riding, stopped and got out of the buggy to fix the harness.  He had just finished the task when the horse began to run, throwing Mr. Hazen out of the buggy, striking his head against a tree, killing him instantly.

Ontario Repository-Messenger, Canandaigua, NY      Thursday   Feb 8, 1894           by: Dianne Thomas 

+ Joseph TAGUE, one of the oldest residents of this town, died Tuesday, January 30th, and the funeral was held Tuesday.  He had lived in Canadice since hew as a boy and had been a member of the church over 50 years, acting as sexton nearly all the time and as one of the church trustees over 30 years.  He was also postmaster for several years.  He will be missed as much by the children as by older people, and he had the respect of all.  A wife and two daughters, Mrs. Sarah BEAM and Mrs. Marion BECKER are left to mourn his death and the whole community sorrows with them.  Mr. TAGUE was 74 years of age.

+ Miss Ida FRANCISCO is very ill.

+ The young people gave Frank SEWARD a surprise Friday evening.  About 45 were present.

+ The Ladies' Aid Society met Saturday at Mrs. H. STRUBLE'S.

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY      Wed   Apr 4, 1894     by: Dianne Thomas

+ The Canadice Society of Good Templars held a sugar sociable Friday evening last, at the residence of E. S. STILLMAN, in his new home. 

+ On Thursday last, Hugh WRIGHT met with an accident; while binding a load of hay, the chain for binding in someway came over the load on Mr. WRIGHT'S head, causing a painful bruise, and Orlando ANDERSON was hurt by falling form the same load of hay, receiving a severe bruise on his hip.

+ Mrs. Emily SAYER, relict of the late James SAYER, of Canadice, died on Friday last at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. D. S. BEAM at Hemlock Lake (cut off) 

+ The Town Board of Health met and organized for the years with Supervisor M. J. BECKER, Clerk R.R. CROOKS, Justices Thomas MURRAY, A. W. DOOLITTLE, Caleb SHELDON and A. H. TIBBALS, with A. T. WINCH citizen member and Doctor L. F. WILBUR, health officer. 

The Gazette, Livonia, NY            Friday                      March 1, 1895    by: Dianne Thomas

Again death has visited our community and suddenly summoned one who can illy be spared.  After an illness of less than one day Mrs. Emma Owen, wife of  D. Gilbert Owen, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Noah Tibbals, was called to her reward.  Many circumstances connected with the death of Mrs. Owen combine to make hers the saddest that has occurred in this vicinity in many years. Not quite forty years old, seemingly in the full strength of health, with four little children from who can say how terrible the blow? 

The bereaved parents, who are both very feeble, are almost prostrated by the suddenness of their bereavement. The older sister, Mrs. Sarah Bugh, the one brother, Wakeman D., and their families, mourn for one they all idolized. Who can bind up such wounds but "He that doeth all things well"?  To tell the bereaved husband that we sympathize with him seems empty words. Our hearts go out for him in his loneliness, and our prayer shall be that he and those little motherless children may be kept by the omnipotent arm of a Heavenly Father. 

The aged parents are comforted in the thought of a glad re-union soon to be theirs; the brother to make her God his guide, and with his sister to smooth the path of their parents declining years. The Rev. Mr. Jackson of Springwater, assisted by Rev. Mr. Bristol, conducted the funeral service from the residence of the parents Monday. 

Repository & Messenger,  Canandaigua, NY        Feb 24, 1898                by: Dianne Thomas

George O. PIERCE of Canadice, was killed by a falling tree in Chester RICHARDSON'S woods, Monday.  He was struck in the head by a large limb, killing him instantly.  

Springwater, NY Enterprises                late Feb 1898                 by: Dianne Thomas

Canadice - Several deaths have occurred in this vicinity in the past week.  Edith STRUBLE, eldest daughter of Gilbert STRUBLE, died Feb. 20. The funeral was held at the home Tuesday.  

On Wednesday, occurred the death of Mrs. Emily STRUBLE, mother of Gilbert STRUBLE. The funeral was held from the same home on Friday.

On Monday, Feb. 21, that of Geo. PIERCE had a very sad accident that will long be remembered by the people of Canadice.  The funeral was held at the Advent Church, Springwater, on Thursday

And the death of Mrs. Augustus SHEPARD occurred on Thursday, making four deaths in this place in four days.  [another spot on the same page of same newspaper-> ]  Mrs. Augustus SHEPARD died last Thursday afternoon, an illness of only a few days.  The funeral was held on Sunday. 

