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Canandaigua News

- 1897 - 

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Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY   Fri     Jan 1, 1897             by: GSubyak@aol.com     


Late surrogate's transactions at Surrogate LAPHAM's court at Canandaigua; Letters of administration to Robert F. TRIMBLE and George A. WISER, in the $3,500 estate of Robert D. TRIMBLE, late of the town of Gorham.

 To Fanny E. STEELE, in the $1,300 estate of Emily HOWARD, late of the town of Canandaigua. 

To Mayer JACOBS, in the $2,000 estate of Minnie JACOBS, late of the town of Geneva. 

To William Franklin WOOLSTON, in the $5,000 estate of Nancy C. WOOLSTON, late of the town of Victor.


Republican village nominees at Canandaigua who have refused to accept the nominations are Thomas MORAN, nominee for trustee in the third ward, for whom was substituted James S. FOGARTY; and Edson T. CASE, nominee for assessor, for
whom has been substituted Groat A. DeGRAFF.

 Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY  Thursday,   Jan  7, 1897               by:  Dianne Thomas

+  A Leroy traveling man, known as B. G. SCANLAN, attempted suicide with poison at a Newark, NJ hotel, Friday.  He is said to have left a letter for a Rochester woman in which he charged her with the responsibility.

+  In a drunken street brawl at Wolcott Saturday night, Frank POOLE, a farmer, struck a French Canadian named DE GRAFF, on the head with a lantern, the globe of which broke and cut the latter's right eye out. 

Marsenus H. BRIGGS, a leading Rochester lawyer, who until recently was a partner of Theodore BACON, is said to be a defaulter and the Rochester and Charlotte Turnpike Co., is reported a loser to the extend of about $5,000.

+  A young farmer boy near Spencerport chased a chicken thief on horseback the other day and captured him.  The thief attempted to drive away with his plunder and when closely pressed, mounted his horse and tried to escape.  But the boy had the faster horse and a gun, which did the business. 

George H. WELLS, a patent medicine manufacture at Leroy, was killed by a fast train just west of the Rochester train shed Monday evening.  No one saw the accident, so that it cannot be ascertained just how it happened.  The body was cut in two and terribly mangled.  He was 48 years old .

Charles H. ROOT, local agent of the Mutual Life Insurance Co. at LeRoy, was arrested last Thursday, charged with grand larceny, after he had forwarded a check in payment of all claims against him.  He refused to permit the matter to be dropped by the general agent who wanted to do so. 

+  Miss Helen C. BASSETT, lady principal of Keuka Institute, died Monday evening (Jan 4th) after a long illness.  Last year she submitted to an apparently successful operation for cancerous tumor, but since had steadily declined.  The burial will be at Dundee today.  Miss BASSETT was one of the best known and most successful educators in this section.  

ONTARIO REPOSITORY and MESSENGER      Thursday      January 21, 1897      col 1   by: Ron Hanley
David S. Willys, a long time resident of this village, died Saturday morning of brain trouble resulting from injuries received
during the Rebellion, in which he served in Co. G., 27th N. Y. Vols. A native of Bath, he had been in business here about 30 years, being a partner in Willis and Hollis, brick manufacturers. In social and business circles Mr. Willys was highly esteemed.  A widow and three children, John N., Emily and Mary, survive. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Lawrence at the Pleasant Street residence Tuesday forenoon, A. M. Murray Post attending in a body. Mr. Willys carried $6,000 life insurance.

Same Paper    Thursday     January 21, 1897     Pg 8, col  5 

 Births:  RAINES - At Canandaigua, January 16th, to Mr. and Mrs. John Raines Jr., a son.

Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY    Thurs,      Jan 21, 1897      by:  Dianne Thomas

+  ___day evening, Clarence BOLTWOOD, employed in Pimm's barber shop and Gertrude, the 16 year old daughter of  ___ FAULKNER, eloped, going to ____, where they were married.  ____ the couple returned, expecting to be forgiven; but instead BOLTWOOD was arrested on a warrant securing his irate father in law, charging him with abduction.  The examination ___ down for today and BOLTWOOD was released on his own recognizance.  

