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Clifton Springs News


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Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Tue     July 15, 1884        by: GSubyak@aol.com

The fireworks at Clifton Springs last Saturday night were very fine. 
A number of Democrats in Canandaigua have formed an anti-Cleveland organization. 
F. MAGGS, Canandaigua, will complete this week a very cozy cottage on the west side of the lake.
It is reported that a Blaine and Logan club is to be organized at Canandaigua consisting only of young Democrats who opposed to Cleveland.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY      Friday     April 18, 1890                    by: GSubyak@aol.com

Rev. Albert Edward DOHERTY, aged 29 years, of Markham, Ont., died at the Clifton Springs Sanitarium this week.

Dr. F. P. WILCOX, formerly of Youngstown, and Dr. J. G. SMITH, late of Dawson, Pa., have been engaged as physicians at the Clifton Springs Sanitarium.

W. W. MINER was appointed chief engineer of the Fire Department at Clifton Springs, and John SHEEHAN first assistant, at the last meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Ontario Repository  & Messenger,  Canandaigua,     Thurs,      Jan 11, 1883   by: Dianne Thomas

(From the Clifton Press, last week)  Last Friday night there occurred one of the most shameful pieces of barbarism which we have had occasion to chronicle in some time.  A large party of men and boys from this place and Orleans, went to the residence of Mr. CHAPMAN and proceeded to give that genial old gentleman and his bride, an old fashioned "horning".  The details of the disgraceful affair we will not relate.  But suffice it to say that all who were in any way connected with the matter, deserve the censure of the community, and a good dose of legal suasion would do them good.  

Union Advertiser,   Rochester, Monroe, N.Y.        June 21, 1890                                       by: GSubyak@aol.com


W. L. PARKHURST and family will go to New York Sunday evening.

At the annual meeting of the Manchester Temperance Association the following officers were elected:
C. W. LaDUE, president
L. BODWELL, vice-president
G. H. PRESTON, secretary

, has gone to Albuquerque, N.M.

Invitations are out for the wedding of W. E. BURR to Adelaide CARPENTER,   Wednesday, June 25th.

Dr. B. C. LOVELAND of the Sanitarium is away on his vacation.

ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT and CHRONICLE  Wednesday  August 27, 1890      by: Ron Hanley
Ontario - Narrow Escape In a Runaway 
Monday morning a team belonging to Leslie Madden, working at the Pearl Street crossing of the Geneva and Buffalo railroad at Clifton Springs, became frightened and ran down Pearl and Main Streets to near the corner of Crane Street. At that place they ran into a buggy driven by Michael Tobin, of Orleans, breaking the buggy completely, breaking it up and throwing the horses.
Tobin was thrown under the wreck, lying between the two horses.  When taken from between them it was thought he must be dead, owing to the position he was found in, but in a short time he revived and it was found he was not seriously injured although badly bruised.  John Gilbert and George Madden, the driver of the team, also received quite severe injuries.

Newark Arcadian Weekly Gazette  1891     by: Ron Hanley
Leslie Madden and Miss Annie Tobin, both of Clifton Springs, were married at St. Agnes Church Friday afternoon, Rev. P. Lee officiating.  The young couple have gone direct to housekeeping.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY         Mon              Mar 2, 1891            by: GSubyak@aol.com

R. SPALSBURY and R. R. PRATT, of Clifton Springs who were nominated by the Prohibitionists for justice and inspector of election have requested that their names be dropped from the ticket.
Miss KING of the Clifton Springs Seminary with her pupils in elocution assisted by several from the musicale department will give an entertainment for the benefit of the Y. M. C. A. in Association Hall Thursday evening.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY               Tue            May 26, 1891               by: GSubyak@aol.com

M. M. BUCK and family, of St. Louis, have returned to Clifton Springs for the summer.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester,  NY       Thurs    Feb. 16, 1893                       by: GSubyak@aol.com

William E. LANG, of Clifton Springs, has accepted the position of assistant secretary of the Y. M. C. A. at Lansing, Mich.

