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Manchester News

1880 - 1900

(Includes news for Shortsville& some Palmyra)

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Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY   June 2, 1881      by: Dianne Thomas

Manchester Personals:

Mrs. Robert HOUSTON is very sick.

Rev. C. E. HERMANS lectures before the Y.P.T. and L. U. on Saturday evening, June 4, in the rooms of the society. 

+  Memorial services were held in the Baptist church last Sunday morning, Rev. Mr. THORNE read the scripture lessons from the new version of the new testament.  Rev. M. V. WILLSON preached the memorial sermon.

+ The members of Post Herenedeen, and other ex-soldiers, accompanied by the Orleans cornet band, did honor to the memory of their departed comrades on Monday, May 30.  An address was delivered by Capt. F. L. BROWN, at Shortsville, and an original poem was read by N. B. SPENCER, at the Manchester cemetery. 

The Ontario Messenger,  Canandaigua, NY     Thursday     Sept 22, 1881               by: Dianne Thomas

DIED:  SMITH - In Manchester, Sept. 11, 1881, Leonard SMITH, aged 70 years.    [ancestor of Dianne Thomas]

Ontario Repository  & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY  Thursday Feb. 8, 1883          by: Dianne Thomas


LENNON - DUNN  - At the Catholic church in Phelps, Thursday, February 1, 1883, by Rev. Father LEE, Mr. James LENNON of Canandaigua and Miss Ella DUNN of Phelps.

COLE - LAWTON -  At Middlesex, NY, January 29th, 1883, by W. C. WILLIAMS, Esq., Mr. Frank COLE to Miss Ella LAWTON of West Italy.

PATTY - SCOON  -  At the residence of the bride's parents, Geneva, February 1st, 1883, by Rev. Thomas STRONG, Mr. David Hunting PATTY to Miss Helen A. SCOON.

HARRINGTON - HEIBER  -   In Rochester, February 1, 1883, by the Rev. Father GLEASON, Miss Libbie HARRINGTON to MR. Wm. HEIBER, both of that city.


HARRIS - In this village, February 1st, 1883, of pneumonia, Jason E. HARRIS, aged 58 years, 2 months.

ROSE  -  In Geneva, January, 26th, 1883, Elisabeth Coralie, infant daughter of Chas. J. and Mary G. ROSE, aged 2 months.

EDINGTON  -  In Geneva, January 27th, 1883, Wm. F. EDINGTON, M.D., D.D.S., aged 56years, 11 months, 12 days.

HARVEY  -  In Geneva, January 31st, 1883, of heart disease, Edward HARVEY, aged 24 years.

JEFFREY -  In Farmington, January 25th, 1883, Sarah E., wife of Charles H. JEFFREY, aged 27 years.

ERHARDT  -  In Farmington, February 3, 1883, Lewis ERHARDT, aged 26 years.

BOOTH -  In Shortsville, on Saturday morning, February 3, 1883, Elizabeth CRANE, daughter of Elam CRANE, and wife of Danford BOOTH, aged 69 years, 2 months and 1- days.

GREEN  - In Gorham, NY, on Thursday, January 25, 1883, Fannie GREEN, daughter of Chas. H. and Betsie A. GREEN, aged 18 years and 1 month.

WEAVER -  In Cheshire, February 5, 1883, of spinal meningitis, Annie E., daughter of Noble B. and Sarah WEAVER, aged 5 years and 24 days.

ONTARIO MESSENGER, Canandaigua, NY       Thursday, May 1, 1884         by: Dianne Thomas


HUNT - ALDRICH - In Manchester, April 24th, 1884, at the home of the bride, by Rev. M. W. WILLSON, Mr. Wm. HUNT of Newark, to Miss Jessie L. ALDRICH. 

