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Rochester Daily Union and Advertiser  Rochester, NY    July 3, 1900   Page 3     by: Sylvia Olsen

Charles KNAUSE died last night at the Homeopathic Hospital, aged 56 years. Deceased was a Civil War veteran, having served in Company C, 110th Regiment, New York Volunteers. The remains were removed to the family residence in Clifton Springs, N.Y.

ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT and CHRONICLE  Monday  June 17, 1901     by:    Ron Hanley
Old Clifton Springs Resident -   Mrs. Horace Miller died at her home in Clifton Springs Saturday morning after a brief illness of typhoid pneumonia.
 Mrs. Miller was one of the earliest inhabitants of the village and was 72 years old. She leaves no immediate family, only a brother, Chauncey Spear, of Clifton Springs survives her.  [1900 census names her as Esther Miller]

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL        Jan 10, 1902      Pg 3 col 6                           by:    Ron Hanley
DIED  -  ST. LEDGER - At Clifton Springs, January 1, 1902, Mrs. Mildred St. Ledger,  aged 48 years.

Clifton Springs Press,  Thurs, Mar 19, 1903      pg 3, col 2                         by: Richard Gleason

The lifeless body of George A. King was found by the side of the New York General railroad tracks, near the residence of Edgar Joyce on Tuesday evening, between 10 and 11 o'clock. Mr. King lived on the Peter Madden farm, but recently had worked as one of the outside men for the Sanitarium Company.  He worked as usual on Tuesday, and started for his home soon after 6 o'clock.  On his way home he met his son Durfee, who was going to attend the entertainment in the Sanitarium Gymnasium.  Father and son spoke to each other, and so far as it is known the son was the last person to see his father alive.  After the entertainment the son went home, and then learned that his father had not yet arrived home, and that none of the family had seen him.  A search was then made, with the result as stated above.  The body was found about 3 feet away from the track. The whole back side of the head was terribly mangled, but aside from this there were no bruises or broken bones on the body.  The general belief is that while walking on the track, Mr. King heard the Buffalo train coming, and in attempting to get off he slipped and fell in such a manner that the pilot of the engine came in contact with his head. Coroner Eiseline, of Shortsville, issued the death certificate, giving the cause of death as being killed by the cars. 
Mr. King was 52 years old, and leaves a wife and a large family of children.  The funeral services will be held at the house this afternoon at 2 o'clock, and will be conducted by the Rev. V. A. Sage.  The interment will be made in the Sauger cemetery.

ONTARIO COUNTY CHRONICLE  Wed.  May 27, 1903   Pg 2, col 6 &  May 29th    Pg 3, col 6    by: Ron Hanley
Clifton Springs, May 25 -Mrs. Mary Ann Paton, died of consumption at the home of Mrs. Maude Wilcox early Thursday morning, aged 90 years. She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Murray Caldwell, of Ithaca, and several nieces and nephews, and grandchildren. Funeral services conducted by Rev. Mr. Baum, were held at the house at 10 o'clock Saturday morning. Interment at Gypsum.

THE CLIFTON SPRINGS PRESS February 25, 1904  Pg  3, col 2          by: Ron Hanley
As we briefly announced last week, Mrs. Patrick Ryan died at her home in this village on Wednesday, February 17th. 
The deceased was 64 years old, and had resided here and in this vicinity for 30 years. She had been sick with heart disease for about
nine months, being confined to her room the most of this time.
The funeral services were held at St. Felix's Church on Saturday afternoon, and in the absence of Rev. F. J. O'Hanlon, were
conducted by Rev. T. McPhadden, of Geneva. The burial took place in Catholic cemetery in this village.
The deceased leaves besides her husband, nine children, three daughters, and six sons. The six sons acted as pall bearers at the funeral.
The children are Margaret, William, Anna, James, Harry, Thomas, Katherine, Martie, and John, all living this village, with the exception of Harry in Buffalo, and Thomas who lives in Olean.

The Palmyra Enterprise WI -  Oct 13, 1904,   pg 6 Palmyra, Jefferson Co, WI    by Donna Judge

A surprise was given Mrs. Sarah Adsit [formerly of Clifton Springs], Sunday for her 59th birthday. A lovely dinner was brought and after the repast, music was furnished by a phonograph which was brought by Milo Adsit of Adams. Those present were Henry Kitts and family of Melendy's Prairie, Milo Adsit and family of Adams, George Adsit and family of La Grange and Horatio Adsit and family of Palmyra. Lovely presents were given and all had a lovely time.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.      Monday     Jan 30, 1905   by: GSubyak@aol.com 

BARN WAS BURNED -  Clifton Springs, Jan. 29 - At 6 o'clock Saturday morning fire broke out in the barn owned by Mrs. Morton H. STEWART, on Teft avenue, and it was soon completely destroyed. The barn was occupied by William H. GRAVES. Mr. GRAVES 
saved his horse, cows and tools, but fifty-seven tons of cabbage, which he had recently purchased, was totally destroyed.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, Monroe, NY      Fri      Mar 10, 1905          by: GSubyak@aol.com

Verdict for the Plaintiff in Case Tried at Canandaigua
Canandaigua, March 9 - The case of Orey HEWITT vs. Henry C. TRAFTON, which was on trial all of this forenoon, went to the jury after dinner and a verdict was returned for the plaintiff in the sum of $75. Suit was brought to recover $100 as a fee for the sale of property. O'BRIEN, SHORT & HAMLIN, and THOMPSON and CHRISTIAN were opposing lawyers.
The case of Charles D. McCARTHY vs. Charles MADDEN was then placed on trial. It is an action to recover damages in a horse deal, and the parties are located at Geneva and Clifton Springs, respectively. The attorneys were O'BRIEN & SHORT for the plaintiff, and GRIFFITH & HENRY for the plaintiff.

 Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY        Fri         Mar 10, 1905           by: GSubyak@aol.com

Clifton Springs, March 9 - Rev. Dr. Edward ABBOTT, rector of the St. James Church of Cambridge, Mass., conducted the evening service of Ash Wednesday in St. John's Church. Dr. ABBOTT, who is the brother of Dr. Lyman ABBOTT of New York city, is a guest at the Sanitarium.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY              Fri    Mar 17, 1905              by: GSubyak@aol.com

Clifton Springs, March 16 - A quiet home wedding occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Truman V. FOX, on South street, on Wednesday afternoon, when their second daughter, Miss Alma, was united in marriage to William MILLS, of Sheerer, in the presence of the families of the contracting parties. Miss Georgia SCHULTZ presided at the piano. The color scheme was pink and white and the home was attractively decorated in these colors. After the ceremony  supper was served after which Mr. and Mrs. MILLS left for a Western trip. Upon their return they will reside in Shortsville.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY,     Fri    Mar 17, 1905                    by: GSubyak@aol.com

Clifton Springs  -  March 16 - The engine and dynamo for the new electric light plant which is being installed by the village has arrived and is now being placed upon its foundation. An effort is being made to have the lights in readiness for use by the evening of March 21st, which will be the night of charter election in this village.

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.      June 23, 1905           by: GSubyak@aol.com 


Clifton Springs  -  June 22 - At the annual business meeting of the Alumni of the Clifton Springs High School, the following officers were elected for the coming year:
President, John H. BOSSHART
vice-president, Rosetta M. BARRY
secretary, Mima S. Mac MASTER
Corresponding secretary, Eva M. VANDERLIP
treasurer, Albert BOSSHART, Jr.
Historian, Mrs. Charles H. BUSS

Clifton Springs  -  June 22 - Announcement was received to-day of the marriage of Francis William WEBB, of Geneva, to Mrs. Alma Dell THAYER, of this place, which took place yesterday at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. MOREY, in 
Greenfield, Mass. After August 1st Mr. and Mrs. WEBB will be at home at No. 148 Main street, Geneva.

