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Hopewell  News

1880 - 1899

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ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES                    January 21, 1880           Pg 2, col 6              by:   Ron Hanley
Shortsville Items -  Frank Heath, and Etta, daughter of Mr. B. F. Knapp, of Hopewell, were recently married in Canandaigua. They rather took
advantage of the "band", as they gave no notice, at all, of their approaching nuptials.  
This was unfair and one of them has said that, if the bridegroom does not conform to the usual custom of "setting up the
cigars", the "boys" will give him an old fashioned serenade. 
We confess to entertaining a little sympathy for them inasmuch as we were not the recipient of the usual piece of cake. However much we may feel aggrieved, Frank and Etta have our best wishes for long and happy life.

ONTARIO REPOSITORY and MESSENGER         Thursday        March 3, 1881        Pg  3      by:   Ron Hanley
+ HOPEWELL -   Mr. Jeremiah Clawson had the misfortune to loose two valuable cows by drowning, on Saturday last. The cattle had been accustomed to drink at the outlet and the ice being rotten, gave way, and they were drowned. The loss of such valuable stock is almost irreparable.

+  On Wednesday night some fiend in human form set fire to a barn belonging to Mrs. Mary Breen and it was burned, with its entire contents,

including fodder, two cows, harnesses, etc. Hanging would be too good for the villain who would thus deprive a widow of her hard earned
property.   She deserves the sympathy of the entire community.

+  BRISTOL - While death has been busily engaged in its work of saddening hearts, others have been made joyful. 

 On the 22d of Feb. Mr. William Pierce, of Bristol, and Miss Eliza A. Hunn, of Canandaigua, were united in marriage, by Rev. J, F, Gates,
at the residence of the bride's mother, in the presence of invited friends and neighbors.  May they long live and be prosperous and happy.

The Ontario Messenger, Thursday, Canandaigua, NY       Sept 22, 1881                  by: Dianne Thomas

DIED:  ARCHER - In Hopewell, Sept 9. 1881, Harriet W. ARCHER, aged 74 years.

LEWIS - At his home in Hopewell, September 13th, 1881, John LEWIS, aged 64 years and 9 months.

KIMBLE - In Hopewell, September 14th, 1881, Albert Edward, only child of George W., and Elizabeth KIMBLE, aged 1 year and 4 months.  

ONTARIO REPOSITORY and MESSENGER                 October 13, 1881     by:    Ron Hanley
 McKECHNIE  -  MARSHALL  -   At the bride's parents in Cleveland, Ohio, on Wednesday October 12, 1881, by the Rt. Rev. Bishop McClaran of Chicago, Mr. John D. McKechnie of Canandaigua and Miss Anna Marshall of the former city.

Geneva Advisor                 Tuesday            August 1, 1882                 by: Dianne Thomas

Area Deaths:

Joseph PRIMPS, whose German name we have never been able to write, died at his home last Thursday of consumption.  He was the veritable, "Old Sexton" of Geneva, tall and slim, though not far advanced in years.  For nearly a quarter century he had opened and closed the graves of Geneva's deceased.  

PRIMPS - In Geneva, on Thursday, July 27th, 1882, Joseph PRIMPS, aged 58 years, 7 months, 3 days.  

PRUE - In Geneva, on Friday, July 28, 1882, Miss Louisa PRUE, colored, aged 30 years and 6 months.  

MORELAND -  Murder At Seneca Falls - Reports reach us of a murder at Seneca Falls, occurring on Sunday evening last.  A saloon, respectable in its character, is kept in the third ward by Samuel MORELAND. On that evening a number of roughs forced an entrance into the place and brutally attacked  Mrs. MORELAND, a woman perhaps 38 years of age, beating her severely, from the effects of which, she died Sunday morning.  She was about to become a mother.  Public feeling at this outrage and murder, is very strong.  One John Mc KEON is suppose to be the head one in the affray and he has been arrested, as also, Henry McGRAW.  The officers are after two others. There's a piece of hemp is store for them certain. Coroner ALLEMAN of Waterloo, began the inquest yesterday.

