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Geneva News

1920 - 1939 

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Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY                 April 27, 1920                           by: GSubyak@aol.com

Geneva  -  April 26 - This morning shortly after 5 o'clock in the state road between Geneva and Waterloo a collision between two automobiles occurred, in which the lighter car was put entirely out of commission. The accident occurred about four miles east of Geneva when the two cars met, one a truck loaded with steel and driven by Roy E. OTIS, of Canandaigua, en-route to Syracuse, and the car owned and driven by Lamber DALTON, of Waterloo, coming towards Geneva.  
DALTON claims that the truck was without lights at the time. Before he discovered it the heavy truck was upon him and smashed into his left side, tearing away the running board, smashing the radiator and damaging the car almost beyond repair. OTIS claimed, in his report to the police, that he had one light burning at the time and that the headlights on the DALTON car blinded him so that he could not see. The DALTON car was hauled to the Del Papa garage in Lake street and the truck proceeded on its journey to Syracuse, after making the report to the local police. 


Geneva  - April 26 - Frank Henry KLUG, aged 75 years, a well known meat cutter and one time a proprietor of a meat market in Exchange street, died this morning at 9 o'clock at his home, No. 212 Pulteney street, after a short illness. Mr. KLUG was a member of the Butchers' Union, Local No. 267. He is survived by his wife and four sons, Joseph and Frank KLUG, of this city, and George and Henry KLUG, of McKees Rock, Pa.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle,  Monroe Co, NY       Friday      April 2, 1921              by: GSubyak@aol.com

Geneva  - April 1 -  Miss Lorena BREESE daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar BREESE, of Exchange street was married to Russel J. GALLAGHER, son of Mr. and Mrs. James J. GALLAGHER, of Bridge street, Seneca Falls at Trinity Church at 7 on 
Wednesday evening. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Charles MORTON SILLS, D. D. rector of the church. Mr. and Mrs. GALLAGHER will reside in Geneva after their wedding trip.

Union & Advertiser,    Rochester, Monroe, N.Y.      May 4, 1921                       by: GSubyak@aol.com


Geneva, May 4 - Miss Julia KNIGHT died yesterday morning at the family home after a long illness. She is survived by three sisters, Miss Bridget KNIGHT, Mrs. Frank BEAMISH and Miss Anna KNIGHT, of this city, four brothers, Patrick KNIGHT of Plainsville, Ohio, James, Mathew and John KNIGHT of this city.

Union & Advertiser ,    Rochester, Monroe, N. Y     May 5, 1921                  by: GSubyak@aol.com  

Geneva, May 5 - The funeral of Miss Julia T. KNIGHT who died Tuesday morning,  will be held Friday morning at 8:30 o'clock from the family home, and from  St. Francis De Sales' Church at 9 o'clock.

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, NY     Thursday    Sept 1, 1921                by: GSubyak@aol.com

Geneva, Aug. 31 - Miss Olga A. KETTERER, of Stanley, and J. C. MASTIN, of  Geneva, were married last Thursday in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Geneva by Rev. Bruce E. PIERCE. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Lulu E. 
, as bridesmaid, and J. Dean SCOTT was best man. The bride was attired in a dark blue traveling suit, with picture hat, and carried bride roses. The bridesmaid wore dark blue, with hat to match, and carried pink roses.  Following ceremony a dinner was served, after  which Mr. and Mrs. MASTIN left for an Eastern motor trip. They will be at home  after September 10th in Geneva.

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle    Saturday         March 4, 1922                by:  Dianne Thomas

Western New York Deaths -  

Geneva Daily Times, Geneva, NY                         May 4, 1922                  by: Nancy Tweedie
Mrs. Florinda M. (nee Shirley) Baker, age 91, died at the home of her son, Thomas Edwards, on the River Road, this morning at 5:20 o'clock after a long illness.  She is survived by one son, Thomas S. Edwards, five grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.  The funeral announcement will be made later.


May 5, 1922

The funeral of Mrs. Florinda (nee Shirley) Baker, who died early yesterday morning after a long illness, will be held from the home of her son, Thomas S. Edwards of the River Road, Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock, the Rev. J.B. Arthur, rector of the St. Paul's church, Waterloo, officiating.  Internment will be made in Maple Grove cemetery.