Livonia NY Gazette                  Feb 3, 1899                                by: Dianne Thomas

Correspondence From Canadice - 

Mrs. Mary Lucas, whose death was referred to in the Gazette of last week, was born in Connecticut in 1829. In 1886 she came to this town with her parents, Asa and Rhoda Lucas.  Three years later she was united in marriage to Edwin Rogers, spending part of their married life in this town and part in Lima. Mrs. Rogers was taken sick on the night of the l2th inst , and though all was done that medical skill could do, her death occurred on the 22d. 

Mrs. Lucas, in early life, sought and found her Savior, and through her varied experiences never wavered or doubted, but just worked for and trusted in her God  Though nearly seventy years old she was foremost in all work for the church and charity.

The funeral services were held on Tuesday from the church which she attended so faithfully, the choir of which she was a member and the Sunday school class of which she was teacher, contributing a handsome floral offering.  The lonely companion, her son, and only brother, Mr. John P. Lucas, do not mourn alone.  The hearts of the whole community beat as one in sympathy for the bereaved and pray that God's choicest blessings may attend them and bring them to the glad reunion beyond the pearly gates.

Henry A., the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. H J. Thomas, died last Friday.

The Daily News, Batavia, NY            July 5, 1901                          by: Dianne Thomas

The body of Lorenzo MONK, aged 80 years, who had been missing about a week from his home at Hunt's Hollow, was found in the woods, in the town of Springwater.  

Rochester Democrat  Chronicle             Friday  July 5, 1901                    by: Dianne Thomas


Remains Had to be Gathered in Blanket and Buried. 

Heat - Probable Cause

Dead Man Was Eighty and Thought to Have Wandered Away While Slightly Out of His Head - Livingston County

News has just reached Springwater of a ghastly find in a day or two ago in the woods in the township, of the body of a man in a badly decomposed state.  It is said to be the remains of Lorenzo MONK, an old resident of the town, who for the last few years has resided in what is known as Hunt's Hollow, in the extreme northeast part of the township.

Particulars are wanting in the case, and what reports have been received are very meager and indefinite.  It is said that his body was discovered in a thick clump of bushes in the large forest of that part of the township by neighbors who were looking for him.  The body was in such a bad state of decomposition that it could not be carried until it had been rolled in a blanket, and was buried at once without the action of the coroner.

The report further states that he had been missing since about Thursday of last week, that he had been afflicted more or less with a brain difficulty, and had if all probability while slightly out of his right mind, wandered off into the woods for a cool spot and had been overcome by the extreme heat of last week.  An ax was found near the body, but no marks of violence would show any other than death from heat and exhaustion.  

Deceased was aged about 80 years and had lived about Springwater many years.  He was quite well known and quite a familiar character, especially during presidential campaigns when he attracted a great deal of attention by his peculiarities.  He was a very ardent republican, pronounced in views and was often seen at political gatherings with his big band drum with which he delighted to enliven the occasion. He held the office of Justice of the Peace for many years and was one of the oldest residents of the town. 

The Gazette, Livonia, NY                  Friday                     Jan 23, 1903                         by: Dianne Thomas  

Mrs. Fidelia Burch, whose sickness has been noticed in the Gazette  several times, died on the 18th inst. 

Mrs. Burch was the oldest person in town, being 92 years old and up to a  few weeks prior to her death,  she enjoyed very good health. She was a noble Christian woman, beloved by all her acquaintances. 

B. H. Burch of this town, Thomas Burch of Syracuse, Henry Burch of New York, Mrs. Libbiet Stone of New York and Mrs. Laura Gibbs of Connecticut, lived to see  their  mother reach well towards the five score of earthly pilgrimage, and lovingly await the summons "come up higher . " The funeral services were held from the Methodist church, where for more than half a century she worshipped, the Rev. Mr. Retail officiating.

Mrs. Abbie Clark has been removed to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Henry Thorpe of  Springwater. Mrs. Clark has been a great sufferer for the past year and a half.

Repository & Messenger,  Canandaigua, NY        June 11, 1903          by: Dianne Thomas

Bald Hill - Canadice:

+   Mrs. Charles SCHENCK visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. SKILTON, last Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Pearl FISHER spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Milton KUHN.

