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Canandaigua News

 - 1893 - 

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Ontario Repository Messenger, Canandaigua, NY        Thurs,         Feb 16, 1893                by:  Dianne Thomas

James A. CHRISTIE, a lawyer at Horseheads, died last week, aged 73 years.  He was born at Middlesex, married at Rushville and studied law in this village. 

+  The little son of C. W. LEE of West Gibson street, while skating on a pond near Sucker Brook, one day last week, fell on the ice and broke his arm in two places.  He was attended by Dr. WARNER.

Joseph KELLY, a switchman in the central Hudson yards, was "touched" in a Lower main st. saloon.  Monday night and $27 taken form him.  KELLY promptly reported his loss to the police who are working on the case.

+  Monday the wills of Herbert BEATTIE of Seneca and Ann W. BELL of Victor, were admitted to probate; the former estate is valued at $9,000, the latter at $12,000 and is about equally divided between a large number of relatives.  

Miss Field is visiting in New York.

Miss May QUINN is visiting in New York.

Mrs. Dr. BEAHAN has been visiting at Watkins.

D. C. SHAY and H. H. LANE are in New York.

Miss Josephine NORTHUP has returned to her art studies in New York.

Dr. MITCHEL has been critically ill with pneumonia, but is recovering.  

Miss Minnie MC FEGGAN of Youngstown, Ohio, is visiting her parents. 

Mrs. A. M. BULLARD of Kirksville, Mo., formerly assistant editor of the MESSENGER, is visiting here. 

J. Stanley SMITH and Mr. and Mrs. Jno. RAINES Jr., attended a private reception at Waterloo, Thursday night.

Mrs. M. J. VOAK was summoned to Indianapolis Monday, by the death of her brother, James THOMAS, formerly a Geneva merchant.  

George L. CURTIS, formerly of this village, has accepted the pastorate of an important church near Baltimore.  He will be ordained by the Rochester Presbytery, April 6th. 

Rev. Annis F. EASTMAN of West Bloomfield, spoke to the Reformatory inmates at Elmira, Sunday afternoon, and preached in Rev. T. K. BEECHER'S church in the evening.  

Mrs. Sarah G. BENNETT, whose death at Rochester yesterday is announced in another column, was a prominent resident of this village till a few years ago.  She was the mother of Mrs. W. G. TUTTLE, Dr. Gates BENNETT of Rochester and Frank BENNETT of California.  



+  Thursday Night's Fire - Shortly after 10 o'clock Thursday night, fire was discovered in the small wooden block owned by William CARRINGTON, on Bristol street.   The wind was blowing a terrific gale from the south and for a few minutes it looked as if a large portion of the business portion of the village would be wiped out. The firemen quickly responded to the alarm, and with the practically unlimited supply of water at their command, they soon had the flames under control.  So effectively was their work preformed that the damage to the building is estimated at the surprisingly low figure of $200, which is fully covered by insurance.  The fire started in an upstairs room occupied by Mary KELLY, a mute.  Some time before the fire was discovered, the woman went to bed very drunk, and in some manner set fire to the bedding.  She was nearly suffocated when carried from the room.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, NY        Thurs,         Feb 22, 1893                by:  Dianne Thomas

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL         February 17, 1893      Pg 3,  col 3             by: Ron Hanley  

DIED  HAWLEY  -   The death of Dr. F. C. Hawley occurred at his residence on Center Street, Tuesday, February 14. Dr. Hawley was one of a family of twelve children. There were seven brothers, three of whom are physicians, as are three of their sons. He had practices 43 years, 23 years of which were spent in Canandaigua. He was 70 years old at the time of his death. Two children, Mrs. Matthew H. Jaslyn of Rochester, and Dr. Ira F. Hawley of Canandaigua, survive.   (his wife died in Nov 1890)

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL Fri. February 24, 1893 Pg 2, col 6

HAWLEY - In Canandaigua, NY, February 15, 1893, F. C. Hawley, aged 70 years, 3months.



