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Canandaigua News

1898 - 1899

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ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL    Friday     January 7, 1898      Pg 3, col 5         by: Ron Hanley   
MARRIED    PARMELE - POWER    At Mertensia, January 5, 1898, Albert Booth Parmele, of Canandaigua, and Miss Florence Alida Powers of Mertensia.
SAME  PAGE  col 3
A charming home wedding took place on Wednesday afternoon at 5 30 o'clock, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Sibley Power, at Mertensia, when Miss Florence Alida Power and Albert Booth Parmele were united in marriage, Rev. J. J. Lawrence, of the Presbyterian church of this place, officiating. The ceremony took place in the parlor, which was tastefully decorated with similax and pink and white carnations. The bride and groom stood in a bower formed of these decorations, in the large bay window of the parlor.  Miss Koehler, of Rochester, played the wedding march, and the bridal party advanced between ropes of similax, held by six young lady friends of the bride, Misses Zella Pressey, Ella Grimes, Mary Paul, Julia Falling, and Mary E. Parrish, of Canandaigua, and Miss Grace Campbell, of Rochester. The bride was attired in white corded silk, and carried bride's roses. She was attended by Miss Mary E. Parmele, of Canandaigua, who wore pink organdie. 
The ceremony was witnessed by a large assemblage of friends and relatives from this place and vicinity.  After a wedding supper Mr. and Mrs. Parmele left for a trip east, at the conclusion of which they will be at home in this place.  Both young people are well and favorably known here, the bride having been for some time past clerk at H. M. Field's law office, and the groom is a popular employee at the W. W. Wilcox grocery.

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wed,   Feb 23, 1898      by:  Dianne Thomas

+  The following is the number of cases of measles in this vicinity:  One at Henry HIGLEY's, two at Peter C. GOFF'S, two at Thomas STANDISH'S, one at Bert RANDALL'S, one at Irving PHILLIP'S, one at Cyrus TRICKEY'S and one at Charles GORDEN'S.  Five have just recovered at Benjamin DAVIS'S.  

+  A little girl has arrived at Elwin RICHARDS', and a little boy at John O'NEIL'S.

+  The donation at Charles JOHNSON'S has been postponed until Tuesday, March 1.

Arvile HULSE is to move to Naples.  Elmer HIGLEY will move to Canandaigua; Charles GORDEN will move into John JOHNSON'S house and Curtis BIRD will move into Arvile HULSE'S house.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL                     March 4, 1898                      by:  Dianne Thomas
DIED  -   SLY  -   At Canandaigua, March 3, 1898 , Evander Sly, aged 91 years, 4 months.

Canandaigua City Clerk Office Record Number 1234 gives a death date of March 3, 1898

Aged 90 years, 5 months; Born Orange Co., NY, Father: Jacob Sly, Orange Co.; Mother: Eleanor Clark, Orange Co.

Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY   Wednesday,  May 5, 1898    by:  Dianne Thomas

Mrs. I.  THATCHER is slowly recovering from her long and severe illness.

Mrs. Hinckley TAY is down with pneumonia. 

+ W. S. REYNOLDS and wife visited near Palmyra the first of the week.

Adam FLACK visited at Port Gibson, Sunday and Will COWAN of Canandaigua visited his sister, Mrs. Jud HILL.  

Mr. PARKER, of the new shoe store, and wife, visited at Palmyra, Sunday.  

W. H. WAYNE and wife returned Friday from a week's visit at Junius.

+   Abram HILLS has moved to Auburn, where his son is a bookkeeper. 

William TAFT and family have removed from West Bloomfield to New Rochelle, Westchester county.

Albert R. BROWN of West Bloomfield has enlisted in and is with the 8th Sept. Co. of Rochester, at Hempstead, L. I. 

+  The Manchester Cemetery Association elected these officers Monday night: Pres. J. R. PRATT, Vice Pres., C. P. BROWN; Treas. E. D. MATHER; Sec., J. W. OVERACRE; Supt. J. H. SISLER.