Mr. and Mrs. HAGADORN, Mr. DASH and Mrs. Charles SCHAUMBERG of Stephens Mills, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. DOWN, Friday and Saturday. 

Mrs. PARKS of South Lima is making an extended visit with her mother, Mrs. David LAWRENCE.

Mrs. H. H. HICKOK entertained Misses Grace WHITE and Bertha CRAFT of Buffalo, last week. 

The Gazette, Livonia, NY                               Friday                              October 19,   1906    by: Dianne Thomas

Three recent deaths in this town have cast a shadow over it. Barbara Hayward, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hayward; Leslie, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kingsley and Mrs. Jane Tibbals, make up the list. Death is no respecter of age or condition. The child of Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley was only five months old. Mrs. Tibbals was 88. She was born in England and came to this country when less than ten years old. She was married to Peter Tiibbals, of this town, and settled on the farm where Mr. Tibbals died in 1878. After the death of her husband she continued to live with her only son, Albert H. Tibbals, who cared for her tenderly and did his whole duty as a son. She was a consistent Christian.  Two daughters, Mrs. Nettie Cole, of Richmond and Mrs. Addie Fenton of Port Byron, also survive her. Mrs. Tibbals had been a great sufferer for months from cancer, but with patient resignation waited for her release. The Rev. Mr. Richmire officiated at the funeral.

The Livonia Gazette, Livonia, NY                 Friday             June 27, 1913                          by: Dianne Thomas


Canadice News

The Livonia Gazette, Livonia, NY                 Friday                       Dec 17, 1915          by: Dianne Thomas

The Livonia Gazette, Livonia, NY                 Friday                Dec 29, 1922         by: Dianne Thomas

Death of Cyrus SWAN - Passed Away at his home in Canadice, Friday Evening at the Age of 86 -  Cyrus SWAN, an old and much respected resident of this place, died at his home Friday evening of last week, at the age of 86.  He was born in the town of Bristol, son of Mr. and Mrs. Amos SWAN, and came here with his parents at an early age.  The family settled on the farm known as the Clarence HICKS farm.  Mr. SWAN's life had been passed here and in nearby towns, where he was engaged in farming.  He made many friends by his honest, quiet and unostentatious life.  As long as the organization was maintained, he was a member of the Beamis cornet band, and for a number of years he was our faithful mail carrier.  Mr. SWAN was the youngest and last surviving member of a family of 10 brothers and sisters.  In early life, he married Marietta CORNELL, with whom he had lives nearly 61 years, when he died.  Mrs. SWAN is almost blind.  Besides his wife he is survived by two sons, Evelyn, of the state of Washington and Roy of Canadice; and one daughter, Mrs. Fay CLEMONS of  Oklahoma.  A son, Amos, died about 3 years ago.  Mrs. CLEMONS has been here since early summer, caring for aged parents.  Mr. SWAN's funeral was held from the Canadice church, of which he was a member, Sunday, the Rev. Mr. RAYMOND, the pastor, officiating,  and the burial was in the Canadice Cemetery.  Canadice - Dec 28. 

The Livonia Gazette, Livonia, NY                 Friday                 May 2, 1924         by: Dianne Thomas

WINCH Family - FOR NINETY SIX YEARS - This Is the Length of Time the WINCH Farm at Canadice Has Been in the Family - A Brief Historical Sketch - Three weeks ago, the Gazette carried in the Canadice correspondence the item that the WINCH farm had been in the same family for 96 years, but that it has now been sold to a Mr. HOLLAUER of Rochester, possession to be given in the fall.  The Gazette requested Miss Emma WINCH to prepare a historical sketch for publication.  She has done so and it is printed herewith.  

The WINCH farm, or " Oak Opening", as it is called, or so named from having been an opening in a grove of oak timber on the hill.  It is situated on the hill or upper road, one and a half miles south of Canadice church.  But do not imagine as some do when they get there that you have reached the highest land in the vicinity, for if you really wish to get as high as possible, you will have to travel two miles further south.  

The farm lies nearly midway between Honeoye lake on the east and Canadice on the west.  The deed for the farm calls for 144 acres more or less, and comprises several different tracts purchased from as many different people.  It lies on both sides of the highway.  It is well watered with plenty of material for wood, produces good crops, and has been called the most desirable farm on the hill.  