Dr. F. C. Hawley who died in this village last Thursday, had practiced medicine here many years, for two or three years he had been in very poor health.  The funeral was held Saturday. Dr. Hawley's wife died 2 years ago. A son, Dr. I. F. Hawley and a married daughter survive him. Dr. James A. Hawley was his brother.


DECEASED -  Fred C. Dr. Hawley -   no date

A sad railway accident occurred near Pittsford, a few miles east of Rochester on Friday last, by which four persons were killed and several others badly injured.  Among those seriously injured was Dr. F. C. Hawley of Canandaigua, a brother of Dr. W. H. Hawley of this village. The accident occurred by a coal train getting behind its time by one minute, when an express train dashed upon it around a curve, causing a terrific collision.

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY      Fri,       Feb 24, 1893           by:  Dianne Thomas

Personal Items of Interest

John D. MC KECHNIE is spending  the week in New York.

Miss Nellie HAWLEY is entertaining Miss May POWERS of Middlesex.  

Charles SHEFFIELD has purchased the Pierson Point property on the lake. 

Mrs. F. H. HAMLIN of Gibson street is visiting her son, George, in New Haven.  

F. C. HAWLEY of Clyde, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lester ADAMS of Gorham street.

Miss Etta SMITH entertained her friends at a thimble party at her home on Gorham street, Monday afternoon. 

Mr. and Mrs. Burris DURAND of Bristol street, are entertaining Miss Birdella HAYWARD of Suspension Bridge. 

Fred W. KINDE has been spending the week in New York, completing his purchase of spring goods. 

George G. SMITH of Gorham street, returned this week from a visit with friends and relatives in Syracuse. 

Miss Harriet E. BURNS has accepted the position of bookkeeper of the Vanderbilt Sash and Balance Co.

H. W. LAPHAM has secured the general agency for the sale of the Gould Manufacturing co. Spray Pump. 

George B. ANDERSON entertained the employees of his dry goods store with oysters at Flannigan's last Friday evening. 

Miss Alice WATSON of Ontario street, last Sunday afternoon entertained Miss Henrietta POWELL of Tonawanda, Pa. 

Miss Agnes HOYT of Howell street last week, entertained Miss Ada BOSTWICK of Ithaca and the Misses BURRALL of Watertown. 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. VAN DYNE of Ovid, Michigan, have this week been the guests of Alfred SQUIRES on lower Main st.

ED. T. WILDER left Canandaigua Wednesday for Washington, where he will remain until after the inauguration of President CLEVELAND

Miss Grace LINES has accepted an engagement to sing during the coming years at the Lake Avenue Baptist Church of Rochester.

W. P. COX, formerly of Naples, recently established his family in a home in this village where he ahs been at work for several months. 

+  Deputy Postmaster D. M. HULSE, George WEST and H. C. BEEMAN are in attendance this week at the state G.A.R. encampment at Syracuse. 

Mrs. Theodore PERKINS entertained her Sunday school class of Granger Place School students at her home on upper Main street, Saturday evening.  

William ABERLE, an employee of Eastman & Wheaton, grocers, fell while working in the cellar of the store, Wednesday and severely sprained his ankle.

A. S. COOLEY this week visited West Muncie, Ind., where he will attend the ball given a the opening of the new hotel (cut off)



+  The Week in Court - But Few Cases on the Calendar Brought to Trial yet.


In the Circuit Court this week little business has been done. Of 48 cases on the calendar, only four have been tired, two before a jury and two by the Court.  It is improbable that the term will close with this week. 

