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Manchester News

1800 - 1879

(Includes news for Shortsville& some Palmyra)

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Palmyra Register, Palmyra, Ontario Co., NY             November 26, 1817                    by:  Dianne Thomas

By virtue of a writ of Fi.Fa:  issued out of the court of common pleas for the county of Ontario, I have seized and taken the goods and chattels, lands and tenements of Leander SMITH, together with land, lying in the town of Williamson, bounded south by the Ridge road, west, east and north by Daniel POPINO's land.
Said land was deeded by Nathan WILLIAMS and Jacob W. HALLET, Esq. to said SMITH, reference being had to said deed for a more particular description of the lot and containing one acre more or less, all of which I shall expose for sale, at Public Venue on the 14th day of January next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at H. N. Warrens Inn in Palmyra.

Dated 27th November, 1817
N. ALLEN Sheriff
A. R. SWIFT Deputy

By virtue of a writ of Fi.Fa: issued out of the court of common pleas for the county of Ontario, I have seized and taken the goods and chattels, lands and tenements of Joel CRANE, together with about 100 acres of land, lying in the town of Williamson, bounded north by Reuben ADAMS Jr. west by William SHERMAN and Seth CURTIS, south by Grangers and east by Seth CURTIS and David SHERMAN's land, all of which I shall expose for sale at Public Vendue on the 14th day of January next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at H. N. Warrens Inn in the village of Palmyra.

Dated 27th November, 1817
N. ALLEN Sheriff
A. R. SWIFT Deputy

in Perinton, by the Rev. J. IRONS
to Susannah BENNETT
Russell HARRIS
to Rosannah BOSWORTH

by Cyrus Packard, Esq.
Zachariah JOHNSON to Hannah JOY
Fayette LAPHAM
to Lucy NAMEDELL (?)

by Elisha Slocum, Esq.
Richard POWEL to Ruth STAPLES
Jesse LAKE
to Lavina COOK
to Polly PATTEN
Jacob HOWE
to Candes ADAMS
to Sally SHERMAN
Evens W. DODGE
to Lavina KNAP

In Ontario on the 24th blt.

Rochester Daily Democrat, Rochester, Monroe Co, New York   Saturday, January 29, 1842     by: GSubyak@aol.com

In Manchester, on the 19th instant, after a lingering illness of several years, David SHORT, aged 37.

Rochester Republican, Rochester, Monroe, NY,  Tue Dec. 29, 1846         by: GSubyak@aol.com   

Death -  At Manchester, on the 10(?) th inst., Clarissa C. MOORE, wife of John A. MOORE, aged 25 years.

Rochester Republican,  Rochester, Monroe Co., NY                 June 15, 1848      by: GSubyak@aol.com

DEATHS - In Manchester, on the 21st inst., Clinton, younger son of Dr. Allen M. WHEELER, aged 6 years and 8 months.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY       Aug 24, 1848      by: GSubyak@aol.com  

In Canandaigua, on the 1st inst., by Rev. L. WHITNEY, Mr. Isaac THATCHER, of Manchester, to Miss Angeline VAN BUREN, of the former place.

Rochester Republican,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.   Sept  13, 1849                         by: GSubyak@aol.com 

Yesterday morning Mr.  WELLS, a merchant of Port Gibson, Wayne Co., found upon going to his pasture  that an old mare was left in place of a fine four year old colt, which he had  turned into the same place the night before. Not believing  in the proverb that says "exchange is no robbery," he started two men in pursuit  of the thief, who traced him to this city, and found the horse which had just  been sold to Mr. BROWNING for $75.00. The thief, who gave his name as Norman R. MYERS, shortly afterwards came up and returned Mr.  BROWNING his money and started, but constable VAN SLACK being in town, got on  his track and ran him down. He is now in the watch-house, and will probably be sent to Wayne county for trial.

REPOSITORY and MESSENGER        Thursday      February 20, 1862   Pg  3, col 3     by:    Ron Hanley
 DIED - RODNEY -  In Manchester, Ontario Co., on Sunday the 9th instant, Mr. Cornelius Rodney, aged 55 years, and 8 months.

THE REPUBLICAN TIMES, Ontario Co., NY      Wednesday    July 2, 1862   Pg 3,  col 2      by:    Ron Hanley
The Knapp Case
The much talked about suit against Leonard Knapp of Manchester, for habitual drunkenness, the object of which was to show him incompetent to manage his own affairs and place his property under control of a committee, has just been tried before Judge Dusinberre and a jury in the village. 
It was a tedious trial, occupying the whole of last week and a part of this. The case was given to the jury on Monday afternoon last.  Not being able to agree they remained out over night, and yesterday morning being called into Court, at first rendered a verdict through their chairman for the defendant, but on being polled, one of their number dissented, and the verdict was thus destroyed. So we suppose there will have to be another trial. 
This case has excited a good deal of feeling, especially in the town where the parties reside. The action was instituted by the children of the defendant, who allege that their father has not only impaired his faculties by the excessive use of intoxicating liquors, but also that he is too much under the influence of a second wife who married him with the view of obtaining possession of his property, which is valued at upwards of $25,000. But the evidence it seems was not sufficient to satisfy the jury of the truth of these allegations.  J. P. Faurot tried the case for the plaintiffs, and Judge Strong and S. W. Salisbury for the defendant.

Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wednesday    September 17,  1862       by:  Dianne Thomas

Fire at Shortsville - A very destructive fire occurred at Shortsville on Tuesday night last.  It originated in a small cooper's shop near the railroad and from that spread rapidly to other buildings.  The extensive distillery of Messrs. WARNER and BEERS, the railroad depot, freight house and several adjacent structures were speedily reduced to ashes.  The loss is heavy, being estimated at from $20,000 to $30,000.  We have not learned whether it was covered by insurance or not. 

REPUBLICAN TIMES        Wednesday         Dec. 10, 1862    Pg 2, col 7                 by:    Ron Hanley
MARRIED  -  At the Clinton Hotel, Rochester City on Thursday, November 4th, 1862, by Lindley W. Smith, Esq., of Farmington, Mr. Edward F. Herendeen, of the same place, to Miss Helen M. Power, of Manchester.

Ontario County Times, Canandaigua, NY   Wednesday, February 17, 1864      Pg 3           by:  Dianne Thomas

The End of a Desperate Man - In the month of April 1860, one Isaac C. HORTON, was arrested by officer David V. BENHAM of Manchester, and committed to the jail in this place, then under the management of Sheriff HILDRETH, for the crime of stealing poultry from the premises of Mr. BOOTH and others.  After his incarceration in our jail, it was ascertained that he had been convicted in Batavia, Genesee County, under an indictment for petit larceny in stealing sheep, and sentenced to the Monroe County Penitentiary for about 6 months.  The last crime being petit larceny in second offence, placed the prisoner on the road to State Prison, a fact of which he was fully aware, and it therefore nerved him to desperate means to effect his escape.  On the 22nd of May, 1860, he succeeded in accomplishing his purpose, by sawing off one of the iron bars to an upper window in the jail, and by reducing himself to very small proportions, managed to crawl or shove his body through a very small space, and thereby escaped the punishment that awaited him.

Sheriff HILDRETH caused hand bills to be issued, offering a liberal reward for his apprehension, where he might be found, but all in vain; the fish, mutton and poultry peddler had flown to parts unknown, and the chase had to be given up.

Last week, Mr. HILDRETH received a letter from a gentleman in Forrester, Ogle County, Ill, dated Feb 2nd, stating that Isaac C. HORTON, in company with another desperado, came to that place from Paw Paw Grove, Ill, about a year ago; that HORTON was engaged in gambling, passing counterfeit money, trading and as many think, stealing horses.  He ran away from Forrester last October and left the business (cut off)

Ontario Co.  Times, Canandaigua, NY      Wed, May 31, 1865        by:  Dianne Thomas

DIED - DEWEY - At her residence in Manchester, on the 18th instant, in the 86th year of her age, Mrs. Anna, consort of Jedediah DEWEY, Esq., whom she survived by 6 years.  Mrs. D. and her husband were pioneers in the settlement of this town; removing from Connecticut to their home here in 1799, they grappled with the difficulties and embarrassments incident to agricultural pursuits of that early period.  Mrs. D., became the mother of 9 children, 6 of whom remain to mourn her loss.  she made a public profession of religion about 60 years ago and united with the Baptist Church in this town, adorning her religion by a constant and earnest devotion.  For many years previous to her death, she had retired from the stern duties and activities of life, but retained in a good degree, the exercise of her mental facilities till near her end.  Speaking of "hope as the anchor of her soul, sure and steadfast," and expatiating on her heavenly home in the language of the immortal Watts:  "O glorious hour! O blest abode!  I shall be near, and like my God; And flesh and sin no more control The sacred pleasures of the soul."

The sorrowing friends mourn the loss of an affectionate mother and earnest Christian.  Her end was peace and "the memory of the just is blessed." 

Ontario County Times, Canandaigua, NY   Wednesday, Oct 22, 1873                 by:  Dianne Thomas

SMITH - FOLWER  - On the 21st instant by Rev. Ira BENNETT, Mr. Franklin SMITH and Miss Eva Frances FOWLER, all of Manchester.   [ancestor to Dianne Thomas :) ]

WOLVER - FAUROT -- October 9th, 1873, by Rev. C. C. THORNE, Mr. David V. WOLVEN, of Shortsville, NY and Miss E. Augusta FAUROT, of Manchester, NY 

Ontario Co. Times,     Wed,            Dec 12, 1877                 by: Dianne Thomas

Mr. William CANFIELD was found dead in his bed yesterday morning.  Hemorrhage was the immediate cause of death.  The funeral services were held in the Presbyterian church this afternoon, and were ably conducted by the Rev. Mr. BENNETT.  His body was interred in our cemetery.  This death is a sad and impressive lesson to our community.   (*poss. the son of Benjamin, aged abt 28y & married when he died; need more info)

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY       Wed.      Jan 23, 1878                by: Dianne Thomas

Mr. A. M. CONVERSE has just returned from a prospecting trip in western Michigan.  He reports himself well pleased with the soil and climate and says he is negotiating a trade for land in Oceana county, where he will go as soon as it is completed.  

Billy MC CARTHY has returned from Maryland and seems well pleased with his trip.  

Fletcher KIPP and wife start tomorrow evening on the 6:12 train.  They will visit in Detroit and Chicago on their way. 

+  We understand that Mr. HARRINGTON of the Manchester Hotel, has taken out a license to sell liquor in Geneva.  If this be true, and we have it from a good source, it is a sad commentary on the gentleman's mortality.  

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