Mozart CUTLER of Honeoye Falls, ___ of Dr. CUTLER of this place ,was struck with apoplexy Sunday, while going to church, and died next ____ing.  She was the daughter of the  _. B. MC BRIDE, and a sister of ____ MC BRIDE, of Honeoye. Another ___ Horace S., or Rochester, survives.  

+ Gilbert D. BROOKS, a respected resident of this village, died Sunday afternoon, aged 70 years.  The funeral was ___ted at the residence on Maple St. this afternoon.  He has been ill three years.  

Freeman MC DOUGALL had one hand badly injured while coupling cars in the Fall Brook yards, Thursday morning. 

+  Thursday, Wm. PROCTOR, colored, was arrested as he was about to board a train for New York, charged with stealing a gold watch from Eliza BABCOCK of Dresden, who was visiting in town. The watch was found on his person.  He paid the costs and the charge was not pressed.  

James MARIACE, a Hungarian track hand, was killed by a Lehigh Valley train near east junction Monday night.

Mrs. Charles A. BALDWIN, of New York, formerly of Geneva, attempted to cut her throat at the Murray Hill Hotel, New York, last Wednesday.  She had been suffering form nervous illness and was temporarily unbalanced.

Joseph PARRISH, one of the alleged Pine Plains gang of general purpose thieves, was held for the grand jury by Justice NICHOLAS, on a charge of burglary Friday.  GIDDINGS, who had been released on his own recognizance, did not appear.  John PARRISH, brother of Joseph, has been arrested on a similar charge in Waterloo.  Several hundred interested farmers were present at the examination.  It is said that Joseph PARRISH has departed for regions unknown (cut off) 

+  A correspondent states that Frank SMALLEY of Gorham, was arrested the other day, charged with stealing some skunk skins, from John GRENOW, but was released owing to a defect in the warrant.  

Ontario Co. Journal,    Friday,      Apr 2, 1897     Pg 2         by:  Dianne Thomas

+ Married on Tuesday, March 30, Frank W. WILCOX to Mrs. Maud St. Leger MILLER.

+ N. F. MATHER died at his home on Pleasant street, Tuesday evening, aged 67 years.  death was caused by rheumatism of the heart. 

+ Grace, the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John BOSTWICK, died on Friday morning.  death is said to have been caused by diphtheria.  No further cases have been reported, although quite a scare has been created.

+ Dr. N. T. CLARKE of Canandaigua, is visiting relatives here.

+ Miss Olive GRISWOLD is suffering from three broken ribs, caused by falling from a chair, on which she was standing, while at work. 

+ After being laid aside nearly three years with inflammatory rheumatism, unable to walk, or hardly move, Mrs. F. P. BELL is now getting out a little by using two crutches.  One limb is very much shortened.

+ A foreclosure sale of lands in the Garlinghouse, owned by David MC INTYRE, took place on Saturday.  I. A. SEAMAN was referee and Lincoln & Lincoln were the attorneys.  The property was purchased by Caroline C. CLARK, mortgagee. 

ONTARIO REPOSITORY and MESSENGER    Thursday    April 8, 1897    Pg 8, col 4   by: Ron Hanley
Deaths   DRURY- At Canandaigua, March 30th, infant son of James Drury.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES     Wednesday April 20, 1887  Pg 2, col 5             by: Ron Hanley
EAST  BLOOMFIELD -  After the interesting exercises on East Sunday, which were excellent in every particular, we were saddened by the news of the sudden and severe illness of Mrs. Charles Page, who died on Tuesday morning after an illness of four days, and was buried from her beautiful home on Thursday P. M.    The funeral was attended by a large concourse of people.

ONTARIO REPOSITORY & MESSENGER        Thursday     May 6, 1897      Pg 8, col  1    by: Ron Hanley

+ Mrs. W. R. Marks, of Canandaigua, who died at Buffalo Saturday night, had many friends here. She had a kind word for everybody and will be greatly missed. Mr. and Mrs. Marks left here eight years ago.

+ Mrs. Charles H. HERENEDEEN died of consumption Friday.  The funeral was held at the house yesterday afternoon.  she had been hopelessly ill several months.  She was a bright woman who had a host of friends. 

+ Mrs. William HOLDEN died of neuralgia of the heart on Saturday evening, aged 86.  Mrs. WHITE, her daughter arrived from New York City yesterday.  Funeral today at 2 pm; interment on Staten Island.