That Indians roamed all over the land in earlier times is certain by the Indian relics that are found.  In working on different parts of the farm, evidences are found of ancient dwellings of early settlers who have been here.  A blacksmith shop stood on the road north of the present house.  The first schoolhouse on the hill was built on this farm.  The frame is still in use, after serving as a school house, a dwelling house, and then a shop.

Nearly a century ago, John WINCH senior, Mary THOMPSON, his wife and two sons, Amasa aged 9 and Lorenzo, 2, came from New Hampshire to New York state, John's father, Luther WINCH, came soon after, making his home with his son.  He now lies in Canadice cemetery.  The family experienced, in common with others, all the hardships of pioneer life. After spending probably about a year on what is now the Edgar HOAGLAND farm, he (Luther) came to 'Oak Opening', where the rest of his life was spent.  He died at the age of 89.  He was a staunch Methodist his life through.  He was the second supervisor of the town, held the offices of justice of the peace and notary public and for many years was a pension agent.  

The first home of the family was over the brow of the hill in the orchard near a never failing spring.  He probably only lived there about a year, when he built the present frame house near the road.  The house was a good one for those times and with paint and many other repairs still does good service.  When his oldest son, Amasa, married, the father built an addition to the home and the young couple set up housekeeping in the old home, helping care for the farm.  

Not long after, Lorenzo followed the example of his brother and married.  Then a new house was built a bit south of the old home and in the new house, Lorenzo and wife set up housekeeping.  In time the father and the mother became too feeble to do the work of the farm and the sons carried on the work together for many years.  The old people died. The mother (Mary Thompson) in 1870 , and the father in 1882. 

Sometime before the death of the father, the sons dissolved the partnership, and Amasa and his family bought a farm near the church, known at that time as the AUSTIN farm.  Amasa spent the remainder of his life there, dying in 1896.  Lorenzo remained on the home farm till his death, which occurred in 1902.  For some years before his death, he was enfeebled by age and his oldest son, Wilbur, carried on the farm and has continued to care for it till the present time.  At the death of his mother, which occurred about 6 years ago, to settle up the estate, Wilbur and his sister, Emma, purchased the farm and have remained there, but they expect to leave the old home in the fall.  

It might be an item of interest to some to know that all the deceased members of the John WINCH family lie in Canadice cemetery, with one exception, John WINCH Junior,  who lives in Hillsdale, Mich., where he married Emma J. WINCH.   Canadice, April 28.  

The Naples Record, Naples, NY                       Wednesday                            Feb 16, 1927   by: Dianne Thomas


In Flower City Hospital, New York City, occurred the death on Sunday, February 13th, 1927, of Miss Zervah Caroline Doolittle, aged 56 years. She was the youngest of eight children of  the late A. Wilson and Caroline Thorpe Doolittle, and was born in Canadice on October 2,1870, residing there during her childhood, after which she came with her father to Naples, where a large portion of her life was passed. 

The past few years she had resided at Daytona Beach, Florida. She was a member of the Methodist Church.

Miss Doolittle is survived by three brothers, Elmer W. Doolittle, of Rochester; John E. Doolittle, of Ellicottville, and Thomas W. Doolittle, of Naples; and by three sisters, Mrs. Emily Norget, of Allens Hill; Mrs. A. M. Blake, of Naples, and Mrs. John West, of Conesus. One brother, Lucius Doolittle, of Canadice, died several years ago.

Funeral services were held from the Methodist church at Canadice yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. G. H. Nelson, pastor of the Hemlock Methodist Church, and burial was made in the Canadice cemetery.

The Livonia Gazette, Livonia, NY                 Friday             April 13, 1928        by: Dianne Thomas

Mrs. Marietta SWAN, aged 86, a valued citizen of this place, died at the home of her son, Roy, Easter morning.  Mrs. SWAN was almost a life long resident here, but few years of her long life resident being passed elsewhere.  Her parents James CORNELL and wife, lived for many years in the southern part of town.  Mrs. SWAN's husband, Cyrus SWAN died 6 years ago, aged 87.  Mrs. SWAN has a wide circle of friends in this and other communities and was keenly interested, almost to her death, in the up-building of all rightful enterprises.  She retained her faculties till the last and was a great reader until blindness overtook her 3 or 4 years ago.  She was always cheerful, looking on the bright side of life. She was a loyal member of the church here.  She leaves to mourn her loss, two sons, Roy of Canadice and Evelyn of Salem, Oregon; another son, Amos, died a few years ago; also one daughter, Mrs. Myrtle CLEMONS, of Oklahoma whose husband was so ill, that she could not come to her mother's death bed.  One adopted daughter, Mrs. George HENRY of Springwater, also survives her.  The funeral services were held at the Canadice church, Wednesday, April 11 at 2 pm.  Burial was in Canadice cemetery