Geneva Daily Times, Geneva, NY                         May 7, 1922                  by: Nancy Tweedie

Samuel D. Shirey, 55 years, died early yesterday morning at the Geneva City Hospital after a short illness.  Mr. Shirey has made his home in Geneva for about fifteen years.  He has worked for many years as a carpenter for A. B. Hilkert and made his home with Mr. and Mrs. P. Delos Finaz, 91 Hamilton St.  He is survived by one brother, William O. Shirey, of Ferrisburgh, VT. 
The funeral will be held from his late home, 91 Hamilton St., tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock the Rev. Havard Griffith, pastor of the First Baptist church officiating.  Interment will be made in Glenwood Cemetery.  Members of the Carpenter's Union will attend in a body and a delegation will act as bearers.

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle   Thursday         June 29, 1922              by:  Dianne Thomas

ARREST FOLLOWS REPORT - Couple Released Under Bonds for Hearing Scheduled for July 25th

Geneva, June 28 - Jeremiah MAHONEY and his wife, Catherine MAHONEY of No. 39 No. Exchange street were arrested today and arraigned before Judge G. F. DIRMARS, charged with violation of the law, prohibiting the sale of alcohol liquids for beverage purposes.

The arrest of Mr. and Mrs. MAHONEY is the outcome of the raid made by the State Troopers on their home last Friday when it was found that a quantity of alleged home-brew was in a state of fermentation in several crocks and about 100 bottles of the supposed same liquid was confiscated by the troopers.  One of the bottles was said to have shown an alcohol content of 3.32 and another, 3.11 percent alcohol.  When arraigned the accused through their attorney asked for a hearing, which was put down for July 29th.  They were released on bail of $300 each.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Wednesday  February 20, 1924
 SURROGATES  COURT  -  Quinn Estate
Ellen Quinn, who died in Geneva City, December 1, 1923, bequeaths her $2000 estate as follows: daughters, Margaret Durkee, Ellen DeVaney and Mary Long of Geneva, each $50,  a son, Raymond Quinn, of Geneva, $300, a daughter, Florence Quinn, of Geneva, all of the household furniture and insurance.  All the remainder of the property to be divided equally between James and Florence Quinn, who are appointed executors.

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle    Friday         May 2, 1924   pg 7               by:  Dianne Thomas

John SNOWNEY, an eight year old boy was killed last week, Friday in Geneva, when an ice house that was being razed tumbled and fell upon him.

Benjamin WATKINS, of the Bennett farm near Hall, drove his automobile through a crowd of pedestrians crossing Castle St., Geneva, last Saturday night, knocking down seven persons.  Four were taken to the hospital.  WATKINS was arrested and charged with reckless driving.  

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Thurs          June 10, 1926             by: GSubyak@aol.com 

SAMUEL C. HELMS   -  Geneva, June 9 - Samuel C. HELMS, 71, died last night at the Geneva Hospital. He leaves two sisters, Mrs. William BROWN of the Lyons Road, and Mrs.  C. ARNOLD, of Geneva, and a brother, Robert C. HELMS, of Geneva. Funeral  Thursday
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. BROWN with Rev. J. B.  HUBBS, of Geneva officiating. Burial in Glenwood cemetery.

MRS. SAMUEL WARR - Geneva, June 9 - Mrs. Samuel WARR, mother of W. G. WARR, secretary of the Geneva, Y.M.C.A., died Monday at the family home in Scranton, Pa. She leaves her husband, a son, W. G. WARR, and three daughters.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Sun          July 11, 1926             by: GSubyak@aol.com 

Geneva, July 11, The annual reunion of the BARDEN and WITTER families took place Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. N. TRANSUE at Hall with a hundred guests attending. At the business session following officers were elected for the coming year: President, William ANSLEY, of Penn Yan; vice-president, Mrs.  Edward BLACK, of Bellous; secretary, William WITTER of Stanley; treasurer Arlington MAPES of Gorham.
The reunion next year will take place at the home  of Mr. and Mrs. LEDGERWOOD, Penn Yan. Geneva members of the family attending  included: Mr. and Mrs. W. A. BARDEN; Fr. and Mrs. George O'BARDEN, Mr. and Mrs.  F. J. WITTER and family, Mrs. T. C. TURNBULL and daughter, Miss Helen TURNBULL,  Mr. and Mrs. Carl BARNES and Mrs. William DORMER and Mrs. J. BARDEN.

