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Rochester Democrat & Chronicle   Friday    pg 4              May 11, 1900        contributed by:  Dianne Thomas

JOSIAH STORY - His Death Yesterday A Shock and Loss to Naples - The citizens of Naples and the residences of its vicinity were shocked yesterday morning to hear of the death of Josiah STORY, prominent, and one of the oldest business men in the place.  Mr. STORY's  health had been gradually failing for some time, but he had been confined to his home, only a few days before his death.  

Deceased was 72 years of age.  With his brother, Lester STORY, he conducted a shoe store in the place for a period of 40 years, the oldest shoe house in the county.  Mr. STORY was noted for his strict integrity and honesty.  A few weeks ago, occurred the death of Hon. Hiram MAXFIELD, and now Mr. STORY's death, marks the removal of two of Naples most enterprising business men.  The deceased is survived by a widow and one daughter, Mrs. Dewey CRITTENDON, of Rochester, one son, Stephen A. STORY and a sister, Mrs. James PATERSON, of Canandaigua, and a brother, Lester STORY.     (does not name place of burial)

Ontario Co. Journal,  Canandaigua, NY    April 12,  1901                  by:  Dianne Thomas


Family Mourns the Loss of Mother

Mrs. Emma CORNISH died on Sunday night, aged 37 years.  She leaves a husband and three little girls, one a baby, three weeks old.  Mrs. CORNISH was the daughter of Barzillai FRENCH, of this place, who with three sisters and a brother, survive.  Her loss is deeply felt by the stricken husband and family.


Horatio PROCTOR, a bachelor and the oldest person in town, was buried last week.  His age is given as 94.  He came to Naples with his father, Aaron PROCTOR in 1818, and the family settled in Garlinghouse district, on the farm where they have since lived.  Horatio was the last of his family and none are left of the PROCTOR name.  His father died at 93.  His mother, who died in 1842, was the first person buried in the Garlinghouse Cemetery.  There were three sons and one daughter.  She married Rev. Sanford WRIGHT and bore him 12 children, who grew to maturity.



Noted Hunter Dead - Asahel PIERCE, another of the well known older men of the town, passed away on Thursday, April 4, aged 80 years.  The PIERCE farm, just south of the village, had been occupied by father and sons.  Of the seven children of Jonathan PIERCE, a typical pioneer, one daughter, Mrs. CRAMER, of Wisconsin, alone survives.  A nephew, Lyron PIERCE, now lives on the old place, having been reared by his uncle Asahel, who never married.  The deceased was a noted hunter and a dead shot.  The writer well remembers his boyhood days, when shooting at turkeys at 40 rods with a rifle was one of the sports on election day.  PIERCE would always get his turkey and would have to be barred after a few shots.  He had killed many a deer on the Naples hills when he was young and later in the woos of Pennsylvania and the west.  A brother, Otis, and  a sister, Sophronia, died recently. 

The Naples News                          Thursday  May 9 1901                  by:  Dianne Thomas

DEATH OF CYRILLO EVELYN SEAMANS  -  Only Son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Seamans -  The sad tidings, flashed over the wires on Thursday last, of the sudden death of this honored young man in his far-away, temporary home, spread surprise and sorrow throughout the town. He died at Colorado Springs, on May 1st. 

As is well known, he had gone to Colorado because of ill health, but seemed to be recovering. His letters had been cheerful and full of hope. He was engaged business there and was working some each day. The week before he died he visited his friend, Will Dunton, at Boulder, Col., experiencing the long ride without marked fatigue. But Saturday, April 27, after a more than usual busy day, he had, for the first time, hemorrhage of the lungs. It was severe, yet he was soon relieved, and wrote home in a cheerful tone, that he thought he was all right again and begged his parents not to be depressed. The letter  was received Tuesday. Another letter  written that day was not received until after the telegram. It was not despondent, but stated that the case was very serious. He was at the home of his warm friend, Dr. Corson, and was receiving the best of care and treatment.  

He. had evidently not given up hope, and it is presumed that death came quite suddenly. If the approach of death is ever sad and mysterious, it is particularly so, when, a young man of irreproachable character, of fine ability and lovely personality, is cut down, just at the time when he is ready and anxious to enter into the arena of action and do his part in the great contest of right against wrong, and still more heart-breaking, is such an event, when, as in this case, he is the only son and child of fond parents, on whom their hopes of future earthly happiness were based, and whose hearts were united with his in bonds of indissoluble love. May He who alone knows and- understands it all, comfort them in this, the hour of their deepest sorrow.  

Cyrillo was born in Naples May 19,1875, so that he soon would have been 20 years of age. He had grown up among us and was a favorite with every one because of his genial manner, happy deposition, and high sense of honor.  His life was pure and his aims were high. He had a well balanced mind, and was fond of study. He did not even as a boy, take everything he read or heard for granted, but searched, thought, reasoned, and judged for himself whether these things were true. As a result  of this study he had planted himself when but 12 years old upon high moral and religious ground, fully accepting the Bible as his rule of  life, and Jesus Christ as his savior and friend. He determined to make his life a help and blessing to others and bad looked forward to years of usefulness. He was well equipped for such a work. He was graduated from Naples High School with honor in 1890, and was president of his class, a prime, favorite with all. 

In the fall of that year he entered the Buffalo Law School, and continued there a year. He was ready and expecting to take another year when his health gave way to some extent an an  examination revealed a lung trouble. 

Reluctantly,  he yielded to professional advice, and went that "fall of 97",  to Colorado where he remained for. more than a year. The cold in the early winter of 1898 becoming too severe, he went from Colorado to Texas.  Here he met Dr. Corson, who was also out of health and their mutual attachment was quick and strong. In the spring of 1899 he came home,. meeting his parents unexpectedly in New York City. He was quite strong but the malady remained. Still ambitious, he read law in his .father's office and became quite familiar with its practice, and could readily have been admitted to the bar of the state. But returning cold warned him to seek a warmer climate.  He went that fall and spent the winter and Spring, coming home again for the months of summer, but few realized the seriousness of his condition, so cheerful was he and utterly uncomplaining.