Andrew B. CLARKSON, of Oaks Corners, has been granted an increase of pension from $10 to $24 a month.

Rev. Albert P. FOX, of Batavia, has accepted the Orleans Baptist pastorate.

Edward M. SAGE, of Pittsford, has bought and is conducting the Fishers Hotel. 

+  The main span of the greatest steel arch bridge in the world now building at Niagara Falls, was successfully sprung a few days ago.  About 4,000,000 pounds of steel are used in its construction.  The span is 868 feet long and the approaches aggregate 400 feet more.

John Y. MC KANE, the Coney Island election manipulator, was released from Sing Sing prison Saturday, his term being ended.  He returned directly to his home.

Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY   Wednesday,  May 12, 1898    by:  Dianne Thomas

+  Church Wedding Yesterday - The marriage of Francis J. SLEGHT and Miss Mary A. WILLYS in the Presbyterian Church at 6 p.m., yesterday was witnessed by a large congregation.  The church was handsomely decorated with palms, cedars and apple blossoms.  Rev. LAWRENCE performed the ceremony and Miss DURAND played the organ.  The bride was attired in white and carried lilies of the valley and orange blossoms, while her sister, Miss Emily, the maid of honor, wore pink organdie and carried magnolias.  Misses Mabel BLANCHARD and Grace HITCHCOCK were the bridesmaids.  The groom was attended by P. Bertrand HAMIL, of Rochester.  The ushers were Carleton SLEGHT, C. W. DARLING, C. E. MARTIN, Acey SUTHERLAND, W. H. TOWNSEND and Frank HOBART.  After a reception at the bride's home, Mr. and Mrs. SLEGHT left for a short Eastern trip.  They will reside on Scotland road. 

Local News

J. L. BURNETT will furnish the Memorial Day eloquence at Lyons.

John KINDE and Robert SHAY caught four trout weighing 12 pounds, Friday. 

Edgar MARKS has taken the examination for cadetship in the Annapolis Naval Academy.  

Charles F. ROBINSON has been making some extensive repairs on the Carter hotel at Cook's Point. 

+  Police Justice DWYER is thoroughly overhauling his recently purchased Skidmore houses on Chapin street. 

+  The grand jury failed to indict Silas WOODRUFF on the charge of burglarizing Alexander DAVIDSON'S barn.

+  Thursday, in Police Court, James DUFFY and William JONES were again sent to the M.C.P., six months for intoxication. 

Dayton GIFFORD, of this village, will have charge of the power house of the Honeoye Falls and Lima Electric Railway. 

R. N. JONES is about to move his business from the Tillotson Block, to the vacant store in Maj. RICHARDSON'S  building.

Mrs. W. J. COYE gave a card party Saturday evening for Mrs. Clark WILLIAMS. - Tuesday afternoon Miss MILLIKEN similarly honored Miss DRAPER and Miss Susan COLEMAN.  

W. G. DAVID of Rochester, formerly publisher of the Canandaigua Journal, who offered his services as a naval officer just before the war opened, has been summoned to Washington for examination.  He was graduated from the Naval Academy and served several years in the Navy, from which he resigned in 1884.

+  The only local matter decided by the Appellate Court when it adjourned Saturday, was that of LYNCH, Receiver of the Watkins National Bank, vs. A. S. COOLEY, of this village, in which the trial's court judgment for the defendant was affirmed.  The action was to set aside transfer of property to the alleged detriment of plaintiff. 

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY            Sat            May 14, 1898     by: GSubyak@aol.com

Charles JONES, a well-known Canandaigua nonagenarian, died at his home on West Gibson street, Thursday, After a long illness, aged 92 years. A daughter, Mrs. Sherman KINGSBURY, survives him.
Will O'BRIEN, of Canandaigua, received word from England yesterday by cablegram, announcing the death of his brother, Tom O'BRIEN, of the world-wide known firm of O'Brien & Redding, vaudevillists.
Mrs. Selma S. KINNEY and her daughter, Miss Maud, arrived at West Bloomfield, Wednesday, from Copenhagen, Denmark. After a short visit in  this country Mrs. KINNEY and her daughter will go to the Sandwich islands to reside, teaching in Oahu College, Honolulu.

Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY        July 13, 1898            by:  Dianne Thomas

Rev. A. W. BROADWAY has returned from his trip to Palestine.

H .W. KELLOGG, a Canadian and believed to be an all around crook, was sent to the M.C.P. (prob. Monroe Co. prison) for a year, Saturday for larceny.  Numerous small thefts had been traced his way.  

W. R. AMBROSE of Rochester, a NYC brakeman, fell from an engine tender while opening the water tank plug Monday and fell, striking his head on flagstone and receiving severe injuries.  He was taken to the hospital. 

Carl BROWNELL, living 4 miles north of the city, had a finger crushed in the cogs of a reaper, Monday; the injury was so severe that amputation was necessary.  

Frank POTTER, purporting to hail from Syracuse, was held in $1,000 bail on the charge of stealing a $50 bill from the saloon of the late Joseph FOX.  

+  While 16 years old Alfred SPARKS was standing in a barn door on Genesee St., today noon, he was prostrated by lightning, which severely shocked his two brothers, knocked down a horse and tore off the barn roof.  A physician rested the young man to consciousness and he will recover. 

Messrs. LOOMIS and WOODWORTH ,the well known produce dealers, with their wives and several other ladies, made a pleasure trip to Naples via Canandaigua Lake, Monday.

Rev. C. G. MILLER has shipped his personal belongings to Springfield, Mass.  Preaching services at the Universalists Church will be suspended for the present.  

Louise LOCKE was severely hurt by the premature discharge of a cannon firecracker on the Fourth. He was temporarily blinded.

Charles CAMPBELL had a great toe badly lacerated by a toy cannon that was discharged by boys just as he was passing.  

+  A young man named SULLIVAN, was thrown from a bicycle and considerably hurt during the bicycle races. 

+  Revs. COLE of this village and SEARLES of Livonia exchanged Sunday.  

J. H. WILDER, alias SEELEY, while very drunk Wednesday night, assaulted Officer MADISON with a sling shot on Maple avenue.  The short range prevented serious injury and after a struggle, the man was secured. Thursday, Justice NORTON sent him to the county jail to await the grand jury's action.  

Miss BRADDON - Appearances are proverbially deceitful, and certainly few people would guess on meeting Miss BRADDON for the first time, that she had it in her to be the writer of the most popular sensational novels of the day.   There is certainly nothing at all sensational in her appearance, and her kindly manners and pleasant face are suggestive of the ordinary English gentlewoman of domestic tastes and simple pleasures.  Miss BRADDON is a notable hostess and has welcomed nearly all the well known men and women of the day to her pretty home at Richmond, England.  


Happenings of Various Towns

Mr. and Mrs. CONNELLY of Lima, have just celebrated their golden wedding.  He formerly resided at Allen's Hill, when he first came from Ireland.  They were the second Catholic couple married at Lima.

+ The Rochester Herald this morning, stated that Mrs. Jennie FRENCH of Ionia has secured a divorce from Seward FRENCH, the well know lawyer of most everywhere, who recently went to Porto Rico, but is reported to be again practicing law in the West, this time at Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 

Frank SLOUT of Canadice, who was supposed to have died 16 years ago, unexpectedly returned home the other day.  He had made numerous voyaged, having visited Manila, twice. 

Mrs. HORTON and daughter of Seneca Castle, have gone to England for an extended visit.

F. L. CLARKE and daughter, of Naples, sailed for Europe, Saturday. 

W. C. PAUL'S barn in Canadice was struck by lightning, which killed two horses and injured another, but did not fire the barn.

+   Cyrus BARDEN'S house in the South eastern part of Naples was burned with its contents a few nights ago.  There was an insurance of $1,500.  