The following cases have been put over the term: Aaron MERSEREAU vs. William TIFFANY and Robert TIFFANY; Calvin J. CANFIELD vs. The Public Grain and Stock Exchange of New York, Limited; W. H. MAHANEY vs. T. R. REED and Charles WARD; William CLANCEY vs. The NYC & HRRR; G. B. Olin and Co., vs. George ROCKWELL and W. J. HINMAN; Jennie VAN NESS vs. Emory C. GREEN; Ina R. CHOCKER vs. Jacob WALTER; A. F. Shapleigh Hardware Co. vs. Isaiah NORTON and Fred HIGINBOTHAM; S. L. and S. RR Co., vs. F. BAKER and Sarah A. BAKERErnest HESS vs. S. K. NESTER; Davis HOLLISTER vs. The NYC & HERR Co.; Annie BAILEY vs. John SAXBY; James CHAMBERS vs. John J. SMITH; James COOLEY vs. Patrick J. MC CHAFER; W. N. COE vs. Elizabeth HOWES; S. DIXON vs. W. U. Telegraph Co.; J. O'MALEY vs. Theodore SIDEL. B. C. MILLER vs. J. T. PENFIELD, as Overseer, etc; H. H. WARRILLOW vs. J. E. SMITH; Catharine FARNSWORTH vs. M. Dwight MUNGER and Robert H. WHEELER

The following cases have been reserved and many of them will doubtless in the end, go over the term.  E. J. RADLEY vs. J. M. MUNSON; Loomis & Woodworth vs. Jacob BARKER; D. R. BOSTWICK vs. I. J. LAWRENCE and another; W. C. ROGERS vs. Youngs W. SMITH; Nellie PESTLE vs. Maria SIDWAY; E. J. PARDEE vs. Marvin J. PATE; the J & A. McKechnie Brewing Co., vs. the Trustees of the Village of Canandaigua, impleaded, etc; R. R. GIBSON vs. Henrietta J. GIBSON, impleaded with others. 

William UTTLEY vs. the NYC & HERR; Eloise SILL, as executrix, etc, vs. UL &A Insurance Ass.; Reynolds HILLS vs. F. H. ANDREWS, an executor, etc.; W. M. WELLS vs. O. P. PHILLIPS; O. P. PHILLIPS vs. W. M. WELLS were settled out of court.

The cases of R. P. MC BRIDE vs. F. O. CHAMBERLAIN and another, administrators, etc. of E. G. LAPHAM, deceased; Eliza E. TIFFANY vs. Anson L. TIFFANY; J. A. ROSE, et al, vs. Charles ROSE, impleaded with others; John Q. ADAMS, et. al., vs. Freeman ADAMS, et. al, were referred. 

The case of Richard C. RAPPLEYEA vs. George CLARK came to trial Monday.  RAPPLEYEA brought action to recover the value of a horse which was killed by a runaway team belonging to the defendant.  The jury awarded damages to the amount of $120, and judgment was entered in that amount.

The case of Calvin P. BROWN and Hiram L. BROWN vs. Henry HASBROUCK was decided in court.  Defendant failing to present a defense, the court ordered judgment (cut off) 

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY   Friday  Apr 7, 1893      by:  Dianne Thomas


Last Sunday forenoon, at 10:oo o'clock, occurred the death of Algernon S. NEWMAN.  For years, Mr. NEWMAN had been suffering form a stomach difficulty which had more recently been complicated with a kidney problem.  His illness had been made more serious by his mental distress on account of the death of his wife, which occurred about the middle of January.  Death at the last, was very sudden.  An hour before he had been talking with his son, Willis, regarding the drug business.  Three minutes before his death he had been conversing with members of the family. Mr. NEWMAN was born May 1, 1837, in East Bloomfield, near the line dividing that town from Farmington.  His education was gained at the East Bloomfield Academy, then among the best schools of the county.  At an early age he came to Canandaigua, and worked for a time in a clothing store in what is now the Hale block.  Later, he went to Rochester, where he worked for an uncle in a drug store and learned the business of pharmacy.  At the age of 22, he came to Canandaigua and purchased a drug stock and established himself in that business in the store which he has ever since occupied.