The Victor Herald, Victor, NY    Friday,       July 13, 1923          by:  Dianne Thomas  

Jay F. BUTLER of Geneva, pleaded guilty in police court to driving an automobile while intoxicated and was fined $50 and his owner's license permanently revoked.  BUTLER narrowly escaped a collision with another motorist and then ran into a bridge abutment. 

+  A Geneva woman is said to hold the record as a "car smasher".  Her name is Mrs. Charles ONO and she first ran her car directly into that of Charles READE, then collided, a little later, with a Ford belonging to Charles JENSEN.  Her own car was badly damaged.  Mrs. ONO claims the steering wheel of the car was responsible for her unenviable record. 

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle,  Monroe, NY            Tuesday            Jan 29, 1924                by:  Dianne Thomas       

John BLAND - Geneva, Jan 28 -  John BLAND, colored, 80 years old, died last night at the Soldiers Home at Bath.  Mr. BLAND in his younger days was one of the prominent amateur oarsmen, when sowing was a popular sport and was a member of the Geneva rowing crew.

He was a Civil War Veteran being a member of the 14th Heavy Artillery; also a member of the Methodist church of this city, of which he was janitor for a number of years.  He had been in failing health for a number of years before going to the Soldiers' Home.

He leaves two sons, John BLAND Jr. of Chicago and George BLAND of Binghamton; a half brother, Joseph V. GILLAM, of this city, and one sister, Mrs. Mary DENNISON (sp ) of Ithaca.   The body will be brought to Geneva and taken to the Yells and Son's undertaking rooms, from where the funeral service will be held.   [note: He was interred in the Soldiers' Hill section of Glenwood cemetery]

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY      Sunday           Sept 14, 1924           by:  Dianne Thomas       

Eleven People Injured - Geneva, September 13 - Eleven people were injured, two seriously, and six occupants of a heavy sedan narrowly escaped being drowned in the Cayuga and Seneca Canal as a result of a collision between cars driven by Mrs. Elvira HARTMAN, No. 42 Hoffman avenue and John POLCE, No. 106 N. Genesee street.  Mrs. HARTMAN was jammed against the steering wheel and Mrs. Allen SAWYER, No. 47 Hoffman avenue, received a bad scalp wound by the impact. 

The big sedan was swung around to the left and plunged toward the canal. It was stopped a few inches away from the water by a pile  protruding  from the shoring.  In the car besides Mrs. HARTMAN and Mrs. SAWYER were Mrs. Sarah LEONARD, No. 96  ----?  street and her nephew George LEONARD; Mrs. William DAVID, Lafayette avenue, and Mrs. Margaret VAN HUBEN, No. 224 Pultney street.  In the other machine were Mr. and Mrs. POLCE and their three children. All were cut, bruised and suffered from shock.  

Mrs. SAWYER was taken to Geneva City Hospital and Mrs. HARTMAN, to her home. Both blame the other for crowding the road.    

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER               Monday                      July 6, 1925            by: Ron Hanley
 TWO DEAD FROM CRASH RESULT   -  Two Others Hurt in Holiday Accident Near Geneva
James B. Murray, 45, of Rochester, formerly of Geneva, and James Murphy, 60, of Geneva, were dead today, following an automobile accident
Saturday night on the Geneva Lyons Road near Skuse's Corners.
Murray died yesterday of a fractured skull, while Murphy died en route to the hospital Saturday night.
John Sullivan, 30, of Geneva, and Harry Taylor, 50, also of Geneva, who were also in the car, are at the hospital. Sullivan has numerous fractures and possible internal injuries, while Taylor has minor cuts and bruises, but possible internal injuries. The condition of both was reported today as still serious.
The men were occupants of a touring car driven by Mr. Murphy, who for the last 30 years or over, has been employed by O. J. C. Rose, of Geneva, as a coachman and chauffeur. Occupants of the car on the road at the time, state that the car was being driven fast, but apparently under control until the moment of the accident, when it appeared to skid on the pavement which was wet following a heavy rain, and then to drive toward the ditch and suddenly turn over three times.
Mr. Murphy and Mr. Murray, who were in the front seat, were apparently thrown out as the car turned in the air the first time. Sullivan and Taylor, who were in the rear seat, remained in the car and were taken from the wreckage of the car, which was almost completely wrecked. 
The men were placed in other automobiles and hurried to the Geneva General Hospital. Mr. Murphy was taken to the hospital, but it is thought he died en-route. The body was taken to his home. He leaves his wife, a son William Murphy, and two daughters, Miss Rose Murphy and Miss Mary Murphy, both of Geneva.
Mr. Murray is a native of Geneva, but has resided of late years in Rochester. He leaves a son, Robert Murray, of Charleston, W. Virginia, a daughter, Miss Ethel Murray, of Geneva, four brothers, John of Geneva, Daniel of Phelps, Frank of Buffalo, and Thomas of Jamestown, five sisters, Mrs. Mary Sabine, of Rochester, Mrs. Charles Saunders, of Rochester, Mrs. Charles VanDeusen, of Canandaigua, Mrs. Raymond Shirley and Mrs. Charles Paulson, of Geneva. The body was taken to the home of Mrs. Paulson.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY                 March 31, 1927                           by: GSubyak@aol.com