DRAKE - DERROR - In Buffalo, April 23rd, 1884, Mr. Geo. S. DRAKE, formerly of Canandaigua, and Miss Lizzie DERROR, of Buffalo, NY 

JORDAN - POTTER - In Honeoye Falls, April 14th,1884, by Rev. Dr. THOMAS, Mr. Henry JORDAN and Miss Jennie POTTER 

KENT - SYMONDS - In Honeoye Falls, NY, April 19th, 1884, by Rev. B.F. MILLER, Edward J. KENT and Cora E. SYMONDS

SHORTSVILLE ENTERPRISE        Saturday      January 31, 1885     Pg 3, col 3                    by:    Ron Hanley
DEATH:   Mrs. P. L. WOODRUFF who suffered a stroke of paralysis Thursday, which paralyzed her right side and throat, died this morning. She was past 70 years of age.


At the Chapinville parsonage Sunday morning, Jan 25, 1885,by Rev. W. M. Benger, James A. Egleston, of Chapinville, and Adaline Tylor, of Gorham.    (note of contributor -Surname spellings should have been Eggleston and Taylor.)
Personal  -  Mr. A. L. Knapp, who has been a severe sufferer from acute inflammatory rheumatism for some time past, is much improved, and under the skillful care of Dr. Melvin, we hope soon to see his genial face behind the counters of his lively grocery store.

Ontario Messenger, Canandaigua, NY    Thursday   May 14, 1885                  by: Dianne Thomas   

+ Shortsville's postmaster, C. EDGERTON, has resigned.

+ The remains of the late Edward J. SHELDON, of Manchester, were taken from the vault and interred in Palmyra of the 2nd instant.

Ontario Messenger, Canandaigua, NY        Aug 20, 1885     Pg. 3              by: Dianne Thomas   

+ D. M. DEWEY of Shortsville, caught his hand in the sand papering machine in the drill works, and suffers from a severe would that will lay him up for awhile.

+ The Manchester prohibitionists have chosen the following delegates to the county convention: E. STACY, Port Gibson; Seneca M. SHORT, Clifton Springs; and George H. PRESTON, Shortsville. 

+ The Geneva Courier endorsed the appointment of John DUNN as postmaster at Shortsville, and says "by his gentlemanly and courteous manners, he had won the respect and best wishes of the people of that place."

SHORTSVILLE ENTERPRISE        Saturday       October 17, 1885     Pg 3, col  3       by:    Ron Hanley
Mr. Walter H. Knapp, who has recently been a student in the law office of T. H. Bennett, Esq., in this village, last week had his
examination before the General Term in Rochester, and was formerly admitted to practice in the Courts of the State.
Mr. Knapp has been a conscientious and hard working student, and we believe possesses abilities that will win fame and fortune for him in the legal arena. He certainly has the good wishes and congratulations of the Times upon his auspicious entrance into the profession.
Mr. Knapp is the son of Mr. B. F. Knapp, of Hopewell, and a son-in-law of our worthy townsman, N. K. Cole, Esq., and his many friends in this vicinity will wish him unbounded success in his chosen profession.


SHORTSVILLE ENTERPRISE         October 17, 1885        Pg 3, col 2                    by:    Ron Hanley
Mr. A. L. Knapp, the live grocery merchant at Manchester, has secured the agency for the Michigan Stove Co.'s goods. Reference to his new advertisement will inform you how a saving of from 15 to 20 percent can be effected.

SHORTSVILLE ENTERPRISE    Saturday      October 31, 1885      Pg 4,col 3        by:    Ron Hanley
Last Saturday afternoon Schuyler G. Rumsey was found dead on the kitchen floor of his residence on the Plank Road, in the western part of this village, by his daughter, Anna, who was returning from a call at a neighbor's house. It was evident that death had resulted from hemorrhage and strangulation. He had for a year or two past been in failing health, and latterly had nearly lost his voice through paralysis of the throat and vocal organs. 
It is probable that in a fit of coughing a blood vessel was ruptured and death resulted as above stated. Mr. Rumsey was about sixty years of age, and had been a resident of this village for many years, his occupation being that of a farm laborer and general man of all work around the village. 
He leaves three children, all of adult age. Schuyler, the only son, is in the insane department of the Wayne county house, having become insane from the effects of a sunstroke last summer, and the two daughters are married, the younger being a widow. The funeral was held Monday afternoon.