The Livonia Gazette, Livonia, NY                 Friday                 August 23, 1928        by: Dianne Thomas

Martin ROSS, aged 78, a lifelong resident of Canadice, died after a long illness at his home Friday morning, July 27.  He leaves his wife, Mrs. Kate ALLEN, with whom he had lived for 58 years; also a large circle of nephews, nieces and cousins.  Mr. ROSS was well known and respected in this and surrounding communities.  The 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. ROSS was honored by a large gathering of friends and neighbors at the church here, where he was an attendant.  The Rev. Mr. SHERGUR, pastor, officiated and burial was in Canadice cemetery


July 24, 1903 - Mrs. James EDWARDS died at her home in this village, Tuesday morning, at the age of 35.


July 24, 1908 - Marion BECKER's house was struck by lightning Saturday and the telephone splintered. 


July 24, 1908 - The wedding of Mrs. Isabelle SHORT to Mr. Elton CUDWORTH of Armada, Mich., occurred at "The Elms" , the home of Rev. Dr. DILL, pastor of the Honeoye Congregational Church.

July 24, 1908 -  A very pretty wedding was solemnized at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. MILLER of Honeoye, Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock, when their daughter, Maude Helen, became the bride of Fred M. BELL, of West Bloomfield.


July 19, 1918  - Mary Ann WELCH died Tuesday, forenoon, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Henry SWIKEHARD, in this town at the age of 77.

Roy LONG has received the appointment as carrier on mail route No. 1, out of Livionia.  

George G. AYERS died Wednesday forenoon, at his home in Lakeville, at the age of 50. 

The Livonia Gazette, Livonia, NY                 Friday                 March 13, 1931         by: Dianne Thomas

Funeral for Wilbur WINCH in Methodist Church, Friday  -  The funeral of Wilbur WINCH, who died after a brief illness of pneumonia, at the age of 74, was held last Friday afternoon from the Methodist Church at 2 o'clock, the Rev. G. H. NELSON, officiating.  Mr. WINCH was a life long resident of Canadice and has always lived on the WINCH farm, until six years ago, when he and his sister, Miss Emma, moved into the village, near the church with which he had united at an early age and in which he has always been a faithful worker.  At the time of his death he was a trustee, recording steward and a Sunday school teacher.  He had also held several town offices.  He is survived by three sisters, Miss Emma WINCH and Mrs. Mary TIBBLES of Canadice and Mrs. Nettie F. WINCH of Hillsdale, Mich.; also several cousins.  There were two brothers that died several years ago.  Burial took place in the family lot in the Canadice (Corners) Cemetery.  

Mrs. Nettie F. WINCH of Hillsdale, Mich., is visiting relatives here.

Miss Edith DEAL who has been spending some time at the home of W. E. WINCH, returned to her home at Allen's Hill, last Thursday night. 

Mrs. Elizabeth WRIGHT who has been visiting her son, Merle, in Dansville, returned to her home here last week.

Miss Irene BLANCHE and Clarence Chester THURLEY, both of Avon, were united in marriage Sunday afternoon, March 8, at 5 pm at the Presbyterian manse, Livonia Center, the Rev. G. W. WALKER performing the ceremony.  The couple were attended by Miss Catherine SHEFLIER of Caledonia and Mr. James COFFEY of Avon.

The Livonia Gazette, Livonia, NY             Thursday                June 29, 1939           by: Dianne Thomas

Death of Mrs. Theo. McCROSSEN - Mrs. Theodore McCROSSEN, 47, of Rochester, died Wednesday, June 21, at the home of her sister, Mrs. T. H. MILLER, Clary road, Livonia, after an illness of over several months.  She has been confined to her bed at the Miller home, more or less, for the last two months.  Mrs. MCCROSSEN was formerly Miss Dora HARROUN and was born in Rochester, where she had lived most of her life.  Mr. and Mrs. McCROSSEN celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary the 10th of last May.   Mrs. McCROSSEN is survived by her husband of Washington, DC, one son, Fred, of Rochester, and a brother, Irving HARROUN, also of Rochester.  

