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 East Bloomfield News

1800 's

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Rochester Telegraph, Rochester, NY       Tues      Jan 6, 1821          by: GSubyak@aol.com

At Bloomfield, on the 1st inst. by Elder BADGER, Mr. __ LAMPHERE to Miss Betsey GATES.

Rochester Observer, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY   Friday     February 1, 1828      by: Pat Mims

MARRIED -   In East Bloomfield, Mr. Richard SIMMONS, Sr. of Bristol, to Miss Hannah WHEELER.

Rochester Observer, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY   Thursday     July 28,  1831      by: Pat Mims

Married -  In East Bloomfield, on the 14th inst. Mr. Alexander GRISWOLD Jr., merchant in West Bloomfield, to Miss Clarissa BROWN, of the former place.

Rochester Daily Democrat,   Rochester, Monroe, NY,           July 1, 1842              by: GSubyak@aol.com

MARRIED:  In Bloomfield, on the 9th inst. Mr. Luther BERRY to Miss Sarah WYELEHAM, both of that place.

The Daily Democrat,   Rochester, NY     Saturday  May  27, 1843            by:  Dick Halsey

MARRIED - Double Wedding
In East Bloomfield, on the 17th instant, by Rev Mr. Parker, Mr. Lorenzo B. Noyes, to Miss Nancy P. Reynolds, allot that place. By the same, at the same time and place, Mr. H. Ward, of East Bloomfield, to Miss Cynthia B. Reynolds, of East Bloomfield.

DEATHS - In East Bloomfield, on the 13th instant, of pulmonary consumption, Miss Esther Maria Pierce, aged 15 years. 

Also, on the 17th inst., of the same disease, Miss Lucy Bronson Pierce, aged 24 years.

The Daily Democrat,   Rochester, NY     Saturday    July 29, 1843            by:  Dick Halsey

Died:  At the house of her daughter in Moscow, on the 17th inst., Mrs. Charity Norton BUELL, wife of Deacon Timothy BUELL, of East Bloomfield, Ontario Co., aged 84.

Rochester Republican,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.       Jan. 11, 1849                         by: GSubyak@aol.com 

Marriage  -  In East Bloomfield, on the 1st inst., Wm. H. CHASE to Ann Rebecca REMER.  Also, Oscar F. REMER to Cyrena A. ADAMS.

Ontario Republican Times,   Wed,      Nov 27, 1861  Pg 3         by: Dianne Thomas


Joseph BUTLER of East Bloomfield, who enlisted as a volunteer in a Lima company, attached to Col SLOCUM'S regiment, and who was reported among the killed at the Battle of Bull Run, passed through here last Monday, on his way home.  He was wounded and taken prisoner on the occasion referred to and has since been confined at Richmond, until released on parole.  He was struck... (cut off)

ONTARIO REPUBLICAN TIMES, Canandaigua, Wednesday    August 27, 1862,  Pg 3     by: Ron Hanley
DIED - In East Bloomfield, on the 17th inst, Mrs. Eliza G. Bradley, wife of E. M. Bradley, and daughter of Thayer Gauss, Esq., aged thirty-five years.

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wednesday,   Nov 11, 1863      by: Dianne Thomas


DIBBLE, Albert K.  In East Bloomfield, Oct 25th, 1863, of fever contracted in hospital in Washington, DC, Albert K. DIBBLE, aged 25 years, 9 months and 8 days.  Another member of this family stricken down, with the bright promise of a noble manhood; an innocent victim of this unnatural war although he had participated in no battles.  He went to the Army of the Potomac, for a brother, sick in one of the hospitals in the front;  and though himself almost an invalid, he generously cared for his brother, until death took his charge from him.  He brought him home, saw him buried and only too soon followed him.  Truly, "death loves a shining mark," and in taking him, has robbed his family of a devoted son and brother, and the community of a useful Christian member.  Two Ons! The sacrifice was accepted; and though we mourn, yet we can but feel it is well with them both.  "Hope still lifts her radiant finger, Pointing to the eternal home; Upon whose portals yet they linger, Looking back for us to come."