LESLIE MADDEN FOUND DEAD -  At The Mansion House In Syracuse Tuesday Night

Leslie Madden, whose home was in Clifton Springs, and who was found dead in a room in the Mansion House, in Syracuse, Tuesday night, had been at work about two weeks on the Auburn and Syracuse Electric Railroad near Marcellus.

He came to Marcellus with three teams, having been at work near Lyons during the summer on the Rochester and Eastern railroad and he commenced work here on the double tracking work and boarded at the Alvord House.
Last Friday he sold one of his teams for $325, receiving most of the pay down and on leaving Marcellus on Sunday afternoon he had $225 on his person, but when he was found dead in his room in the hotel, he had only ten cents left. How or where he lost his money is not as yet known, nor where he spent Sunday night and the early part of Monday.
When he called for a room Monday afternoon his money was gone excepting enough to pay for his room. He had bought a bottle of laudanum and chloroform, the latter not used. Whether or not, Madden contemplated suicide after finding his money gone or whether he took a dose of laudanum for a toothache from which he had been suffering will never be known.
It is thought he took the laudanum soon after he entered the room and that he had probably been dead nearly twenty four hours when he was discovered dead about 11 p.m., Tuesday by night clerk W. H. Smith, who assigned a guest to the room, seeing on the register that it was occupied only for Monday night. During Tuesday the chambermaid tried the door several times, but on finding it locked paid no attention to the matter because she thought that a sleeper was occupying the room.
Many railroad men are boarders of the hotel and sleep in the day time, and for this reason no effort was made to disturb Madden. When found no one knew where he was from or to whom he was related. Fortunately several circumstances led to his identification.
It seems that Saturday Madden discharged Mr. Ryan who had been working for him since early in the spring. Mr. Ryan returned to Clifton Springs on Saturday and owing to the failure of Madden's appearance there on Saturday night Mrs. Madden asked Mr. Ryan to return to Marcellus and find her husband. Madden had told Mr. Ryan that he would come home and visit his wife on Sunday.
On Monday Ryan returned to Marcellus and made inquiries about Madden, but could learn no more than that he had gone to Syracuse.
Throughout Tuesday, Ryan searched for Madden in the city. Mrs. Madden, not hearing from Ryan telephoned to Marcellus, Tuesday for information concerning her husband.
On Wednesday morning Mr. and Mrs. Agustus Freeman who were well acquainted with Madden, he having boarded with them at Lyons, and who came to Marcellus about the same time as Madden did and are now living in the Hooper Block when they heard of the suicide at the Mansion House went to Syracuse and at McCarthy's undertaking rooms and readily identified the man as Madden.
A Mr. Corcoran who boards with the Freeman's also went to the city with them. Madden was about 41 years old, and was considered a man of good habits. During the last four weeks however, it is said that he had been drinking heavily, and it is claimed by people who knew him that he was very careless with his money on such occasions.
Corcoran who identified the dead man, said that two drinks would make Madden drunk, and that when in such condition was almost helpless.
Mrs. Madden was informed of his death on Wednesday morning and came to Syracuse and arranged to have his body taken to Clifton Springs for burial.  [St. Agnes cemetery]

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, N. Y.     April 26,  1906           by: GSubyak@aol.com 

DEVITT - At Clifton Springs, N. Y., Tuesday, April 24, 1906, John R.  DEVITT, aged 38 years. Funeral from the home of his mother at Clifton Springs Friday at 9 A. M. Interment at Canandaigua.

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester,  N. Y.     Nov 12, 1906           by: GSubyak@aol.com 

Miss Roberta Stewart Married to W. Curtis Adams
Clifton Springs, Nov. 11 - At the home of Mrs. I. D. VANDERBERG on Crane street, this evening, at 6 o'clock, the marriage of Miss Roberta STEWART, of Washington, to W. Curtis ADAMS, of Clifton Springs, took place. The bride was attended by Miss Rhea McLETCHY, of Penn Yan. Parkhurst L. WHITNEY, of Rochester, was best man. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Alfred K. BATES, of Fenton, Mich. Miss Anna L. TASSLETT, of Clifton Springs, played the wedding march.  The  bride was gowned in white net over white taffeta silk. The bridesmaid wore white  mull.  The parlors were tastefully decorated with cut  flowers and potted plants. Only a few friends were present. Immediately following the congratulations a wedding supper was served. Mr. ADAMS is in  business here. The bride has been a member of the Clifton Springs Training  School for Nurses. After a short wedding trip they will be at home in this  village.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES         Wed.    Feb. 12, 1908    Pg 3, col 2          by: Ron Hanley  
DIED  -  JONES - At Clifton Springs, February 8, 1908, George D. Jones, aged 90 years.

Ontario County Times, Canandaigua, NY   Wednesday,   July 15, 1908    by: Dianne Thomas

Clifton Springs, July 13

+  The funeral services of the late Mrs. Henrietta Lynch WYNKOOP, wife of John WYNKOOP of Clifton Springs, were held on Saturday at 2 o'clock at her late residence and at 2:30 at the Methodist church, of which she was a faithful member.  Mrs. WYNKOOP died early Thursday morning (July 9) after an illness of about 11 weeks.  She was 51 years old and had been a resident of this village for about 12 years.  She is survived by her husband and one daughter, Miss Edna, also one sister residing in Geneva, and two sisters living in Rochester.

Mrs. William TURCK has returned from her western trip. 

Miss Alma LINDNER has been visiting relatives and friend in Canandaigua.  

Mrs. Harry J. VAN DYNE has returned from a visit with her parents in Canajoharie. 

Mrs. J. MENIHEN and child of Rochester, was the guest of her mother, Mrs. F. CONWAY, last week.

John SKUSE has purchased the two WARNER lots on West Hill adjoining the CONVERSE property and will build a residence on one of them in the near future. 

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle    Friday          Feb 26, 1909                 by:  Dianne Thomas

RECTOR - HOLLENBECK : Clifton Springs, Feb 25.  A quiet wedding took place at the Baptist parsonage in this village, Tuesday morning when Floyd H. RECTOR, son of Mr. & Mrs. John RECTOR of Clifton Springs, was married to Miss Julia HOLLENBECK, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George HOLLENBECK, who reside northeast of this village. The ceremony was performed by Rev. V. A. SAGE, pastor of this church. Mr. and Mrs. RECTOR left immediately for a wedding trip.  

The Newark Courier,   Newark, Wayne, N.Y.    Thursday, June 2, 1910      Sandra Luss

Jacob SIMMONS of Clifton Springs shook hands with old friends here the early part of the week.
+  Mrs. Nettie WILCOX and Grover BRANT of Geneva were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. John W. BRANT.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL    Friday    August 4, 1911       Pg 2, col 7      by: Ron Hanley  
DIED - ROCKEFELLER - At Clifton Springs, July 31, 1911, Mrs. Minerva P. Rockefeller, aged 90 years.

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, N. Y.   Thurs  July 6, 1911           by: GSubyak@aol.com 

GILBERT - At Graham's Hospital, Rochester, Wednesday morning, July 5, 1911, Thomas GILBERT, of Clifton Springs, aged 40 years. Funeral from his mother's home in Clifton Springs at 9 o'clock Friday morning and from St. Felix Catholic Church at 9:30.