Ontario Repository  & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY      Thursday      Mar 25, 1886        by: Dianne Thomas


+ Miss M. D. HAWKES who went to Florida the last of January, returned home Wednesday of last week.


+ Miss Dorcas CHAMBERS died at the residence of her nephew, John WARFIELD, on Tuesday.  The deceased was born in the state of Maryland, Sept 1792 and had attained the age of nearly 94 years.  She is supposed to have been the oldest person in this town.  She removed from Maryland to this town in 1828, and for the greater part of that time had lived here; and for the last 25 years with her nephew on the farm where she died.  For more than 40 years, the deceased had been a consistent member of the Methodist church in this village.  Until stricken down with sickness in May last, she had retained her mental faculties to a remarkable degree.  She possessed a quiet and unostentatious nature and will be greatly missed in the family where she had so long lived.  The funeral will take place from the residence of Mr. WARFIELD, on Friday, at 11 o'clock am.


Port Gibson

+ Charles FISK closed his school in district No. 1 on Friday last.

+ W. H. SNYDER and C. C. TERRY offer 30 cents a bushel of potatoes. 

+ D. P. COLE will move into A. H. KING'S house about the first of April.

+ George E. BOCKOVEN moves this week with his family, to his new home near Palmyra. 

+ William DERALL will work H. M. WILBUR'S farm, for one-third of the proceeds, the coming season.

+ Maria STRONG closed her school in the Armington district. March 13th with an (cut off) 

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES     Wednesday    June 8, 1887     Pg 3, Col 5        by:    Ron Hanley
BURGLARY One night last week the store of A. L. Knapp, in Manchester, was entered by burglars and about $6 in cash and a quantity of cigars stolen. Mr. Knapp's house is several rods from the store, and is connected by telephone. During the night Mrs. Knapp heard a noise and aroused her husband, who got up, and by going to the telephone he could plainly hear someone operating in the store. 
After getting a neighbor to accompany him, he went down to his place of business, but the thieves, one of whom was undoubtedly on guard, had made good their escape. An examination revealed the fact that the safe had been tampered with, two holes having been bored into it, undoubtedly for the purpose of blowing it open, but which was averted by the timely appearance of Mr. Knapp. Nothing has been heard from the burglars, and it is believed they are a gang of professionals.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL      Friday     August 5, 1887     Page 3, col 8            by: Ron Hanley
In Chapinville, July 21, 1887, by Rev. J. Lloyd Jones, Mr. Frank J. Rodney, of Manchester, and Miss Jennie Rouse, of Canandaigua.
ROCHESTER UNION and ADVERTISER  July 26, 1887  Pg 2, col 6
Mr. Frank Rodney of Manchester, and Miss Jennie Crouse of Canandaigua, were united in marriage by, Rev. J. L. Jones, at the
parsonage in Chapinville, last Thursday evening. 

Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY   Thursday,   Apr 26, 1888   Pg 3     by:   Dianne Thomas

Port Gibson News:

+ Alvinza DRAKE is entirely helpless since his last paralytic stroke.

+ Miss Ella PARTRIDGE returned home Friday from a visit to Walworth.

+ Mrs. Ann G. SCHUTT returned home a few days ago from a 2 weeks visit at Phelps.

+  Thomas CORNWELL has bought the Capt. DRAIM place near Palmyra.  The place consists of 16 acres of land, for which he has paid $3000.

+ Mr. & Mrs. Farley VANDERBILT, with their daughter Sarah, of Fairville, have been visiting the past week at James & Ely LAURUE'S. 

+ Elmer E. BIRD, one of our young men, has commenced the erection of a dwelling house at Clifton Springs.  It looks a little suspicious Elmer, but it is well to have a cage before the "Bird" is caught.


