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1911 - 1913

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 ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL, Canandaigua, NY   Friday    January 27, 1911                           by: Ron Hanley
The marriage of Howard Dewitt Herendeen and Miss Helen Gifford Spangle, daughter of Mrs. Edward D. Spangle, Bristol Street, was solemnized at the bride's home yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock.  Dr. Arthur Copeland, pastor of the Methodist church performed the ceremony in the presence of about 20 relatives. 
 The bride wore a gown of white silk poplin with pearl trimmings.  The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Herendeen, of Victor, and a member of the firm of W. G. Lapham of this village.  Mr. and Mrs. Herendeen left during the evening for a short western trip, and will be at home after February 15th at 50 Bristol Street.
 ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES     Wednesday      February 1, 1911     Page 4, col  4
Spangle - Herendeen
On Thursday afternoon at five o'clock, at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. E. D. Spangle, Bristol Street, Miss Helen Gifford Spangle became the wife of Howard DeWitt Herendeen, the Rev. Arthur Copeland officiating. 
The bride who was unattended was gowned in white silk poplin with pearl trimming. After the ceremony a wedding supper was served, at which covers were laid for twenty guests, all of whom were relatives. The dining room was tastefully decorated with pink carnations and smilax.
 The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Herendeen of Victor, and a member of the firm of W. G. Lapham and Co., of this village.  Mr. and Mrs. Herendeen left during the evening on a western  trip and will be at home at No. 50 Bristol Street after February 15th.
ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES     Wednesday     February 1, 1911  Page 6, col 4 
At Canandaigua, January 26, 1911, Howard DeWitt Herendeen and Miss Helen Gifford Spangle, both of Canandaigua.
 ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES        Wednesday         February 1, 1911       Page  8 
A marriage of interest to Victor friends took place in Canandaigua Thursday afternoon of last week, January 26th, when Miss Helen Gifford Spangle became the bride of Howard DeWitt Herendeen. The groom is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Herendeen, of this town, and the bride also has many friends here. The young couple will reside in Canandaigua.

ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT and CHRONICLE      Monday     March 20, 1911         by: Ron Hanley
Scarlet Fever In Canandaigua - 
 Canandaigua  March 19 ---   Another victim of scarlet Fever, which has been prevalent in this village during the entire winter, was claimed yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, when Emma Engert, daughter of Charles Engert, residing in Phelps Street, died at the Thompson Memorial Hospital Annex.
Another child from the Engert family was taken to the hospital on Monday morning suffering from the same disease.
The girl was 8 years of age, and another child of the same family is ill with the same disease. The health officials have established a rigid quarantine at the house. Several victims of the malady have died here during the present winter.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES     Wednesday      April 12, 1911     col  5       by: Ron Hanley
Mrs.  Stanton  D.  Kirkham  -  Mary Clark Williams, wife of Stanton D. Kirkham, died at Milford, S. C., after an illness of several years on Monday morning.  The remains are expected to arrive in Canandaigua early Friday morning, and it is arranged that the funeral shall take place from the family home on Howell Street on the same day. The Rev. Livingston L. Taylor of the Congregational Church will conduct the service and the interment will be at Woodlawn. 
The young woman whose remains will be thus laid away on Good Friday was the daughter of the late Captain George N. and Mrs. Abigail Clark Williams, and the granddaughter of Governor Myron H. Clark. 
She was born in Canandaigua, November 3, 1869, and had always made the village her home, though absent from it for extended periods while traveling in this country or abroad, and more recently while seeking to avoid the rigors of the northern climate.  The memory of her gracious presence and her kindly deeds is cherished by many personal friends, and by the community in whose progress she was deeply interested, and for whose welfare she was ever solicitous. So long as her health permitted she was prominent in the social life of the village and took an active and most helpful part in
church and public affairs. 
She was until recently a member of the board of directors of the Memorial Hospital, officiated for a number of years as treasurer of the board of managers of the Clark Manor House, was a charter member and the first treasurer of the Ontario County Historical Society, and through other organizations and in other ways, spent unstintingly, time and strength and means in unselfish service. 
Miss Williams was united in marriage on May 16, 1907, to Mr. Stanton D. Kirkham, the author, who survives, as does also her little daughter, Mary Clark Kirkham. Besides these, she leaves one brother, the Hon. Clark Williams, of New York, three aunts, Mrs. Samuel D. Backus of Canandaigua, Mrs. Frederick F. Thompson, of New York, and Miss Charlotte E. Clark of Canandaigua, and an uncle, Lorenzo E. Clark, Esq., of Detroit, Mich.
ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES     Wednesday      April 12, 1911 
DIED   At Milford, S. C., April 10, 1911, Mary Clark Williams, wife of Stanton D. Kirkham, of Canandaigua, aged 42 years.

