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Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, NY,  Wed     Mar 15, 1905                by: GSubyak@aol.com

Canandaigua  - March 14 - The installation of Rev. Louis M. SWEET as pastor of the Presbyterian Church was formally solemnized this evening in the presence of a large assemblage. The officials of the Geneva Presbytery, who officiated, were as follows: Moderator, Rev. W. S. CRANE; presenter of charge to the pastor, Rev. Arthur S. HOYT, D. D., of Auburn; the charge to the people, Rev. W. W. WELLER, of Geneva; installation prayer, Rev. Henry A. PORTER, Ovid. There was music by the choir, with an organ voluntary by the organist. Miss Gertrude DURAND, and a greeting by the congregation concluded the programme.

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe Co., NY       Wed Mar 15, 1905                    by: GSubyak@aol.com

Canandaigua  - March 15 - After a suspension of several years The Academan, published by students of Canandaigua Academy, has once more made its appearance. It is an eight page paper, well edited and interesting, especially to the pupils of the academy and union school. The official staff is as follows: Editor-in-chief, William SMITH; business manager, Philip MONTO; alumni, Earl CASE; local, Elizabeth HUBBELL; athletic, Henry HOWE; Myron WILDER and H. A. TOWNSEND; advisory editor, Miss Florence B. CAVANAUGH.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY         Wed    Mar 15, 1905          by: GSubyak@aol.com

Canandaigua  -  March 15 - The Amherst College Glee and Banjo Clubs will give a concert at the Opera House on the evening of April 8th.To-morrow night, at Bemis Hall, a three-act farce, entitled "All a mistake," will be presented by the Rochester Players' Club, for the benefit of St. Mary's building fund. Special meetings will be held at the Salvation Army temple, on Phoenix street. Sunday and Monday next. Ensign BAILLIA and Adjutant LYON, of Buffalo, will be in charge. Monday night there will be an illustrated lecture.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, NY,     Wed    Mar 15, 1905      by: GSubyak@aol.com

Canandaigua, march 15 - Surrogate DITMARS has issued letters of administration to John A. MURRAY, in the $3,300 estate of John KANE, late of Phelps, and to Charles L. BIGELOW, in the $900 estate of Rachael A. BIGELOW,  late of Phelps. The will of Mary Ann KENNEY, late of Geneva, was admitted to probate. The estate is estimated at $1,100, and John B. KENNEY has been made executor.

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, NY      Fri     Mar 31, 1905                by: GSubyak@aol.com 


Canandaigua Escaped Having Another Murder Case.
Canandaigua  -  March 30 - Late last night an Italian named FORTUNATA, who is a shoemaker and who has been known as a peaceably disposed fellow, was brought into the office of Dr. F. A. BROCKMYRE, on Chapin street, suffering from a severe stiletto wound in his back, on the left side and in the region of his kidney. The wound was a couple of inches long and about four deep.   FORTUNATA and his friends were uncommunicative, but it was learned that he had been waylaid by a couple of countrymen said to reside in Buffalo, who were visiting and drinking here yesterday, and that they robbed him of his gold watch in a dark alley and then knifed him and ran thinking him dead. As it was he had a narrow escape. Blackhand conspirators are blamed for the fracas.

Bullet From an Air Gun Deflected and Struck Him in the Eye
Canandaigua, March 30 - Dr. R. L. CARSON was called from Rochester last evening to operate upon the eye of a young man named Homer REED, who lives on Pearl street in this village. The young man had been shooting an air gun on the banks of the Canandaigua outlet, and discharged the weapon at a muskrat. He told the physicians at the Memorial Hospital that the shot, which was of the size known as double "B," deflected from a stone and flew into his right eye. It was seen that the injury was a serious one and on Dr. CARSON's arrival the eye was removed. It is thought the other eye can be saved. Young REED is doing as well as possible. He is not related to Homer J. REED, the former secretary of the County Agricultural Society.

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, NY       Fri        Mar 31, 1905                by: GSubyak@aol.com 

Canandaigua, March 30 - This noon occurred the somewhat sudden death of James M. FOX, a longtime Canandaiguan, and at one time a widely known caterer. Death was due to Bright's disease. Mr. FOX had been in poor health for a number of years. He was 60 years old. He leaves a widow, one son, James B. FOX, and one daughter, Miss Elizabeth E. FOX.