+ Timothy SLATER who has been sick with consumption for a long time, died a few days ago at his home in this village. His remains were buried in the Catholic cemetery at Palmyra.


+ Edward TRYON, a former blacksmith of this village, died at Geneva last week.  Consumption had fixed its firm hold upon him before he left this place, some two years ago.


Orleans News:

+ The funeral of William SMITH of Orleans was held last Sunday.

+ Mrs. J. A. BLYTHE, Mrs. Joseph BLYTHE and Miss Ida HOLCOMB, of this place, spent Saturday in Rochester.

+ Miss Alice W. KING, who is attending the Lima Seminary, passed Sunday at the residence of her father, J. D. KING.

+ Miss Jessie MC LOUTH, assistant teacher in the Orleans school, returned Monday from Farmington after a few days visit with relatives. 

+ Ralph S. SEVERANCE, who has been spending his vacation with his parents here, returned Monday to his school duties at Union Springs.


Clifton Springs News:

+ Mrs. W. H. HISCOX is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. W. SANBORN at Lockport.

+ Mrs. H. E. B. PARDEE has been presented with a handsome chair by the members of the W.C.T.U.  Ill health has compelled Mrs. PARDEE to resign as an active worker of the union.

Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY   Thursday,   Pg 2    May 24, 1888     by:   Dianne Thomas

[ancestor of Dianne Thomas]

DEATHS:   SMITH - At Manchester, May 20, 1888, Leonard SMITH (Jr.)   

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES      May 23, 1888       Pg 2, col 6                 by: Ron Hanley 
Shortsville  -  Leonard Smith of Manchester, died at his home, on Salt Street, at 1 p. m., Sunday. The remaining members of his family are a wife and four children. Mrs. William Booth, of this place, is a sister of the deceased.  

 SHORTSVILLE  ENTERPRISE        May 26, 1888         Pg 3, col 5              

 Manchester Murmurings  -  Mr. Leonard Smith, after a long and painful illness, died at his home here on Sunday afternoon. The funeral was held from the Baptist church Tuesday afternoon. Rev. S. S. Utter preached a good sermon to those still left to brave the battles of this life. 

SHORTSVILLE  ENTERPRISE,   June 2, 1888  Pg  3, col 1 
Local  Matters  -  The family of the late Leonard Smith of Manchester, desire to publicly express their heartfelt thanks to the many kind friends who extended them substantial aid and sympathy in their late affliction.

Shortsville Enterprise, Shortsville, NY     May 26, 1888     Pg. 3        by:  Dianne Thomas  

Manchester Murmurings

+ Mrs. Harriet BREWSTER found a penny in her yard the other day with the date 1801, the year in which her father was born. 

+ Mr. & Mrs. F. J. NICHOLS of Mt. Morris, visited the latter's parents here last week.

+ Mr. MOSIER'S father died at his home in Canandaigua last Wednesday morning. 

Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY   Thursday   May 31 1888     by:   Dianne Thomas

Shortsville News:

+ B. K. EMMERSON has sold his milk route to F. MINK.

+ Mr. & Mrs. Will REEVES have been quite sick the past two weeks.

+ E. MATHER has opened a banking house in the empire Drill Company's office.

+ Belle THATCHER, who has been quite sick from fever several weeks, is convalescent. 

+ I. THATCHER was thrown from the back end of a wagon Monday and injured so that he has not been able to be out since.

+ Mrs. J. LOCKWOOD of New York is visiting her mother and sister, Mrs. FELTON and Mrs. A. J. CRAIN of this place

+ Little Maud PARSHALL was run over by a horse and wagon last Wednesday in injured some, although not so badly as was feared at first.

+ Rev. William BENGER gave a talk on his trip to the Pacific Coast in the M. E. Church, Tuesday; a fair audience was present.  He had with him several momentos, such as shells and minerals, which the audience had the privilege of examining at the close of the lecture. 