Again last fall, he determined to try Colorado. He first went to Boulder but meeting his friend, Dr. Corson, he was induced to go to his home in Colorado Springs and was able to assist the doctor in his store,  lt was a home next in his appreciation to his dear old Naples home which he, was not again to see. The change seemed this time more than usually beneficial and hope revived in his own and his parents hearts. He was making a strenuous struggle for life, but the Lord took him. 

His hopes were not to be realized, but death could not take away the memories of his noble life nor dissolve the bonds of love and affection. He lives still, freed from all infirmity and pain. He will ere-long clasp hands again with his beloved parents and with ail of his earthly friends, who, inspired by his life, will follow in his footsteps and seek, first, those things that are eternal.  

ONTARIO COUNTY CHRONICLE    Jan 1902     Pg 2, col 5         by:  Ron Hanley
Naples, January 13 - Mrs. Martha Conaughty Parrish died yesterday, after a lingering illness, aged 54 years, at her home on the Glenloch farm. She was the second daughter of the late Joseph and Sarah Scott Conaughty, and widow of Schuyler J. Parrish, who died in 1892.  She was a member of the Presbyterian Church. 
Surviving members of her family are two daughters, Miss Margaret, teacher in the Waterloo High School, Miss Matilda, a graduate of Smith College, and three sons, E. J. Parrish, Hugh M., of the class of 1902 in Michigan University, and Schuyler G. Parrish. She also leaves three sisters, Mrs. Mary Cleveland of Naples, Mrs. Alice Gordon, of Rochester, and Mrs. Caroline Monier of Poughkeepsie.

The Naples Record        Wed                April 9 1902                           by:  Dianne Thomas

A terrible accident occurred last Saturday at about 10:30 a. m. on the farm of C. R. North by which one young man lost his life and two others were badly injured. Mr. North had just bought and set up a saw mill, and was doing his first sawing. Thomas Doolittle, of Naples, was here to start the mill, and had charge of the levers, standing near the saw; Harry Woodard was tail-sawing and stood between the saw and engine; Thomas Quinn, the fireman, who lost his life, stood at the arch door. They had just started up, and the saw was about half way through the log when the boiler exploded.  The fireman was blown across a small creek over a rail fence, a distance of 98 feet; his shoes were blown from his feet and carried as much farther. Mr. Doolittle was knocked from the platform and found lying unconscious with his face buried in mud. How Harry Woodard escaped being ground to pieces is a mystery to all, himself included.  The boiler, engine and trucks were hurled through the mill platform clear to the saw frame, breaking plank and timbers like eggshells. 

Harry stood directly in its path and was first seen after the explosion coming out from the saw frame. Thomas Quinn, the fireman, was the son of the late Thomas Quinn, of this place and was 17 years of age.  He leaves two sisters, Misses Jennie and Julia Quinn, to mourn his loss. Messrs. Woodard and Doolittle, though badly bruised, are  around and doing well.  Mr. North was the only one at the mill who was not hurt. Thomas Quinn died yesterday at 7 p. m. The funeral will be held from  C.R. North's residence, Wednesday at 10 a. m. Interment in Rose Ridge cemetery, Naples.

The Naples News             Thursday                    Jan 8, 1903               by Dianne Thomas      

The funeral of the late Richmond North was held Sunday at his home in Gulick,  Rev. Brown officiating. Mr. North had been a prominent citizen of the town for many years and was regarded with esteem by his neighbors and acquaintances. He was 71 years of age. There survive him: a wife, one son. Carman, and a daughter, Mrs. Geo. North, of Buffalo.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES       June 11, 1903      Pg 8, col  2       by:  Ron Hanley      
 MONIER - At New York City, May 30, 1903, Edith Helen, infant daughter of Joseph C. Monier.  Burial at Naples.

Ontario County Chronicle                     Sept 2, 1903                    by: Dianne Thomas 

Naples, N. Y. - Gottleib Klingenberger of this village, aged fifty-four years, and the father of four children, committed suicide Thursday afternoon, shortly after three o'clock, by taking carbolic acid. He died immediately. 

Jealousy of another man's attention to his wife was the cause of his rash act. Klingenberger was a vineyardist and was well-known about here. He was of a very jealous disposition. 

Last spring he and his wife left their son to work their place and they engaged to work for C. H. Young, where they made their home. Of late, Mr. Klingenberger had shown evidence of jealousy of Mr. Young and was harsh with his wife. Thursday he was particularly severe and was ordered from the home of Mr. Young. He desired his wife to leave also, but she felt under obligation to remain and fulfill the contract made for their labor; as she insisted there was absolutely no cause for anxiety or distrust. The husband, however, was greatly moved and went up town, purchased sufficient carbolic acid to kill at least four persons, went to his home and was soon dead. His death was such a shock to his wife that she was prostrated for some time. Mr. Klingenberger was about 54 years of age and leaves a wife and one son, Robert, and other relatives. The funeral was held Sunday.

Naples News                                  Wed                            Nov 18, 1903              by: Dianne Thomas            

Miss Katherine Louise Schesler, 74, died on Monday, November 6, 1944, at her home in North Main Street; she had been ill for several months.  Miss Schesler was a daughter of the late Charles and Frederica Huber Schesler, and was born in Naples on March 1, 1870.  This village had always been her home.  She was "a member of the Presbyterian Church and its auxiliaries. Although she was definitely a home body, devoting much time to her flowers and her garden, she enjoyed a wide acquaintance

Miss Schesler is survived by one sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Klingenberger, with whom she lived; one nephew, Charles Klingenberger, of Naples; and eleven cousins. Services will be held from the home at 3:00 p. m. on Wednesday, conducted by her pastor, Rev. Frank Sperduto. Burial will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples.

 Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY      Wed,              July 6, 1904                    by: Dianne Thomas

Mrs. Rachel Pierson MALTBY died Saturday, June 25, aged 76 years.  She was the widow of Charles MALTBY, who died in 1877.  Her early home was in Penn Yan, but since her marriage, she had lived in Naples.  She had had three sons, Byron, William and Guy, all deceased.  For a few years her home had been with her sister in law, Mrs. Orlando MALTBY, who cared for her.  She possessed a strong personality and was a capable woman and highly esteemed.  Her pastor, Rev. C. W. EMORY, of the Naples second charge M. E. church officiated at her funeral on Monday, assisted by Rev. W. E. BROWN, a former pastor.  

The Daily Times                   Thurs                        Sept 1 1904           by: Dianne Thomas

Many people attended the funeral of William Tobey, in Naples yesterday.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.      Monday     Jan 30, 1905   by: GSubyak@aol.com 

WAS A PIONEER NEWSPAPER MAN   Death in Chicago of Simeon L. DEYO
Founded Naples Record
Mr. DEYO Was a Successful Newspaper Editor and Was Prominent in Many Local Enterprises -- Well Known as a Singer in Early Life
Naples, Jan. 29 - A telegram from Chicago announces the death Saturday morning at the home of his son-in-law, B. T. VanHOUSEN, of Simeon L. DEYO, a lifelong resident of Naples until fifteen years ago, when he removed to Chicago to spend his last days with his children. His age was 75.

Mr. DEYO had much to do with the life and progress  of Naples and surrounding country. He was a successful teacher in his youth and  a man of parts, particularly a ready writer. In the sixties he was deputy county clerk for three years. But his best work was as publisher and editor of our  village paper for nearly thirty years. In 1870 he founded the Naples Record, then the only paper in Southern Ontario and Northern Steuben. It was a small sheet at first, but made a remarkable growth, attaining a circulation of 15,000 at one time, as large as any paper in the county.

He claimed to be the first to introduce local  correspondence and had a live correspondent in every hamlet or four corners for  miles around. Though laughed at in the beginning, sneers soon turned to wonder and the idea became so popular as to be copied in all parts of the country. He  sold the Record about 1885 and subsequently published the Neapolitan for several  years. He was very prominent in the organization of the Naples Agricultural Society and took great interest in every scheme for improvement in the town, both moral and material.

He was the oldest of six sons of the late Ira DEYO, of Naples, all of then possessing remarkable musical talent and for some years, directly after the war, gave concerts with great success through Western  New York as "DEYO Brothers." He married Miss Abbie PIERCE, a famous soprano  singer in her time, who died in 1890. Two only of the brothers are now living,  George C. DEYO, of Naples, and Ira N. DEYO, of Richmond, a state excise officer.  Mr. DEYO leaves two daughters, Mrs. Howard MEDBURY and Mrs. Will L. CLARKE, both  of Chicago.  His oldest daughter, Mrs. B. T. VanHOUSEN, died about five years  ago. His body will be brought here for burial at Rose Ridge under the auspices of John Hodge Lodge, F. & A. M., of Naples, of which he was an original  member.

The Naples News                Wed                     Mar 29 1905                                     by: Dianne Thomas

Mrs. Lyman Tobey On Wednesday, March 22, 1905, Mrs. Sarah McGovern Tobey passed peacefully away, after a protracted illness from heart disease, finally culminating in pneumonia. When quite young Mrs. Tobey came to Naples to live with her aunt, Mrs. Otis Fessenden and was married in 1882 to Mr. Lyman Tobey. Three children were born to them, Helena and twin boys, Robert and Roy, the latter only living a few months.

Mrs. Tobey was a member of the Presbyterian church and was always conscientious in her service as a Christian in all the walks of life.  She was especially devoted to her home and was a most faithful wife and mother, not only to her own children but to those who were already waiting for her guidance and care. To the grandchildren, too, she has been most affectionate and kind.

It was hard for her to leave her husband and children who depended upon her help and counsel and who needed her in the coming days just as they had in the years that were passed, but when the summons came and she knew that no more days on earth were allotted her, she calmly told each one what she would have them do, and then with uplifted eye and firm and steadfast faith she passed away with the happy words upon her lips, " I see a pathway." Thus, the Lord, who takes our loved ones from us, guides and cheers and strengthens them and gives us grace to believe that He will illumine their pathway even though it lie through the Valley of the Shadow, They need fear no evil; His rod and his staff will comfort them.

The funeral was attended from her late residence on Monier St., on Friday at 2 P. M. Her pastor, Rev. C. C. MacLean, led the service and bore earnest testimony to the character of the deceased and to her faith which triumphed over death. Rev. H. L. Howard offered prayer. The flowers were exquisitely beautiful and every token signified affection for the loved and 1ost.

The burial was in Rose Ridge. Mrs. Tobey is survived by her husband, one daughter, Helena and one son, Robert, besides two step daughters, Mrs. Alice Miller of Oneida, Mrs. Lisle Leahy of Sayre, and one step son, Geo. L. Tobey, of ..................... children of the late William H. Tobey and Mrs. Alice Miller.

The Naples News               Wed                May 17 1905             by: Dianne Thomas    

Mrs. Jennie Lyon Watkins - Died, on Sunday morning, May 14th, 1905, Mrs. Jennie Lyon Watkins, wife of C. Ward Watkins in the 68th year of her age.  For many years Mrs. Watkins had been an invalid and at times much more feeble and apparently nearer the end of life than last Sunday, when she was so suddenly called away.

The news of her death was a shock to the community, for only the Friday previous she was out driving with her husband, calling upon friends and enjoying a comfortable degree of health and in the best of spirits, but it was like the last flicker of a candle before going out, for with but little warning she was gone.

In her days of health Mrs. Watkins was very hospitable and enjoyed entertaining and doing her part in the religious and social work of the town. She had been a member of the Presbyterian church from early girlhood but for the past ten years had been debarred from its services.

Having no children of her own she lavished her affections upon her nieces and nephews, who in turn reciprocated her kindness and enjoyed greatly the family gatherings around her hospitable table. Her kind heart and affable manner attracted others to her and she will long be mourned and missed.