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES              Sept. 27, 1865        Pg 3, col 3              by: Ron Hanley
MARRIED In this village, on Wednesday, September 13th, by the Rev. G. E.  Daggett, Ten Eyck Munson, of East Bloomfield, to Anna M., daughter of Thaddeus Chapin, at Canandaigua.

Repository & Messenger    Wednesday     January 22, 1873      Pg 3, col  4       by: Ron Hanley
On the 17th inst., Mr. Timothy Buell departed this life at the advanced age of 81 years.  He was a veteran of the war of 1812, and one of the oldest residents of Bloomfield. He was well known throughout the community and his death is lamented by all.

+  Our usually quiet village was startled Thursday morning by the ever appalling cry of fire, doubly so because of the terrific gale raging at the time.  The residence of E. A. CARROLL was found to be in flames. When discovered the fire had made such progress that it was impossible to check it.  Luckily a greater part of the furniture was saved.  The loss is partly covered by insurance.  The contents of the house were insured for $1,000 with Messrs. Richardson and Page of Canandaigua; the house for $1,800, with Mr. John Raines.  

Ontario County Times                  August 18, 1875                                 by Cheri Branca
East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mr. Samuel Miller, of Miller's Corners, died last Friday, after an illness of only a few days. The deceased was a young man of promising abilities and a great favorite among the people where he lived. One seldom sees a community as deeply affected by the death of a member as were the people of Miller's Corners on this occasion.

Ontario Co. Times               Wed.         Sept.  24, 1879        Pg 3, col 7      by:  Ron Hanley
At the residence of the bride's mother, on Wednesday, September 17, 1879, by Rev. J. P. Skeele, Mr. Frank Munson and Miss Isadore Braman, all of East Bloomfield.

 ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL Friday December 5, 1879   Pg 2, Col 6              by:  Ron Hanley
DIED -  Jobson in East Bloomfield, November 26, 1879, Hannah, wife of Mark Jobson, aged 37 years and 11 months.
 Mrs. Hannah Jobson, wife of Mark Jobson, died Wednesday, November. 26th, aged 38 years. Funeral services were held on Friday.

Unknown Paper            Probably January 1880                    by: Dianne Thomas

GAUSS – In East Bloomfield, NY, Dec 24, 1879, after a few days illness, Benjamin GAUSS, Esq., aged 85 years.  Mr. GAUSS was born in Genesee country, in the town in which he died, long before the town had been named, and when only about a dozen souls made up the whole population of the now populous and wealthy town of East Bloomfield.  His father was of Puritan descent, and one of the first settlers in the town.  He came at a time which “tried men’s souls;” when pioneer life was but daily a repetition of toils and hardships, and the crude log hut served as the birth place of the noble son, who for eighty-five years, has so nobly acted his part in the great drama of life.  At all times, loyal to his country’s calls; with a large heart and a liberal hand to assuage the necessities of the needy, and with the fraternal care and Christian zeal in the raising of his children, this good man of two centuries has passed away.  Some few years since, he, with his wife and only daughter, removed to Rockford, MI., spending a time in that beautifully city, making, by his kindness and urbanity of manners, a host of friends, with whom he felt so grieved to part.  While in Rockford his estimable wife, to whom he was so tenderly devoted, bade adieu to earth; but in his loneliness, he sought another refute, “a city not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens.”  A few years since he returned to his old home “to die” and sleep with his fathers.  

He leaves two sons and a daughter to mourn his loss, while the whole community rise up with one accord and “call him blessed.”  Dead, but his deeds shall ever live in our hearts until we, like him, “shall see face to face” in that “Sweet by and by.”    East Bloomfield, Jan., 2, 1880.   

Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY   June 2, 1881      by: Dianne Thomas

East Bloomfield Personals:

Mr. Frank BAILEY had eight pieces of bacon stolen from his smoke house one night last week.