+ Erastus EDMONSTON who is afflicted with cancer, is failing.  Lewis RUSHMORE is improving. 

+ S. Granger DILLINGHAM and family have returned to New Salem to reside.  

+ Leonard GARDNER has moved to the RANNIE farm, 1 mile north of the yellow mill.  H. W. SHEFFER was at Rochester on Friday.

+  At Farmington, May 4th, Charles REISLER'S , 9 year old son was operated on for appendicitis last week after a council of physicians, consisting of Drs. BEAHAN, of Canandaigua, REEVES and JENNINGS of Macedon, and CLAPPER, assisted by Dr. George S. ALLEN, who had just been graduated from the Buffalo Medical College and who remains in charge of the patient, who seems likely to recover.

+ Mrs. John D. HAMMOND will sell her household goods at auction this week.

+ Mrs. W. R. MARKS , of Canandaigua, who died at Buffalo, Saturday night, had many friends here.  She had a kind word for everybody and will be greatly missed.  Mr. and Mrs. MARKS left here eight years ago.

+ Rev. BARD, former pastor of the Victor Universalist Church, now of Omaha, Neb., and Miss Anna E. SNYDER, were married Friday evening at Charles N. KETCHUM'S by Rev. BRIGHAM.  They left the same evening to visit Mr. BARD'S family at Breinfield, Oh.

+ Hiram LADD fell from an apple tree the other day and was seriously bruised. 

+ Saturday night (in Phelps) some unknown person took John V. SALISBURY'S horse, which was hitched in front of C. H. GARLOCK's residence, and drove away.  Next morning the rig was found three miles south of the village, where it had been abandoned. 

+ Peter C. BURKE, of Philadelphia, a son of Thomas BURKE, of this village, suicided by inhaling gas in a bath room of the Hotel Bartholdi, New York City, Friday; his body being discovered Saturday night.  Mr. BURKE who was about 35 years, went to Millhill ____ several years ago after a course at Canandaigua Academy to ___ for the priesthood.  He was graduated with honors but when he applied for ordination, was rejected.  Later he went to France, where he met and married a well-to-do Philadelphia woman.  Mr. and Mrs. BURKE lived at Philadelphia, he reading law and she conducting a fashionable millinery business.  A few weeks ago, BURKE left home, ostensibly to take a special law course at Washington, but went to New York instead.  He had a fine physique, great mental ability and scholastic attainments, but is said to have had an inordinate passion for strong drink.  He visited here last summer and became quite popular.


Tuesday forenoon, Thomas BURKE, father of the suicide, died at his home on Ontario street.  His son, Patrick and wife and one daughter were at Philadelphia at the time, attending their brother's funeral.  Mr. BURKE was buried today.  His widow and four children survive.  Among the latter is Rev. BURKE of Buffalo. 

+ The trial of Clarence BRANDOW, before Justice CHRISTIAN, last Thursday, for alleged cruelty in shooting Abram VANDERBROOK'S dog, resulted in the jury's disagreement. 

+ Thomas NEWMAN, the veteran court crier, who lives at 13 Clark street, was 75 years old Friday.  The occasion was celebrated by a surprise dinner of which 13 partook.

Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY     Thurs,    May 27, 1897            by:  Dianne Thomas

+   Moses TUBBS of Bristol, aged 81, shot a red tailed hawk last Wednesday, whose wings reached 4 feet, 3 1/2 inches.

+   E. J. WILLARD of Geneva, and Cyrus SHERWOOD of Italy Hill, have been granted increase of pensions.  

+   Henry CLARK, an aged and feeble Genevan, was by mistake locked in a man-tight coal yard Friday night and when he was discovered early Saturday morning, he was nearly frozen to death and badly lacerated by a barbed wire fence against which he had fallen in the darkness.  

+   Charles BERRY of Penn Yan, fell dead Saturday, on Main street. 

Harry KTTRIDGE of Gasport, shot himself while despondent Sunday morning.  

Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY     Thurs,    June 17, 1897            by:  Dianne Thomas

+  The Appellate Court adjourned Saturday at Rochester, after handing down a large number of decisions, among which were the following Ontario County causes:

Sebastian BOPPLE and others, infants, vs. the Supreme Tent of Maccabees.  An action to recover life insurance in the order of the Maccabees; the Court at the trial decided a verdict for the Plaintiffs and denied a motion for a new trial.  Order reversed and a new trial granted.  

In matter of Nehemiah DENTON'S will, the Geneva matter that occupied the Surrogate's attention many months, the Surrogate's decision against the validity of the will, was affirmed.  

David F. SMITH vs. the Central Hudson Railway; order overruling defendant's motion for a new trial, affirmed.  Plaintiff recovered a large judgment for personal injuries received at a crossing near Littleville. 

Willis W. HOLCOMB vs. Orestes C. PACKARD.  Plaintiff's judgment on a note recovered in Justice's Court and affirmed in County Court, affirmed.  The controversy was over the validity of the original summons. 


+  Important Supreme Court Decision - Justice DUNWELL has decided for the defendants the action brought by the receiver of the Watkins National Bank against A. S. COOLEY and others.  The suit, which was tied at the April 1896, Equity term, was to set aside certain real estate transfers made by Mr. COOLEY, as fraudulent, on the alleged ground that they were made to avoid payment of a judgment on notes given by W. M. BENGER and endorsed by COOLEY.  The point of the decision is that the property transfers were applied on legitimate indebtedness and therefore must stand. 


+  Mounted Rifles Reunion - The 9th annual reunion of the First NY Mounted Rifles was held in the Post rooms last Friday.  These members were present, all except the last for being accompanied by their wives: Mortimer SLEGHT, Canandaigua; Charles D. BROOKS, Honeoye; L. W. TOTMAN, George W. SIMMONS, Bristol Center; George W. FARNUM, Pittsford; George S. GAINES, East Bloomfield; Willard P. SMITH, Hemlock; Truman BISHOP, Livonia Station; W. H. JOHNSON, Canandaigua; A. S. VAN COTT, Shortsville.  Dinner was served at the Webster House, followed by a peasant social season.  These officers were re-elected: Pres., Mortimer SLEGHT; Vice-Prests., George B. STARBIRD, Charles D. BROOKS, Willard P. SMITH, A. G. STREVOR, Jesse R. MILLER; Sec. and Treasurer, L. W. TOTMAN.  


+  Guests in Town - Mrs. J. H. JOHNSON and children, Penn Yan, at H. T. PARMELE'S; Mrs. J. W. HOUGHTON and children, Saratoga, in town for the summer; Hiram A. LAMPORT, Brooklyn guest of his sisters, Mrs. C. B. ANDERSON and Mrs. ANDREWS.; Mrs. MOREY, Lakewood, NJ, at Mrs. COLEMAN'S; Miss MAHAN, St. Paul, visiting Miss Jean HOYT; Mrs. George E. HAYES, Buffalo, at Mrs. D. SHAFER'S; Mrs. WARD, Newark, NJ, guest at E. C. WILLIAMS; Miss MERRITT, Lynn, Mass., Miss DARLING, Buffalo, and Bishop CHENEY, Chicago, at Mrs. F. A. WILCOX'S.


+  Serious Accident at the Orphanage - Last Wednesday evening, an 8 year old boy at the Orphan Asylum from Yates county, fell from a high porch, striking on his head upon a sharp stone which fractured the skull and deeply depressed it.  Drs. WARNER and HALLENBECK dressed the injury and in so doing, found a piece of the skull driven 1/2 inch into the brain tissue.  Despite the seriousness of the wound, the boy has rapidly recovered and apparently will soon be as well as ever.  

+  Tuesday, Asa PRIEST and Harry I. DUNTON, of this village, and Willis VANDERMARK, formerly of Phelps, were examined for admission to the bar at Rochester.

+  The wedding of Miss Bessie CARSON and John L. BARNETT of Syracuse, will take place next Monday evening at the home of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. CARSON, in this village.  

+  Among the graduates of Syracuse University last Thursday were Fred M. WILLIAMS, formerly of this village and Miss Alberta HUNTOON of Hopewell, both graduates of Canandaigua Union School.  