Funeral services for Mrs. McCROSSEN were held from the Hedges Memorial Chapel in Rochester, Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.  A brief prayer service was followed at the grave in the Canadice Hollow Cemetery, the Rev. William J. BROWN of the Hemlock Methodist Church, officiating. Mrs. McCROSSEN left many relatives and friends in the vicinity of Livonia and Hemlock, who are deeply grieved at her passing.

The Livonia Gazette, Livonia, NY                 Thursday                 April 3, 1941         by: Dianne Thomas

Necrological Record of Canadice for 1883 -   from Livonia Gazette, March 14, 1884 

Josiah JACKMAN, son of Abner JACKMAN, died Jan 2, aged 2 1/2 years, Canadice Cemetery 

Addison C. BROWN died Jan. 6, aged 53 years, Bald Hill Cemetery

Hattie COLVIN died Feb. 6, aged 17 years, Evergreen Cemetery, Springwater, NY; 

Henry JOHNSON died Apr. 4, aged 89 years, Bald Hill Cemetery; 

Levi SALTER, son of John SALTER, died May 4, aged 1 year, Evergreen Cemetery, Springwater;

Alpheus STRUBLE died June 25, aged 14 years, Canadice Cemetery;

Mrs. Jane DALRYMPLE, died July 18, aged 55 years, Evergreen Cemetery, Springwater.

Allen HUFF died Nov 21, aged 63 years, Lakeview Cemetery, Honeoye, NY

The Livonia Gazette, Livonia, NY  & The Lima Recorder, Lima, NY       Thursday       August 7, 1941       by: Dianne Thomas


FRED HENRY DIES FROM AUTO CRASH -   Former Canadice Man Succumbs Three Days after Surgery

Fred HENRY who was severely injured last Thursday evening in a car accident on Holcomb road, died at the Memorial Hospital, Canandaigua, Saturday [Aug 2].  Mr. HENRY was born in Richmond, Jan 27, 1875 and was the third son of Clarke and Eliza Wright HENRY.  When a small boy, he moved to Canadice with his parents, where the greater part of his life was spent.  Funeral services were held from the Kennedy Funeral Home in Canandaigua and burial was made in the family lot at the Canadice Cemetery.  The officiating clergyman was Rev. Stephen S. PRATT of the Methodist church of Chapin.  Surviving are two brothers, Charles of Canandaigua and George of Pavilion.  


[from the Lima Recorder] - Mr. and Mrs. Harry KINNE and son of Syracuse have been visiting at the home of Wm. PRESTON.

Geneva Daily Times                       Wednesday                 April 1, 1953     pg 14              by: Dianne Thomas

Canandaigua - Funeral Services for S. Dayton BECKER, 68,  town clerk of the Town of Canadice, and member of the Honeoye Central School Board, will be held at 2:30 pm, Thursday from the Canadice Methodist Church.  Burial will be in Canadice CemeteryMr. BECKER, died suddenly Monday, after being stricken with a heart attack, while at a meeting of the school board.  He was rushed to the office of Dr. William MEYERS, Honeoye, where efforts to revive him with the administration of oxygen were unsuccessful.  A widely known farmer and insurance man, Mr. BECKER was born in Canadice and spent his entire life in the township.  He was also director of the First National Bank of Wayland.  Survivors include his wife, Esther Preston BAKER; two sons, Fremont  of  Wayland and Clifford of Canadice; two daughters, Mrs. Maude VAN DYNE and Miss Ruth BECKER, Canandaigua; a brother, Harrison BECKER, Hemlock; and 12 grandchildren.  