Mr. J. G. NORTON has ceased to manufacture apple barrels, believing that there will be no demand for them this fall.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL     May 12, 1882    Pg 2, col  5            by: Ron Hanley
BLOOMFIELD  -    C. S. Chambers and Company are the merchants here. Charley is also postmaster. This firm is doing a good business, and their trade is constantly increasing.  Any store in this part of the country with the name of Chambers attached to it is sure to succeed. Charley is the third brother that has run a store in this place.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL        Friday      Feb. 16, 1883     Pg 3, col 8            by: Ron Hanley
In East Bloomfield, February 13, 1883, at the residence of Mr. John M. Morts, by Rev. A. F. Skeele, Mr. Timothy Buell, of Solomon City, Kansas, and Miss Allie Morts, of East Bloomfield.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL                       Dec 5, 1884                      by:  Bill Kemp

 Obituary - East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mr. John Adams died at the residence of his son, A. T. Adams, Wednesday morning, aged 90 years, 1 month and 14 days. He came to this town 89 years ago from Massachusetts with his parents; was a pensioner of the War of 1812. Funeral services will be held Friday at 1:30 p.m., at the residence of A. T. Adams.  

Ontario Messenger          Aug 20, 1885            Pg. 3                      by: Dianne Thomas

East Bloomfield  Aug 17, 1885:

+ The Granger picnic in D. FRENCH'S grove last Saturday was a pleasant affair and was ably addressed by D. R. BOSTWICK and Burton HAM.  


+ Frederick N. TOBEY, one of our old citizens was last Thursday stricken with apoplexy and remained unconscious until his death, which took place on Saturday afternoon.  He had lived 60 years in town and was highly respected and esteemed by all.  A good man has gone to his reward.

+ Last Friday, Mr. F. N. TOBEY of East Bloomfield sustained a shock of paralysis and died in a short time.  His funeral was on Sunday.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES     Wednesday     February 16, 1887      Pg 2, col  4    by: Ron Hanley 
EAST  BLOOMFIELD -  Mr. James Dunn, who has been ill for some time with consumption, passed away Saturday morning.  Mr. Dunn was an esteemed member of the East Bloomfield Coronet Band, and was highly respected by all who knew him.  He leaves a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn his death. The funeral took place at the Roman Catholic Church, Monday February 14.

       ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES     Wednesday    October 31, 1888      Pg 2, col  6    by: Ron Hanley 
EAST  BLOOMFIELD -  Last week we were surprised to hear of the sudden death, on Monday night, the 22nd inst., of Mr. Linus G. Steele, of the "Harvester Works," Batavia.   He died of pneumonia and was brought here to his old home on Wednesday morning, and buried by the side of a son.  He leaves a wife and daughter and two sons, besides an aged mother and brother here, and numerous other relatives.

ONTARIO TIMES              March 19, 1890          Pg  2, col  6                  by:    Ron Hanley

Mr. Frederic Munson met with a serious mishap last Friday morning. He slipped and fell and broke his leg a little above the knee.
Dr. Partridge cares for it, and he seems to be doing well, but as he is past eighty years of age, it may take it a long time to heal. He is a man remarkable for activity, and of very temperate habits, and these are in his favor, but he is missed even now, as he was present at all of the meetings, and an earnest worker in every good cause. He has the sympathy of all, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Ontario Co. Journal,  Canandaigua, NY    Fri,    Aug 26, 1892      by: Dianne Thomas 

Miss Mary SPITZ was at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. SPITZ, visiting them this week.  

+  The office of the late Dr. HUBBARD, now occupied by Dr. S. R. WHEELER, is being repaired and repainted. 

+  The family of C. W. BRADLEY accompanied by Mrs. STEVENS and her son, took possession of Red Dock cottage at Canandaigua lake, Wednesday morning.