She was the second daughter of Deacon and Mrs. Abner P. Lyon and was born in the town of Prattsburg, N. Y., August 16th, 1837. She was married to C. Ward Watkins, in April, 1858 and during his three years absence in the war she managed affairs with wonderful skill and sagacity, also teaching school at the same time.

She is survived by her husband, one sister, Mrs. Carrie Lyon of New York, two brothers,  Benjamin and Sterne Lyon of this place and many nieces and nephews. Her oldest sister,  Mrs. Helen Lewis died seven years ago.

The funeral of Mrs. Watkins will be attended from her home, this Wednesday afternoon, her pastor Rev. C. C. Mac Lean officiating, and the burial will be in Rose Ridge Cemetery.


Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.      June 23, 1905   by: GSubyak@aol.com 

DAVIS - FOX - Naples, June 22 - Miss Claribel Elizabeth FOX and Hiram DAVIS, both of the town of Naples, were united in marriage by Rev. Charles C. MAC LEAN, at the Presbyterian manse.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.   Wed, July 6, 1906                by:  Ron Hanley    

Naples  July 5 ---   A telegram was received yesterday by James L. Monier announcing the death, at Denver, Colorado, on Sunday, of
his second son, J. Livingston Monier, who went to that city a few months ago to recover from pulmonary disease.
The young man was 21 years of age. The body is on the way to Naples where it will be buried in Rose Ridge.
 Both parents and two brothers, Joseph Monier, of New York, and Willard Monier, of Albany, survive him.

Naples News                         Wed                   June 13 1906                 by: Dianne Thomas

William Webb, so well known in town by all of the older inhabitants, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Perry Bartholomew in Garlinghouse, Sunday, June 10, aged 83. For fifteen years past, he had not been seen much in our village having been with his daughter, but most of his life was spent here. He was one of three sons and three daughters of Silas Webb,  an early settler in this vicinity. He is remembered as a genial friend, of a happy disposition, a devout Christian and an active member of the Methodist church for more then 60 years. He was industrious and frugal, a good citizen and a good man.   He had two daughters of whom only Mrs. Bartholomew is living.  His wife died many years ago.

One sister, Mrs. Treat, nearly 100 and two others are living. His brothers, Orsemos and Silas are dead. The funeral was Tuesday, at the home, Rev. W. P. Trowbridge officiating and the burial in Rose Ridge Cemetery.

The Naples Record                     Fri                  July 13, 1906                          

At the Presbyterian manse on Tuesday evening, July 10, 1906, occurred the marriage of William Schutz and Miss Catherine Wohlschlegel, both of Naples. The ceremony was performed at 7 o'clock by Rev. C. C. MacLean. A wedding supper was served later in the evening at the home of the bride's parents.

The Naples News                    Wed         Sept 12, 1906                 by: Dianne Thomas 

Death of Basile Kaltenbach - Basil Kaltenbach was the victim of a fatal accident which occurred at his mill Saturday last Sept. 8, at noon. He was putting potato crate slats through a planeing mill when one of them was hurled back, the end striking him corner wise in the centre of the abdomen. There was but little external sign of serious injury, but he died in 26 hours. This death so sudden is a serious blow to the family. Mr. Kaltenbach was a strong active man, on whom they depended.

He came to Naples from Germany some 30 years ago, when a young man and soon after married Miss Katharine Vierhile of Springwater, a most excellent young woman who has been a faithful wife. Five children, George and Frank, Mrs. Lizaie Karnes, Mrs. Angeline Green and Miss Barbara are also living, and all were present at the funeral held Monday afternoon at the house, on Prattsbnrg St.    Rev.-C. C. Mac Lean of the Presbyterian Church officiated and the burial was at Rose Ridge. His age was 60.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, Monroe, NY       Wed     Aug 22, 1906      by: GSubyak@aol.com 

The annual reunion of the ELDREDGE family will be held at Canadice lake to-day. The descendants of the ELDREDGE family live in Naples, Middlesex, Livonia and neighboring towns. It is expected that about 100 will attend, including several from this city.

The Naples Record               Wed             Dec 12,  1906                  by: Dianne Thomas   

Mrs. Sophia Kimber &  Miss Janet Pettingill -  We announced last week the sad death, December 5, of Mrs. Sophia Kimber as the result of burns. We have to add this week the death of her older sister, Miss Janet Pettingill, who lived with her, as a result of the same terrible accident. She died Saturday night, aged 90 years. She had been' feeble for some years and could not survive this shock. Without definite knowledge of the cause of the accident it is believed that while working over the kitchen stove Mrs. Kimber's dress caught fire.

She ran into the yard calling for help to her neighbor, Mrs. Granby. She with C. L. Lewis and others hurried to her aid. But the fire had been so severe that with the remnants of her garments came off her flesh. To allay her suffering, opiates were administered but she did not recover consciousness. It was a merciful death that came early the next morning. Her aged sister was also rendered unconscious at the time of the accident and did not recover.

These sisters came to Naples from Branchport some 60 years ago with their brother, Asa Pettingill, a well remembered merchant, and Naples had been their borne most of the time since.  Mrs. Kimber was the widow of Samuel W. Kimber an active resident and business man of Naples for 55 years.  He built the house now occupied by Sterne H. Lyon and later purchased the home on Mechanic St., where the family had since lived. 

These sisters were prominent in church and society when in health and strength, regular worshippers at the Methodist church and esteemed by every one. An older sister was Mrs. John Richardson of this place, who died many years ago.

The funeral of Mrs. Kimber was held at the house last Thursday at 2 p. m. and that of Miss Pettingill, Monday at 2 p. m. at the home of her nephew, John P. Richardson, Rev. James Moss of the Methodist church officiating in  both instances and the burial was in Rose Ridge. "They were lovely and pleasant in their lives and in death they were not divided".

Immediate relatives that are left are a son of Mr. Kimber, Charles and a step son, George, both of Naples. Two daughters. Fanny and Clara died in infancy.