Unknown Paper,    April 1905                by: Dianne Thomas

BUCKLEY Mrs. Mary A. BUCKLEY, wife of Patrick, of Gorham street, was stricken with apoplexy on Sunday and died the following day.  Mrs. BUCKLEY was a good wife and mother and though but 53 years of age, she had seen her children grow to places of usefulness in the world.  Her husband has long been foreman of this section of the Northern Central railway, and her only son, Jeremiah, has rapidly risen from fireman to an important position as engineer on the Northern Central.  The four daughters are Mrs. J. SHANNON of Elmira, and Elizabeth, Helen and Catherine of this place.  Her pastor, Rev. James T. DOUGHTERTY, officiated at the funeral yesterday morning and the burial was in Calvary cemetery. (Apr 1905)

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY              May 15, 1905         by: Pat Mims            

Canandaigua Man Ground to Pieces.
His Body Dragged More Than 100 feet.

Mr. Cullinane Met Death While Attempted to Board a R.& E Train.  All Human Identify Destroyed.  His Brother Met a Violent Death Near the Same Spot 15 Years Ago
Canandaigua, May 14 - Timothy CULLINANE, aged about 40 years, attempted to board an eastbound two car Rochester & Eastern train which left Canandaigua station at 1:50 o'clock this afternoon.  He released his hold on the platform and fell between the cars, suffering instant and awful death and mutilation.  The accident occurred near the corner of Bristol and Main streets, and was witnessed by many horrified bystanders.  When the machinery of the car had finished its work the identity of CULLINANE as an object of humanity was manifested only by the clothing and his personal effects.  The trucks and motors of the Rochester & Eastern cars have only a few inches clearance above the ground, and the unfortunate man was ground by the wheels and torn by the steel trucks and heavy motors.  The extent of his injuries may be imagined when it is stated that the running gear of one of he cars was put out of commission by the accident.  The body was rolled and dragged a hundred feet or more.!
  The extremities were ground and twisted out of resemblance to human form, half the head was gone, and almost all the organs were torn from the trunk and lay beside the body in a bloody pool or were strewn along the track for some distance back.  A trail of blood led back to where the unfortunate man attempted to board the car, and there was found the missing portion of the skull.  The portions of the body were gathered up by order of Coroner WARNER and turned over to undertaker John O'LEARY who took them to his undertaking rooms directly opposite. 
Employees of the Rochester & Eastern were working to remove the horrible stains on the brick pavement, when a welcome shower came and did the work for them.  CULLINANE was a single man.  Two brothers, a sister and his mother survive him.  CULLINANE had returned from Auburn prison only a few days ago, where he was sent three years ago on a charge of larceny from the person, committed at this place.
Fifteen years ago CULLINANE'S oldest brother, John CULLINANE, was stabbed to death by Frank FISH within a hundred yards of where Timothy met his death to-day.  The men at that time quarreled and the death blow was caused with a cigar box opener, carried by FISH at that time.  The quarrel started at the corner of Main and Beeman streets, and the murdered man managed to reach his home before expiring, almost directly opposite where Timothy was ground to death to-day.
The men in charge of the train were Conductor Stephen MELCHING and Motorman Claude McCAHN.  It is declared that no blame attaches to them.  However, Coroner F. P. WARNER will make careful investigation and have a hearing tomorrow , at an hour not yet fixed.

Rushville Chronicle, Yates Co., NY,  May 19, 1905                            by: DLMOKDOKI@aol.com

The forty-eighth annual meeting of the Ontario County Sunday School Association of the Methodist Episcopal church will be held at Clifton Springs, Friday, May 26, 1905.
Officers: Wm G. LIGHTFOOTE, Canandaigua, president; R. C. Beach, Honeoye, vice president; Frank E. HOWE, Canandaigua, secretary; Thomas E. RIPPEY, Geneva, secretary and treasurer; Mrs. M. L. COVELL, Manchester, home department superintendent; Mrs. W.W. HOWLAND, Shortsville, superintendent primary work.
9:36 - Opening exercises, William K. BUSHNELL, Shortsville.
9:45 - Secretary's report, Frank E. HOWE, Canandaigua.
Report of home Department, Ontario County.
10:00 - Why a Teacher's meeting. Rev. William D. ROBINSON, East Bloomfield.
10:20 - The Sunday School and Missions, Rev. Frank W. HILL, Victor.
10:40 - Report of Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer, Thomas E. RIPPEY, Geneva.