+  Another party of East Bloomfield young people including Mrs. F. L. ADAMS, Miss Maggie QUACKENBUSH, Misses Alma and Aurora TUBBS, Maude WOOLSTON, Kate HIGINBOTHAM, Messrs. Luther STEELE, John ADAMS, George SWEENEY and others, will occupy Glenwood for a few days this week and next.

Ontario Co. Journal,  Canandaigua, NY    Fri,    Sept 16, 1892  pg 2    by: Dianne Thomas 

East Bloomfield - Local Correspondence - 

A. B. NORTON is progressing toward recovery.

Wm. CAIN has sold his meat market to the firm of Mason & Ragan. 

+ Prof. James STEWART of Union Springs, is visiting his friends in town.  

Charles SNYDER, of Canandaigua has been the guest of William NORTON the past week. 

Mr. STILLWELL, a retired minister, filled the pulpit of the Methodist church last Sunday.  

Misses Lilla and Sara LEE of Canandaigua, have been visiting their sister, Mrs. O. H. SWIFT.

Mrs. MURPHY of Parma, NY, a former resident of East Bloomfield, is staying with friends in town.  

Lyman BEACH of Louisville, KY, an old resident of this town, called on some of his old friends, Wednesday.

Miss Bessie FARRELL of Caledonia, is a guest at Fairlawn, where she is visiting her sister in law, Mrs. Thomas FARRELL

George JOHNSON, clerk in the Canandaigua post office, made the run to East Bloomfield on his wheel, in 30 1/2 minutes last Sunday.  

Miss Nellie ADAMS is suffering from an attack of pleurisy, which prevented her from performing her duties as organist last Sunday.  

+  Hops are picked in many of the yards.  Henry HOWES and Sam MASON Sr. have finished.  The PAGES and the NEENANS expects to finish this week.  

+   The funeral services of an infant child of Mr. and Mrs. William SHEEHAN, who died last Thursday, were conducted by Rev. J. M. DOBSON last Saturday.  

+  A valuable horse, Victor Eddy, owned by Mrs. ELLIS of Victor, kept by G. H. ROWLEY, recently died from injuries received by a kick from another horse.  

Thomas FARRELL of Fairlawn, is attending the fairs this month with Peter MARTIN of Rush.  Nate WAGER assists Ed. BLACKMER with the farm work until he returns.  

+  The families of G. A. SPEAKER, George HAYWARD, Charles BRADLEY, Andrew POMROY and the Rev. P. M. HARMAN, will occupy Red Dock Cabin, Canandaigua lake, Thursday through Saturday of this week. 

 Ontario Co. Journal,  Canandaigua, NY    Fri,     Sept 23, 1892             by: Dianne Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. HOBART will celebrate their golden wedding, the 29th of this month.  

Brother FOX and Daniel PARSONS are in Washington this week, in attendance at the G.A.R. encampment.  

Fred H. HAMLIN started yesterday to enter upon the work of his sophomore year at Yale university.  

Miss Mabel SWEENEY returned from Geneseo last Friday night, and spent Sunday at home with her parents. 

Mrs. Julia WEBSTER of Chicago and Miss ROWE have been entertained recently at the home of  Ashman B. GAUSS

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.         Feb. 15, 1893                                by: GSubyak@aol.com     

William KAVANAUGH, of East Bloomfield, slipped and fell on the ice Sunday morning dislocating his shoulder.

Union & Advertiser,  Rochester, Monroe, N.Y.       Jan. 8, 1894                        by: GSubyak@aol.com


East Bloomfield, N. Y., Jan. 8 - Edmund H. ASHLEY, aged 78 years, committed suicide yesterday by shooting. Ill health was the cause.

Ontario Repository Messenger, Canandaigua, NY  Thursday, March 22, 1894     by: Dianne Thomas


MC CARTHY - At East Bloomfield, March 14th, Nora MC CARTHY, aged 74 years

FITZ MORRIS - At East Bloomfield, March 17th, Mathew FITZ MORRIS, aged 32 years



Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY        March 23,  1894      by: Dianne Thomas


+ The funeral of Matthew FITZ MORRIS, whose death occurred lst Saturday morning at the home of this father, John FITZ MORRIS, was held form St. Bridget's church Monday forenoon, the Rev. Father DONNELLY of Victor, officiating.  Mr. FITZ MORRIS was 32 years old and leaves a wife and two small children.