George C. Kimber -  Since the above obituary notice was in print, has occurred the death of George Kimber, mentioned therein. He died at the family home, Main St., Monday, December 10, at about 4 pm, after a few days of illness.  Heart disease from which he had suffered many years complicated with other ailments was the cause. Fatal results at this time were quite unexpected and his death was a surprise to the community.  But a few days before he was about, engaged in his accustomed work

Mr. Kimber was born in Geneva in 1842 and was therefore 64 years of age. He came to Naples with his father, S.W. Kimber, when a boy, and this had been his home since, some of the time at the head of Cohocton St. and the rest in the village. In 1871 he married Miss Martha Lyon, daughter of Irving Lyon of Cohocton St. Three children were born to them, one dying young.  He is survived by his wife, a son Irving with whom he was living, and a daughter, Mrs. Albert H. Watkins of Lyons, who had been at the family home for sometime of late; also by his half brother, Charles Kimber of Naples.  Mr. Kimber was an active man and a useful citizen. After some years of clerkship out of town, he started a general store here in the C. M. Lyon block and did a large business subsequently clerking for Geo. Gordon. Of  late, he had been farming with his son. He was an attendant and supporter of the Methodist church and was interested in all reforms and public affairs. His family was very dear to him and his love was thoroughly reciprocated by then.  Much sympathy goes out to the bereaved ones. The funeral is holding this afternoon at the home, Rev. James Moss pastor of the family officiating. [Rose Ridge cemetery]

The Naples News        Wed            Mar 6 1907              by: Dianne Thomas   

Lucien B. Jones  fell suddenly in death by heart disease, Monday evening, near his home. It is a terrible blow to the family and town. A fitting notice will appear next week. The funeral will be held at the Baptist church tomorrow at 2 P. M.


Geneva Daily Times    Wed           Mar 6 1907                  by: Dianne Thomas   

Naples, N. Y. - Lucien B. Jones, a veteran of 63 years, was found dead near his home on Vine street Monday evening. He had gone out but a few steps from the house, and not returning as expected, his daughter went to look for him, and soon found him dead. He was subject to heart disease, and this was evidently the cause of death. Mr. Jones's early home was in Livingston county, but much of his life had been spent here. He was an expert mechanic and builder, and also a successful market gardener. He enlisted in Company B, First New York Dragoons, and served two years. After the war he married Miss Burke of Naples, who died many years ago. He was first a member of Bingham Post, G. A. R., Naples, but of late had been connected with Tilton Post, Moscow. He leaves one son, Harry, and one daughter, Mrs. Harry Stone, both of Naples.


Naples News           Wed          Mar 13 1907                                      by: Dianne Thomas   

We announced last week the death of Lucien B. Jones which occurred suddenly at 6:30 p. m. March 4.. He had been about his work as usual that day and seemed quite well.  He left the house for a moment and not as soon as expected, his daughter stepped out to call him and found him near the house prostrate and dead. He had evidently died of heart diffuse to which he was subject. It was a terrible shock to the family and to the entire community. 

Mr. Jones was one of our well known and honored citizens. His early life was spent in Leicester, N. Y. where he was born in 1843. There at the age of 20 be enlisted in Co. B. lst N.Y. Dragoons and served two years. His war record is one of the best, he having been distinguished for his dash and bravery. While still a young man he came to Naples as a carpenter, wheelwright and mechanic in which be was very efficient. He married in 1867, Miss Lucinda Burke, daughter of Harvey Burke of this village, and their home was here until 1883 when he moved to Moscow and remained there until 1896 then returning. Two children were born to them, Mrs. Harry Stone and Harry L. Jones both of Naples. In 1879 he joined Bingham Post and was a member several years till he went to Moscow when ho joined Tilton Post, made up largely of members of his own regiment.

Too much cannot be said of the good qualities of Mr. Jones as a husband, father, neighbor and friend, He was devoted to his family and untiring in his labors for their welfare.  His industry was proverbial. He was more happy when he was at work. His ambition in this line in his later days far exceeded his strength. He was an expert in all that he undertook to do.  He was thoughtful of others, especially to the old and infirm and spent many hours after his days work was done, in fashioning strong and beautifully carved and ornamental canes from rare material, which he gave to scores of friends with many of whom he had been but little acquainted. 

This well illustrates his spirit in life. He leaves to mourn him his children, his grandchildren, and a host of friends and neighbors. There is great sympathy for the family in this sore bereavement.  His funeral was held last Thursday afternoon at the Baptist church under the auspices of Bingham Post, Rev. C. E. Roes spoke beautifully enlarging the thought, " At evening time it shall be light." This was followed by a brief funeral ceremony by the Post he was borne to his rest in Rose Ridge by his sons and nephews.  His death leaves a vacant place in the home and community, that can not be filled.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY   Tuesday,   Jan. 14, 1908    by: GSubyak@aol.com   


Naples  - Jan. 13 - The funeral of the late Mrs. Evelyn JOHNSON, who died here Saturday, aged 74 years, was held to-day. She was living with her unmarried son, Carnot M. JOHNSON. She was the widow of Stephen JOHNSON and daughter of the late David PARKER, a native of South Bristol. Most of her life she was a resident of Naples. She leaves two other sons, Carlton and Orson; one daughter, Mrs. Ellen KING, of South Bristol; one brother, William PARKER and one sister, Mrs. Ellen LYON, of Naples. Her pastor, Rev. James MOSS, of the Methodist Church, officiated at the funeral.

The Naples Record               Fri                              Feb 7, 1908                by: Dianne Thomas         

On Wednesday afternoon, February 5, 1907, at the New Union Hotel in this village, occurred the sudden death of Edward O'Dell, at the age. of 37 years. Mr. O'Dell came to Naples from Bath with C. M. Campbell, proprietor of the New Union, five years ago, and acted as clerk in that hotel for a little over a year, winning many friends by his genial manner. He was visiting Mr. Campbell at the time of his death.  Mr. O'Dell's home was in  Bath, and he is survived by two brothers and four sisters. Funeral services will be held at a p. m. today from the New Union, Rev. James Moss officiating, and interment will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery. His brother, William O'Dell, of Bath, is here to attend the funeral.