In 1860, he married Augusta Ruby DENTON.  To them were born five children, Willis D., Louise M., Horace B., Frank S. and Gratia A., all of whom survive.  Mr. NEWMAN was a member of the First Congregational Church of which for many years, he was a trustee.  His loss will be much felt by that church.  Although usually avoiding any position of a public nature, he was for several years a trustee of the village.  He also served as treasurer of the Driving Park Association, during his life and for several years as treasurer of the Ontario Agricultural Society.  Mr. NEWMAN's name, during all the years of his adult life, had been prominently identified with the industry of the place.  He has continually advanced the line of his business until it has attained a reputation in places remove from Canandaigua.  As an honorable, high-minded citizen, and as a progressive, original business man, Mr. NEWMAN's name will be long retained in respectful memory in Canandaigua.

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY   Friday  May 12, 1893      by:  Dianne Thomas

Death of James MOORE - Passes Away at His Home - Aged 61 Years

Thursday evening of last week (May 4th), at his residence on Gorham street, occurred the death of James MOORE, at the age of sixty one years.

Mr. MOORE was born and spent his early years in North Ireland. As a youth, he became acquainted with the details of the dry goods business by work in his native country. When still a young many, he came with his brothers to this country, where they established themselves in business.

Within a few years Mr. MOORE had become proprietor of the dry goods business on Main street now owned by George B. ANDERSON.  He continued in that business until about 18 years ago, finally selling his stock to Mr. ANDERSON.  

Mr. MOORE was throughout his life a conscientious and wife business man and citizen.  During the leisure of his late years he took considerable interest in politics, as an ardent Republican.

He leaves him surviving, one brother, a wife (Eliza) and a young son.  The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon, interment being in Woodlawn Cemetery.  

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL       August 11, 1893      Pg 2, col  7                   by: Ron Hanley      
BURKE -  In Canandaigua, NY, August 4, 1893, Bridget Coyle, wife  of Peter E. Burke, aged 48 years.
 Page 3, col 3 
DEATH -  BURKE - The death of Mrs. Peter E. Burke, occurred at the family home on Pleasant Street last Friday evening.  Mrs. Burke was 48 years, of age, and for several years had been a sufferer from cancer, which finally caused the death, although many of the noted physicians and specialists of the county had endeavored to effect a cure. 
Mrs. Burke was a daughter of the late Michael Coyle, and besides a husband and family of seven children, she left two brothers
and two sisters, trustee, Charles M. Coyle, Thomas Coyle, and Miss Julia Coyle, of this village, and Mrs. May O'Brien of Washington, DC.  The funeral was largely attended from St. Mary's Church Monday afternoon.
At the home of the bride's parents on Chapin Street, Canandaigua, Thursday, August 10, 1893, by Rev. Dr. J. H. France, Frank R. Vincent and Miss Ruth Elizabeth Ellis, both of Canandaigua. 

THE ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL     Friday    Aug 18, 1893     Pg 3, col  6     by: Ron Hanley   
At the residence of the bride's mother on Chapin Street, Canandaigua, Wednesday, August 16, 1893, by the Rev. N. M. Calhoun,
Lewis D. Canfield and Miss Ida J. Cooley, both of Canandaigua.

 Ontario Co. Journal., Canandaigua, NY       Fri,       Aug 18, 1893           by:  Dianne Thomas

Mrs. R. W. HENSON of Geneva, is a guest at the home of her father, H. B. FERGUSON on Gibson street. 

Mrs. Ed. PARKHURST and daughter, of Amsterdam, are visiting at the home of H. L. HUTCHENS on Chapin street.   

C. Steward HOYT and sister, Miss Agnes HOYT, left Wednesday afternoon for a visit to the Columbian Exposition.   

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred SPARLING of Rochester, were guests Sunday at the home of T. SKIDMORE on Howell street.

Frank T. HUTCHENS left yesterday afternoon for Silver Lake, where he will be a guest of Irving R. WILDS, the artist.