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY   Wed,   April 12, 1911            Dianne Thomas

+  Bequests by Mrs. WORTHINGTON - The will of the late Mrs. Mary H. WORTHINGTON of this village, recently admitted to probate, by Surrogate DUNTON, makes the following bequests:  "to Dr. Lewis N. WORTHINGTON of Paris, France, $500; to his wife, Emma J. WORTHINGTON, $50; to Elizabeth C. PHELPS, $100; to Mary ANTES, $400; to Clarissa G. TUOHEY, $500; to Mrs. Georgia GORHAM, $100; to Alexander H. GRANGER, of South Bristol, $200; to Mary O. JACKSON of Brooklyn, $100; to Caroline M. PARTRIDGE, $100; to Arvilla L. FAKE, $100; to the Women's Foreign Missionary Society of the Congregational church, $100; to the trustees of the Congregational church, $100.    

The will provides that the bulk of the household furniture and linen and clothing shall be divided between Annie T. GRANGER of South Bristol, widow of the decedent's cousin, J. Albert GRANGER and Harriet G. JACKSON of Buffalo, daughter of Mr. GRANGER.  Relatives, friends and domestics are remembered with gifts of certain specified pieces of furniture, pictures, etc. To the Ontario County Historical Society, are given oil portraits of Judge Oliver PHELPS and his wife, Mary Seymour PHELPS and to the Ontario Orphan Asylum, a large old fashioned sofa.  

The residue of the estate, after paying just debts, funeral expenses and transfer tax, is to be divided into two equal parts, one of which is to go to Harriet G. JACKSON and the other to the Genesee Valley Trust Co., to be held in trust, for Mrs. Annie T. GRANGER during her life time and at her death, is to be divided as follows: Alexander H. GRANGER, $2,000; John A. GRANGER, $1,000; Francis GRANGER, $1,000 and Mary O. JACKSON, $2,000.  The will names the Hon. Frank H. HAMLIN as executor.  

W. H. HAMLIN, Esq., Dungan street, has returned from Albany.

Miss Ruth FEAREY, Howell street, is spending 10 days in Washington DC.  

Miss Grace BOYD, Dungan street, will spend the Easter vacation at Brockport. 

Mr. J. E. DEVEREAUX, Hubbell street, is spending a few days in Buffalo on business.  

Dr. P. M. DONOVAN expects to move into his new offices over the Happyland theater, next week.  

Miss Lulu M. CURTIS, Hubbell street, will visit at her home in Moravia, during the Easter vacation. 

Miss Marion DOLAN of Penn Yan is the guest this week of Mr. and Mrs. Frank KINSELLA, Dungan street.

Mr. W. L. FOSTER, Main street north, will entertain the Current Events Club next Monday afternoon.  

Miss Isabel MENTETH of Menteth's Point, has been the guest of Mrs. W. L. FOSTER Jr., for a few days. 

Mrs. John D. MC KECHNIE, Main street north, will entertain the Traveler's club next Wednesday afternoon. 

Daniel P. SMITH, after a three months visit with his father, Porter D. SMITH, Howell street, has returned to Boulder, Col.

Miss Marjorie DOYLE for several years employee of The People's Big Store, has taken a position in the Edwards store in Rochester.  

Rhoda HOGAN, the well know contractor of this village, is to erect a handsome dwelling house for the NESTERS at Geneva this summer. 

Mrs. Meritt C. WILCOX, Gibson street, left on Monday evening for St. Louis, where she will visit her daughter, Mrs. Arthur A. ADAMS

Harry M. SMITH of New York University, is spending the spring vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. SMITH, Howell street. 

+  The Rev. and Mrs. Albert S. BACON of Niagara Falls, have been guests of Mr. BACON'S sister,  Mrs. Edward W. SIMMONS, Howell street.  

+  Superintendent and Mrs. L. M. STEELE will spend the Easter vacation with Mrs. STEELE'S parent's, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. MC ARTHUR in Mount Morris.  

Miss Mary FREEMAN of St. Lawrence University, Canton, is with her sisters, the Misses FREEMAN, Howell street, for the Easter holidays. 

THE  SHORTSVILLE   ENTERPRISE      August 4, 1911         by: Ron Hanley
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Rodney of East Aurora, who are occupying the bottom cottage at Canandaigua Lake, entertained Mrs. Melinda Rodney last week.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL    Friday,   September 15, 1911      Pg  5,col  5              by: Ron Hanley
The death of Mrs. Ann Day Rockwood, wife of John O. Rockwood, occurred at her home on West Gibson Street on Saturday, aged 73 years. Death was due to apoplexy. 
Besides her husband she is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Ann Wheeler, of N. Y. City, and one son, Alexander Rockwood, of Canandaigua.  Rev. Livingston L. Taylor officiated at the funeral services on Tuesday afternoon. Interment at Woodlawn.

 ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES     Wednesday         March 13, 1912   col  5      by: Ron Hanley
Miss Catherine Maltman died on Wednesday last at the home of her nephew Thomas Maltman, on the Bloomfield Road, at the advanced age of ninety six years. 
She was born in Wigton, Scotland, and came to this country in 1831, and lived in Montreal, Canada for sometime, afterward removing to Rochester, where she resided for thirty years. Four years ago she came to Canandaigua to the home of Mr. Thomas Maltman. General debility due to her great age was the cause of death. 
Two brothers, John Maltman of this village, and William Maltman of Victor, survive, also a number of nieces and nephews.   Miss Catherine Herrington, whose death occurred on Thursday morning, was a niece.   The funeral was held from the Maltman home, on Friday afternoon at three o'clock, the Rev. Guy L. Morrill officiating. The burial was at Woodlawn.

 ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES, Canandaigua, NY   Wednesday     May 15, 1912  Pg 6           by: Ron Hanley  
 R.  R.  SCOTT  IN  OHIO       Conducting a Hot Campaign in Behalf of President Taft
Hon. Royal R. Scott of Canandaigua, is at Toledo, Ohio, where his political astuteness and personal management of the canvass of John N. Willys and Edward Libbey for election as Taft delegates from that district to the Republican National Convention. 
Mr. Willys, who spent his boyhood in Canandaigua and is now president of the great Willys-Overland Company at Toledo, has been prominently mentioned for the Republican nomination for Governor of Ohio, and is an ardent supporter of President Taft. In his maiden political speech, Thursday night, he declared that if it is to his interest as a manufacturer to reelect Mr. Taft, it is to the interest of laboring men to reelect him, and gave this bit of personal history: 
"I have been a laboring man all my life. I started in at the bottom and worked up. I worked once for 25 cents per day and that is
more than some of you have done. My father taught me to work and paid me the 25 cents. He then made me buy my clothes with the money.  " I want to go to the Chicago convention and help nominate Mr. Taft because my best interests are at stake, and your best interests are at stake." 
Canandaigua friends of Mr. Willys, who were fellow students with him in the Academy here, predict that he will make a success as a politician and spellbinder. If he has not lost the ability displayed in old time prize speaking contests, he is a fluent and forceful speaker and quite at ease before an audience. They expect to see him win hands down in next Tuesday's contest and later take a yet more prominent and influential part in Buckeye state politics. Mr. Scott, of  course, can be depended upon to be his loyal and efficient lieutenant.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES       May 29, 1912         Pg 7, col 5             by: Ron Hanley  
+ The death of John E. Kimble, formerly of Canandaigua, occurred at his home in Rochester on Sunday.  Mr. Kimble was fifty-three years old, and leaves his wife, two daughters, Mrs. O. W. Rice and Miss Maria Kimble, one son, Joseph Kimble, of Rochester, one brother, William Kimble, and a sister, Miss Anna Kimble, of this village.  The funeral was held from St. Monica's church, Rochester, this morning, with burial in Holy Sepulchre cemetery. Mr. Kimble removed from Canandaigua about nine years ago.

   by:  Dianne Thomas

+ The death of Cora A. DICKENS, wife of Charles A. DICKENS, occurred on Wednesday last, at her home on West avenue.  Mrs. DICKENS was 36 years of age and leaves her husband, two children and her mother, Mrs. Augusta SAGE, all of this village.  The funeral was held from the home on Sunday afternoon, the Rev. D. S. HOOKER officiating.  The burial was at Pittsford.  

+ The marriage of John RAINES Jr., to Miss Helen Viola CURTICE, is announced to take place at the Raines homestead, Gorham street, on Wednesday evening, June 12, at 6 o'clock.  A reception will follow at 8 o'clock to which invitations have been issued by the bride's mother, Mrs. Anna Day CURTICE.  

+ The marriage of Miss Laura Harriet DURAND to Mr. Oscar Truesdell SHERMAN, of Attleboro, Mass, is announced to take place at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Willis O. DURAND, Gibson street, Tuesday evening, June 11th.  

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES      June 5, 1912             Pg 7, col  3            by: Ron Hanley        
Van Vooren -  Meath
The marriage of Miss Lena Van Vooren, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Van Vooren, Main Street south, and William M. Meath was solemnized at St. Mary's church yesterday afternoon, the Rev. J. T. Dougherty officiating.  They were attended by Miss Mary Van Vooren and Howard Meath of Rochester.  The bride was gowned in White satin and wore a large white hat. She carried an arm bouquet of bride roses. Her bridesmaid wore yellow satin with a black hat and carried pink roses. Following the ceremony a supper was served at the home of the bride's parents.