11:00 - Teachers Training, Miss Frances WALKLEY, State Superintendent of Normal Work.
Appointment of Committees
11:30 - Our School for Christ, Rev. J. Scott EBERSOLE, Canandaigua.
11:55 - Offering: Announcements: Dinner.

1:45 - Scripture and Prayer, Rev. C. C. MCLEAN, Naples.
2:00 - Round Table: Miscellaneous Questions Miss WALKLEY.
2:40 - Report of Committees.
2:45 - How shall we reach and hold the boys? Rev. Ward MOSHER, Canandaigua.
3:05 - Music: Offering
3:10 - A Primary Program for the Sunday Hour - Mrs. H. O. HOLLAND, Mrs. Will T. DAMON, Buffalo, N.Y.

7:30 - Song Service, Rev. L. S. BOYD, Clifton Springs, residing.
8:00 - Address "The Opportunity and Responsibility of the Hour,: Rev. D. D. MC LAURIN, D.D., Rochester, N.Y.
Closing Service.
Organist, Miss Georgia SHULTS; leader of music, Mrs. Burt BALDWIN.

Rushville Chronicle,  Rushville, Yates Co., NY         May 19, 1905                    by DLMOKDOKI@aol.com

The following dispatch from Canandaigua recently appeared in the Rochester Herald: Mrs. Mary STOCKDALE, who died two weeks ago at Flint, Mich., left an estate of $400,000; as she has a number of heirs residing in this vicinity it is worthy of note that in a will made 22 years ago she gave her entire estate to hospitals in Buffalo and Detroit. It is hinted that there will be a contest.
The attorney died just previous to her own death, leaving his affairs unsettled. It is said that he drew one or more wills since the first, but their provisions are not known, as they cannot be found.

Mrs. STOCKDALE died at the age of 91 years. She was born in Potter, Yates County, and among nephews and nieces in this vicinity are Mrs. Mary VOAK, of  Canandaigua; John and Charles THOMAS, of Gorham; Frances MC DONALD, of Rushville, and Mrs. DINTURFF, of Syracuse. 

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, N.Y.    June 21, 1905                     by: GSubyak@aol.com 


An Enjoyable Programme Rendered at Canandaigua

Canandaigua, June 20 - Last evening in the Union School Hall was held the class day exercises of the class of 1905 of the Canandaigua Academy. The hall was filled to overflowing with the friends and relatives of the graduates. 
The decorations were carried out in the colors of the class, red and white. 
The programme was as follows:
Piano solo, Florence Gertrude HULSE
president's a-----, "The American Navy,"    Henry Lawrence HOWE, Jr.
Oration. "The Subway," Alfred Roy CLAPPER
class history, Anna Veronica MEATH
essay, "The American Woman," Marion Eugenia EATON
class poem, Katherine Rose MAHANEY
vocal solo, "Roses in June," Miss Anna Louise FINLEY
oration, "Electric Motive Power," Glen Allen BRANDOW
essay, "Unwritten History of the Britons," Helen Agnes DONOVAN
class prophecy, Florence Gertrude HULSE
oration, "The Monroe Doctrine," William Henry SMITH
vocal solo, Miss Anna Louise FINLEY
oration, "The Preservation of Niagara Falls," Claude William THOMAS
class will, Edward LYNCH.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.      June 23, 1905           by: GSubyak@aol.com 


One Had Fatal Results - Mr. Latting Thrown to the Pavement
Canandaigua  - June 22 - Charles LATTING, while riding up the Bristol street hill this afternoon, was thrown violently to the pavement by a sudden movement of the horse and struck on the back of his head. He was unconscious when picked up and was taken to the Memorial Hospital, where he was doing fairly well this evening.

Last night about 9:30 o'clock Mrs. Anastesea WECHENGER, who lived with her daughter, Mrs. BOEF, on Gibson street, fell down stairs and sustained a fracture of the skull, at the base of the brain from which death occurred. She was 71 years of age.