Mrs. J. G. BLUE, who died Friday at Waukesha, Wis., was the only child of the late Harrison GRIDLEY.  She was born here in 1859 and was married to Rev. BLUE in 1882.  her death resulted from appendicitis.  The interment was at Elmira, where the funeral took place, Sunday. 


+  One Conviction and One Acquittal - In county Court - Three Prisoners Plead Guilty - To be Sentenced Tomorrow

The June Count Court was convened Monday.  On calling the calendar these cases were put over: People vs. Spencer GOODING, grand larceny; people vs. John GREEN, burglary and larceny; People vs. Joseph PARRISH, burglary and larceny.  In the last named case, Dist. Atty. SCOTT strenuously opposed delay, but the defendant alleged the absence of a material witness, Ernest GIDDINGS, whose whereabouts are said to be unknown.  A new $1,000 bond was furnished.  

Roy M. COVILLE, of Naples, indicted for grand larceny in hiring a second-hand bicycle of Neenan Bros., at East Bloomfield, last August, and failing to return it, pleaded guilty of petit larceny.  The plea was accepted and he was sentenced to 9 months in the M. C. P. after a plea for leniency by E. W. GARDNER.  

Charles D. CONDEL, colored, of Geneva, indicted for assault in the 2nd degree on his mother, pleaded guilty of assault in the 3rd degree.  W. S. MOORE presented (cut off) 

ONTARIO COUNTY REPOSITORY & MESSENGER   Thurs   June  17, 1897    Pg 5, col 2   by: Ron Hanley
The wedding of Fred C. Hawley and Miss Grace E. Higley, at the M. E. Church, Tuesday evening, was largely attended, several being present from out of town. Rev. Campbell performed the ceremony and Miss Newman officiated at the organ. 
The bride was attended by Miss Harris, of Chapin Street, both were attired in white and carried flowers, Robert McKerr was best man, Leonard J. Mott, W. E. Martin, W. F. Thompson and Frank Hobart, were ushers.  The church was decorated with palms and flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Hawley will reside with the latter's father on Chapin Street.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL    Friday       June 18, 1897     Pg 3, col 6            by: Ron Hanley

MARRIED HAWLEY -  HIGLEY - At Canandaigua, June 15, 1897, Fred C. Hawley and Miss Grace E. Higley, both of Canandaigua

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Friday                   June 25, 1897                  by: GSubyak@aol.com  
Yesterday, at an early hour, occurred the death of Mrs. Mary C. WILSON,  wife of the well-known contractor, L. S. WILSON, of Canandaigua. Deceased had been ill for the past two weeks of a complication of troubles. Dilation of the  heart was the immediate cause of death. Deceased was 54 years of age. Survivors are the husband, two sons, P. Kearney and Stanley WILSON, and two daughters,  Miss Mary WILSON and Mrs. Minnie GRIMBLE.

ONTARIO REPOSITORY and MESSENGER     Thursday    May 6, 1897     Pg 8, col  4    by: Ron Hanley
 Deaths:  At Canandaigua, April 28th, Michael Long of Centerfield, 60 years.

 ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES    Wednesday      May 25, 1897 col  2    W

William Hanley, and employee in Durand's meat market, severely sawed the index finger of his left hand last Saturday.

ONTARIO REPOSITORY MESSENGER     Thurs   Nov  11, 1897    Pg 5, col 1      by: Ron Hanley
The marriage of Edwin Perego, a well known young Canandaigua business man, and Miss Katherine Burke, oldest daughter of Peter E. Burke, took place at St. Mary's Rectory at 4 P. M. yesterday, Father English officiating.  Frank Perego and Miss Elizabeth Burke attended the couple and the immediate relatives were present. The bride wore white organdie over white silk, and her sister, white organdie over pink. 
After the ceremony an elaborate wedding dinner and reception followed at the Burke residence on upper Main Street, which was attended by about 75 guests. The spacious house was handsomely decorated with palms, evergreens, flowers, etc.  Music was furnished by Rankins and Weilier's orchestra, and Ridley, of Newark, was the caterer.   Five young ladies dressed in white
acted as waiters. After the dinner, dancing in the large drawing room, and general social relaxations continued till midnight.  A large array of costly presents testified to the popularity of the bridal pair, who left on the 11 o'clock train for a two weeks' trip that will include New York City and Virginia.