 THE VICTOR HERALD     Friday     June 14, 1912      Front  Page, col 2    by: Ron Hanley
 Raines  -  Curtice
At the home of the late Senator John Raines in Gorham Street, Canandaigua, Wednesday evening, occurred the marriage of his grandson, John Raines Jr., and Miss Helen Viola Curtice, both of Canandaigua.  The ceremony was performed at 6 o'clock in the library of the house, Rev. L. L. Taylor of the Congregational church officiating. Only immediate relatives of the bride and groom witnessed the ceremony. The bride, who was unattended, wore a gown of white crepe meteor made en train and trimmed with princess lace. Her veil of tulle was caught with orange blossoms and she carried a shower bouquet of lilies of the valley. 
At 8 o'clock the house was opened for a reception, invitations to which were issued by Mrs. Anna Day Curtice of Hubbell Street, mother of the bride. About 150 guests were present. The spacious house was decorated with quantities of potted plants and June flowers.  The guests were received by the bride and groom, Mrs. Curtice, and Mr. and Mrs. John Raines, the groom's parents. Supper was served in the dining room by a Rochester caterer. The guests were served by the Misses Anne and Ethel Davidson, Mary Jewett, Elizabeth Hubbell, Marsha and Anna McKechnie, Katherine Durand, Annie Higinbotham, Linda Combesm, Jessie Howe, Catherine and Edith Welch, Emmalina Muschler and Margaret Simmons, constituting the Bohemian Club, of which the bride is a member. 
The bride formerly resided in this village and the following Victor people were among the guests at the wedding reception, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie G. Loomis, W. B. Osborne, Miss Cora Osborne, Mr. and Mrs. William F. Brace, Miss Viola Farnsworth and Miss Annie Higinbotham.  During the evening the young couple left for a week's wedding trip to Lake Placid and on their return will reside with Mr. and Mrs. George Raines in Westminster Road, Rochester. The groom is a member of the law firm of Raines and Raines, in Rochester. 
The prenuptial events were a thimble party given for the bride at the home of Mrs. John Raines, Howell street, a personal shower given by Mrs. Carl Thompson, a dinner for the bride and groom, by Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Welch at their home on Gibson street, a kitchen  shower by the Bohemians at the home of Miss Katherine Durand in Park street, and a card party given by Mrs W. Townsend Curtice of North Main street.    Victor friends extend best wished and congratulations.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL          Friday          June 28, 1912    Pg  5    by: Ron Hanley
The death of Zebina Lucas, a former well known resident of Canandaigua, occurred at the Soldiers Home in Bath, on Monday. Mr. Lucas
was a son of the late Holmes C. Lucas, and was about 68 years of age.
He is survived by a son, Fred Lucas of Elmira, relief agent for the Northern Central railway, and by a sister, Miss Georgia Lucas,
of Fairport. The remains were interred in Woodlawn, a short service being conducted at the grave yesterday afternoon, by the members of
Canandaigua lodge,  F and A M of which Mr. Lucas was a member.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES      Wed.     August 28, 1912    by: Ron Hanley


The marriage of Harry Sprentall to Miss Marguerite Engert took place at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Engert,
Buffalo Street, Monday afternoon. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. C. J. Clausen of New York, a former rector of St. John's church. 
The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Mayme Engert, and the groom by his brother, Cortland Sprentall. Mr. and Mrs. Sprentall departed for a trip to Toronto and the Thousand Islands, and upon their return will reside in Canandaigua. 
(Microfilm records at the Hopewell Archives number 1627 show a J. C. Sprentall and Mary Engert as witnesses.)

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES    Wednesday     October 2, 1912      Pg 7, col 4 &  5    by: Ron Hanley & Dianne Thomas
+   Michael Flynn, of the Imperial Hotel, sailed for Ireland a few days ago for a prolonged stay. Mr. Flynn came from Ireland forty-five years ago.
 +  Hon. and Mrs. W. L. Parkhurst, Howell Street, returned on Monday from visiting friends in Albany.
+   Elliot Brockelbank, Howell Street, left yesterday for Montour Falls, where he will enter Cook Academy

Miss Ruth TUTTLE, Howell street, returned on Monday to Bryn Mawr college.

Mrs. George D. CHAPIN and Miss Aura CHAPIN, Gorham street, will remove to Syracuse.

Major Charles A. RICHARDSON, Gorham street, is at home for Gettysburg for a few days.

Miss Rose HOLCOMB of Bristol Springs spent last week with Miss Louise HOWEY, Gibson street.

Mrs. Helen McAllister HALL of Rochester, was an over Sunday guest of Mrs. Edward O. SMITH, Howell street.

Mrs. Clarence OVERHEISER and family have returned from Rock Stream, and will again reside in this village.

Elliott BROCKELBANK, Howell street, left yesterday for Montour Falls, where he will enter Cook Academy.

Miss Margaret B. WILLIAMS, Main street north, returned early this week from spending the summer at Squirrel Island, Maine.

Miss Susan and Miss Elizabeth METCALF of Buffalo, formerly of this village, have been spending a few days at the Canandaigua Hotel.

Mrs. Washington HICKS, Chapin street, has returned from spending two weeks in Ithaca, as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph BATTERSON.

Dr. and Mrs. C. F. BOOTH and family, who have been at their summer home, "The Terrace", for a couple of months, have returned to the village.

Mr. Edward G. HAYES and daughter, Miss Elizabeth, left on Monday for Philadelphia.  Miss HAYES will enter the Shipley School at Bryn Mawr.

Mr. and Mrs. George A. NICHOLSON, Howell street, attend the wedding of Miss Marjorie STERNS and Mr. Ernest MC MANN in Auburn on Thursday.

Miss Kittie BOWTTAN, Chapin street, will .eave on Sunday for Versailles to take up work in the Indian school on the Cattaraugus reservation.   

Mrs. Louise JACKSON and son, George, of Long Island and Miss Elizabeth STAMP of Penn Yan, have been guests of Mrs. C. L. JONES, Chapin street.

Michael FLYNN of the Imperial Hotel, sailed for Ireland a few days ago, for a prolonged stay.  Mr. FLYNN came from Ireland 45 years ago. 