Reed Corners, June 22 - One hundred guests were present at the marriage of Miss Mae WASHBURN and Charles F. OTTLEY, of Seneca Castle, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua WASHBURN, last evening, at 6 o'clock. Rev. Ward MOSHER, of Canandaigua, performed the ceremony, the ring service being used. The attendants were Miss Calicia TIFFANY and Roy SPANGLE, of Canandaigua. The bridal party stood beneath an arch of roses and ferns. The bride's dress was white silk mull, with over white silk and her flowers were roses. She wore a tulle veil. An elaborate wedding repast was served. Mr. and Mrs. OTTLEY left for New York city. They will reside in Seneca Castle.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES     Wednesday    July 26, 1905      Pg 7       by: Dianne Thomas


+ Mrs. Sarah J. LAPHAM, wife of Lyman G., died at her home in Wichita, Kansas, Monday morning.  She and her husband removed from Farmington, this county, to Kansas, about twenty years ago.  She is survived by her husband, two sons, George W. LAPHAM of this village, and William G. LAPHAM of Wichita, and one daughter, Mrs. H. I. EDDINGTON of Wichita.  

+ Frank SMITH, a painter of this village, nearly bled to death by the breaking of a blood vessel in his right leg on Wednesday.  He was standing on a ladder at the residence of Thomas H. O'REILLY, Main street south, and did not discover his predicament until informed by Mr. O'REILLY, who noticed a pool of blood on the floor below.   

+ Lucius J. WILCOX, of Berkley, Va., has joined Mrs. WILCOX at the home of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. E. C. CHURCH, Gibson Street, for a visit for a few days.

Mr. & Mrs. William EDMONSTON of Phelps, and their guest, Miss Isabel RICE, were guests at a tea given by Mrs. Alvin DEWEY at Rochester, on Thursday afternoon

+ Ross, the 12 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. William SENGLAUB, was operated on for appendicitis at the Canandaigua hospital on Saturday, by Dr. BEAHAN.  The lad is recovering nicely. 

+ Mrs. J. H. PARDEE gave a trolley party, on Monday afternoon for her children, Sydney and Gertrude.  About 50 children with a few older people greatly enjoyed the trip from Rochester to Geneva.  

+ Timothy LINEHAN, whose legs were broken at Lewistown, two weeks ago, has been brought to his home on Gorham street, in this village.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY   Wednesday, June 28, 1905     by: GSubyak@aol.com 

Well Known Canandaigua Couple United in Marriage
Canandaigua, June 27 - A quiet but pretty wedding took place this evening  at 6 o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter FABER, No. 31 Chapin street, when  their daughter, Miss Anna Augusta FABER, was united to Dr. Harry Chapin BUELL.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. Lewis T. REED, pastor of the Congregational  Church, in the presence of only the immediate relatives of the contracting  parties. The bride and groom were unattended. The former was gowned in white,  and carried white flowers. She wore the gift of the groom, a pearl and diamond  brooch.
Following the ceremony a supper was served. The  table decoration were of white and green. Later Dr. and Mrs. BUELL left for a  trip amongst the Canadian lakes.   Dr. BUELL is the present house physician at the Memorial  Hospital. The bride has for a long time been connected with the faculty of the  Canandaigua Union School. After the honeymoon Dr. and Mrs. BUELL will reside on  Chapin street.

MRS. JAMES DuBOIS -   Canandaigua, June 27 - This morning at Willard occurred the death of Mrs. James DuBOIS, of this village, a well known and highly esteemed lady, whose health has been failing for the past three years. She leaves her husband, James DuBOIS, four daughters, Mrs. T. Louis TOBIN, Mrs. Charles DEWEY and Mrs. Fred TWIST, of Canandaigua, and Mrs. Carlton PRATT, of Hopewell, and five sons, Charles, Rankine, James R. and Wallace DuBOIS, of Canandaigua, and David
of Le Roy. She was the daughter of Mrs. Nancy Mc CORMACK, one of Canandaigua's  oldest residents, who is still living in this village.