Geneva Daily Times              Monday                Feb 26, 1912          by:  Dianne Thomas

Joseph B. WARFIELD - Former resident of Clifton Springs - Dead in Aberline, Kansas

Clifton Springs- Feb. 26 - Relatives of this village has received word of the sudden death of Joseph B. WARFIELD, formerly of this village, which occurred at his home in Aberline, Kansas on Thursday, after a very brief illness.  The deceased is survived by a wife, and one daughter, of Aberline; and a sister, Miss Elizabeth and one brother, Reuben WARFIELD, both of this village.  The funeral was held and internment was made at Aberline. About a year ago the deceased was in this village and spent several weeks renewing old acquaintances; he having lived here in his early days.


Clifton Sp. - Jan 26 - John SHEEHAN Jr., died at the home of his father, John SHEEHAN, on Silver street, Saturday, after an illness of several weeks. He was born in this village on April 27, 1896 and has always lived here.  He was a student of the Clifton Springs High School.  He leaves his father, John SHEEHAN, two brothers, Edward SHEEHAN of Seneca Falls, NY and Cyrus SHEEHAN of Arkansas and two sisters, Misses Marie and Helen SHEEHAN of Clifton Springs.  This morning at 9:30 o'clock the funeral services were held at St. Felix Catholic Church and the interment was made in the St. Agnes Cemetery


Naples - Feb 26 - The death of Charles T. BRIGGS, aged 72 years, occurred Friday evening at his home, about one miles south of Naples.  He was a well known veteran of the Civil War.  He married first, Miss Elsie SACKETT and to them was born 9 children, all of whom are living: Mrs. Harriet HOFFMAN of Mount Morris; Mrs. I. PEEK, of Elmira; Mrs. Conrad SCHWINGLE, of Naples; Mrs. Mina CHRYSLER of New Brunswick, N.S.; Mrs. Cora BENNETT, of Clifton; four sons, Frank, Edward and Oliver of Naples; and Cyrus of Honeoye.  About 18 years ago, he married Mrs. Sadie LLOYD, of Ohio, who survives him.  He also leaves 2 brothers, Clark & Delos of Naples, and one sister, Mrs. Eva SHERMAN.  The funeral will be held today at the home. Rev. S.T. HARDING, of the Baptist church, will conduct the service.  


Penn Yan - Feb 26 - The funeral service of Floyd WALRATH, of this village, were held yesterday afternoon from the family residence on East Main Street.  He died Thursday [Feb 22] afternoon, aged 40 years.  He is survived by his wife and one daughter. 


Canandaigua - Feb 26 - Court Actions

A final decree of divorce has been entered here in the case of Alice L. DILLINGHAM, against Myron J. DILLINGHAM, Phelps parties.  

The supreme court action of Grace HINMAN against the New York Telephone Company, has been settled and discontinued.  


SHAY-FLETCHER - Canandaigua - Feb 26 - Miss Gertrude L. FLETCHER of Canandaigua and Harry C. SHAY of Hopewell, were quietly married on Thursday, February 22d, at the Universalist Parsonage, by Rev. Edwin P. WOOD, at Victor.


Clifton Springs Personals:

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, N. Y.   Sun  Oct 19, 1913         by: GSubyak@aol.com 

LANDFIELD - In this city, at the family residence, No. 202 Pansy street, Saturday morning, October 18, 1913, M. Chandler LANDFIELD, aged 61 years. He is survived by his wife, Ellen E.; three sons, Wade B. and Warner C., of Newark, N.  Y., and Mark H. LANDFIELD, of this city; six daughters, Mrs. W. C. GIL?ON,of  Phelps, N. Y., Mrs. W. E. HOWELL, of Dansville, N. Y.; Mrs. O. S. WELCH, of  Geneva, N. Y.; Mrs. G. A. THORPE, of Forest City, Pa.; and the Misses Daisy and  Florence LANDFIELD, of this city; also three grandchildren.  Funeral services at the residence Monday morning, October 20, 1913, at 1 o'clock. Burial at Clifton Springs, N. Y.

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.    Oct 27 , 1913           by: GSubyak@aol.com 

MARRIED -  MULHOLLAND - ALLIS   At the home of the bride's parents, No. 7 Brooklyn street, Saturday, October 25, 1913, by the Rev. W. J. REID, Louise, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James W. ALLIS, and Robert E. MULHOLLAND, of Clifton Springs, N. Y.

Union & Advertiser,    Rochester, Monroe, N.Y.          May 18, 1914           by: GSubyak@aol.com   


Clifton Springs  -  May 18 - The members of the Modern Priscilla Club will be entertained this evening at the home of Miss Jennie McGINNIS at her home in Crane street.  A gold medal will be given to the winner in the pocket billiard tournament which will be played off at the Y. M. C. A. this week.

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.        Monday  April  19, 1915                        by: GSubyak@aol.com


Clifton Springs  -  April 18 - Bishop J. E. QUIGLEY, of Chicago, Ill., is a guest in the Clifton Springs Sanitarium. He was accompanied here by his brother, Chief J. M. QUIGLEY, of Rochester.

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.               July 22, 1915                                by: GSubyak@aol.com     

TO CHINA AS MISSIONARIES - Former Ontario County Persons to Sail August 28th

Clifton Springs, July 21 The Rev. and Mrs. Earle HOOSE, who will visit here soon on their way from New York city to San Francisco, California, where they will sail on the steamer Mongolia for China, on August 28th, were formerly of this village and Canandaigua. Mrs. HOOSE was Miss Sadie PETTUS and was graduated from the Clifton Springs Sanitarium Training School for Nurses in the class of 1910.
They will be missionaries in China under the Methodist Board, Mr. HOOSE was graduated last spring from Drew Theological Seminary, at Madison, N. J., and upon his graduation the Madison Methodist Church assumed his support on the "parish board" plan. Mr. HOOSE was graduated from Canandaigua Academy, class 1909, and for a short time he was assistant to the Rev. R. C. HABBLETHWAITE, at Shortsville and Manchester.

Democrat & Chronicle, Tues, Aug 15, 1915                 by: GSubyak@aol.com     

Clifton Springs, Aug. 14 - The King's Daughters will hold their annual picnic at the home of Miss Carrie ELLIOTT and Mrs. Elmer McGRADY on Friday afternoon, August 18th, beginning at 4 o'clock. Supper will be served on the  lawn at 6 o'clock.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY           Mon       Aug 23, 1915         by: GSubyak@aol.com

Clifton Springs, Aug. 22 - Among the prominent persons now at the  Sanitarium are Judge and Mrs. Shephard BARCLAY, of St. Louis, Mo. The Judge and  Mrs. BARCLAY usually spend a portion of each summer here and have many friends outside of the Sanitarium.

Union Correspondent, Palmyra, Jefferson Co, WI     Oct 22, 1915      by Donna Judge

Mrs. Sarah Adsit died Friday Oct 8th,after years of ill health and great suffering at times. The funeral was held at her late home Monday afternoon, Rev. S. Lugg of Whitewater officiating. Mrs. Adsit was born at Clifton Springs, New York and was married to Milo Adsit June 25, 1865. Three years later they came to Palmyra and settled on the farm which has been her home for forty-seven years. She is survived by five children: Horatio, Milo, John, Jesse, and Ira, all residents of Palmyra except Milo, who lives at Adams. There are also three step children: Mrs. Eliza Wilbur of Palmyra, Mrs. Ida Holsinger of Newall, S.D and George Adsit of Elkhorn. A good woman has gone to a well deserved reward.