ONTARIO REPOSITORY      August 25, 1898  Pg 8, col 5               by: Ron Hanley
MARRIED  -  COLE - VANGELDER - At the Methodist parsonage, Canandaigua, August 24th, by Rev. DD  Campbell, Herbert C. Cole and Marguerite VanGelder.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY,          Thurs. Dec. 1, 1898         by: GSubyak@aol.com

Ontario Supervisors Royally Entertained at Canandaigua yesterday

Probably the most important business of the day yesterday, transacted by the Ontario county board of supervisors, was the discussion of the excellent repast provided by Sheriff and Mrs. George A. PEEL, at the county jail in Canandaigua. At 1 o'clock Chairman BECKER adjourned the board session to the jail, where in their home apartments, Sheriff and Mrs. PEEL, assisted by Caterer J. J. DOYLE, served a bountiful feast. The supervisors were augmented by a number of other invited guests, including Hon. John RAINES, County Judge KNAPP, and several of the county officials.  After full justice had been done to the viands the supervisors inspected the jail, which, under the supervision of Sheriff PEEL and his corps of aides is in splendid condition.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY,          Thurs. Dec. 1, 1898         by: GSubyak@aol.com

Miss Kate A. RAYMOND and Leonard J. MOTT, two well-known Canandaiguans, were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William H. RAYMOND, in Canandaigua, last evening at 6 o'clock, in the presence of a number of relatives and friends. The ceremony was performed by Rev. H. W. JONES, of the Canandaigua Baptist Church.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL      Friday      January 6, 1899       Pg 3, col 6            by: Ron Hanley
DIED   McKECHNIE - At Canandaigua, January 3, 1899, Mrs. Jessie Wilson McKechnie, aged 75 years, 2 months and 20 days.
(Canandaigua City Clerk office record number 1280, Jessie Wilson age 75 years, 2 month, 20 days, Born Dalkeith, Scotland, Father George Wilson, Mother Janet.)

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL    Wed.     February 10, 1899        Pg 3, col  2                 by: Ron Hanley
The death of John Osborn occurred at his home on Chapin Street, on Tuesday night.
Mr. Osborn was one of the oldest residents of the village, having moved here from Hopewell in 1830. The deceased is survived by two children, Mrs. S. P. Quick, of Rochester, and Frank Osborn, of this village.  The funeral services will be held from his late residence this afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Mr. Osborn was the inventor of the Osborn elastic cement.

SAME PAPER         February 8, 1899     Pg 3, col 3 

The death of John Osborne, recorded in another column of this paper, removes one of the oldest residents of the village.
Mr. Osborne was born at Haverstraw, Rockland County, March 5, 1812, but when a boy, removed with his parents to what is known as the Birdseye farm, in Hopewell, and in 1830 became a resident of Canandaigua. 
He was married December 24, 1835, to Alzina Taylor, of Gorham, who died October 3, 1894. To Mr. and Mrs. Osborne were born nine children, of whom two only survive, Mrs. S. P. Quick, of Rochester, and Frank Osborne, of this village.  Mr. Osborne was a painter by occupation, and the inventor and manufacturer of the famous Osborne Elastic Cement. Death resulted from bronchial pneumonia. The funeral will take place from the home on Chapin Street, Friday, at 2 o'clock.

+  Invitations are out for the marriage of John Spencer SLOCUM of Padelford, and miss Mand J. HALLOCK, to take place at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. HALLOCK, East Bloomfield, on Wed, Feb 15th.  

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY   Wed       February 10, 1899    by:  Dianne Thomas

+  In Surrogate's court letters of administration have been granted to Richard MITCHELL and Frank H. HAMLIN in the $1,000 estate of John MITCHELL, late of Chicago; John H. STEPHENS in the $1,800 estate of Horace A. HARMON, late of Manchester.  The following wills have bee admitted to probate: Michael DAILOR, late of Manchester, estate $3,200, William DAILOR, executor; Lucinda GATES, late of Germantown, Pa., estate $1,000 - Albert B. VROOMAN, executor.  