Canandaigua, June 27 - The Ontario County Veterans' Association will hold its annual basket picnic at Seneca Point on August 15th. The trip will be made on one of the big steamers, and there will be music and speaking by well known orators

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY   Fri,   Aug 18, 1905   Pg 3   by: Dianne Thomas


Mrs. G. D. BAKER and G. E. PRATT Stricken After Week's Illness


Acute ascending infectious paralysis, an ailment practically unknown to Canandaigua physicians, caused the death of G. S. PRATT of Macedon, aged 27, on Saturday last , and yesterday morning, Mrs. Lillian PALMER, wife of George D. BAKER, of this village, aged 23 years, succumbed to the same disease.  Dr. A. L. BEAHAN, of the Canandaigua hospital had charge of both cases, which proved so baffling that he called in other physicians.  None of the physicians called had ever met such symptoms in their practice and it was not until after the death of Mr. PRATT that the ailment was positively diagnosed.  The disease was first reported by Landry in 1857, and since then about 250 cases have been reported in this country.  The symptoms of both of the victims tallied accurately with eh cases described.  Little is known of the cause of the ailment, or methods of treatment.


It is believed to be infectious, but by what means it is transmitted from one person to another is till a mystery with the medical world.  A weakening or slight paralysis of the muscles of the limbs is followed by distressing pain in the back, which are seldom more than a day's duration.  The pulse and temperature remain about normal, the mind is clear, and there are few outward symptoms of disease until the ascending paralysis reaches the respiratory muscles, when breathing becomes labored and the weakest vital organ gives way.


The death of Mrs. BAKER, following closely upon that of Mr. PRATT, comes as a stunning blow to their friends.  Mr. and Mrs. BAKER were entertaining Mr. and Mrs. PRATT and their little child at James L. BATE'S summer home, Long View, on the lake.  Mr. PRATT went in bathing on Saturday, Aug 5th, and soon afterward complained of severe pains in his back, and weakness in his legs.  He was removed to the hospital and soon appeared to be improving under the treatment.  He died one week after being taken and the same day, Mrs. BAKER was seized with the limb weakness, falling several times that and the following day, while attending... (cut off)

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Thurs     Aug 31, 1905
MARRIED -  MACON - ANDRUSS - William Watts MACON, of Brooklyn, formerly of Rochester, and Miss Maud E. ANDRUSS, of Canandaigua, at the home of the bride's parents in Canandaigua, Wednesday afternoon, August 30, 1905, by Rev. Ward MOSHER. Notice  in Ontario county news of this paper. 

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY    Fri,   Oct 13, 1905       by: Dianne Thomas

+ SURROGATE Ditmars, has admitted the following Wills to probate: Thomas H. COAT, late of Canandaigua, Ida COAT, executor, value of estate not recorded; Mary DORMAN, late of Seneca, Edward E. HALL, executor, value of estate not recorded; Chester G. PITKIN, late of Geneva, Julia E. CHILDS, executor, value of estate not recorded; John P. VAIL, late of Geneva, Lillian & Newton F. VAIL, executors of the $7,000 estate.  

+ Miss Carrie C. CRANE is acting as official stenographer at the trial of Franklin BOOTH at a term of Untied States court at Lockport. 

+ Dr. George W. MC CLELLAN and daughter Hortense, Main street north, have been with Mrs. MC CLELLAN at Newark, NJ, during the week.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL      Friday      November 24, 1905    Pg 2, col 5     by: Ron Hanley
At Canandaigua, November 21, 1905, Frederick Albert McKechnie and Miss Gertrude Harriet Wheeler, both of Canandaigua.
ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL       Friday        November 24, 1905
McKechnie -  Wheeler
 The marriage of Miss Gertrude Harriet Wheeler and Frederick Albert McKechnie was solemnized at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James L. Wheeler, West Gibson Street, on Thursday evening at 6 o'clock, Rev. Ward Mosher officiating. 
Twenty-five guests were present at the ceremony. The house was handsomely decorated, chrysanthemums and carnations being used with palms. The bride wore a sunburst of pearls and diamonds, the gift of the groom.  The wedding supper was served after the bride and groom had received the congratulations of their guests. The bride's table was laid for ten and was decorated in pink and green. 
Mr. and Mrs. McKechnie left late in the evening for a trip to New York, Philadelphia and Washington. They will be at home, No. 454 Main Street North, after December 20.

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