(another section) From all we are able to gather in the press reports, Mc KEON was the only one who struck Mrs. MORELAND at Seneca Falls, and he will doubtlessly be held for murder, the others appearing as witnesses.  

REPOSITORY and MESSENGER      Thursday      Oct. 29, 1885      Pg 3, col 5 & 6        by:    Ron Hanley
DIED - JONES   In Hopewell, on the 22nd instant, Amos Jones, aged 92 years.

Judge Amos Jones, of Hopewell, died last Friday night at his home, at the very advanced age of 93 years. He was the oldest citizen of the town, a lifelong Democrat, and a man of vigorous and superior intellect, and great business capacity. 

Richard Jones, his father, was a soldier of the Revolution, and a commissioned officer in the war of 1812. Amos was born in Montgomery county, Md., in 1793, and came with his father to Hopewell in 1805. Since January, 1816, he lived continuously on the farm where he has died. 
Judge Jones served thirty years as Justice of the Peace, was side judge of the Old Ontario Court of Common Pleas, being associated for twelve years on the bench with Judge Nathaniel W. Howell, First Judge, and Peter Mitchell, Chester Loomis, John Lapham, and Jeremiah B. Parrish as the other associates, in 1836 and 7 he represented the county in the State Assembly, and for twelve successive years, beginning in 1838, he represented Hopewell in the Board of Supervisors, and again in 1851 and 1853. But few citizens of the county have so long and so well served the public in different official positions.
ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL           Friday       Oct. 30, 1885     Pg 3, col 7
DIED         JONES In Hopewell, October 22, 1885, Amos Jones, aged 92 years.
a(also in  col 4)    
Judge Amos Jones, of Hopewell, who died on Friday night last, in his 93d year, was a remarkable man. Up to within a few months past he was remarkably strong and active, and few men at 70 years of age ever appeared younger than this man who had spent more than nine tenths of a century of active life. 
Mr. Jones was born in Frederick County, Maryland, and came with his parents to this state when a child, and settled in the vicinity of the place which was his home during his long and useful life. 
Mr. Jones made two trips on horseback to Maryland before the era of railroads. He was many years Justice of the Peace, and served in the assembly from this county. He was universally respected, and had many noble qualities of mind and heart that endeared him to all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. 
The funeral was held at the late home of the deceased in Hopewell on Monday, Rev. Mr. Perkins, pastor of the Clifton Springs
Universalist church officiating.

Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY       Thursday, Feb 18, 1886  Pg 3    by:   Dianne Thomas

+ Mr. NICHOLS and family have been entertaining friends from Farmington.

+ Spangle street school closed last week.  Miss BURNS to teach there again next summer.

+ We are sorry to chronicle that Mrs. Hugh MC STRANIC is dangerously sick with typhoid pneumonia.

+ Byron STEPHENS has moved some of his farming tools to a farm that he has bought near Stanley.

+ Miss Ida ESTE, of Seneca Castle, who has been visiting at E. T. BRIZEE'S for the past week, has returned home.

+ In the items last week concerning the foreign missionary society, it should have been stated that the meeting would be held at Mrs. PARSONS instead of Mr. PARSONS.

+ Clinton D. SPANGLE and Miss Mattie ROBINSON, were married today (Tuesday) at the residence of D W. CARLOUGH by Rev. P. MC KINNEY.  The happy couple left on the noon train for Buffalo.  They were former residents of Hopewell, and they start out (cut off)


DEATH: Of consumption, in Hopewell, Ontario Co., NY, July 28th, James W. CASE, aged 51 years, 10 months and 23 days.

The subject of this obituary (James W. Case) was born and lived his half century of life in the house in which he died.   Known not only by long intercourse with, but also by his many virtues, to a wide circle of friends, he receives in death that which marks the departure of the good only - the sincere regrets of a whole community, and leaves with them the memory of an unspotted life.  Integrity and purity of life, in trifles as in greater matters; unvarying kindness in his family and social relations; a cheerful reliance under all circumstances upon the Providence that guided his life, made up the character of a man beloved by his friends and respected by all who knew him.  In his last sickness, realizing that the time of his departure was near, his hope of eternal life through the merits of Christ grew clearer, and he expressed himself as "happy and ready to depart." He allowed no earthly cares or interests to disturb the peace of his closing days, but patiently, though painfully, he awaited the summons and passed into rest.