HARRIET C.  MARTIN -  Geneva, March 20 - Harriet C. MARTIN, sister of Charles W. MARTIN of No.  146
Maxwell avenue, died to-day at the MARTIN home. Funeral from the home Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Burial in Soule cemetery, Auburn.

MISS MARY WALKER -  Geneva, March 30 - Miss Mary L. WALKER, 88, died yesterday at the home of Mrs. M. J. CLARK, No. 23 Elm street. She leaves no immediate relatives and is the last of one of the old-time Geneva families. Her father was known as Colonel  WALKER. At the outbreak of the Civil war he was prominent in legal circles in  this vicinity but gave up his practice and was active in the recruiting of a  company of volunteers. He left here as captain of the company and at the close  of the war returned with the rank of colonel. Funeral Thursday afternoon
at 3  o'clock from the chapel in Glenwood cemetery. Rev. F. M. WESTON of the First  Presbyterian Church officiating. Burial in Glenwood cemetery.  Bearers will be members of the Masonic fraternity of which Colonel WALKER was an active member.

GEORGE W.  CARR -  Geneva, March 30 - George W. CARR, 54, died to-day at the home of his sister, Mrs. Edward BAILEY, No. 10 North Exchange street. He leaves three  brothers, Louis and Samuel CARR of Penn Pan(sic) [prob Penn Yan], and Alfred CARR, of Geneva; a step-brother, Vincent BEEBE, of Penn Yan; three sisters, Mrs. BAILEY, Mrs.  George DOCKERTY, of Penn Yan, and Mrs. John KLINEFELLER, of Holcomb.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY      Sunday         Jan 29, 1928           by:  Dianne Thomas   


BIG STILL IN HOUSE NEARLY BLOWN APART - Finest Plant in This Section According to Federal Agents

GAS IS CAUSE OF FIRE - Rubber Hose Used to Tap Gas Main Disconnected, Blaze Follows

Geneva - Jan 28 - The use of a rubber hose instead of a metal pipe to connect the gas pipe leading into the house at No. 41 Humber street, Torrey Park, resulted in the house being wrecked by fire early today and Federal prohibition enforcement officials coming into position of one of the finest distilling outfits yet captured in Western New York, in the opinion of officers who came to Geneva from Buffalo to inspect the plant after Geneva firemen had checked the fire.

Might Have Been Worse - The fire was due to the rubber hose becoming disconnected and the gas becoming ignited from the fire under the still.  That an explosion that would have wrecked the house and the neighborhood did not occur, the firemen believed was due to the fact that the escaping gas ignited gradually.  There was still a stream of fire coming from the disconnected gas pipe when the firemen arrived.  The house had been vacant for some time and the meter taken out.  The rubber house was connected where the meter had been disconnected.  

The property is assessed to John PRIANO and Mary PRIANO.  John PRIANO, believed to be the owner, was killed on the Lehigh Valley Railroad tracks last fall, and it is believed a son, John PRIANO is at present serving a term at Auburn prison. Federal Authorities are endeavoring to check up on the record of the property, since the death of the elder PRIANO.