Mrs. Frederick F. THOMPSON entertained friends at Sonnenburg last evening in honor of her guests, General and Mrs. Edward WINSLOW of Paris; General Horace PORTER of New York, Hon. Charlemagne TOWER, formerly U.S. Ambassador to Germany; Mrs. ANDERSON and Mrs. Clark WILLIAMS of New York.

WELCH - GETSINGER -  The marriage of Miss Elizabeth Mary GETSINGER and Harry WELCH, of this village, took place at St. Mary's church on Monday morning at 10 o'clock, the Rev. J. T. DOUGHERTY officiating.  The bride, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher GETSINGER of Naples, was unattended.  She wore a gown of white voile, lace trimmed and a white picture hat with willow plume.  Her traveling dress was a tailored suit of dark blue serge.  The ushers were Frank WELCH and Frank STAPLETON.  After the ceremony, a wedding breakfast was served at the home of Mrs. M. DORAN on Park street.  The house was charmingly decorated for the occasion, with pink and white chrysanthemums, asters, roses and carnations.  There were about 25 present, among them Mrs. Bryan DALEY, Mrs. BELL and Mrs. MORRIS of Rochester and William WELCH of Penn Yan.  Mr. and Mrs. WELCH left during the morning for a trip to Detroit and on their return will live on Tillotson street.

Canandaigua News           October 1912                         by Cheri Branca 

Woman Fatally Burned - Started Kitchen Fire with Kerosene Oil - House Destroyed
Ionia, Oct. 3, 1912 - Mrs. Dianthia MC MICHAEL, 76 years of age, who resided with her son George MORGAN, in this village, was so seriously burned shortly after noon yesterday, that her death followed four hours later.  The aged woman, who was alone in the house at the time, started to light a fire in the kitchen stove.  The wood did not ignite quickly and she resorted to the use of kerosene oil.  The explosion that followed enveloped Mrs. MC MICHAEL in flames and set the room on fire.
The house with all its contents was soon a mass of ruins, though the woman had made her escape and neighbors lent all the assistance that they could.  Her death occurred at 4 o'clock.  Besides her son, Mrs. MC MICHAEL leaves five grandchildren.  The funeral will take place tomorrow.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES    Wednesday    October 9, 1912     Pg 8, col 4     by: Ron Hanley

(also in Ontario Co. Times, Wed, Oct 2, 1912  Pg 7, Col 5)

The marriage of Miss Mary Hill Judd and Mr. Fred D. Cribb, took place at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Judd, in this village, on Tuesday evening. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. James Parsons of Buffalo, an uncle of the groom.
The bride wore a white lace robe over white satin, cut en train, with pearl trimming, and her veil was caught with pearls. She wore a pearl and diamond pendant, the gift of the groom, and carried a shower bouquet of lilies of the valley.
A dainty supper was served immediately after the ceremony. The house was decorated with palms and ferns, and with pink lavender asters, these being the groom's fraternity colors. The bride's table was centered with a basket of pink carnations tied with a huge bow of lavender maline, and the favors were tiny pink crepe nut baskets, tied with lavender. Music was furnished by Marthages' harp orchestra, of Rochester.
 The bride is a graduate of the Clifton Springs High School and of the Elmira College, and was a member of Kappa Sigma Sorority.
The groom was graduated from the College of Liberal Arts and College of Law at Syracuse University, and was a member of Phi Kappa Pai and Phi Delta Phi fraternities. He is the son of Ira P. Cribb, district superintendent of highways, and is a practicing lawyer in Canandaigua.  Last January he was appointed village attorney, which position he is now filling. After November 25th Mr. and Mrs. Cribb will receive their friends in their new home, at 161 Howell street, Canandaigua. 
Guests from out of town were Charles Franklin Doty and wife, Miss Ruth Judd and James Douglass, of Syracuse, Mrs. Ann Smith, Mrs. Wallace N. Montague, Mrs. George Spencer, Mrs. Ralph Vosburgh and Edgar Rose of Rochester, Sidney Heath and wife of Shortsville, Dr. and Mrs. Anstice Eastman of Erie Penn, Rev. James Parsons, Miss Vernie Parsons of Buffalo, Miss Mabel Ansley of Batavia, Miss Isabel Turnbull of Schenectady, Miss Faith Williams of Oneida, E. H. Johnson and wife of Geneva, Fred G. Douglass and wife, Ira P. Cribb and wife, Rolland Cribb, Miss Emma Douglass, Herbert Warfield and wife, Wm. G. Lightfoote, Frank R. Cribb and wife, Miss Emilie Cribb, Mrs. Mollie McKechnie Lapham, Judge and Mrs. Walter H. Knapp, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Armstrong, Rev. and Mrs. DeWitt S. Hooker, Dr. and Mrs. O. J. Hallenbeck, Dr. and Mrs. Clinton W. Burgess, Miss Isabel Davidson, Dr. Wm. Wallace, Frank Page and wife, Samuel Douglass and wife, Mrs. I. I. Case of Canandaigua.