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY   Wed, Feb 12, 1908     by: Dianne Thomas   

+  Naples - Feb 10 - The announcement of the death of Mr. George WALDRON, at Atlanta was received with surprise and regret by his many friends in Naples, which had been his home for more than half of each year, for eight years past.  He was an expert cheese maker and had managed successfully the Naples cheese factory during this time, and its products were desired "throughout the state". He was an active member of the Atlanta Presbyterian church.  He was 73 years old and his death quickly followed a stroke of apoplexy, which came upon him Friday evening, January 31.  He lived but a few hours more.  He is survived by his wife, one daughter, Miss Minnie, a teacher at Bloomfield, NJ, and one son, Herbert WALDEN, of Atlanta.  The family have the sympathy of all Naples citizens. 

+  Another sudden death is that of John A. LEWIS, who was conversing with another member of the family on Friday evening, when he fell from his chair, dead.  He was visiting at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Edwin WOODARD, IN Gulick, having come 2 months ago with his wife  from Holloway, Mich., where they removed from Naples, 15 years ago to visit their old home and friends here.  He was a Civil War veteran, having served in Company M, 4th NY Heavy Artillery.  He married Miss MOORE, of Naples, and she and two daughters, Mrs. WOODARD and Mrs. NORTH, survive.  He was aged 77 years.  The funeral will be held this (Monday) afternoon and the interment will be in Rose Ridge cemetery.  

+  Two deaths in one household occurred within a few hours last week.  Mrs. Frances Johnson CONKLIN, died on Sunday and her brother, Jesse JOHNSON, on Monday.  They were both living in the JOHNSON home in West Italy, whose only other inmate is the widow of John T. JOHNSON, a twin brother of Jesse JOHNSON.  These three had been living there together since the death of the husband and brother, about 10 years ago.  The brothers were both soldiers in the Civil War, Jessie JOHNSON who was aged 83 years, is survived by a son in Elmira and a daughter at Wellsville.  Mrs. CONKLIN was the widow of George CONKLIN, who died about 20 years ago.  She leaves no children.  The were the last members of a substantial family, formerly prominent in this vicinity.  

+  On February 5, occurred the death of Edward ODELL, formerly clerk at the Union hotel after a brief illness.  He was 37 years old.  He came to Naples from Bath, five years ago with Charles CAMPBELL, proprietor of the Union Hotel.  He is survive by two brothers and four sisters.  One brother, William, attend the funeral, which was held Friday afternoon, Rev. James MOSS officiating.  Interment in Rose Ridge cemetery.  

Mrs. George B. HEMENWAY has joined her husband at Albany and will remain for several weeks.

Miss Aida SHUMAN was in Buffalo last week to witness the graduation of her sister, Miss Marjery, from the Buffalo Normal school.

Miss Maude ACHESON was a member of the midwinter graduating class of the Brockport Normal.  

+  Mr. and Mrs. D. Dana LUTHER are at Albany, where Mr. LUTHER goes annually to make his State geological reports.  They will remain several weeks.  

Miss Jennie MOSS of Buffalo, is visiting her parents, Rev. and Mrs. James MOSS

Miss Emma MC CAULEY and Miss Norma MC KAY, preceptress and assistant principal of the High School, entertained the other members of the faculty at the home of Mrs. Millie WALKER, Thrall street, on Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. William HINES of Halls Corners, and Mr. and Mrs. Horace DAVIS of Victor, attended the funeral of their brother and brother in law, John J. CROUCH, last Monday. 

H. Jackson SLAYTON spent last Sunday with friends in East Bloomfield.  

Mrs. George A. BOLLES will entertain the members of the "Whatsoever Class" of the Presbyterian Sunday School, Mrs. W. L. POTTLE, teacher, on Tuesday evening. It is the annual meeting and officers will be elected.  

Wyoming County Times                              June 24 1908                      by: Dianne Thomas 

STRONG - Mrs. Katherine Parker Strong, wife of Levi Strong, a life long resident of Naples, died at Dr. Green's Sanitarium, Castile, last Thursday night, aged 65 years. Mrs. Strung was the oldest daughter of the late Joseph and Hermeone Parker. She was devotedly attached to the Methodist church and was a persistent worker for temperance and other reforms. She leaves her husband, three daughters, Mrs. Rose Fisher, of Warsaw; Mrs. Nellie Hubbard and Mrs. W. H. Seamans, of Naples; a son, Arthur; one sister. Mrs. John F. White, of Mt. Morris, and two brothers, A. L. Parker, of Detroit, and Elihu.

Geneva Daily Times                      July  2 1908                             by: Dianne Thomas            
Naples, N. Y. - Frank Seamans died Monday night at 8 o'clock, aged 55 years. He had been in poor health for four years and for the past fourteen months was confined to his bed. He was born in Middling but had live in Naples a good many years . He was a gentleman of exemplary habits and much respected in the community. He was twice married, first in 1880 to Victoria Such who died a number of years ago. His second wife, who was Miss (ANNA) Manning, survives him. 

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY    Monday,   Sept 14, 1908       by: GSubyak@aol.com  

Herbert, infant son of Alexander and Rose GALLIPO, of Naples, N. Y., died yesterday at the home of his uncle, 14 Judson street.

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle    Friday          Feb 26, 1909                 by:  Dianne Thomas

Naples, Feb 25 - Alvin LAFLER, aged 34 years died Tuesday of tuberculosis.  He was one of the five sons of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram LAFLER, of this town, and the first of the family to die.  Among others he leaves three sisters.  Relatives of that name are numerous in this vicinity.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY    Feb. 28, 1910       by: GSubyak@aol.com  

Naples, Feb. 27, Mgr. J. W. HENDRICK of Ovid, N. Y., left here to-day for New York.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, NY     Tuesday     Mar 1, 1910        by: GSubyak@aol.com  

Naples  -   Feb. 28 - The death of Wade COVEL, an esteemed resident of the town of Italy, occurred Saturday (Feb 26) after a short illness of pneumonia. He was the son of Henry COVEL, and was in the prime of life, but 44 years old, and his death is a great loss to the community. He had always lived in Italy, and married there Miss KENNEDY, who survives him, with one daughter. Mr. COVEL was highway commissioner at the time of his death. He was a nephew of Samuel N. COVEL, of Naples, and had many friends in this town.

