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Hopewell  News

1800 - 1879

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Rochester Observer, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY   Friday     January , 1827      by: Pat Mims

Marriages:   In Hopewell, Mr. James DILLON to Miss Sarah CROSBY 

In Hopewell, Rev. Asa SHAY, pastor of the Baptist church in Manchester, to Miss Lucy BAKER.


Deaths:  In Hopewell, Col. William D. MURRAY, aged 42.

Daily Democrat  Rochester, Monroe Co., NY   Fri      July 24, 1835                 by: GSubyak@aol.com

MARRIED -  In Hopewell on the 10th inst., by the Rev. J. F. McLAREN, Mr. Joseph E. TUTTLE, of Seneca, to Mrs. Casandra HIPPLE, of the former place.

Daily Democrat  Rochester, Monroe Co., NY   Fri      Sept 11, 1835                 by: GSubyak@aol.com

In Palmyra, Wayne Co., on the 2d inst by the Rev. Mr. TOWNSEND, Mr. William MALTHY, of Hopewell, Ontario co. to Miss Delia W. CHAPIN, of the latter place.

Rochester Republican,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.        Jan. 18, 1848                     by: GSubyak@aol.com

In Hopewell, on the 5th inst., Mr. James Vanars DALE, to Miss Sarah J. BUSH.

Rochester Republican, Rochester, Monroe, NY             Mar. 7, 1848               by:  GSubyak@aol.com

In Hopewell, on the ??? ult, Mr. Henry METCALF, of Gorham, to Miss Susan WATKINS, of the former place.

Rochester Republican,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.       Jan. 25, 1849                    by: GSubyak@aol.com 

Marriage  -  In Hopewell, on the 3d inst., David REYNOLDS to Miss Letty Maria PICKLE

REPUBLICAN TIMES     Wednesday    December 10, 1862    Pg 2, col 7     by:  Ron Hanley

In Hopewell, Ontario County, November 17th, 1862, of croup, T. Carson, infant son, and twin of Ira W. and Clema Lincoln, aged 5 months and 2 days.
They grew in beauty, side by side,
Sweet, innocent and fair,
Transplanted suddenly was one,
To heaven's more genial air,
Ye weeping ones look up to Christ,
He gave, He took away,
His tender hand will guide you still,
To Heaven's unclouded day,
M. D. L.

REPUBLICAN TIMES     Wednesday    February 11, 1863     Pg 2, col 6                    by: Ron Hanley
DIED -  At the convalescent camp, near Alexandria, Virginia, December 28th 1862, of small pox, Homer Sturdevant, Co. F. 126th Regt., N.Y.S. Vols, aged 19 years and 21 days, youngest son of L. and E. L. Sturdevant, Hopewell, NY.

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY        Wednesday,   Dec 9, 1863    by: Dianne Thomas

DIED - At the residence of her son in law, Halstead KNAPP, in Hopewell, Mehitable FREDERICK departed this life, Nov 30 ,1863, aged 95 years, 1 month and 22 days.  Another of our old settlers has gone home, to a house not made by hands, eternal in the Heavens.  She had been privileged beyond many, she had lived years beyond the "three score and ten" and had seen the fifth generation.  Her life has been an eventful one.  The earlier part of it was spent among the string scenes of the Revolution, George Washington at one time made her father's house his headquarters and the writer of this has often listened with delighted attention while she recounted stories illustrating the generosity and good qualities of the "father of his country", and the passages of Scripture learned from his lips while sitting on his knee were favorites with her.  Nearly fifty eight years ago, with her husband, she left Rockland County and came to what is now called Hopewell Center, town of Hopewell, where she resided until the time of her death.  she was very benevolent, no one could say to her, "I was hungry and ye too me not in, I was naked and ye clothed me not," for she reached forth her had to the needy.  As long as she retained her senses, her Bible was her constant companion and quotations from it were constantly on her tongue.  She was blessed in worldly affairs and her declining years were passed in a luxurious home where loving children ministered to every want.  But she had passed the bourne from which no traveler returns" and the place that has know her so long will know her no more, she has gone to enjoy the reward of the faithful and to wear the crown prepared for those who do their Master's bidding. 

Ontario Co.  Times, Canandaigua, NY      Wed, May 17, 1865        by:  Dianne Thomas

GILLETT - At the residence of her parents, in Hopewell, March 28, 1865, Mary Melissa GILLETT, aged 19 years, 6 months and 11 days.  The history of her decline is the history of thousands.  In January 1864, she took a severe cold, "inflammation of the lungs", followed, consumption with its attendants supervened, baffling human skill, and in a little over a year form the incipient cold, death closed the scene.   The deceased was of superior intellect, and much pains had been taken to cultivate and bring out those latent powers of mind, which the watchful eye of affection was quick at discovering she possessed.  She was early found in the Sabbath School, where her devotion to the cause, her every cheerful nature, and her winning way of imparting instruction, rendered her memory as a successful teacher, particularly dear to all those who knew her there.  Modesty with her was added proof of merit; and the proofs of fine literary ability which even thus early, she had given in published communications in several literary journals, were only prompted by a desire to do good.  To appearance, her future had all those surroundings most attractive to the ardent and hopeful mind of the young, and a career of usefulness seemed unclouded before her.  Whatever her promise of success in a wider field, it was in her home circle where (cut off) 

ONTARIO REPOSITORY,   Wednesday     January 11, 1866      Pg 3, col  2     by: Ron Hanley
DEATHS -  In Hopewell, on the morning of the 13th inst., after an illness of five weeks, Oscar Parkhurst, youngest son of Rebecca Ann and Hubbard Parkhurst, aged 17 years and three months.


ONTARIO REPOSITORY     February 21, 1866      Pg 3, col  3
DEATHS - In Hopewell, on the 17th inst., Rebecca Ann, wife of Hubbard Parkhurst, Esq., and sister of the editor of this paper, aged 55 years, 3 months, and 1 day.  Mrs. Parkhurst was widely known and esteemed wherever known, in the vicinity of her residence as a lady of exalted worth, and great kindness and usefulness.
Her funeral was attended on Monday last, at the M. E. Church, Hopewell Centre, by a very large concourse of relatives and sympathizing neighbors, who appreciated her many sterling virtues. The Rev. Mr. Saxe of Rochester, preached an able and eloquent discourse on the occasion, in which he paid a just and high tribute to the estimable character of the deceased in saying she was a true wife, a true mother, and a true neighbor. We may be permitted to add, she was a true sister and a noble woman.
 She leaves a husband and six children, mostly grown up, to mourn her loss. Her remains were deposited beside those of her youngest son, who died just five weeks previous. May their rest be peaceful.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES                  November 10, 1869  Pg 3, col  5       by: Ron Hanley

DIED -  At her residence in Hopewell, of Lingering Consumption, on the morning of November 8, 1869, Elizabeth, wife of T. C. Jones, aged 81 years.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES                   June 1879                               by:   Ron Hanley


In Galen, at the bride's home, by Rev. J. T. Brownell, May 21, 1879, Mr. Charles H. Foskett, of Hopewell Center, N. Y., and Miss Mary E. Hall, of Galen.

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