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES        October 31, 1888     Pg 3, col 3                                by: Ron Hanley
J. W. VanDenbergh took charge of the Victor Herald last weekend, made a better paper than has been issued before in Victor, for years.

THE SHORTSVILLE ENTERPRISE     November 3, 1888      Pg 3, col   2           by: Ron Hanley
Our village and vicinity readers will regret to learn of the death of Miss Polly Knapp, which occurred at the residence of Mr. B. F.
Knapp, in Hopewell. If Aunt Polly had lived until February next, she would have obtained her 95th birthday. Funeral services were held from Mr. Knapp's home on Friday afternoon.

Shortsville Enterprise Newspaper     Saturday    Nov 3, 1888      Pg 3      by:  Dianne Thomas  

It is really interesting to listen to our old friend, Mr. Danford BOOTH, relate some of the many events connected with the early history of Shortsville, and one has but to refer to the subject, and Danford will accommodate his listeners with reminiscence by the hour. Mr. BOOTH is now in his eighty-fourth year; he was born in this village in 1804, and is in the enjoyment of excellent health; with every prospect of attaining his 5-score years. An invitation to his pleasant home has been extended us, and the "chat" about old time history promised will surely afford us an opportunity of adding much interesting reading for every reader of the ENTERPRISE. 

Melvin FISH and family, who have been spending several weeks in Port Gibson, returned to Shortsville on Monday last.

Mr. B. E. HOAG, who has been visiting his daughter, Miss Matie HOAG and sister, Mrs. Nathan REDFIELD, in this town for some weeks, returned to his home in Denver on Monday.

Ontario Co. Times,  Wed,  Dec 12, 1888    Pg 2       by:  Dianne Thomas  

+ I. A. MINK, dealer in agricultural implements, cutters, buggies, etc. made an assignment last week.  We hope that this failure in business is only temporary, as we understand it is, and that Mr. MINK will soon be able to resume business.

+ Dr. BAKER of Canandaigua, is doing a very flourishing business in the way of dentistry in our town. His work is well spoken of.

+ L. THATCHER has been at work for Charles MOORE of Chapinville, the past week, doing carpenter work.

+ Mr. C. HAAS has been having another attack of rheumatism and neuralgia.  

+ Miss Julia THRALL, who has been in Rochester the past three weeks, returned home yesterday. 

THE SHORTSVILLE ENTERPRISE       Saturday      March 2, 1889     Pg 2, col 2                 by:  Ron Hanley
Mrs. Mahala L. Knapp died in Hopewell on Friday of last week.   The funeral was held from her late residence on Monday last.  The remains were interred in the family lot at the Manchester cemetery. The deceased was the mother of A. L. Knapp of this place.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL   Friday    August 23, 1889    Pg 3, col  7   by:  Ron Hanley
 DIED    McKECHNIE - In Canandaigua, August 16th 1889, George W. McKechnie, aged 36 years, one month.
 Sudden Death of George W. McKechnie 

Last Friday evening about 9 o'clock occurred the sudden death of George W. McKechnie, son of the late Alexander McKechnie, at his home on upper Main Street. Up to the moment of his death he had been in his usual health, having attended to his duties at the McKechnie brewery during the day, and was apparently in as good spirits as ever. 