Fifty Gallon Still - The distilling apparatus was discovered as soon as the firemen who were called by a general alarm, about 4:15 o'clock, arrived at the scene.  Patrolman Clay WALKER took charge of the place.  The fire caused a damage estimated at approximately $3,000. Investigation was started by Chief MORRIS, which showed the house equipped from cellar to attic.  The huge copper still equipped with a capacity of fifty gallons, extruded from the cellar to the attic of the two story house, with a row of petcocks along the entire length, while in every room on the second floor were wooden vats with a capacity of about 300 gallons of mash each, a big supply of grains in bags, numerous cans of manufactured products, several barrels of wine and various other supplies. 

The place was put under police guard to keep away the curious crowd that gathered and the guard was continued until the arrival of Federal officials.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY      Sunday         Jan 29, 1928           by:  Dianne Thomas   

ELKS TO ATTEND FUNERAL - Geneva, Jan 26 - Members of the Geneva Lodge of Elks will meet at the home tomorrow afternoon and attend in a body, the funeral of the former Mayor George F. LITCH, which is to take place at St. Peters Church at 2;30 o'clock. City officials will meet at the city hall and will attend the funeral in a body. 

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY      Friday         November 23, 1928           by:  Dianne Thomas 

Patrick ROULAND 22, of Geneva, was sent to Elmira Reformatory by Judge BAKER today. ROULAND, a married man was convicted by a jury Thursday, following trial on a statutory charge.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, Monroe, NY    Sun     Jan 6, 1929      by: GSubyak@aol.com 

Man Found Frozen Died of Hunger, Coroner Says; No Clue To His Identity

Geneva, Jan. 5 - As a result of an autopsy on the body of an unidentified man found frozen yesterday, Coroner George FLINT announces that the man starved to death, and that as a result of his weakened condition was unable to regain his feet after falling into a depression along the tracks of the Auburn branch of the New York Central Railroad about a quarter of a mile north of the
plant of the Lisk Manufacturing Company.
The body remains at a local undertaking parlor, while the officials are seeking identification. Fingerprints of the man have been forwarded by Frank E. FOLEY to the National Bureau of Criminal Identification in Washington, to the State Fingerprint Bureau at Albany and to the Army and Navy Bureau. Dr. H. D. HUBBS, who performed the autopsy, placed death at about 12 hours previous to the finding of the body and expressed the opinion that the man died where he was found from lack of nourishment and exposure. A watch in his pocket stopped at 12 o'clock.
The man about five feet six inches tall had dark brown hair streaked with grey. He wore two suits of underwear, a tan and blue cotton work shirt, a suit of dark blue serge, a brown overcoat and gray cap. Scraps of clothing labels showed that the clothing originally came from Detroit or Wyndotte, Mich

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle     Sunday                Nov 3, 1929                     by:  Dianne Thomas

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.    Tuesday                April 22, 1930                           by:  Dianne Thomas

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.    Monday                June 2, 1930                           by:  Dianne Thomas

Auburn - June 1, 1930 - Mrs. Hannah O'NEILL, 96, widow of Daniel O'NEILL died tonight.  Mrs. O'NEILL was born in Ireland and came to this country when a young girl.  She had lived nearly all her life at Waterloo.  She leaves one cousin, Mrs. Norah O'NEILL, of this city.  Funeral will be at 10 o'clock Tuesday at St. Mary's Church.  Burial will be in Geneva.

Geneva Daily Times, Geneva, NY                         Dec 22, 1930                  by: Nancy Tweedie

Mrs. Betsey Heckman, aged 82, died at her home in Rose Hill, Seneca County yesterday.  She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. McLellan Herr, Mrs. Earl Bedford and Mrs. Delbert Mudge, all of Seneca County; one son, Preston Heckman of Geneva; ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.  The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from her late home with the Rev. John B. Arthur of St. Paul's church, Waterloo, officiating.  Interment will be in Maple Grove cemetery. 
The bearers will be four grandsons, the Messrs. Francis and Alfred Heckman, Arthur Bedford and Clarence Drexler.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Tuesday  April 19, 1932                  by: Ron Hanley
Centerfield People Entertain At Dinner   -   Mr. and Mrs. William Hoffman entertained Mr. and Mrs. Glen Prosser and sons, Leroy and Ellis, and daughters, Lois, Elsie and Dorothy, of Victor, on Sunday.