+ Mrs. Carrie NORTON of LeRoy is visiting her uncle, William NORTON, this week.

+ Mrs. Charles FREER and son of Canandaigua Lake, are visiting the family of C. W. BRADLEY.

+ Cyrus MURRELL, who has been spending the winter in Michigan, returned home Saturday evening.

+ William BRIDGELAND has rented his cottage on the hill to a Mr. VAN BUREN from Geneva, who takes possession at once.

+ Miss Jennie FULLER will preside at the organ in St Peter's church on Sunday afternoon, in the absence of Miss FINIGAN.

+ Frank PARKER who has been residing in Rochester, returns to his old home in East Bloomfield, which has been lately occupied by John C. WILKINS and family.

+ L. H. BRUNSON leaves the farm he has occupied for many years and moves into the house now occupied by H. E. WHEELER, who will occupy his new house about the 1st of April.

Ontario Repository  Messenger, Canandaigua, NY       Apr 4, 1894           by: Dianne Thomas 

+ Collins PARKER, son of James C. PARKER, is quite ill with gastric fever.

+ On Wednesday evening last, Miss Lucy GAUSS, only daughter of Ashman B. GAUSS, was married to Harlow MUNSON, at the residence of her father in the presence of abut thirty immediate relatives.  The bride was attired in white, trimmed with white silk, and wore white tea roses.   The bridesmaid was Miss Theda M. MUNSON, who was (cut off) 

+ Leslie J. MEAD is making a short visit in town.

+ Mr. ROUBLIVE of Nebraska, was a guest of Henry M. STEELE last week. 

Unknown Ontario Newspaper   November 1894                         by:  Dianne Thomas

Peter NEENAN - The Democratic Supervisor of the Town of East Bloomfield

Peter NEENAN was born in the town of West Bloomfield, January 9, 1856.  He has been a resident of East Bloomfield since 1860.  He obtained his education in the common schools, and is a carpenter by trade.  In politics he is strongly Democratic, and has held the offices of Constable and Collector, and acted for a number of years of Overseer of the Poor.  This is his 2nd term as Supervisor.  His Republican opponent both years, was Harry G. CHAPIN, whom he defeated in 1893 by 17 majority and this year by 7 majority.

Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY   Aug 16, 1895          by:  Dianne Thomas

East Bloomfield, Aug 13, - John MURRAY, our station agent, died Saturday morning after a short illness.  The funeral was largely attended Monday in St. Bridget Church; the branch of the SMBA, No. 179, to which he belonged and was a charter member, attended in a body.  The floral offerings were numerous and several of splendid design.  The burial was in the family plot at Canandaigua.  He was highly esteemed by all who knew him and his early death is regretted by all. 

ONTARIO REPOSITORY MESSENGER        Tuesday       April 14, 1896       Front Page           by: Ron Hanley
Deaths  - NEENAN - At East Bloomfield, April 11th, Mrs. Catherine Neenan, aged 72 years. 
SAME PAPER  Pg  4, col  5 
Ontario County Particularly - Mrs. Catherine Neenan, of East Bloomfield, died Saturday morning, funeral at St. Bridget's Church, Monday.   She was a lifelong resident of that town, and is survived by two daughters and six sons, of whom Justice and ex- Supervisor Neenan is one.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, NY   Mon     Apr 26, 1897             by: GSubyak@aol.com    

Simeon B. SEARS, an old resident and prominent citizen of East  Bloomfield, died on Thursday last, aged 80 years. He leaves surviving him  besides his widow, one son, Albert SEARS, of East Bloomfield, and four  daughters, Mrs. Doctor EASTMAN, of Binghamton; Mrs. George W. PARMELE, and Mrs. Almira ELLIS, of Canandaigua, and Mrs. Henry C. BROWN, of West  Bloomfield.