TORRE - PRENDERGAST  -   The marriage of Frank B. Torre, of Rochester, and Miss Helen D. Prendergast, daughter of Mrs. Jane Prendergast, of this city, took place at St. Mary's church on Monday morning. Rev. William H. Darcy performed the ceremony.

Miss Olive Baker and William Sours, Jr., both of Rochester were the attendants. The bride wore a gown of navy crepe romaine trimmed with silver beads and a hat of silver cloth. Her corsage bouquet was of orphelia roses. Miss Baker wore navy silk with a black hat and carried yellow chrysanthemums.  Following the ceremony, a wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride's mother on West Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Torre will reside in Rochester.


+  Woman Fatally Burned - Started Kitchen Fire with Kerosene Oil - House Destroyed

Ionia, Oct. 3 - Mrs. Dianthia MC MICHAEL, 76 years of age, who resided with her son George MORGAN, in this village, was so seriously burned shortly after noon yesterday, that her death followed four hours later.  The aged woman, who was alone in the house at the time, started to light a fire in the kitchen stove.  The wood did not ignite quickly and she resorted to the use of kerosene oil.  The explosion that followed enveloped Mrs. MC MICHAEL in flames and set the room on fire.  The house with all its contents was soon a mass of ruins, though the woman had made her escape and neighbors lent all the assistance that they could.  Her death occurred at 4 o'clock.  Besides her son, Mrs. MC MICHAEL leaves five grandchildren.  The funeral will take place tomorrow.  


Mrs. John ROPER, who has been in Canandaigua for several months, is at home with her daughter, Mrs. Frank BARNUM.  

Mrs. Adelle MUNSON spent the weekend with her daughter, Mrs. Fred WHEELER of Holcomb. 

Mrs. W. W. CHIPMAN died at Denver, Colorado, on Monday (Sept 30) of last week, as the result of an operation.  Mrs. CHIPMAN was formerly  a resident of Clifton Springs and is survived by a son and daughter.  Her remains were brought to Canandaigua for burial on Thursday, the Rev. S. H. ADAMS conducting a short service at the grave.

+  The A. J. SHORT farm, north of Clifton Springs, has been purchased by Edward DE PLANTER.  The farm contains nearly 100 acres. 

Mrs. Mary SEAMAN of Brooklyn, who has been ill at the home of her sister, Mrs. Frank HOLBROOK, in Rushville, is recovering her health and is .. (cut off) 

Mrs. Fay NETHAWAY and Miss Gracia TOWNSEND spent several days last week in Dundee, visiting friends. 

Mrs. Ezra HENDERSHOT and daughters, Edna, Viola and Marion have been visiting relatives at Atlanta and Cohocton.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES    Wed      February 19, 1913       Pg 3, col 3 & 5  by: Ron Hanley
Miss Lena Rockefeller, of Chapin street, died at the Memorial Hospital on Sunday. On Friday night Miss Rockefeller was operated on for appendicitis.  Miss Rockefeller, who was 18 years of age, was an employee of the Interlake Telephone Co., and formerly resided in Hopewell. 
She is survived by her mother, Mrs. Hettie Rockefeller, two sisters, the Misses Laura and Irene, and a brother, William A.
Rockefeller, all of this village.  The funeral will be held from her late home on Chapin street this afternoon at two o'clock, the Rev. D. S. Hooker officiating. The interment will be at Woodlawn.

Same Paper, Pg  3, col 2 & 5   

Miss Susan Adelia North, daughter of Mrs. Clara North, and George Warner Ellis, were married at four o'clock on Monday afternoon at the home of the bride's brother, Mr. Edwin L. North in Davidson Avenue, Rev. Guy L. Morrill performed the ceremony in the presence of a few of the immediate relatives. The bride was unattended and wore a white lingerie gown. After a
short wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis will reside with the groom's mother on Chapin street.

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY           Wed, Feb 19, 1913      by: Dianne Thomas 

County Court Jurors - The following named person were drawn on Saturday to serve as trial jurors at the term of the Ontario County Court to convene in Canandaigua on Monday, March 3rd:

Canandaigua - Lester T. BLISS; East Bloomfield - A. B. WELCH, Frank MC MICHAEL, C. W. HICKS; Victor - Charles POWELL, Oscar POLHEMUS, Ray ROSE; Manchester - Frank DEVOY, Henry REYNOLDS, C. M. LANGDON; Naples - Fred HATCH; Farmington, James DICKENS, Charles HOLTZ; Phelps - Franklin G. MURRY, J. W. DONNOLLY, Horace E. BECK, Lewis FISH; Geneva - Richard D. JOHNSON, J. E. CLARK, Albert FOWLE, F. E. NEWTON, Gustave H. HOLTZSCHOLD, James MALONE, Fred T. CASS and Peter CARROL; Gorham - Loren PULVER, Henry HOLCOMB, Ray FULLER; Hopewell - Lewis W. MARSH, Michael BURKE; West Bloomfield - Charles E. MARBLE, George APPLETON and George SUTTLE; Canadice - Raymond FRANCIS; Richmond - Peter DE GRAFF and Charles OLSMTEAD