Naples  -   Feb. 28 - Mrs. Elizabeth SMITH GUYETT, aged 66 years, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Willard SHEPARD, on Saturday  (Feb 26) after a long and painful illness. She was the widow of a civil war veteran who died in Buffalo several years ago, and her body was taken there to-day for interment. She leaves one son, Albert GUYETT, and another sister, Mrs. Nelson ROSS, both of Honeoye.

The Naples News                Wed                       May 17 1910              by:  Dianne Thomas  

(persons who) Placed  flags on graves of Veterans and Sons in Rose Ridge:  B. Eldredge, Wm. Long, John Huber, Wm. Tompkins.

The Naples Record    May 18, 1910                 Record                       May 18, 1910                               by:  Dianne Thomas

CARD OF THANKS - We desire to thank the many friends who so kindly assisted us in our late bereavement, especially those in Canandaigua , Italy and West  Italy; also those who furnished such beautiful flowers.  H. L. WOLVEN;  D. A. WOLVEN;  CLARA WOLVEN

Leroy Boggs and wife and their son, Frank, and his son, Willis, attended the funeral last Sunday of Mrs. Hiram Wolven, in Italy.  Mr. Wolven is a cousin of Mr. Boggs.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, NY     Friday     Oct 14, 1910        by: GSubyak@aol.com  

Naples, N. Y., Oct. 14 - At an early hour Thursday morning, Mrs. Lucy MUCK PRINCE died, aged 39 years, of heart failure. She died suddenly as did her husband, William PRINCE, who died about two years ago. Mrs. PRINCE is survived by two brothers, George MUCK of Naples and Henry MUCK of Springwater, and two sisters, Mrs. Berh HINCKLY and Mrs. Morris SMITH of Naples.

The Naples News                       Wed          June 14, 1911            by:  Dianne Thomas

STURGIS - Augustus B. Sturgis died at the home of his son, Levi, in East Bloomfield, Friday, June 9th. He was 75 years old and at least forty-five years of his life were spent in Naples, in his village home on West Avenue and his Hickory Bottom farm. He was well known. He had a hard struggle for life during his later years, being afflicted with cancer in the head, which finally proved fatal.

"Gus," as he was called, was a man of much energy and determination and succeeded in overcoming many obstacles  that would have discouraged others. He gave up farming four years ago. His wife, who was Hannah A. Johnson of Naples, died several years ago, leaving him with two sons, Levi  and William, of Geneva, and a daughter, Mrs. George Straight, of East Bloomfield.

He married later,  Miss Augusta Dyer of Rushville, who died after a few years, leaving one daughter Grace, who was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Miller of South Bristol.  One sister surviving is Mrs. Clarissa Shephard of Naples. The funeral was held at the home of Levi Sturgis on Sunday and the burial was in the family lot in Rose Ridge cemetery.

The Naples Record                Wed              May 1 1912                      by:  Dianne Thomas

John Smith died at the home of his mother on the Ingleside road oh Monday, April 29, 1912, aged 67 years. The funeral is held at 1 pm today,  services being conducted by the Rev. S. T. Harding; interment in Rose Ridge cemetery.   His father, B. Oren Smith, died several years ago. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Polly  Smith and two brothers, Benjamin and Richard Smith, of Naples ; and three sisters, Miss Caroline, who lives at home; Mrs. James Demorest, of Naples, and Mrs. Susan Elliott, of Penn Yan. He was born in Naples, but had not made this place his home for forty years; he came from Hammondsport to his mother's about three weeks ago.  By profession deceased was a contractor, and in early manhood built the Methodist parsonage in this village.

The Naples Record              Wed                       Aug 14 1912                       by:  Dianne Thomas

Last Wednesday afternoon Charles Tobey was found dead in his rooms over the Wells hardware store. His age was 64 years. He had not been seen since the Sunday or Monday previous, and upon investigation his body was found as above stated.  The coroner was notified but he deemed an inquest unnecessary. Heart failure was given as the cause of death. He was the youngest son of the late Lyman Tobey, and had lived alone for many years. He is survived by one brother, Lyman Tobey. and several nephews and nieces. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. S. T. Harding on Thursday, and interment was made in Rose Ridge cemetery.

Naples News                                      Feb 26, 1913                              by:  Dianne Thomas

Notice to Creditors -  Pursuant to an order of the Surrogate's Court of the County of Ontario, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against Casper Klingenberger late of the town of Naples Ontario County, State of New York deceased to present the same with the vouchers thereof; to the undersigned, Executor in the Village of Naples, NY. on or before the 1st day of May 1913.  Sophia Klingenberger, Executor.  Oct 29. 1912   C. E. Koby Naples, N. Y., Attorney for the Executor.''

Naples Record,              Wed                            July 23, 1913                       by:  Dianne Thomas

Ira Lafler and daughter, Miss Florence, Mrs. H. H. DeWick and Charles Wheeler attended the funeral of Hiram Lafler, near Naples , last Wednesday afternoon, July 16, 1913 .  

The death of Mrs. Clara Wolven occurred at an early hour on Thursday morning, July 10, 1913 , at the home of her daughter, Mrs. George Shay. The deceased was 65 years of age, and this place has lost one of its most valued neighbors, for Mrs. Wolven was loved and respected by a host of friends and some of her noble qualities and many kindnesses will ever live in the hearts of those who knew and loved her.  

She is survived by three children, Mrs. Esther Johnson, of this place; Hiram Wolven, of Canandaigua, and Mrs. Sarah Shay, also of this place. The funeral, which was held on Saturday, July 12, was very largely attended, those from  (far) away being George Haviland and wife, Mrs. Pearl Fox, Mrs. Jessie Kunes, Mrs. Henry Walbridge and Mr. and Mrs. Cassius Emory, of Rushville; Eugene Francisco and wife and daughter, Delle, and son, John, and wife, and Mrs. Susie Elliott, of Penn Yan; Levi Francisco and wife, Frank Chrysler and wife, L. Case Williams and wife and Miss Mary Johnson, of Middlesex.  