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wed,   Feb 23, 1898      by:  Dianne Thomas

+  Much interest is shown in the extensive improvements being made in the store of Frank MUNSON.  Additional buildings, Acetylene gas, steel ceilings and decorated walls are receiving much commendation.  

Mrs. Henry M. PARMELE returned Saturday from a two weeks visit with friends in New York.

+  Several of the friends of C. W. BRADLEY, lately a resident of this town, visited LeRoy last Thursday, to celebrate his 50th anniversary among them, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick MUNSON and Mrs. Elizabeth MUNSON.  

Mrs. Eliza GOODWIN, who has been visiting friends in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, returned home last week. 


Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY   Thursday     Feb 24, 1898            by:  Dianne Thomas


Isaiah NORTON has placed in the Mallory house, an acetylene gas machine.  Frank Munson & Co. will place one in the their store as soon as the extension and alterations are completed.  A new steel ceiling is being put up now and the work hurried.  


ONTARIO REPOSITORY & MESSENGER   Thursday    February 24, 1898      Pg 8, col  4      by: Ron Hanley
Deaths -  NORTH  -   At East Bloomfield, February 17th, Elisha D. North, 67 years.

COLUMN  1       East Bloomfield, February 23, 1898

Elisha D. North received a paralytic shock last Tuesday from  which he died Thursday, aged 68 years. The funeral was held at the residence Saturday afternoon, Rev. Stimson officiating.   His widow and daughter survive. Mr. North was very much liked  by all who knew him, a kind neighbor and good citizen, and his death  is generally regretted. 

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES       Wednesday     February 23, 1898      Pg  2, col  5      

EAST BLOOMFIELD -  Elisha D. North died Thursday of last week and was buried in the village cemetery, Saturday.
His grandfather's was one of the numerous families coming to this town from Goshen, Conn. Israel North came to Ontario County in 1820, and settled on a farm in this town. Edwin A., at that time a young man of 16, came with him, and in 1827 married Lydia M. Cooley, of Canandaigua, they had five children, one of whom was Elisha D., all of whom are now dead. Elisha leaves one daughter, married, besides his wife.

Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY   Wednesday,  May 5, 1898    by:  Dianne Thomas

+  The funeral of Mrs. Michael MOORE was held at St. Bridget's Church, this morning, Rev. M. J. GARVEY officiated.

+  The funeral of Edith MASON was held at her parents' residence Wednesday afternoon.  Rev. STIMSON officiating. 

+  East Bloomfield - May 3 - Sheridan Crandall Post, Saturday evening installed the following officers: Com. E. CHAPIN; S.V.C., C.E. TAYLOR; J. V. C., George SMITH; Chap., George D. FOX; O. D., Francis BARKS, Adj.. J. S KINGSBURY; Q. M., S.G. ROSE; Q. M. Serg. L. T. PARTRIDGE; O. G. J. LACY.  Messrs. BARKS, TAYLOR and PARTRIDGE were appointed arrangements committee for Decoration Day and empowered to appoint sub-committees.  Rev. C. O. WILSON, a former pastor of the President will deliver the oration.  Two comrades were mustered in and one new application was received. The next Post meeting will be held Saturday, May 23rd at 8 pm. 

THE VICTOR HERALD      Friday          June 9, 1899     Pg  2, col 4                 by: Ron Hanley
 East Bloomfield  June 8th -  John Mason, a well known resident of the town, had his left foot amputated above the ankle at the City Hospital, last Thursday. He had been suffering with bone disease for over a year, it first showing itself on the bottom of the large toe, which was taken off last winter, but was not sufficient to stay the disease, which continued until the foot became involved, and the last operation decided upon.  He stood the operation well, and is on the gain, as reported. That he may speedily recover, is the wish of all who know him.

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