Mrs. Elizabeth WOOD and daughter of Williamsport, PA. are guests at the home of Frank GUNNISON of West Gibson street. 

J. G. HUDSON of this village, has received an appointment as a Columbian guard at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago. 

Mrs. Jessie WINTERS of Shortsville, will sing in the choir of the Congregational church next Sunday morning and evening.  

S. W. SOULE, H. C. SOULE and George L. HOPKINS of Clyde, visited Canandaigua Wednesday, making the journey on their wheels. 

Misses Jessie and Olive LE ROY, of Geneva, Ohio, are the guests of their cousin, Miss Gertrude SMITH of Chapin street. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick MAGGS will return from Muncie about the middle of September, where they removed about a month ago. 

Mrs. M. A. JOHNSON of Washington street, has gone to Brooklyn, where she will take a course of instruction as a trained nurse.

Mr. and Mrs. HARTMAN and children of Lyons, are this week at the home of Mrs. HARTMAN'S father, James S. HICKOX of this town.

Mr. and Mrs. Augustus LATZ and children, Harry and Irene, of Sanborne, NY, are visiting Mr. LATZ'S mother on lower Main street.

Oscar STEINLEIN of Schenectady, visited friends in town over Sunday.  He rode the entire distance from Schenectady on his wheel.  

George W. BURLING, formerly of this village, now of Rochester, has accepted a position in Brooklyn and and will move there with his family.  

N. R. BOSWELL Jr. of Buffalo, is visiting his parents in this village.   He played in the Canandaigua Band, Tuesday at the CMBA picnic. 

Sherman COOPER, has been in New York during the week, representing Ontario Hose NO. 3, at the State Firemen's Convention at Coney Island.

Mrs. R. R. TYNER, Misses Rose FLANNIGAN, Annie DUGAN and Catherine MORRIS of this village, attended the CMBA picnic at Penn Yan, Wednesday. 

Louis Price, of Seneca Falls, formerly of the Journal office, is visiting friends in town this week.  He played with the band Tuesday and Wednesday. 

John R. LIGHTFOOTE of Penn Yan, who has been visiting friends and relatives in this village, and along the lake, started for the World's Fair this week.   

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL      Friday       September 22, 1893      Pg 3, col 9      by: Ron Hanley
MARRIED    LAPHAM -  CASE - In Rushville, NY, September 20, 1893, by the Rev. G. B. Gallagher, Elbridge Gerry Lapham, of Canandaigua, and Miss Anna Elizabeth Case, of Rushville. 
Page 2, col 6 
On Wednesday afternoon, September 20th at 4 o'clock at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Case, occurred the marriage of their only child, Anna Elizabeth, to Elbridge Gerry Lapham, of Canandaigua. 
The ceremony was performed by Rev. G. B. Gallagher. The house was filled with relatives and friends, among those from out of town may be mentioned the brother of the groom, Henry Lapham, Lewis H. Adams, Mrs. W. H. Adams, Mrs. George McKechnie and Miss Carrie Moore, of Canandaigua, Mrs. Carrie B. Pulver and daughter, of Rochester, Mrs. E. D. Case and daughter, Mary, of Penn Yan. 
The presents were many and very costly. Some of the most valuable were from members of the Amphictyon Society of Rushville, the members of the Merrill Hose Company, of Canandaigua, the Parents of the bride and brothers of the groom.  As the couple took departure for an extended tour they were covered with rice and good wishes from all present.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES, Canandaigua, NY  September 27, 1893  Pg 3, col 4             by: Ron Hanley
Hymenal - The marriage of Dr. George W. McClellan, of this village, and Miss Harriet Hollenbeck, was celebrated at the home of the bride, near
Avon, Livingston county, on Wednesday, September 27, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon.
Dr. Lot D. Sutherland, of Canandaigua, acted as best man, and Miss Amanda McClellan, a sister of the groom, as bridesmaid. The Rev.
Dr. Bogue, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Avon, performed the ceremony in the presence of seventy-five guests, among whom were Mr. and
Mrs. A. M. Hollis, Mrs. D. S. Willys and Miss Ida Canfield, of this village. 
 Teal of Rochester served an elaborate wedding supper, at the conclusion of which the bride and groom took the evening train for a trip to the World's Fair and Canada. 
The bride is the oldest daughter of Mr. Andrew Hollenbeck, a prominent and wealthy farmer, of Livingston county, and she is a favorite with a large circle of friends.  
Dr. McClellan, although a resident of Canandaigua, but for a few years has won the respect and good will of our people, and as a physician has built up a wide and lucrative practice. To Dr. McClellan and his charming bride the Tomes extends sincere congratulations.

ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT and CHRONICLE  October 4, 1893                 by: Ron Hanley
ONTARIO -  Michael Kinsella Goes "Over The Hill To The Poorhouse"
Michael Kinsella, who for nearly half a century has been a faithful guardian of the Central Hudson's interests at the main street crossing at Canandaigua, preventing many fatal catastrophes, has been discharged from the company's employ, apparently because he has grown decrepit in the company's services, and he has been compelled to go to the county almshouse to pass the remainder of his days.
Kinsella, who is known by every man, woman and child in the town began work for the Central company at an early age. While employed as switchman in the year 1862 he fell beneath a moving car and received an injury that resulted in the loss of a leg. He was then given position of flagman at the most dangerous crossing in the village, and during his term of service, over 30 years, but one fatality, that of James Mulligan about five years ago, for which he was in no way to blame, has occurred.
During the long years he has received but the mere pittance of $4 per day, with which he was barely able to support himself and only sister. Yesterday the local railroad authority informed him that they had received instructions from headquarters to discharge him.
Determined not to be a burden to his relatives who are unable to support him, he at once "went over the hills to the poorhouse" where he was seen by the correspondent, to whom he told his woeful story.

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, NY       Fri       Oct 6, 1893            by: GSubyak@aol.com

The board of trustees of the Canandaigua Congregational church have elected the following to fill vacancies in the board: Messrs. Henry M. FIELD, to fill vacancy left by the expiration of the term of Frank H. HAMLIN; John JOHNSON in place of George N. WILLIAMS, and Dr. Charles T. MITCHELL to fill vacancy left by the resignation of William G. ANTIS.

There is now confined in the county jail at Canandaigua Louise McCABE, a bright, intelligent appearing  girl, who for the third time in her brief career is charged with the crime of larceny. The girl was visiting relatives at Manchester last week and while there she found on a shelf a purse belonging to her cousin, Ed. LAHONEY, and which contained a sum of money, amounting to about
$27, and a note for $300. She appropriated these and started for her home at Auburn. When the theft was discovered an officer was sent after her and she was brought here to jail.

World's Fair visitors from Canandaigua this week are as follows: John S. COE, Dr. and Mrs. STEWART, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. MURRAY, Herbert HUNTINGTON, wife and daughter, Miss Kate HUNTINGTON, Misses Mary and Jeanette HUBBELL, Miss Bertha ANDRUSS, Rev. N. M. CALHOUN and Mrs. HAYES, Mrs. I. B. SMITH and daughter, Miss Josephine, Miss Helen LATTING, Mr. and Mrs. John E. MURPHY, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis MEAD, Mrs. P. T. BURNETT, and son Jean L. BURNETT, Mrs. John REZNOR, Mrs. Mack S. SMITH, Miss Margaret GILLETTE, Mrs. J. J. LOONIE, Miss Mary C. WHEELER, Charles C. WILCOX and son Walter, Mr. and Mrs. N. Watson THOMPSON, Miss Gertrude DOTY, and Miss LEE, Dr. and Mrs. BEAHAN, William HAYTON and daughter, Frank JEUDIVINE and Miss JEUDIVINE, John STEVENS, Fred BRYAN and Mrs. R. BRYAN, Mr.; and Mrs. J. A. CARPENTER, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus R. DURAND, Mr. and Mrs. Amos GILLETT, Dr. C. F. BOOTH and A. M. McJANNETT, T. B. WHEELER, Albert MOSER, Fred A. McKENZIE and Fred McKECHNIE.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY    Wed   Oct 18, 1893        by: GSubyak@aol.com