The marriage of Miss Katherine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Simeon PEMER, of Clifton Springs, to Will C. FELL, of New York city, was solemnized Tuesday afternoon at 5 o'clock at St. John's Episcopal church. The rector, Rev. John McKINNEY performed the ceremony.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester,  N.Y.     Sat         Feb. 18, 1893       by: GSubyak@aol.com

The funeral of Mrs. H. S. MERRIFIELD, of Clifton Springs, who died Thursday morning of blood poisoning, was held from her late home yesterday. Interment at Trumansburgh.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester,  N.Y.      Fri,    Dec. 15, 1893       by: GSubyak@aol.com

Cards are out announcing the approaching marriage of Miss Eunice May FOX, of Clifton Springs and Burt BALDWIN of Bentley Creek, Pa., to be solemnized at the home of the bride's parents Thursday the 27th inst.

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, NY        Dec. 16, 1893                               by: GSubyak@aol.com

Last Wednesday evening Clifton Springs Lodge, No. 68, A. O. U. W., elected the following officers for 1894: Master workman, Oliver H. PARSONS; foreman, C. D. STEPHENS; overseer, Henry Clay HILL; recorder, D. Clinton MATTISON; receiver, John H. STEPHENS; financier, J. M. BURGDORF; trustee for three years, David H. TOWNSEND; representative to grand lodge, Levi CASE; alternate, D. Clinton MATTISON.

Union & Advertiser , Rochester, Monroe, N.Y.  Tues      Jan. 2, 1894                     by: GSubyak@aol.com

Clifton Springs, Jan. 2 - Sarah E. FERGUSON, wife of Charles W. LaDU of this place, died of la grippe Sunday morning, aged 74 years. Mrs. LaDU was one of the oldest residents of this section of the country, having come here with her parents when very young. The funeral services will be held in the Methodist Church to-morrow. Her husband, Mr. LaDU, has been very sick with the same disease, but is better.

Ontario Repository Messenger, Canandaigua, NY      Thursday,   March 22, 1894      by: Dianne Thomas

DEATHS:  BRADWELL - At St. Louis, Mo., March 10th, Mrs. Lena Crandall BRADWELL, daughter of E. J. CRANDALL of Clifton Springs.



Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY    Fri    March 23,  1894      by: Dianne Thomas


+ Mrs. Joe A. BROOKS is visiting her parents at Maine, NY

+ Mrs. Murray LINK is dangerously ill at her home on Pleasant street, with pneumonia. 

+ William H. TAYLOR died at his home in Newark on Monday.  Mr. TAYLOR was formerly a resident of this place and at one time kept the Clifton Springs House here. 

+ Mrs. Nellie E. SALISBURY of Waterloo, visited Mrs. S. REMER and daughter this week.  Mrs. SALISBURY expects to start in about two weeks for a year's sojourn at Spokane Falls, Washington, with her sister.

+ Charles A. GILLETT, secretary of the 148th Veteran Volunteer Association, last week went to Albany in the interests of the Association.  He was very successful in his work and found that over 100 names of veterans of the old regiment were not on the muster out rolls.

+During the week two deaths have occurred at the (Clifton) Sanitarium.  On Sunday, Mrs. Mary E. STEARNS of Epping, NH. died of la grippe aged 79 years.  The remains were taken to her late home on Monday for interment.  On Tuesday, Jacob BURCKLECHER died very suddenly of heart disease, aged 65 years.  The remains were taken to his home at Elizabeth, NJ, Wednesday evening for interment.



 Palmyra Enterprise Palmyra, Jefferson Co, WI     July 19, 1894,   pg 1        by Donna Judge

ADSIT--On July 12th, 1894, Milo Adsit, age 66 years.  

Milo Adsit was born February 26, 1829, at Clifton Spring, NY. He was married to his first wife, Mary Vyndme, in 1848. She died  May 16, 1864, and left three children.  He was married the second time to S. A. Curtis on June 25, 1865. Mr. Adsit came to Palmyra, Wisc., April 22, 1868. He was converted to a Christian life 23 years ago, under the ministry of W. Skinner. Mr. Adsit was the father of ten children, three by his first wife and seven by his second wife. He leaves a wife and nine children, one having died while an infant.