Ontario Co. Times Journal, Canandaigua, NY     Friday         July 22, 1932                                by:  Dianne Thomas

ADAMS - BONNELL - Rev. John Quincy ADAMS, D.D. of 4 William street, Geneva, and Miss Adah N. BONNELL, of Waterloo, were united in marriage at noon, Thursday, at the BONNELL farm on the highway between the Five Points and Waterloo.  Rev. A. J. MAC MILLAN of Shortsville performed the ceremony, assisted by Rev. Harry W. MC CONNELL of Waterloo.  The bride is the daughter of the late George A. BONNELL and Mary E. HALSTEAD, his wife, and comes from a long line of Quaker ancestors.  She is a native of Waterloo and was graduated from the high school and from the normal school at Geneseo.  She has taught for many years in the township and fro the last two years, in the Waterloo Junior High, and has been superintendent and teacher in the Presbyterian Sunday School and active in many lines of church work.  The wedding was very private, only a dozen close friends and relatives being present.  The wedding breakfast was served at Normandy Inn.  After 2 or more weeks in New England, they will be at the BONNELL farm until early in the Fall, when they expect to go to Los Angeles, and remain on the Pacific coast until next summer.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER      Thursday      November 2, 1933             by: Ron Hanley   
Wallington VanLone Dies In Auto Accident; Woman Believed Cause Unknown
Investigation has been underway today by Trooper Todd, Canandaigua Sub Station state police, in connection with an automobile accident which Wallington VanLone, 50, of the Rochester Road, was fatally injured when a car in which he was riding with Chester A. Prosser, Victor, overturned in the North Road on the outskirts of Victor about 6 o'clock last night.
The accident occurred near the Prosser home, when the two men were returning from a pheasant hunting trip. VanLone's car had been left at Prosser's for the day and Prosser was driving his own car with VanLone as a passenger beside him.
Proceeding along the narrow dirt road, it is reported that a large sedan driven by a woman whose identity had not been learned, approached at high speed from the opposite direction, forcing Prosser to pull well over to the edge of the road. Both Prosser and VanLone, it is said, were aware of a sluiceway, and VanLone leaned out of the window to advise Prosser of the whereabouts of the sluiceway.
As the unidentified sedan drew close to Prosser's car, it is believed that he was forced so far to the right that the wheels of his car slipped from the roadside. The car plunged over on its side, pinning VanLone in the open window, and crushing the upper part of his body.  The other car disappeared down the road, Prosser crawled from the wreckage and made a futile attempt to raise the car from VanLone's body.
He was forced to secure aid from neighbors, but VanLone was already dead when relieved.  VanLone who conducted the VanLone's tea room near Dead Man's Curve on the Rochester road, is survived by his wife and one son, Alvis, 15.
Prosser was reported today to be suffering from the shock of his experience, but is said to be otherwise uninjured.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY       Sat            June 23, 1934            by:  GSubyak@aol.com 

ADRIAN M. HENRY -  Geneva, June 22 - Adrian M. HENRY, 21, of the East Lake Road, Rose Hill, died in Waterloo Hospital last night following an operation for appendicitis.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Monday  February 11, 1935         by: Ron Hanley
DEATHS -   Edward V. Morrissey
Funeral services for Edward V. Morrissey of Schenectady, native of Geneva, and brother of Mrs. Helen McCarthy, of Canandaigua, and Mrs. May Hamel of Geneva, were conducted this morning in Schenectady.
Burial was in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Albany road.
Mr. Morrissey died Thursday,  following a long illness. Other survivors include his wife, Mrs. Grace C. S. Morrissey, and another sister, Mrs. John Clark, of Troy.
(The above obituary incorrectly names a sister as Mrs. May Hamel when it should be Mrs. May Hamilton.)

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY      Thursday     Mar 28, 1935                       by: Ron Hanley


 3rd Conviction Listed by Ontario Welfare Department          Geneva  March 27 ---  Special Dispatch


The third conviction of a person charged with defrauding the Ontario County Welfare Department was reported today by Attorney

Carrollton A. Roberts of Geneva, prosecuting on behalf of District Attorney Nathan D. Lapham, of Geneva.