+ Theodore CROSBY was 95 years old on Sunday and Mrs. L. B. TOUSLEY observed her 80th birthday on Saturday.

+ William LYSAGHT was buried from St. Mary's Church this morning, his death having occurred Monday night.  Born in Ireland he came here in 1847 and after long employment as a grocery clerk, he bought the Fake grocery, which he conducted till six years ago.   He is survived by a brother and sister.  He was universally esteemed and was for many years a trustee of St. Mary's Church.

+ Dr. George W. MC CLELLAN took possession of Rev. N. M. CALHOUN'S house on Gibson street, Tuesday.  Mrs. CALHOUN and daughter left for their Connecticut home on Monday.


+ Timothy C. HARRINGTON, the oldest resident of this village and probably of the county, was stricken with apoplexy Sunday and died soon after midnight.  He was born in County Cork, Ireland, 98 years ago.  When 30 years old, he married Ellen DONOVAN, aged 17, who survives him, and is about 85.  They came to this country 65 years ago and immediately located here where they have since lived.  Mr. HARRINGTON's family was known for longevity, his grandfather dying at 107.  Since coming here, he has worked on the railroad.  In the Gridley coal yard and at various other occupations.  He was a famous wood chopper and frequently walked long distances to and from his work.  He retained his physical and mental faculties almost to the last and was on the street Friday doing errands for the family.  Besides the widow, these children survive: Mrs. Thomas TONGATE, Mrs. Margaret CULLINANE (whose husband was killed by Frank FISH a few years ago), Timothy Jr. and Nellie, an adopted daughter; all of Canandaigua, and Mrs. Nora GELLENBECK, of St. Paul, Minn.  The funeral was held at St. Mary's church yesterday.

Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY    Thursday, Nov 18, 1897     by:  Dianne Thomas

Probate Court - These wills have been probated: William H. ALLEN, Canandaigua, $23,000 estate, A. L. HIGLEY and H. C. SUTHERLAND, executors; Phebe A. WAGGONER, Farmington, $1,100 estate, Samuel D. YOUNG, executor; Hugh FLANAGAN, East Bloomfield, $1,150 estate, Oscar G. CUMMINGS, executor; Alice F. PATCH, Geneva, has been appointed administrator of the $6,000 estate of Stephen PATCH, South Haven, Mich.  

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL    Friday    November 26, 1897    Pg 3, col 1      by: Ron Hanley
The marriage of John North Willys to Miss Isabel Irene VanWie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. VanWie, of this place, is announced to take place at the Presbyterian church, on Wednesday, December 1, 1897, at 5 30 PM.
ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL    Friday     December 3, 1897  Pg 3, col 4
Willys - VanWie  - In the presence of a large assemblage of friends and relatives, including many from out of town, Miss Isabel Irene VanWie and John North Willys, of this place, were united in holy wedlock, at the Presbyterian church, on Wednesday afternoon, by Rev. J. Jones Lawrence. 
The groom is a well known Canandaiguan, and former businessman of this place, now a traveling representative of the Boston Woven Hose and Rubber Co., and the bride is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julian A. VanWie.  The church decorations were evergreens and palms. Miss Louise Newman presided at the organ.  The bride was attended by Miss Gertrude Durand, and Miss Emily Willys, as bridesmaids, and little Miss Ruth Scott was flower girl.  The groom was attended by Blanchard N. Baker, of Seneca Falls.  Messrs. Charles Snyder, Chas. W. Darling, Francis J. Sleght, and Clayton A. VanWie officiated as ushers. 
The bride was attired in white brocaded silk, with mousse line de soie, and carried bride roses. Miss Durand wore blue organdie over blue silk, and her bouquet was of pink carnations. Little Miss Scott was costumed in white. After the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Willys left for a trip of a month's duration, to include New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington.  Among the handsome gifts received by the bride, were articles in cut glass, silver, point lace and a set of furs, the latter from the groom. Mr. and Mrs. Willys will be at home after Christmas, at 26 Chapin Street.
SAME  JOURNAL      Pg 3, col 5
WILLYS  -  VANWIE - At Canandaigua, December 1, 1897, John North Willys and Miss Isabel Irene VanWie, both of Canandaigua.

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