Recent departures for the World's Fair from Naples are: Mr. and Mrs. Levi STRONG, Mrs. G. S. GALLAGHER, Mrs. E. WELLS, Mrs. E. E. BABCOCK, Q. A. SEAMANS and Rev. Eugene ANTHONY.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY    Fri     Oct 20, 1893        by: GSubyak@aol.com

On Wednesday evening at the residence of Myron H. SHEPARD in West Bloomfield, took place the marriage of his daughter, Jennie Bell SHEPARD to George B. AYERS of the same place. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Annis F. EASTMAN. Miss Clara SHEPARD, of New York, and Miss TAFT, of Le Roy, acted as bridesmaids, and Frank AYRES, of Cleveland and Harry TAFT, as groomsmen. After the ceremony a repast was served. A large number of invited guests were present.
Among those from out of town were, Mrs. H. T. PARMELE, of Canandaigua, Mrs. Delia GATES, of Elmira, Miss Ida HAYES, of Buffalo, Mr. and Mrs. George M. SHEPARD, of Rochester, Mr. and Mrs. Will MALLORY, of Phelps. The bridal couple left at
10 o'clock for a trip to New York.

 ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL      Friday      December 1, 1893     Pg 2, col 5               by: Ron Hanley
 MARRIED   DANNAHE - BREEN - At St. Mary's Church, Canandaigua, November 22, 1893, by Rev. D. English, William Dannahe and Mary Breen, both of Hopewell.

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, NY        Dec. 16, 1893                       by: GSubyak@aol.com

The case of the people against Henry HOWLAND, indicted for perjury, has been receiving the attention of Judge METCALF and a jury at the court of sessions being held at Canandaigua, for two days and the trial has proved an interesting one, many spectators being present. District Attorney CLEMENT conducted the prosecution and Hon. W. Edwin HICKS appeared for the defendant. 
The case was given to the jury the morning session adjourned and the twelve men did not render their verdict until after deliberating several hours. The defendant was acquitted. Hezekiah KNOWLES, convicted of receiving stolen goods after felony, was sentenced to eight years in the Auburn state prison, and declared by the court to be an habitual criminal.

The Canandaigua Lodge, No. 114, Ancient Order United Workmen, has elected officers for the coming year as follows: P. M. W., Charles T. JAGER; M. W., Sylvester WILHELM; F., William C. WATSON; O., William DAUBERT; R., John S. COE; Fin., Charles R. PAUL; Rec., Daniel M. HULSE; guide, John C. CUPPONS; I. W., Joseph DAILEY; O. W., Samuel JOHNSON; medical examiner, Dr. Frank P. WARNER; representative, Charles C. JAGER; alternate, Michael J.McPHILLIPS; 
Trustee, John VAN ANSDALE, Frederick KOHNMANN, Thomas P. COYLE; finance committee, John VAN ARSDALE, Maurice BOWENS and John J. DWYER; investigating committee, E. McARTHUR, L. S. SPRAGUE and Andrew HIPPUE; grievance committee, C. T. JAGER, J. Carlton NORRIS and Rollin L. BEECHER; P. M. W., O. N. CRANE, William ORR, Hugh KING, C. T. JAGER, Michael J. McPHILLIPS and Samuel WILHEIM.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester,  NY      Mon      Dec. 18, 1893           by: GSubyak@aol.com

Wilkie Charles OWEN and Miss Mary SHERY, both of Canandaigua, were united in marriage last Thursday by Rev. M. R. WEBSTER, D. D., at No. 65 North Fitzhugh street.

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