To the afflicted wife, son and daughter, who have known as few know, the highest and truest meaning of the words, Husband and Father, he leaves the richest legacy a man can leave at death - the memory of his goodness. At the funeral service, Rev. Calvin S. COATES preached from Phil. 1:23, "For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart and to be with Christ, which is far better."  

"Thus star by star doclines,

Till all are passed away,

As morning high and higher shines

To pure and perfect day,

Nor sink those stars in empty night, 

They hide themselves in heaven's own light."

Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY       Thursday, Mar 25 1886  Pg 3    by:   Dianne Thomas

+ John E. SHAW is hewing timber for his new barn.

+ Gordon STEAMBURG of Trenton, Canada, is visiting Charles ASHLEY and family.

+ D. W. CARLOUGH loaded two cars with apples the past week; he shipped them to Baltimore.

+ Phillip SPANGLE, on Monday last, had the misfortune to lose his valuable Alderny cow.

+ Jack GALLAGHER, who has been spending the winter in Florida, has returned to his former home.

+ Mrs. F. PARISH had a very painful accident last Wednesday evening. While stepping outdoors, she slipped and fell, striking on her left arm and spraining her wrist so badly that she has been unable to use it since.

Ontario Repository Messenger, Canandaigua, NY       Wednesday, May 23, 1888     by:   Dianne Thomas

Mr. William KIPP died Tuesday about 12 o'clock, aged about 52 years.  He had been a resident of this town for a number of years and was followed to his last resting place by a large number of friends.  Funeral, Thursday at 2 pm.  Burial at the Sand Hill.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES             Wednesday           October 31, 1888      Pg 3, col 9           by: Ron Hanley
In Hopewell, at the residence of B. F. Knapp, Polly Knapp, aged 91 years, 8 months, and 15 days.

Democrat & Chronicle,            Rochester, Monroe, N.Y.              Sept. 5, 1889        by: GSubyak@aol.com   

While James KNAPP and family, of Hopewell, were driving to Canandaigua yesterday their team of horses became frightened and ran away, throwing the occupants of the wagon into a ditch. Mr. KNAPP was picked up in an unconscious condition and is believed to have been seriously injured internally. The wagon was demolished, and one of the horses fell into a ditch 
and broke his leg. Mrs. KNAPP and her two children escaped injury.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL     Friday      November 27, 1891     Pg 2, col 4      by: Ron Hanley
Married, November 18th, at the residence of the bride's parents, on Algerine Street, Miss Kate Danihu to Mr. John Breen, of Spangle Street. The guests numbered about 150.  The super was excellent, and all seemed to enjoy the occasion. The bride and groom are both well known and liked, and all join in wishing them long life and happiness. The presents were numerous and costly.

Ontario County Journal, Canandaigua, NY       Friday      Aug 26,  1892                          by: Dianne Thomas  

Despondency and Death     A Hopewell Farmer Shuffles of This Mortal Coil

Last Saturday night, in Hopewell Center, William PALMER committed suicide by taking a dose of laudanum.  The circumstances of the case as nearly as investigation reveals them are as follows:  PALMER had been married 24 years to a Mary GARRETT, a sister of Joan GARRETT, living on lower Main Street in this Village.   The family of the deceased have all been of a despondent disposition and the characteristic was possessed in a marked degree by the suicide.