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY           March 1917            by:  Dianne Thomas

CADBY At Alma Center, Wis., Mar 16, 1917, John Nelson CADBY, of Clifton Springs, aged 96 years.  News has been received of the death of John Nelson CADBY at Alma Center, Wisc.  Deceased was born at Canandaigua on Dec 10, 1818, and made his home in this section until 1842, when he moved to a farm in Wisconsin.   Previous to last fall, he resided for a time with his daughter, Mrs. A. L. DEWEY, at Clifton Springs.   

MASON At Hopewell, Mar 27, 1917, Mrs. Mary R. MASON, aged 57 years.  Interment at Elmira.  The death of Mrs. Mary R. MASON, aged 56 years, occurred at Hopewell on Tuesday night.  She leaves her husband, Robert MASON of East Bloomfield; one brother, Robert REITER of Rochester, and one sister, Mrs. M. LAUDERBERRY, of Corning. 

DEMOCRAT & CHRONICLE   Rochester, Monroe Co, NY    Thurs    June 28,  1917             by Sylvia Olson

Wedding Invitations Issued - Clifton Springs, June 27. - Invitations have been issued by Rev. and Mrs. E. F. ALBERTSON to the marriage of their daughter, Honore, to Ralph Cornwell PADDOCK, on next Saturday evening, at the Methodist Church, in this village. A reception will follow immediately after at the home of the bride's parents, on Pleasant street.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY   Friday      June 29, 1917            by:  Dianne Thomas

Rev. Volney A. SAGE Had Served Baptists 23 Years - Clifton Springs, June 28. -

This evening in the Baptist Church a farewell reception was tendered to the retiring pastor, Rev. Volney A. SAGE, who on account of failing health, resigned his pastorate after 23 years of very faithful and successful service in this village, his resignation to take effect on July 1st.  During his 23 years of effort in this village, Rev. Mr. SAGE has seen the building of a new parsonage, the enlarging of the church building twice and greatly enlarging and strengthening of the society in general. Rev. Mr. SAGE will eave on Friday for New York City, where he expects to make his home with his son, George SAGE.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY   Thurs      Nov 22, 1917            by: GSubyak@aol.com  

Clifton Springs - Nov. 21 - Owing to the fact that Miss Emily USHER, lecturer and demonstrator for the Ontario County Food lectures at Cornell University this month, the November food conservation meetings will not be held.

Clifton Springs, Nov. 21 - At the meeting of the local Red Cross Society

Monday afternoon and evening quite a quantity of jam, jelly and conserve was brought in, to be sent to the training camps for the soldiers' Christmas dinner. The general public has been invited to bring their contributions to the Red Cross headquarters, in the Burgdorf block, either on Wednesday afternoon, or Friday afternoon or evening of this week, in order that they may be forwarded to the camps in plenty of time for the holidays.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY   Fri.      Nov 23, 1917            by: GSubyak@aol.com  

Clifton Springs, Nov. 22 - A quiet wedding was solemnized in St. Felix Church this morning at 7 o'clock in the presence of the immediate families of the contracting parties, when Miss Alma LINDNER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank LINDNER, was married to Henry FOX, son of S. P. FOX, of this village. The ceremony was performed by Rev. F. J. O'HANLON. The bridal couple was attended by Miss Henrietta LINDNER, of Rochester, sister of the bride, and Harry COWLEY, of this village. Immediately after the ceremony the bridal party was taken to Geneva in automobiles, where a wedding breakfast was served at the Seneca Hotel. The bride was for three years a member of the faculty of the local high school.

Democrat & Chronicle,    Rochester, Monroe, NY      Mon       July 1, 1918                                      by: GSubyak@aol.com   

Clifton Springs  - June 30 - The death of Dr. Charles H. WHITLOCK occurred at the family home on Saturday forenoon, following an illness extending over a period of several months. For nearly twenty years the deceased conducted his dental offices in this village, and was one of the best known professional men in this locality, until failing compelled him to give up active business several months ago. He is survived by his wife and one son, William, both of this village. As yet the arrangements for the funeral have not been completed.  The deceased was a member of the vestry of St. John's Episcopal Church and Garoga Masonic Lodge, both of this village.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester,  NY             July 2, 1918                                      by: GSubyak@aol.com  

DIED - MILLER - At his home, Clifton Springs, N. Y., Sunday, June 30, 1918, Edward R. MILLER. He leaves his wife, Bessie M., two sons, Earl M., of Rochester, Floyd K., of Clifton Springs; his parents, Mr. Blanche N. MILLER, of Rochester, and Mrs. Elroy W. MILLER; one sister.  Funeral service at St. John's Church, Clifton Springs, Wednesday afternoon, July 3d, at 2 o'clock and at Mt. Hope Chapel, Rochester, at (5 or 3) o'clock.

Democrat & Chronicle,    Rochester, Monroe, NY             Oct. 15, 1918                                      by: GSubyak@aol.com   

Clifton Springs Places Close in Honor of Foster G. Whipple
Clifton Springs, Oct. 14 - Owing to the quarantine on all public gatherings in this village, due to the influenza, the funeral services for Chief Machinists Mate Foster G. WHIPPLE, son of Mrs. Augusta MILLER, were private, at the MILLER home in West Main street, at 2 o'clock, this afternoon, conducted by Rev. Dr. Edmund F. ALBERTSON, pastor of the local Methodist Episcopal Church, of which the deceased was a member. At the grave brief Masonic services were conducted by P. W. M. George E. BARRY, and Chaplain Rev. W. Guy RAINES, of Garoga Masonic Lodge, of this village, of which the  young man was also a member.  In honor of the young soldier all places of business in the village were closed between the hours of 2 and 3 o'clock.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Sat       May 24, 1919           by: GSubyak@aol.com  

Canandaigua, May 23 - Inquiry will be made May 27th by a sheriff's jury into the mental condition of Ella Bruce STROUD, of Clifton Springs. The jury  will convene at the Court House here and the inquiry will be made under supervision of Myron D. SHORT, of this city, designated as a commissioner to serve in the affair by the Supreme Court.   

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester,  NY      Saturday       Nov 8, 1919                                      by: GSubyak@aol.com 


Clifton Springs, Nov. 7 - The funeral of Henry DeSIEREQ, aged 49 years, of the town of Manchester, who died on Tuesday morning at his home, was held from the Catholic church at Palmyra this morning at 10 o'clock. Burial was made in Palmyra. He is survived by five children, four boys and one girl.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Wed, June 29, 1921                   by: GSubyak@aol.com 

MILLER - In sad but loving remembrance of a beloved husband and father, Edward E. MILLER, who passed away very suddenly at his home in Clifton Springs, N. Y., June 29, 1919.  Until God's reve__e,         Wife and Sons.

COAKLEY - Nellie A. COAKLEY, wife of Daniel J. COAKLEY died at the Clifton Springs Sanitarium, Monday evening, June 27, 1921.
Burial from the residence, No. 12_ South Union street, Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY     Sunday  Feb 17, 1924                 by: GSubyak@aol.com 

Clifton Springs, Feb. 17 - Earl L. BROWN, 21 years old, of Geneva, died  last evening at the Clifton Springs Sanitarium, of pneumonia, following a short illness. Mr. BROWN was a member of the Geneva lodge, L. O. O. M., and the Methodist Episcopal Church.
He is survived by his father, G. W. BROWN, of  Geneva; two sisters, Mrs. Elmer J. SALISBURY, of Clifton Springs and Miss Mary  A. BROWN, of Rochester, and three brothers, George A. BROWN of the Preemption  road near Gorham, Perry J. BROWN, of Seneca Castle and Maynard BROWN, of this  village. Funeral services will be held from the home of his brother, George A.  BROWN, at 2 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Frederick MAUNDER, of the Methodist Episcopal Church officiating. Burial will be made in Sand Hill cemetery.