 With two Geneva cases previously disposed of, Charles Engert Sr., 60, of Victor, charged with making false statements in applying for

relief when he and his wife had a point interest account of nearly $2000 in a bank, paid a $50 fine. He is at liberty under a 60 day suspended jail sentence after making restitution for $223.50, the amount of relief obtained during the past year.


Engert was arrested Monday, according to attorney Roberts, on complaint of John W. Rushmore, of the county welfare department.

Sentence was imposed when he was arraigned before Peace Justice Archie Cuykendall, of Victor. Justice Cuykendall, in passing sentence , told Engert he would have been more severe except for illness of Engert's wife, and promised future offenders would be more severely punished.

The  Herald Mail, Fairport, NY           Thursday                April 4, 1935                         by: Dianne Thomas

Joe RIZZO and Herman STREPPA of High street, were arrested by police chief Charles KENNEY a couple of weeks ago on a charge of stealing aluminum pipe from the General Foods plant and whose cases were adjourned, came before Police Justice LEE, Monday, for sentence.  The county probation officer, Abram JONES, had investigated the situation and on his recommendation, the boys were placed on probation for a year on their plea of petty larceny.  They are required to make regular reports to the probation officer, and in any case of failure to do so or violation of the conditions, a sentence of six months in jail can be put into execution at once. 

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle    Sunday           Oct 13, 1935                  by:  Dianne Thomas


Barbara Jane ROULAND, six month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick ROULAND, died yesterday at home, 50 North Exchange street.   Surviving besides her parents are two brothers Donald and Jeremiah ROULAND.  Funeral services will be in the home tomorrow at 11 am.

Geneva Daily Times                    Thursday,              Nov 7, 1935                           by:  Dianne Thomas

John ORMAN - Waterloo,  Nov. 7—The death of John ORMAN, 90, at his home in Geneva late last week leaves a sole survivor of the 

famous 1000 "Boys in Blue" that historic 126th Regiment of New York State Volunteers, recruited largely from Seneca and Ontario counties. 

That man is Peter H. Cadmus, 93, [his pic in paper] Waterloo's contribution to the call of the immortal Lincoln to 1862. He enlisted August 15th. of that year, when but eighteen years old and before a month had elapsed was thrown into the bloody battle of Harper's Ferry where he was severely wounded and discharged at Washington for physical disability some time later.

John ORMAN was a member of Co. E, and would have been 91 this coming April had he lived. Mr. Cadmus knew him well, their acquaintance being revived at nearly every reunion of the old Regiment, many of which were held at Canandaigua and at the gatherings sponsored by Supreme Court Justice Robert Thompson, whose father was a veteran of the famous regiment.


Other late deaths were Jacob Sands of company I who died here last May. He was nearly 93 and Horton McMillan, Co. F., who died in Canandaigua last January in his 90th year both companions of Mr. Cadmus.

Waterloo is proud of her only soldier who remains of that gallant 1000 men, whose deeds are painted on the pages of American history. 

He is on the streets daily.

 CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Thursday  December 24, 1935                 by: Ron Hanley
LICENSE IS ISSUED -  According to City Clerk Guy M. Raines, a marriage license has been issued to Leroy G. Prosser, of Victor, RD 2, and Alice Marie Brown, 97 Pleasant Street, this city.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY          Thursday,  Dec 24, 1936     by: GSubyak@aol.com

TURNER - Entered into rest at her home, Ridge Road, West Webster, Tuesday, Dec. 22, 1936, Della TURNER, aged 82 years. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. William SPARKS; one sister, Mrs. Rebecca ROE of Saugerties, N. Y.; four grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren.
Services from her home, Saturday, 2 p.m. Interment Geneva, N. Y. Geneva papers please copy.