The Lima Recorder, Lima, NY            Thursday                     October 24, 1957       by: Dianne Thomas

Fred A. KINGSLEY of Honeoye died at his home on Saturday, Oct 19, 1957.  Mr. KINGSLEY is survived by his wife, Elna Caskey KINGSLEY; three daughters, Gladys KINGSLEY of Soneya, Mrs. Donald CONKLIN of East Bloomfield and Mrs. Paul ABBEY of Rochester; and a son, Everett L. KINGSLEY of Lima; five grandchildren, two great grandchildren and several nieces and nephews also survive.  Services were held at the Honeoye Congregational Church on Tuesday, Oct 22.  Burial was in the Canadice cemetery.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Thursday  February 1, 1962          by: Ron Hanley
Obituary   Mrs. Dora A. Leahy
 Mrs. Dora A. Leahy, 104 Woodbine Ave., Rochester, formerly of Canandaigua, died Tuesday.
She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Marjorie Henderson, two sons, Harold and Joseph D. Leahy, six grandchildren and five great grandchildren and a sister, Mrs. Blanche Schreck.  She was a member of St. Augustine's Church and its Rosary Society.
Friends may call at the funeral home of Joseph Murphy, Chili Ave., where a prayer service will be held Friday at 8:30 a.m. followed by Mass
at St. Augustine's Church at 9 a.m. Interment will be in St. Mary's Cemetery, Honeoye.

The Valley News, Springwater, NY                              March 6, 1969           pg 7                by: Dianne Thomas

Clark Jennings COYE passed away March 3, 1969.  He was age 10, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wendell COYE of Middle Canadice Road,  New York.  He is survived by his parents, four brothers, Wayne of Honeoye; Kelly, Scott and Glenn, all at home; his maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack WAHLSCHLEGAL and his paternal grandmother, Mrs. Lena COYE, all of Naples. Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 pm in the Canadice United Methodist Church, Rev. Ray HARAN, officiating.  Interment at the convenience of the family in Canadice Cemetery.  Friends wishing may make contributions to Pediatric Blood Research Fund, Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester.  

The Valley News, Springwater, NY                             Oct 23, 1969           pg 31                by: Dianne Thomas

LENA WRIGHT BECKER - Mrs. BECKER passed away at her home October 20, 1969.  She made her home on county road 37, Canadice, New York, with her husband, Jay F. BECKER.  She is also survived by two sons, Raymond E. and Truman J., both of Canadice; one brother, Mearle WRIGHT of Dansville; four grandchildren, three great grandchildren and two nieces.  Friends are invited to call at the family home where a prayer service will be held on Thursday at 1:30 pm followed by a funeral service at 2 pm in the Canadice United Methodist Church, Rev. THOMAS, officiating.  Interment, Canadice Cemetery.  Arrangements by Brown's Funeral home.  

Finger Lakes Times              Monday                      July 20, 1981                 by: Dianne Thomas

Funeral for Sheriff's Investigator is Tomorrow - SPRINGWATER-  Law Enforcement officials from across the state will converge on tiny Canadice Methodist Church, here tomorrow afternoon.  They will pay tribute to Ontario County Sheriff's Investigator, Truman J. BECKER, who was killed in a car accident Friday.  The service is at 2 pm.  

BECKER, 60, of County Route 37 was killed when his unmarked patrol car collided head on with a pickup truck on Routes 5 & 20 about 2 miles west of Springwater.  County Coroner, Dr. Charles BATHRICK, said this morning that the cause of death was massive internal injuries including a ruptured aorta.  

The driver of the truck, Gary WHITNEY, 29, of 200 Saddle Horn Drive, Rochester, was reported in fair condition this morning at Thompson hospital, Canandaigua, with broken ribs, cuts and bruises.  A passenger in the truck, Charles J. MITTERMEIERE, 34, of Jefferson Road, Pittsford, sustained minor injuries.  He was treated at Thompson and released.  Meanwhile, authorities are still investigating the mishap.  Investigators will turn their findings based on interviews with witnesses over to District Attorney James HARVEY, said STEWART.

BECKER is survived by his wife, Agnes (Quanz) BECKER, a daughter, Mrs. Graydon  (Nancy) SWANSON of Bethesda, Md., a brother, Raymond, of Springwater and several nieces, nephews and cousins.  He was a member of the Canadice United Methodist Church, the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Association, the Ontario County Planning Board and the Soil Conservation Service.  

Friends may call at the family home on County Route 37, from 6:30 to 9 pm today.  Burial will be in Canadice Cemetery, following tomorrow afternoon's funeral.  Arrangements are being handled by John W. Carney Funeral Home in East Bloomfield.  Memorial contributions may be made to the Ontario County Sheriff's Department or the Canadice Church Cemetery Fund.  

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