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY,     Wednesday,  June 10, 1925          by:  Dianne Thomas  

Rev. Clara F. MC LEISTER, assisted by Rev. L. F. MC LEISTER, officiated at the funeral of Jarvis V. HUNTSMAN in Clifton Springs, yesterday afternoon. 

The Lyons Republican, Lyons, Wayne Co., NY             Friday, January 6, 1928          by: Sandra Luss

Deaths:   GILLARD - At Clifton Springs, Sunday, December 18, 1927 Jonathan F. GILLARD, aged 74 years, burial in Willow Avenue Cemetery, Newark.

Marriages - BARKER - TUCKER - At Palmyra, Saturday, December 24,1927 Miss Lola BARKER and John Russell TUCKER of Canandaigua.

Rochester Times Union, Rochester, NY       Saturday    July 6, 1935     Pg 19      by: Dianne Thomas

DEATH - Samuel DENT - Clifton Springs -  Word has been received here of the death of Samuel DENT, 74, a former resident of this village, in Strong Memorial hospital, Rochester, yesterday, July 5, 1935.  He is survived by his widow, a brother, Charles DENT of Rochester, and a sister, Hattie GUNNELL of San Diego, Calif.  Funeral services will be in the home, 232 Lexington Ave, Rochester, at 2 pm tomorrow.  

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Wed    June 22, 1938             by: GSubyak@aol.com 

BEASLEY - Entered into rest at his home, Clifton, N. Y., June 21, 1938, Howard William BEASLEY in his 70th year. Besides his wife, Laura WALKER BEASLEY he leaves a daughter, Clara; also one sister and one brother, Carrie of New York City, Marshall of Rochester, several nieces and nephews.
Services at the Clifton Baptist Church, Thursday, June 23 at 2:30 p.m. Interment in Clifton Cemetery.

Clifton Springs Press, Clifton Springs, NY        Thursday         June 30, 1938  by: Tracy

Death by a burglar's bullet was the tragic fate of Arthur C. Latting  of Colorado Springs, Col., a former resident of Clifton Springs.
According to the information received here, Latting, 56 years old,  was employed at the Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, as house detective. He was shot, apparently, while investigating an attempted burglary in an  apartment of the hotel, shortly after 9 p. m. on Saturday night.  No one,  except the robber himself, so far as known, saw the murder.  When, after an hour's absence, Latting failed to return to the lobby, a night watchman was sent to see what was the matter.  He found Latting's body in a closet
hallway, leading to the bathroom of the apartment.  The sheriff who investigated the murder said that he believed Latting had surprised the robber rifling the apartment and had been shot to death by his own gun after losing it in a scuffle. The murderer had taken Latting's pocketbook containing a sum of money.  Latting was shot through the neck and the body by a 38-calibre bullet.  The two shells from the gun were found in the hallway in which Latting died and a third was found in the rear room of the apartment.  A rifle suitcase, its contents scattered over a bedroom, was found in the apartment, but strange to say, a small leather suitcase containing more than $100, was left untouched by the murderer.  Latting went to the apartment to make his investigation after a hotel electrician had reported seeing a man entering it by a window.  

Arthur C. Latting was born at Ada, Mich., April 15, 1882, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Latting.  The family moved to Clifton Springs where they occupied a house on Railroad Street.  They were well known to older residents of the village.  Arthur Latting was employed at the Sanitarium in the chef's department for several years.  After he married Rose Braun of Naples he occupied the house owned by the late Mrs. Clara Knapp.  About 30 years ago Mr. and Mrs. Latting moved to Colorado Springs on account of his health.  He had been employed in various tourist hotels, and was entering his fourth season at the Broadmoor when he met his tragic death.  He spent his Winters at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix, Ariz.  Mrs. M. H. Stewart of Clifton Springs visited the Lattings at their home in Colorado Springs a number of years ago and found them doing well.  Besides his hotel position he carried on an extensive rooming house. It was first announced that Latting's body would be brought to Clifton Springs for burial, but later it was decided to have the funeral and burial in Colorado Springs.  He is survived by his wife Rose Braun Latting, and one son, Howard, deputy county assessor at Colorado Springs.  Latting has relatives living in Clifton Springs, including an uncle, Elijah Latting.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Tuesday  December 19, 1939        by: Ron Hanley
Mrs. Mae Hamilton
Funeral services for Mrs. Mae Hamilton, of Center Street, who died Sunday, were held today from St. Mary's Church, the Rev. Francis J. Buechel, assistant pastor officiating.
Bearers were Thomas D. Kennedy, Hamilton and Robert Kennedy, Edward T. and Albert F. Hanley and Leo H. Breen. Interment was in St. Agnes Cemetery, Clifton Springs, where the Rev. J. E. O'Brien, of that village, conducted the committal service.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Tues    June 17, 1941            by: GSubyak@aol.com 

COSGROVE - Matthew J. COSGROVE, Sunday, June 15, 1941. Surviving is one sister, Mrs. Anna GRAHAM.
Funeral from Murphy Undertaking, 691 Monroe Ave., on Wednesday at 8:30 and 9 o'clock at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament with interment in the family plot in St. Agnes Cemetery, Clifton Springs, N. Y.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Sat    July 20, 1946           by: GSubyak@aol.com 

Clifton Springs - Emma DALTON DURKEE, 58, widow of George A. DURKEE, died yesterday (July 19, 1946) in Clifton Springs Sanitarium after a short  illness.  She is survived by one stepson, George W. DURKEE  of New Hartford; one step-daughter, Mrs. George SHERMAN of Clifton Springs, and  several cousins.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Monday  April 7, 1947    by: Ron Hanley       
Vicinity Deaths    Mrs. John W. Madden
CLIFTON SPRINGS  - Mrs. Catherine A. Madden, 65, a long time resident of this village, died suddenly Saturday at Clifton Springs Sanitarium.
She is survived by her husband, John W. Madden, two daughters, Mrs. Ellen Stillard, Rochester, and Miss Mary Alice Madden, Clifton Springs, one sister, Mrs. Margaret Werden, Syracuse, and a grandson, John Richard Stillard, Rochester.
Funeral services will be held from the home at 35 Pearl Street, Wednesday at 9 a.m. and from St. Felix Church at 9:30, Rev. Emmett
Dougherty officiating. Interment will be in St. Agnes Cemetery.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Friday  May 30, 1947        by: Dianne Thomas