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL                Friday              March 14, 1913    Pg 5, col  3    by: Ron Hanley

The death of Frank R. McCormick, a Civil War Veteran, occurred at his home on Main Street South, on Sunday, after a two month illness, aged 68 years.  Besides his wife, he leaves a daughter, Minnie, three sons, Eugene, and Willard McCormick of Watertown, Frank of Binghamton, a daughter, Sister Anne LeLobels, of Quebec, his mother, Mrs. Nancy McCormick, four sisters, and two brothers, Mrs. Sarah Meath, Mrs. Cecilia Gentner, John McCormick, Canandaigua, Mrs. Laura Coons, Mrs. Emma Doyle, and W. J. McCormick, Rochester.    The funeral services were held at St. Mary's Church on Tuesday. Interment was at Calvary Cemetery.

SAME  PAPER  col 5

DIED        McCORMICK  -  At Canandaigua, March 9, 1913, Frank McCormick, aged 68 years.


Victor Herald, Victor, NY   Friday,     Mar 22, 1913           by Dianne Thomas

The marriage of Miss Altha Belle KYTE, eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. KYTE, of Farmington, and Lot Gordon DAVIS, of Canandaigua, took place yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock, at the Presbyterian parsonage.  Rev. Frank W. HILL officiated, and the ceremony was witnesses by the bride's sister and brother and wife, Mrs. Gladys KYTE and Mr. & Mrs. Floyd D. KYTE.  The bride was attired in a pretty tailored suit of navy blue serge, with hat  to match.  Mr. and Mrs. DAVIS left during the early evening, for a short trip through Pennsylvania, and upon their return, they will reside in this village, in a part of the residence of Mrs. Thomas J. MEAD, on Maple avenue.

 THE VICTOR HERALD    Friday     April 25, 1913      Front Page, col  4     by: Ron Hanley
Brady - Steine
The marriage of Arthur Brady, formerly of Victor, and Miss Anna Steine, daughter of John Steine, of East Rochester, was solemnized in the Catholic church at East Rochester, at 8 o'clock on Tuesday morning, April 22nd, with nuptial mass, Father Gefell officiating. 
The attendants were the groom's brother, Leo Brady, of East Rochester, and Miss Jorden of Fairport. Following the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served at the home of the groom's sister, Mrs. Grant. After a wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Brady will reside in East Rochester.  Among the guests who attended the wedding were the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Brady, of Victor, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Brady and Miss Catherine Brady, also of Victor, Mrs. Woodside of Canandaigua, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brady, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brady, of Rochester.  

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY      June  18, 1913        by: GSubyak@aol.com  

Laborer Hit by Canandaigua Men's Car

Riding a bicycle from a driveway on Probert street and East avenue at 5:10 o'clock yesterday afternoon, Louis GENEST, 40 years old, of No. 9 Niagara street, was struck by a large automobile owned and driven by W. H. TUTTLE, of No. 115 Howell street, Canandaigua. GENEST was taken to the Homeopathic Hospital, where he died at 10:05(?) O'clock last night.
Mr. TUTTLE was driving out East avenue on his way home. Near the corner of Probert street, GENEST was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk, going toward Main street. Mr. TUTTLE was driving fairly near the curb, and when suddenly the bicyclist turned down the driveway into the street he could not change the course of the car quickly enough to avoid a collision.
GENEST ran head on into the car. The Homeopathic ambulance made a fast run to the scene of the accident. Several of the man's ribs were fractured and one lung was ruptured.

GENEST was a laborer employed on the construction of the new Brighton Presbyterian Church in East avenue. He was married. Mounted Policeman Frank BUR?GETT of the University avenue station investigated the accident. Mr. TUTTLE was not detained, as it was said by witnesses that he was not responsible for the accident.  Coroner Henry KLEINDIENST was notified(?) Of the death.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY    Friday,  June  19, 1913                      by: GSubyak@aol.com  

Miss Bristol, Granddaughter of Nathaniel Gorham

Canandaigua  - June 18 - Miss Sarah Frances BRISTOL was found dead in her room this morning. Death had undoubtedly occurred in the morning. Miss BRISTOL would have been 73 years of age on August 2d. She was born in Rochester in 
1840, the daughter of the late Dr. Albert G. and Mary Gorham BRISTOL, former residents of Rochester and Canandaigua. She was a granddaughter of the famous Nathaniel GORHAM, who, with Oliver PHELPS, more than a century ago purchased 
the major portion of Western New York.

Miss BRISTOL had been in her usual good health and was feeling in good spirits when she retired last night. Apoplexy was assigned as the cause of death. She leaves two sisters, Mary G. BRISTOL, of Canandaigua, and Mrs. Helen L. THOMAS, of Rochester, and a brother, Albert M. BRISTOL, of Toronto, Canada. The funeral will he held from the residence on Friday afternoon with Rev. Livingston L. TAYLOR, pastor of the Congregation Church, officiating.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL      Friday      July 25, 1913       Pg 3, col 5              by: Ron Hanley
Mrs. Amy Hawley, 215 Chapin Street, celebrated her 95th birthday on Saturday at the home of Mrs. Lydia M. Willys, Main Street North. Mrs. Willys with her daughter, Miss Emily G. Willys, received a number of friends during the day in Mrs. Hawley's honor, and at the supper hour she was surrounded by relatives. 
Mrs. Hawley was born in Auburn, and located with her parents on a farm at Centerfield when she was ten years of age. On Friday she visited this section in an automobile, and she recalled many incidents of her younger days. She attended the band concert on Tuesday evening, and thoroughly enjoyed the music. The crowd in the city streets, as she remarked, was a revelation to her.  A profusion of flowers, post cards, and gifts from many friends made the birthday a memorable one.

 ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES     Wednesday     September 3, 1913  Pg  6,  col 3   by: Ron Hanley
ROBERT  D.  PATERSON -  Clerk of Canandaigua Town and a Prominent Newspaper Worker
 Robert Donald Patterson, clerk of the town of Canandaigua and widely known as a newspaper writer, died at his home on Chapin street in this city yesterday morning about 10:30 o'clock.
Mr. Paterson had been in failing health since last November, when he suffered a severe attack of pneumonia, but had bravely kept at
his work until rapidly failing strength made him, six weeks ago, a prisoner at home. Even then his brain and his hand kept busy and up to within a few days of the end he performed his official duties and did more or less writing.
Death was due to Bright's Disease, which finally prostrated him a week ago Friday and rendered his end a question only of a few days or hours.
Robert D. Paterson was a son of the late James D. Paterson, for twenty years a leading merchant in Canandaigua, and he was born here on August 31, 1873. He received his education in the Canandaigua union school, acted as a paper carrier for the Times for several months, and then became an apprentice at the printing trade in the Journal office, then under the management of Mr. G. D. A. Bridgeman.
After working at printing for a number of years, Mr. Paterson, in partnership with an older brother, Lester S. Paterson, since
deceased, became part owner of the Ovid Independent, and later assumed the sole control of that paper.
In 1898 he sold out his interests at Ovid and returned to Canandaigua to reenter the service of the Journal in a reportorial capacity, a connection which he afterward maintained, with the exception of about two years which were spent partly as a legislative clerk at
Albany and partly in newspaper work at Buffalo. Since the last mentioned city, he had been the associate editor of the Journal.
Mr. Paterson was a facile writer, and in addition to his work on the Journal acted as correspondent of several Rochester and Buffalo papers.
He was a public spirited citizen and had been identified with various movements for the benefit of the community and for the
protection and development of its higher interests. He received the unanimous nomination of the Republican caucus in 1911 for town clerk and was chosen for the office at the succeeding election by a large majority.
He was an active member of the Baptist church, a worker in the Canandaigua Health Association, and a member of the local I. O. O. F. lodge. He was an earnest Republican in politics and had served at various times on party committees and delegations.
Mr. Paterson is survived by his wife, Sophia May Fellows, to whom he was married on January 16, 1902, and by five children: Beatrice, aged 10 years, Donald, aged 8, Helen, aged 5, Ruth, aged 3, and James, aged 2. His aged and totally blind mother, Mrs. James D. Paterson, and a sister, Miss Grace Paterson, also survive. To all these whom he had loved so devotedly and to the community which he had served so faithfully, the loss sustained in his death is irreparable.
The funeral will take place from the home on Chapin street at 3 o'clock on Thursday, the Rev. G. R. Dye of the Baptist church,
officiating. The interment will be at Woodlawn.

THE VICTOR HERALD  Friday September 5, 1913  Pg 1, col  3                    by: Ron Hanley

Death of Well Known Newspaper Man - 
Robert D. Paterson of Canandaigua, died at his home in Chapin street, in that city on Tuesday, September 1st, aged forty years. Death was caused by Bright's disease and his condition had been critical for some time past.
Mr. Paterson was one of the best known newspaper men in this section. He started in the business as an apprentice in the office of
the Ontario County Journal, and worked his way up until he became associate editor and advertising manager of that paper.
For eighteen months he was telegraph editor of the Buffalo Evening News, and for several months he conducted the Ovid Independent. His news articles were noted for their terse, crisp style.
Desiring to return to Canandaigua Mr. Paterson resigned his position with the Buffalo Evening News. He afterward declined tempting offers from out of town papers and continued his work in Canandaigua.  At the time of his death he was associate editor of the Ontario County Journal and clerk of the town of Canandaigua.
Besides his wife, Mr. Paterson is survived by five children, his mother and a sister, all of Canandaigua. Members of the newspaper
fraternity mourn his death and extend their sympathy to the bereaved family. 

Brought to Old Home for Burial - Charles Simonds of Jacksonville, Fla., formerly of Victor, arrived in town, Tuesday morning, bringing with him for interment in Boughton Hill cemetery, the body of his brother, Shepard Simonds, who died at his home in Daytona, Fla., on June 28th.

About a year ago, Shepard Simonds, with his mother, Mrs. Nellie Simonds, made the trip from Florida to Victor with the remains of his brother, James. The father, Burton Simonds, who died some years ago, was a brother of George and C. L. Simonds of this village.

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