All the trifling troubles naturally incident to a family life came with crushing force to him and were greatly exaggerated.  He brooded over them and (cut off)

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL      Friday      September 16, 1892     Pg 2, col  6       by:  Ron Hanley

WILLIAM  L.  PARKHURST -  The choice of the Republican county convention for its nominee for member of assembly was William L. Parkhurst, who receives the honor of heading the local ticket. He is a man of wide and varied official experience, and has had, in particular, duties which qualify him for the important post which he will, during the coming year, be called upon to fill.
In 1839, in the home of Hubbard Parkhurst, of Hopewell, was born a son, to whom was given the name William L. Parkhurst. The boy was first sent to the common school of the place and was later sent to the Macedon Academy to complete his education. With the equipment for life which he there gained William Parkhurst began his independent career.
After a year of teaching, he came to Canandaigua and started in the business of commission dealing in produce, in which he continued until his removal to the village of Clifton Springs in 1882.
While in Canandaigua he was elected village treasurer and served through the years 1877 and 1878. For the three following years he was elected supervisor of the town. He was also chairman of the second district committee in 1879, and when a year later the two districts of the county were consolidated into one, he was again chosen chairman of the entire county committee.
After his removal to Clifton Springs, he was chosen deputy clerk of the assembly for the years 1885 and 1886. It was in this capacity particularly, that he had the chance of observing legislative action at Albany. He will be relieved of the difficulty which many assemblymen encounter at the beginning of their term of office in simply becoming acquainted with the mysteries of legislative diplomacy.
Two years ago Mr. Parkhurst received the appointment to be special deputy collector of New York State, but after a few months
resigned the position. Since that time and in intervals of official life before, Mr. Parkhurst has busied himself with agricultural pursuits, in which he finds much pleasure and interest.
In 1864 Mr. Parkhurst married Adelaide S., a daughter of Samuel Andrews, already deceased, and a sister of John S. Andrews, of
Canandaigua. Mr. Parkhurst is a nephew of Jacob Mattison, who was for a long time editor of the Ontario Repository Messenger.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL Friday October 7, 1892  Pg 2, col  6       by:  Ron Hanley
DIED -  PRATT  -  In Hopewell, September 28, 1892, Lewis PRATT, only child of Carlton F. and Ida M. PRATT, aged 2 years, 3 months, and 16 days.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL    Friday    December 1, 1893     Pg 2, col 5          by:  Ron Hanley
At St. Mary's Church, Canandaigua, November 22, 1893, by Rev. D. English, William Dannahe and Mary Breen, both of Hopewell.

Unknown Ontario Newspaper   November 1894                         by:  Dianne Thomas

Dudley M. WARNER - The Democratic Supervisor of the Town of Hopewell

Dudley M. WARNER was born in Hopewell in 1859, and is therefore about 35 years of age.  He was educated in the common schools and at the Canandaigua Academy.  He is a farmer by occupation, and one of the most intelligent young Democrats of the town.  He had never held public office until his election as Supervisor, a year ago, when he defeated his Republican opponent, Henry FOSTER, by 44 majority.  This year he was re-elected , as against Henry R. TAYLOR, by 33 majority.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES        Wednesday      March 27, 1895       Pg 2, col 4        by:    Ron Hanley   
DIED  -  BREEN - At Hopewell, March 20, 1895, Nora Breen, aged 15 years.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES          Wed.      Dec. 11, 1895 Pg 2, col 6                by:  Ron Hanley   
DIED - COREY - At Hopewell, December 2, 1895, Mrs. Harriet Corey, widow of the late Amos Corey, of Shortsville, aged 77 years.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL     Friday,    September 4, 1896  Pg 3, col 6        by:  Ron Hanley
 DIED - GILLESPIE - At Hopewell, August 27, 1896, Cornelius Gillespie, aged 75 years.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL     Friday       December 3, 1897        Pg 3, col 5      by:  Ron Hanley  
 MARRIED      MC CARRICK -  BREEN - At Stanley, November 24, 1897, by Rev. Father O'Laughlin, Francis McCarrick, of Seneca Castle, and Mrs. Kitty Breen, of Hopewell.


THE SHORTSVILLE ENTERPRISE Saturday October 8, 1898  Pg 2, col  3  by:  Ron Hanley  

Roswell A. Wadsworth, aged 78 years, was buried from his late home in Hopewell Township on Tuesday afternoon.
Deceased had lived on the same premises for 72 years. Interment made in Chapman Cemetery, funeral services being conducted by Rev. J. C. Glover.

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