Clifton Springs - Frank Vandemortel, 45, of Clifton Springs, died yesterday (May 28, 1947) in Thompson M e m o r i a l Hospital, Canandaigua.  He is survived by one brother, Jacob Vandemortel of 26 Main St. , Clifton Springs, where the funeral will be conducted tomorrow at 8:30 a. m. and at 9 a. m. in St. Felix Church. The Rev. Emmett Dougherty will officiate.  Burial in St. Agnes Cemetery, Clifton Springs.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Friday May 6, 1949      by: Ron Hanley    
CLIFTON SPRINGS  -   Funeral services for James Madden, 75, former resident of Clifton Springs, who died yesterday in Rochester after a long illness, will be held tomorrow at 9 a.m. from Weld's Funeral Home, 26 Main Street, Clifton Springs, and at 9:30 a.m. from St. Felix Church, the Rev. Emmett Dougherty officiating. Interment will be in St. Agnes CemeterySurvivors are two sister's-in-law, Mrs. William Madden and Mrs. George Madden, Rochester, and several nieces and nephews.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Thursday  June 1, 1950    by: Ron Hanley
 DEATHS - CLIFTON SPRINGS -   Thomas P. Madden, former resident of Clifton Springs, died Tuesday in Rochester.
 He was associated for 15 years with Stromberg Carlson company, where he was Supervisor of factory clerks. He was a member of National Association of Cost Accountants and of Blessed Sacrament church of Rochester.  Survivors are his wife Mrs. Anthony Madden, his mother, Mrs. Minnie Madden, and a brother, William Madden, all of Rochester.  Funeral services will be held from the home at 777 Valley road, tomorrow at 9 a.m., and from Blessed Sacrament church at 10 a.m. Interment will be in St. Agnes Cemetery, Clifton Springs. 

The Geneva Times           Thursday                  Jan 22, 1959            by:  Dianne Thomas      

Woman's Death Ruled Suicide - Canandaigua - A verdict of suicide in the death of Mrs. Emily Marie BANKERT, 58, of Clifton Springs-Phelps Rd., was issued here Wednesday night, by Dr. Charles J. BOBECK, Ontario County Coroner.  Dr. BOBECK said the deceased woman's body was found hanging above several bales of hay in the barn, at her farm residence, Wednesday.  He added that Mrs. BANKERT had been depressed since the death of her husband, Alphonse, about a year ago.

Mrs. Emily M. BANKERT - Clifton Springs - Mrs. Emily M. BANKERT, 58, died Wednesday at her home on Clifton Springs-Phelps Rd.  Prayer services will be held at 9 am Saturday, at the Weld Funeral home, with requiem mass at 9:30 at St. Felix Church.  The Rev. William GAYNOR will officiate.  Burial will be in St. Agnes Cemetery, Clifton Springs. Friends may call at the Weld Funeral Home from 7 to 9 tonight, and Friday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm.  The rosary will be recited at 8 pm Friday.  

Mrs. BANKERT, widow of Alphonse BANKERT, was born on the Clifton Springs - Phelps Rd., daughter of Henry and Emma (Black) CROMECK.  She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Irwin PARKS, Clifton Springs;  one sister, Mrs. Lucy PROOVOST, Newark; two brothers, William CROMECK, Rochester, and Charles CROMECK, New York City; one step-brother, Sieraphein VAN DE BOORDE, Fairport.  

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Monday  January 25, 1960    by: Ron Hanley
Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Ryan Madden, 85, formerly of Clifton Springs, was held this morning in the Church of the Blessed Sacrament,
Rochester. Interment will be in St. Agnes Cemetery, Clifton Springs, at the convenience of the family.
She was a native of Phelps, and was the widow of William Henry Madden. Her home in recent years had been at 21 Westland Ave., Rochester.
She is survived by one son, Dr. William L. Madden, a daughter, Mrs. John J. Conway, and 13 grandchildren, all of Rochester.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER      Thursday    March 23, 1961     by: Ron Hanley
OBITUARY    Charles F. Madden
CLIFTON SPRINGS  -   Charles V. Madden, 85, died Wednesday at the home of his sister, Miss Catherine Madden, Crane Street, following a long illness.
He was born in Clifton Springs, the son of Peter and Ellen Cowley Madden and was a lifelong resident of this village. He was formerly engaged in farming and gardening for the Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic. He was a communicant of St. Felix Church. Besides his sister he is survived by several nieces and nephews.
Friends may call at the Weld Funeral Home, today and Friday. The rosary will be recited at the funeral home at 8:45 p.m. Friday. A prayer service at 8:30 a.m. Saturday will be followed by a Mass at St. Felix Church at 9 a.m., Rev. Francis Turner, pastor, officiating. Interment will be made at St. Agnes Cemetery.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Monday  August 9, 1965      by: Ron Hanley
OBITUARIES   Miss Catherine Madden
CLIFTON SPRINGS  -  Miss Catherine E. Madden, 79, of 40 Crane Street, Clifton Springs, died Sunday following a long illness.
A lifelong resident of this village, she was the daughter of Peter and Ellen Cowley Madden. She was a member of St. Felix Church and its Rosary Altar Society.
Survivors are four nieces, Mrs. Claude Goodman and Miss Mary Alice Madden, of Clifton Springs, Mrs. William Sullivan, of Williamsville and Mrs. Ellen Stillard, of Rochester, and two nephews, Robert Waters, of Clifton Springs and George Madden, of Columbus, Ohio.
Friends may call at the home where the rosary will be recited Tuesday at 8 p.m. A prayer service at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday will be followed by a Requiem Mass in St. Felix Church at 10 a.m. The Rev. Charles Schenkel will officiate.   Burial will be made in St. Agnes Cemetery.

  CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Thursday  April 29, 1971            by: Ron Hanley
 CLIFTON SPRINGS -  Funeral services for Sgt. Thomas Rush, 20, of the U.S. Marine Corps, killed in Okinawa, last Friday in a motorcycle accident, will be held on Saturday at 11 a.m. in St. Francis Roman Catholic Church, in Phelps.
Friends may call at the Patrick Funeral Home, in Clifton Springs today and tomorrow.
He leaves his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rush, of Stevens Street, five sisters, Mrs. Patricia Kammer, of Exton, Md., Mrs. Kathleen Burri, of Clifton Springs, Debbie, Christine and Michelle, all at home, his grandmothers, Mrs. Mary Rush, of Manchester, and Mrs. Mabel Smith, of Clifton Springs, and several nieces and nephews.  Burial will be in St. Agnes, Clifton Springs.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Tuesday  May 8, 1973           by: Ron Hanley
 Obituaries  -    Mrs. Jay Brown
CLIFTON SPRINGS  -   Mrs. Helen Brown, 52, died yesterday in Clifton Springs Hospital after a long illness. She was a native of Canandaigua and had lived in Clifton Springs the past 21 years.  Mrs. Brown was a charter member of the Clifton Springs Fire Dept. Auxiliary.
She is survived by her husband, Jay, three daughters, Mrs. Bonnie Stivers, and Mrs. Connie and Yvonne Brown, all of Clifton Springs, two sons, Sgt. Donald Brown of the U. S. Air Force in Rome, NY and Ronald, of Clifton Springs.
Mrs. Brown also leaves five grandchildren, three brothers, Elmer Ferguson, of Canandaigua, and Charles and Albert Ferguson, of Honeoye Falls.
Other survivors are five sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, of Gorham, Mrs. Barbara Turner, of Canandaigua, Mrs. Lillian Shekell, of Clifton Springs, Mrs. Francis Stoddard, of Hopewell and Mrs. Irene Hill, of Orum, Utah.
Friends may call at the Patrick Funeral Home today and tomorrow. Funeral services will be Thursday at 2 p.m. with burial in Sand Hill Cemetery.