He had been in consultation with his foreman, Mr. Wilson, and the latter was starting to leave. He bade Mr. McKechnie good night, and no response being made, Mrs. McKechnie addressing her husband said, "George, didn't you hear Mr. Wilson say good night?"  No answer was given, and soon the terrible explanation of his silence was revealed to her by the death pallor that stole over his countenance. 
He did not hear because death had silently, and without warning, entered the happy home and claimed him for its own. He could not hear because he had peacefully and painlessly dropped into that sleep which there is no awakening this side of eternity. 
The deceased was the second son of the late Alexander McKechnie, and a partner in the J. and A. McKechnie Brewing Co. He was popular with his employees, and with his acquaintances generally. 
From 1880 to 1884 he held the office of village trustee, and had been for years foreman of Ontario Hose Co. No. 3.  He was about thirty-six years old, and leaves a wife and three children. 
Funeral services were held at the late residence of the deceased, and were largely attended.  Ontario Hose Co. No. 3, and
representatives of other companies of the fire department, with the employees of McKechnie Brewing Co., attended in a body.
ONTARIO REPOSITORY and MESSENGER August 29, 1889  Pg 2, col 5 
At a special meeting of Ontario Hose Co. No. 3, held Monday, August 19, the following resolutions were adopted. 
Whereas, the members of Ontario Hose No. 3, having received with great sorrow the sad intelligence of the sudden death of our late Foreman, Geo. W. McKechnie, it becomes our mournful duty to express our feelings in the great loss which this company and the Fire Department in general has sustained in this unexpected bereavement. Therefore:
Resolved, That as it has pleased the Great Chief of the universe to strike down our friend and comrade in the flower of his
manhood and in the midst of his usefulness, we bow our heads in heartfelt sorrow to the decree of the Supreme Wisdom that rules all things for the best.
Resolved,  That in the death of Geo. W. McKechnie, the fire service has lost an officer who was efficient, upright and popular, and was respected by all of his comrades. We also wish to express our thorough appreciation of his many noble qualities, his genial, pleasant disposition, his courteous manner and his unselfishness in the treatment of his comrades, sacrificing his own personal comfort at any time to contribute to the pleasure and enjoyment of his friends.
Resolved,  That the members of the company wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days, and that the house and apparatus be draped in mourning for the same length of time.
Resolved,  That the Secretary have a copy of these resolutions suitably engrossed and presented to the bereaved family,
that they be recorded on the company minutes and published in the village papers.


Same Paper     Aug 29, 1889     Pg 2,  col  5  

Marriages     FAIRCHILD - VAN DYNE

In Manchester, August 26, 1889, by Rev. D. D. Davis, Frank Fairchild, of Canandaigua, and Mertie Van Dyne, of Manchester.

Shortsville Enterprise, Shortsville, NY           November 16, 1889       Pg 2                          by: Dianne Thomas

District 6 (Manchester) Items.

Mrs. Eleanor LAWRENCE spent last Thursday afternoon with some of her neighbors.  Although she has reached the age of four score years, yet with the powers of the mind and memory as fresh as the ever were, she is a welcome and entertaining guest wherever she goes.  She has a wide circle of correspondents and also has a good many notes of dates and happenings in the past well worth preserving.  [ancestor to Dianne Thomas]

Mrs. Mary DEWEY and Mrs. Mary ARNOLD of Manchester, spent last Friday with relatives here. 

Shortsville Enterprise, Shortsville, NY           November 23, 1889                                 by: Dianne Thomas

+  Mrs. Alice FISK of Michigan is the guest of her sisters, Misses Irene and Louise SOUTHWORTH.

+  The W.F.M.S. of the Methodist church met at Miss Phebe HARRINGTON's on Thursday afternoon.  It was a meeting full of interest.

+  Misses Franc and Jennie MC LOUTH, of Farmington, were guests of Wm. DIETS' family on Monday.

+  Mrs. H. S. LYKE and children returned Saturday from a week's visit to her parents at Seneca Falls.

+  Miss Clara WARNER is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Flora POST.

+  Thieves broke into PRATT Bros.' store on Wednesday night and stole a pair of boots and shoes and some cigars.  They also got into the cellar of A. L. KNAPP's store, but nothing was taken.  As yet no clue of the burglars has been found.  

+  Mr. and Mrs. Will HUNT and children are visiting at Newark.

+  The C.L.S.C. will meet with Miss Phebe HARRINGTON next Monday evening. 

+  Mr. SELLHORSE, of Penfield, a former resident of this place, was in town on Friday.