+  At Amsterdam on Friday last occurred the death, from heart trouble, of Mrs. Mary Adeline Crane SHAW, widow of Richard M. SHAW.  Mrs. SHAW for many years resided on the lake shore property recently purchased by R. R. SCOTT, Esq., and afterwards resided in this village.  She is survived by her husband, two sons and a daughter.  Of late, years she had resided with relatives in Amsterdam.  She (cut off)

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY,     Mon.,   May 1, 1899           by: GSubyak@aol.com

Word has been received at Canandaigua by relatives of Chester C. HAYES, now in Paris, that one of his paintings has been accepted by the salon 
committee, and will hang on the line. As there were 10,000 paintings submitted and only 3,000 accepted, Mr. HAYES is to be congratulated on his success.

ONTARIO  COUNTY  JOURNAL       June 30, 1899      Pg  3, col  7     by: Ron Hanley  
MARRIED  HAMILTON - LAMAY - At Auburn, June 28, 1899, John Hamilton, of Littleville, formerly of Canandaigua, and Miss Emma L.  LaMay, of Auburn.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL      Friday      July 28, 1899    Pg 3, col 6           by: Ron Hanley
DIED  -  McKECHNIE - At Canandaigua, July 20, 1899, Andrew D. McKechnie, aged 85 years.

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY   Wed,    Aug 9, 1899   pg 2             by:  Dianne Thomas

Allen's Hill:

+  The sociable held at the home of John B. SLEIGHT was very successful.  The proceeds were $13.

+  The Misses DEAL entertained a party of about 30 friends last Friday evening. 

Mrs. Laura SEARS of Bristol was in town last week, called here by the illness of her sister, Mrs. Clara LEE, who is in a critical condition, the disease being heart trouble.

Mr. and Mrs. N. T. ASHLEY have been spending a little time with friends in Bergen.  

+  A teacher has been engaged for the senior department of the school here, Mr. William JAMES, of Middleport.  

Mrs. H. C. CASE and daughters, Eleanor and Ruth, of Albany, are in town. 

Misses Hallie and Winifred FISHER of Elkhart, Ind., have been guests of their uncle, O. N. FISHER.  



Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. WHEELER and children, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur BUELL and children, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar F. WHEELER and daughter, Miss Carrie BUELL, Miss Electa BUELL and Misses Ellen and Jennie WHEELER, spent last week at Glenwood. 

Mrs. Elizabeth PARKER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry PARSONS, Mr. and Mrs. Edward CASE and Mr. and Mrs. Walter BRIDGLAND and son have been entertained by Mrs. David THOMAS and Mrs. O. H. SWIFT, at Fisher's Grove. 

Anna TOBIN, only daughter of Mrs. Mary TOBIN, died at her home in this place, on Saturday morning, August 5, aged 17 years.  Death came to her after an illness of many months, during which she had been a great sufferer.  She leaves a mother and a brother, Stephen, to mourn her loss and they have the sympathy of the community in their sad affliction.  funeral serves were held form St. Bridget's church on Monday morning, at 10 o'clock, Rev. Father NEVILLE, officiating.  The following young men acted as bearers: Walter TOOMEY, John TOOMEY, William SMITHERS, John SHEENAN. Many beautiful floral offerings bore testimony to the love and esteem in which Miss TOBIN was held by those who knew her.

ONTARIO REPOSITORY MESSENGER     Thursday     September 28, 1899       Pg 8, col  4      by: Ron Hanley
Deaths - LONG -  At Syracuse, September 23d, Dennis J. LONG, formerly of  Canandaigua, 48 years. Interment at Canandaigua.
ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL September 29, 1899  Pg 2, col  6 
DIED    LONG -  At Syracuse, September 23, 1899, Dennis J. LONG, aged 48 years.  Interment at Canandaigua.
ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL September 29, 1899  Pg 3, col  2 
On Saturday, at Syracuse, occurred the death of Dennis Long, a former resident of this place.  About five weeks ago he was terribly injured in the railroad yards there, where he was employed. Deceased was 48 years of age and is survived by four children, all of Syracuse.  Morris Long, flagman at the Main Street crossing in this village, is a brother of the deceased. The burial took place in this village on Monday.

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