Geneva Times          Thursday           June 7, 1973                    by:  Dianne Thomas        

Clyde DEWEY Sr. - Clifton Springs- Funeral services for Clyde DEWEY Sr., 64, of King Road, RD 1, who died today in Clifton Springs Hospital, will be at 2 pm Saturday, at the Kennedy and Son Funeral Home, Canandaigua.  Burial will be in Chapman Cemetery.  Friends may call at the funeral home Friday, from 2-4 and 7-9 pm.  Those who wish to make contributions to the Ontario County Cancer Society, in his memory.  Mr. DEWEY was born in Farmington  and was a moulder and night watchman for the Papec Machine Co., Shortsville.  He is survived by his wife, Dorothy Wich DEWEY; a son. Clyde DEWEY Jr. of Clifton Springs; three daughters, Betty CALLAN, Mrs. Dorothy DEARE of Hilton, and Mrs. Marie WAGNER of Clifton Springs; his father in law, George WICH of Canandaigua; seven sisters, Mrs. Ivan FOSTER and Mrs. Emma BROWN of Macedon, Mrs. Henry CHRISMAN, Miss Gladys DEWEY, Miss Lucille DEWEY and Mrs. Isobel EDWARD of Canandaigua, and Mrs. Henry CONVERSE of Clifton Springs; three brothers, Myles of Shortsville, Charles of Orleans, and G. LaVern of Clifton Springs; 13 grandchildren; one great grandchild; and several nieces, nephews and uncles. 

Finger Lakes Times               Friday                Nov 25, 1977                by:  Dianne Thomas        

CLIFTON SPRINGS - Felicita VanOpdorp, 89, of 41 LaDue Ave., died yesterday at Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic after a long illness.  Friends may call at the Patrick Funeral Home Saturday from 2-4 and 7 9 p.m. and Sunday from 2-4 and 7 9 p.m. Prayer service is at the funeral home at 4 p.m. Sunday.

The funeral will be Monday at 9 a.m. from the funeral home. A mass of Christian burial will be at 9:30 a.m. at St. Felix Church with Rev. John E. Roach officiating. Burial will be in St. Agnes Cemetery .

Mrs. VanOpdorp was born in Holland , the daughter of Petrus and Sophia Termont, and moved to Clifton Springs in 1909. She was the wife of the late Augustine VanOpdorp. She was a member of St. Felix Church.  Surviving are two daughters, Miss Cellina VanOpdorp and Mrs. Edward (Irma) VanderMortel, both of Clifton Springs; and one grandson, Edward.

Finger Lakes Times              Tuesday           August 7, 1979             by:  Dianne Thomas        

Policeman laments theft of car -  Larry FUCHS can't remember making even one enemy in his 22 years on the Geneva police force.  At least, none that he knows of.  But there is one, he'd like to meet.  

That's the person who stole his 1973 Plymouth Duster early Sunday morning and apparently smashed it up while driving through Glenwood Cemetery in the town of Geneva.  

"I'm the most forgiving person in the world", says FUCHS, the department's court liaison officer.  "I can't figure out who'd do it." 

FUCHS pride and joy, " the only new car I ever bought in 28 years of marriage"  was stolen early Sunday morning from his driveway.  For the first time in his police career, he had to call the station to report his vehicle stolen.  

And while FUCHS was at work yesterday, police received a call from the Glenwood superintendent who complained of a beat up Plymouth and considerable damage to the cemetery.  "I just jumped into a car, and went down to see it" said FUCHS who wears the number 1 on his uniform, signifying his seniority in the department.  "I had a feeling, that it would be mine."

Several monuments were damaged and parts of the cemetery lawn were dug up with tire tracks.  His 'great car' was reduced to a completely demolished heap, FUCHS said.  

He plans to buy another car, but doesn't expect to find one like his Duster.  "It only had 41,000 miles on it and it was in excellent shape." , he said. "I just had it re-painted and it had new everything", he sighed.  "Even my daughters weren't allowed to drive that car. I really babied it".

He figures the car was stolen by "kids who wanted to get even for something."

There is a $200 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who took the car, he said.  That money will be paid by his auto club.  But there is another thing he is trying to figure out.  The thieves had a chance to steal his 1966 Fleetwood Cadillac, "which had a half of tank of gas" said FUCHS.  If there was any car to steal, you'd think kids would rather take that one."



Henry Lewis MASLYN - Geneva,  Henry Lewis MASLYN , 80, of 50 West Ave., died early this morning at Geneva General Hospital.  Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 5 to 9 pm tomorrow and Thursday at the Bennett Funeral Home, Inc.  A prayer service will be held at 9 am Friday, at the funeral home, with a mass of Christian burial at 10 am at St. Stephen's church.  Burial will be in St. Felix Cemetery, Clifton Springs.  

Mr. MASLYN was born in Clifton Springs and he was the son of Charles Louis and Melanie Remery MASLYN.  He operated a farm in his earlier years in Clifton Springs area and later was employed at the Shuron Optical Company, where he retired with 25 years of service.  He was a member of St. Stephen's church.  Surviving are his wife, Margaret, one brother, Lawrence P., of Phelps; two sisters, Mrs. William (Louise) LANDSCHOOT of Rochester and Mrs. Frank (Rosalie) VERSTREATE of Geneva; and several nieces and nephews.



Doris R. JAYNES - Penn Yan -  Doris R. JAYNES, 61, of 301 1/2 Elm St., died Sunday (Aug 5) at her home.  Friends may call from 7 to 9 pm today at the Weldon Funeral home.  The funeral will be at 11 am Wednesday at St. Marks Episcopal Church.  Burial will be in the Rushville cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Mrs. JAYNES was born in Rushville.  She was a member of the Congregational Church of Rushville.  She had lived several years in St. Paul, Minn., and moved to Penn Yan in 1967.  Surviving are three sons, Charles R. of St. Petersburg, Fla.; the Rev. Ronald P., of Little Silver, NJ, and Karl L. of Shortsville; two daughters, Mrs. Patricia DEKOUSKI of Canandaigua and Mrs. Stephen (Devereaux) ESKLIDSEN of Penn Yan; her mother, Mrs. Susan READ of Middlesex; one sister, Janet E. READ of Fairport; six grandchildren.  


William Henry COOK - Geneva - A memorial service for William Henry COOK, 73, of RD 3, Lyons Road, who died unexpectedly yesterday, at his home, was at the convenience of his family.  The Bennett Funeral Home, Inc., was in charge of arrangements.  Surviving are his wife, Marjory D. COOK; two sons, William Dean COOK of Williamson, NY; and James K. COOK of Geneva; three daughters, Mrs. Julia BENNETT of Fayetteville, NC; Mrs. Madeleine LAWRENCE of Corning and Mrs. Helen YOLE of Dallas, Texas; and several grandchildren.  Memorial contributions may be made to the New York State Conservation Council.  

 ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT and CHRONICLE    April 30, 2006    by: Ron Hanley
Mr. Robert R. Walters 90, formerly of Clifton Springs, died on Thursday April 27, 2006 at The Heritage in Rochester. He is survived by his daughters Mary Kay, Terry, Wilson of Clifton Springs, Elizabeth Fiance Mark Arnold, Walters of Clifton Springs, Barbara, Timothy, DePaull of Webster; grandchildren, Jamie, Jeremy and Thomas Wilson, Rebecca Walters, Annalise and Karlie DePaull; great granddaughters, Taylor Elizabeth and Kali Kathryn Wilson; sister, Kay Goodman of Clifton Springs.
He was preceded in death by his wife Kathryn who died in November of 2003; infant daughter Anne; and sister, Gertrude Sullivan.
There will be no prior calling hours, friends are invited to attend a Memorial Service on Tuesday at 10 AM in the Cheney Funeral Home, 70 Main Street Phelps, with Monsignor Sullivan officiating. Burial will be in St. Agnes Cemetery.
A Memorial Service will be held also, on Wednesday, May 3, at 2:15 pm in St. Anne's Home Chapel, 1500 Portland Avenue with Monsignor Jerry Sullivan and Father Peter Bayer will be co-celebrants. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to St. Ann's Foundation, 1500 Portland Ave., Rochester, NY 14621."