Two years ago, Mr. Adsit lost his right mind and continued so until the last three days before he died he regained the balance of his mind, and recognized his wife and children. His sufferings during his last illness were very great. Yet he and his family had cause for thankfulness in his return to rational life even for a few brief days before his death.

He lived a moral life and was always kind to friends in health and sickness, and tried to live a good Christian.

The funeral occurred on Saturday July 14th at 2 pm at the M. E. Church, Rev. Mellott preaching the sermon. When the angel of death comes to us may we be ready.


Union and Advertiser,   August 21, 1894    page 5  Rochester, NY Monroe County          by: GSubyak@aol.com



Adelbert Kipp of Clifton Springs Seriously Injured Near Henrietta.
As train 6 on the Lehigh Valley railroad, which left this city at 9:15 o'clock was about a mile east of the West Shore junction last evening, Engineer AYERS discovered a man sitting on the track a short distance ahead. He endeavored to stop the train but was unable to do so before the man had been struck and thrown several feet. The injured man was put on board the train and taken to Henrietta (didn't get the rest).

Union & Advertiser,  Rochester, Monroe, NY      Thurs      Mar 21, 1895   by: GSubyak@aol.com

Brilliant Wedding To-Day at Clifton Springs
Clifton Springs, March 21 - At 12:30 p.m. to-day occurred the marriage of Miss Clara B. MATHER and Charles Pomeroy FORD of Newark at the home of the bride's parents, No. 5 Pleasant street, in this village, Rev. J. V. BENHAM officiating.
The house was elaborately trimmed with evergreens and cut flowers. As Miss Georgia SCHULTZ played the wedding march the young couple entered, the bride dressed in white Alsatian crepe and carried a bouquet of white roses.
The bridesmaid, Miss Lulu M. MATHER, sister of the bride wore light blue crepe on and was escorted by Charles ROBINSON of Newark as best man. A little niece of the bride, Reta LISK, was flower girl, and Guy G. MOORE of Newark usher. About fifty guests were present from Albany, Auburn, Rochester, Seneca Falls, Phelps and Newark. Mr. and Mrs. FORD will make an extended visit to friends in New York city, Jersey City, N. J., and other cities, and on their return will reside in Newark, where Mr. FORD holds a responsible position with the West Shore railroad.

 ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT and CHRONICLE  Saturday  July 13, 1895    by: Ron Hanley
Leslie Madden, aged 22 years, died at the home of his father in Clifton Springs yesterday morning of hemorrhage of the brain.
The deceased was in the employ of D. S. Osborne & Co. of Auburn, as a traveling agent. About two weeks ago while sitting on the steps of a
hotel in Addison he was suddenly taken with dizziness and fell forward, striking his head on the flag pavement.
He was laid up for a day and a half there, and went to his home in Clifton Springs, where he was taken sick the day after his arrival, and gradually grew worse until his death.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY   Fri     Jan 1, 1897             by: GSubyak@aol.com     

+ On Wednesday afternoon near Clifton Springs the water in the reservoir of the village water works broke its embankments and flooded the adjacent farm lands. As the water system has a large receiving basin at the Springs it will not diminish the supply of water or lessen the pressure at the hydrants. Repairs will begin at once.

+ John H. STEPHENS, of Clifton Springs, who enters to-day upon his three year term of office as school commissioner of Ontario county is still confined to his house from his sickness, though convalescing. Upon STEPHEN's request ex-Commissioner L. L. MORSE, will conduct the teachers' examination to be held in Phelps the middle of this month. Of the 110 school commissioners elected in the state this fall only two of them are Democrats, and one of these two is a woman in Oneida county, chosen for personal reasons. The coming school commissioners convention next week in Niagara Falls will be a Republican hand-shake.

ONTARIO REPOSITORY and MESSENGER   Thursday     April 8, 1897     Pg 8, col  4   by: Ron Hanley

 Marriage   WILCOX  -  St. LEGER (Miller) - At Clifton Springs, March 30th, by Rev. J. J. Brayton, Frank A. Wilcox, and Mrs. Maud St. Leger.


ALSO  SAME  PAPER   Pg 2, col 2

Clifton Springs     Married, on Tuesday, March 30, Frank W. Wilcox to Mrs. Maud  St. Leger Miller.

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