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle     Saturday           Jan 22, 1938                   by:  Dianne Thomas

Geneva - Dominick GRAZIANO died Thursday night in his home, 36 Lewis Street, after a short illness. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Antonia GRAZIANO; two daughters, Margaret and Sarah, two sons, John and Samuel GRAZIANO, sisters, Mrs. Anthony SCHIERA and Mrs. Sarah GRAZIANO, Palermo,  Italy and one brother, Michael GRAZIANO of California. Funeral services will be at 8:30, Monday in the home, and at 9 o'clock in St. Francis de Sales church.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY          Tuesday,   June 21, 1938     by: GSubyak@aol.com

Geneva - Mrs. Winifred CHURCHOUSE, wife of John CHURCHOUSE, a former resident of Geneva, died Saturday (18th) in Cleveland, Ohio, after a long  illness.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Saturday    October 29, 1938           by:  Dianne Thomas

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Monday     Jan 9, 1939           by:  Dianne Thomas

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY       Saturday         Apr 2,  1939                               by:  Dianne Thomas

Lyons Girl to Wed Genevan April 11 - Invitations have been issued for the marriage of Miss Adeline Elizabeth SANTELLI, dau of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas SANTELLI, Lyons, to Joseph Charles VENUTI Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. VENUTI, Geneva.

The wedding will take place Tuesday morning, Apr. 11, in St. Michaels Catholic Church, Lyons, with the Rev. Andrew T. DISSETT performing the ceremony and officiating at the nuptial high mass.  

Miss SANTELLI has selected her sister as maid of honor.  Bridesmaids will be Miss Lavina SANTELLI of Lyons and Miss Antoinette VENUTI, Miss Mary VENUTI and Miss Jennie SAGLABINI of Geneva.  Frank VENUTI, Geneva, will be his brother's best man. Kenneth SANTELLI, Lyons; John VENUTI, Samuel COSTA, Joseph MARINO and Anthony DeRADDA, all of Geneva, with Hugo MUTO of  Bradford, PA, will be the ushers.   The wedding breakfast will be held at the SANTELLI home in Lyons and a dinner at Geneva's Belhurst Club.  A reception will be conducted 4 to 9 p.m. in the Masonic Temple, Geneva.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY          Tuesday,   Aug 15, 1939     by: GSubyak@aol.com

HALLAM - Entered into rest, Aug. 13, 1939, Joseph HALLAM aged 61 years, of 1614 N. Clinton Ave. He is survived by his wife, Lillian A.; one daughter, Mrs. Norman REMMEL; one granddaughter, Lynn Mary Ann REMMEL. He was a member of Court, Rochester No. 1687 IOF, Court City Rochester No. 35 Forresters of America. Friends may call at Corbett's Funeral Chapel, 756 E. Main St. Services Wednesday morning at 9:30 at St. Peter's Church, Geneva, N. Y. Interment in Waterloo, N. Y. Geneva papers please copy.

Geneva Daily  Times       Tuesday  Nov 14, 1939                                      by: Dianne Thomas  

NESTER WILL - TRIAL AGAIN POSTPONED - Canandaigua, Nov. 14 (Special) - Trial over the contest over the will of Minnie J. NESTER, former wealthy Genevan, scheduled to open in Surrogate Court here today, has again been postponed.  Jurors have been notified by Judge Fred D. CRIBB, to report Thursday, for trial of objections to probate of his mother's will filed a year ago, by Henry W. NESTER, youngest son of the former Geneva resident.  

One hundred dollars is bequeathed to the Gorham Presbyterian Church, under terms of the will of Sophia L. CHAPMAN, filed for probate in Surrogate court, here.  Mrs. CHAPMAN died in Gorham, May 14, 1939

Household goods are bequeathed to Luella LEDGERWOOD, niece of Gorham, and $100 goes to the Schumann cemetery, Town of Potter.  Bequests of $1,000 each, are made to three nieces, Nora BUCKALEW and Harriet COLE, Stanley; and Luella LEDGERWOOD, Gorham. The residue is to be equally shared by a nephew, John TOMION, Penn Yan, and the following  nieces: Florence SCHWEICKHARD, 597 Woodbine St., Rochester; Nora STROBRIDGE, Fairport; Alma BORDWELL, Laura WYLAND and Rebecca OSWALD; Penn Yan, Rena SCHIENNER, Boner Ferry, Ohio; Eunice MELIOUS, Gorham and Augusta WYMAN, Rushville.  A son in law, William BUCKALEW, Stanley, is named as executor. 


Herman STREPPA of High Street, a section worker on the railroad, was found guilty of robbing New York Central Railroad of 950 feet of copper wire at Waynesport.  He was turned over to the railroad police by [police chief]  KENNEY and was arraigned before a justice of the peace in Macedon and fined $25.  

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