+  The old waste-gate of the dam broke away on Tuesday night, letting out all the water in the pond.  Large strings of fish were taken therefrom by several.  The new waste-gate is nearly completed, and an apron has recently been built.

+  Mr. W. D. NEWTON, cigar manufacturer of Victor, was in town on Wednesday.

+  Mr. W. J. ROSE, started last Monday for a few weeks visit to friends in Michigan.

+  Mrs. Thomas TAYLOR is confined to her bed by illness.

+  Mrs. Esther HOLSTEAD is visiting at Canandaigua.  From there she will return to her home in Illinois by the way of Michigan, where she will make several visits.

+  Miss Nina DERR of Clifton Springs, a former resident of this place, is the guest of Miss Emma REED.

+  Ex-sheriff WHEELER of East Bloomfield was the guest of Mr. George MC LOUTH on Saturday last.

+  We wish all had had the pleasure of listening to the eloquent and able discourse given by Rev. E. C. LONG at the Baptist church last Sunday morning, from Proverbs 23 and a par the 23d verse: "Buy the truth and sell it not."  His sermons are all very interesting, but this was of most special interest, and was highly praised by all who heard it.

+  Mr. Frank BABCOCK of Canandaigua was the guest of Mr. A. L. KNAPP on Sunday.


Shortsville Enterprise, Shortsville, NY           November 30, 1889      Pg 3                           by: Dianne Thomas

Manchester Murmurings:
+ Miss Hannah ROBBINS of Farmington is the guest of Mrs. Walter MASON.
+ Dinner parties were given by several of our citizens on Thanksgiving day. Those worthy of special mention were the ones given by Mr. OVERACRE, Mr. BREZEE and Mr. GULVIN.
+ A number of our village youths attended a party at Ned SHEFFER's in Shortsville on Thursday evening. They reported a very pleasant time.

+ Mr. Edson RANDALL and sister, Miss Jennie, have recently been numbered among the pupils of the Shortsville school.
+ Mr. M. V. B. MC COMB attended the M. E. church district conference at Geneva on Monday.

+ The funeral of Mrs. Nancy SMITH was held on Saturday at 10 a.m. from her late residence, Rev. E. C. LONG officiating.  Interment at the Shortsville cemetery. (Brookside Cemetery)

+ Mr. ANTISDALE, a former teacher in our village school, who has been visiting his uncle Mr. Jeremiah LYKE, passed through this place on Monday on his return to Rochester, where he is attending college.
+ Rev. D. D. DAVIS of Chapinville made several calls here Tuesday.
+ Mr. Edward LATHBURY and sister, Miss Augusta, and Miss Emma BUCKLEY spent Thanksgiving day with Mr. and Mrs. A. ADAMS at Canandaigua.
+ Miss Mary H. DEWEY is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Sarah PRESTON, at East Bloomfield.
+ Benjamin G. SMITH, who went to Washington Territory about two years ago, returned to this place last Friday night.
+ Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius BROPHY and daughter, Miss Anna, attended the wedding of their niece (Margaret Brophy) at Phelps on Wednesday. Miss Anna acted as bridesmaid.
+ Mr. Eugene BELDEN, of the firm of Belden & Co., of Clifton Springs, was the guest of Mr. Ralph ALLEN on Sunday.
+ Mr. & Mrs. Augustus TURNER are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius JOHNSON.
+ Dr. F. A. POST of Clifton Springs was in town on Thursday.
+ Messrs. Clarence and Daniel REED of Geneva visited their parents over Sunday.
+ Henry MOSHER and family will remove to Shortsville on Monday.
+ Mr. and Mrs. John BURNS Jr., attended the marriage of her sister at Canandaigua on Thanksgiving.
+ Mr. and Mrs. Peter SNYDER entertained Mr. J. V. PEACOCK and family of Phelps, Mr. Frank SNYDER and family of Canandaigua, and Mr. Julias SNYDER and family, on Thanksgiving day. As Peter remarked, "all our babies were with us."

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