FINGER LAKES TIMES,   Feb  1988       by: "Sam"   (deceased 2009)                         

Phelps, NY-Roger E. McIntyre,71, of 1399 White Rd, Phelps, died Sunday, January 31, 1988 at Clifton Springs Hospital after an extended illness.
A memorial service will be held at 3 PM Tuesday at United Church of Phelps, NY with the Rev. Gary Hakes officiating. Burial will be at the convenience of the family.
Mr. McIntyre attended Phelps Union & Classical School. He was a Veteran of WW II , a former member of the Phelps Lions Club and member of Phelps Baptist Church. He was a self-employed building contractor in this area for 31 years. He was born August 3,1916 in Stanley, NY, son of Earl and Anna SWARTHOUT McINTYRE.   He was pre-deceased by his first wife, Nina (BOWEN); 2 brothers & 3 sisters.
Surviving are his wife, Vivian; one son, Paul of Seneca Castle; one daughter, Annette CONNOLLY of Adams, NY; a stepson, David BREYLA of Wilmington, DE.; 9 grandchildren; one brother, Robert of California;2 sisters; Anna MOLLENKOPH of Phelps and Doris SANFORD of Clifton Springs, NY; and several nieces and nephews.  Memorial contributions may be made to the Phelps Ambulance Service or the United Church of Phelps.

Courier Gazette,   Aug 3, 2005                                                 by:  Dianne Thomas   

MERSCHER, Martha - Martha Merscher, 79, of Clifton Springs, passed away on Friday, July 29, 2005 at the Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic. Martha was born January 7, 1942, in Salem, the daughter of the late Clinton and Elizabeth Coon. She was employed as a health aide at the Ryder Adult Home. Martha was a member of the Phelps American Legion Auxiliary, and the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary. She enjoyed making crafts and loved to go camping and fishing. Martha will be sadly missed by all her loving family and friends. 

Martha was predeceased by her sisters, Elizabeth and Dorothy; brothers, Harold, Richard, and Clinton. She is survived by her loving husband, William of Clifton Springs; children, Susanne Dreher of Newark, Jack Fischer Jr. of Glens Falls; Fred Merscher of Phelps, David Merscher of Gorham; several grandchildren; great-grandchildren; nieces; nephews; brothers and sisters. In keeping with her wishes, there will be no prior calling hours. Funeral services will be held at the convenience of the family. Coon Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to the Patrick Funeral Home in Clifton Springs. Friends may contribute to the House of John 14 Spring St. Clifton Springs, 14432 in Martha's memory.

Courier Gazette   December 2006                               by:  Dianne Thomas   

Robert Bowdren, 74, of Clifton Springs, passed away Saturday, December 2, 2006, at the Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic, with his loving family at his side. Bob was born July 30, 1932 in Melrose, Massachusetts, the son of the late Thomas and Mabel Bowdren and had lived in the area all of his life. He served his country in the Marines during the Korean War and was a graduate of RIT. Bob worked for Fluoro Film in Marion, a business owned by his father and later became the founder and editor of the Community Trader in Clifton Springs. He was a member of the Clifton Springs United Methodist Church, Past Commander of the Phelps American Legion, and founder of the Clifton Springs Chamber of Commerce. Bob was a former member of the Clifton Springs Rotary Club, and former President and Treasurer of the Phelps Sauerkraut Festival. Bob was a history buff and quite an artist in his spare time. He also had a passion for sailing. He was loved by anyone who knew him and will be sadly missed by all of his loving friends and family. In keeping with his wishes, there will be no prior calling hours. Friends are invited to attend a Memorial Service to celebrate Bob's life at 2 p.m. today (Wednesday, Dec. 6) at the Clifton Springs United Methodist Church. Burial will be at the convenience of the family in Riverview Cemetery. Friends may contribute to the House of John, in Bob's memory. He is survived by his loving wife of 23 years, Betty Bowdren of Clifton Springs; his previous wife, Gweneth V. Landers of Maryland; daughter, Karen (Richard) Bowdren LaDuca of California; stepdaughters, Janice Marcoccia of Clifton Springs, Sandra (Emil) Flint of West Virginia, Barbara Landers Ridley of Clifton Springs; stepson, Douglas Landers of Rochester; daughter-in-law, Cindy S. Bowdren of Maryland; grandchildren, Brent, Michelle, Camden, Justin, Robert and Kristina; great- grandson, Connor; and sister, Jeany Schultz of Arizona. Bob was predeceased by his son, Brian; sister, Hazel; and grandson, Vesta. Arrangements have been entrusted to the Patrick Funeral Home, Clifton Springs.

Democrat & Chronicle, Jan 8, 2007                                by:  Dianne Thomas   

Hollis, Albert W. Jr.

Clifton Springs, Albert W. Hollis Jr. age 43, died unexpectedly on Friday January 5, 2007. He is survived by his loving wife of almost 11 years, Darlene Hollis; his children, Katie (Fiancee Brandon Coons) Hollis of Clifton Springs, Albert Hollis III of Clifton Springs; step-daughters, Ratchel Clark of Canandaigua, Tracy (Scott Mahar) Clark of Farmington; his parents, Albert and Josephine Hollis Sr.; brothers, Ed (James) Hollis of Toronto, Debbie (Ken) Newcombe of Ovid, Danny (Krista) Hollis of Uniondale PA, Ken "Bucky" (Doxie) Hollis of Forest City, PA; several nieces and nephews. Friends may call on Tuesday (Jan. 9) from 2-4 and 7-9 PM at the Cheney Funeral Home, 70 Main Street Phelps. Funeral services will be held on Wednesday at 11 AM at the United Church of Phelps. Burial will be in Oaklawn Cemetery with Military Honors. It is suggested that memorial donations be made to the Canandaigua V.A. Hospital, 400 Fort Hill Ave., Canandaigua, NY 14424.

Finger Lakes Times                                      October 23, 2012                       by: Cynthia Schwab  

CLIFTON SPRINGS - Dorothy Ellen Fox Boardman, age 95, passed away on Saturday (October 20, 2012) with her family by her side.
The family invites friends and loved ones to call on Tuesday (October 23) from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Patrick Funeral Home 26 W. Main St., Clifton Springs. Funeral services will be held 11 a.m. Wednesday (October 24) at the Clifton Springs United Methodist Church. Burial will be at the convenience of the family in Rushville Cemetery.
Friends may contribute to the Clifton Springs Hospital in Dorothy's memory.
Dorothy was born October 5, 1917, the daughter of the late Genevieve and Charles Fox. Dorothy worked as a supervising LPN at the Newark Developmental Center until her retirement in 1974. She was a member of the Clifton Springs United Methodist Church and also a member of the Canandaigua chapter Daughters of the American Revolution.
Dorothy is survived by her two daughters, Gail Cummings and Nancy Turner; and her son James (Sheryl) Boardman; 10 grandchildren, many great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews.
Dorothy is predeceased by her husband of 47 years Myron R. Boardman in 1985; her son, William Boardman; two sisters, Blanche Cook and Sue Suhr; and son-in-law, Walter.


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