The Naples News                     Wed                            Dec 31 1913                          by Dianne Thomas

After an illness of about two weeks, Mrs. John Werder died at her home near this village on Monday. December 29, 1913, aged 73 years and 8 months. Mrs. Werder was born in Switzerland and came to this country and to Naples many years ago. She was a good woman, and beloved by all who knew her. Besides her husband she is survived by three children: Mrs. Fred Wohlschlegel, of Seneca Falls; John Werder, of California, and Samuel Werder, of Lima, N. Y.

The funeral will be held from the Presbyterian church tomorrow, Thursday, at 2 p. m., Dr. Joseph H. France conducting the services. Interment will be in Rose Ridge cemetery.

Geneva Daily Times                                         Jan 3 1914           by Dianne Thomas   [same as above... diff spelling of surname]
Naples, N. Y. -  Mrs. John Werden died at her home in this village on Monday morning at the age of 73 years, after an illness of only two weeks. She was born in Switzerland and has lived in Naples many years. She is survived by her husband and one daughter, Mrs. Fred Wohlschlegel of Seneca Falls ; a son, Samuel Werden, residing at Lima, N. Y., and a son, John, living in California. Funeral services will be at the Presbyterian church today at 2 o'clock, conducted by Dr. France, with burial at Rose Ridge Cemetery.

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY    Friday    May 1, 1914           by Dianne Thomas

+ William E. SPRINGSTEAD spent last week in Syracuse with his sister, Miss Maude SPRINGSTEAD.

+ Mrs. Ida CALLAMER of Schenectady, is visiting her brother, Rev. J. H. FRANCE

+ Mrs. Delia GAGE, who has been in Georgia during the winter, has returned to her home on South Main street.

+ Mr. & Mrs. James W. GRANBY and daughter, Alice, visited in Buffalo last week. 

+ Mr. & Mrs. W. P. BORDEN have returned from their winter home in Stuart, Florida.

+ Mrs. Irving PARKS and children are visiting her sister, Mrs. Elliot DAVIS is South Lima.


+ Married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Henry STERBER, at Wilkesbarre, Pa., on April 18, Miss Ida STERBER and Charles W. VAN GORDER, of Naples.  Mr. & Mrs. VAN GORDER are spending their honeymoon in Washington D.C. and in Virginia, and will be at home to their friends after May 15, in Mrs. Millie WALKER'S house, Thrall street.  Mr. VAN GORDER is well known in Naples, being an engineer on the Lehigh Valley between Naples and Sayre, Pa.


+ Married on Sunday, in Italy, Miss Anna L. MOSHER and Raymond KILPATRICK, of Naples.  The bride is a graduate of Naples High school and training class and the groom is a well known young man of Naples.


+ Born to Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. TOBEY, on April 19, a daughter, Jean


+ Mr. & Mrs. Matthew EICHBERGER celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on April 17, at their home on Mount Pleasant street.  Of their six daughters, five are living, and all were present at the home excepting Mrs. Rose TOBEY, of this village, who was detained at her home by illness. Their only son, Charles EICHBERGER of York, Pa., with his wife and daughter, were also present.  


+ On Sunday evening occurred the death of Mrs. Augusta Fox PIERCE, of this town, after a long and painful illness.  Mrs. PIERCE was nearly 46 years of age and hand spent her life in this vicinity.  There survive her husband, Byron E. PIERCE; one daughter, Miss Florence PIERCE; three brothers, James, George and Nelson FOX, and a sister, Mrs. Grover HILER.  Funeral services were held on Wednesday from the home.  


+ R. L. MORLEY has gone on an extended business trip.  Mrs. MORLEY is improved from her recent illness.

+ Miss Marion SMITH, who is teaching at vine Valley, spent Sunday at her home here.

+ Mrs. Frank DONNELLY has returned form a visit to her son, Dr. Fred DONNELLY and family at Newark.

+ Mr. & Mrs. A. M. BAILEY of Hemlock, and Mr. & Mrs. Elliot S. DAVIS of South Lima, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. & Mrs. Irving L. PARKS on Mechanic street.

Union & Advertiser,   Rochester, N.Y.      Monday      May 18, 1914                 by: GSubyak@aol.com   


Canandaigua  -  May 18 - Mrs. Jennie B. WRIGHT, wife of Aaron WRIGHT of Naples, aged 59, died at the Thompson Memorial Hospital about 10 o'clock last night following an operation performed last Tuesday. She had been ill since February. She was twice married, her first husband having been Clark ANABLE, who died in 1882. She is survived by her husband and a son, Earle ANABLE of Geneva. She also leaves her mother, Mrs. Eudosia Warren CRITTENDEN; two sisters, Mrs. Belle DYE and Mrs. Lucy LEWIS, all of Michigan; one step-daughter, Mrs. Fred VAN EPPS of Middlesex, and two stepsons, Cassius WRIGHT of Michigan, and Irving WRIGHT of New York city. The funeral will be held at Naples Wednesday.

The Naples Record                Wed                June 3 1914          by: Dianne Thomas    

Memorial Day In Naples - Saturday morning was cloudy and there was a little rain fall, but early in the forenoon the clouds cleared away and the remainder of the day was perfect - ideal for the occasion.  At 1 p. m. Bingham Post, G. A . R., and Camp W. W. Clarke, S. O. V., headed by the Naples band and Marshal Howard Walker, formed in line in front of the Post rooms, followed by the teachers and pupils of the high school and the primaries, and marched to the Methodist church, where the Roll of Honor was read by Miss Elizabeth Semans, Lincoln's Gettysburg address and a Lincoln story by Miss Grace L. Morey, and a patriotic and inspiring address was delivered by Charles Ward, Esq., of Livonia. The Baptist male quartet furnished the  vocal music.  After the services in the church the Post and S. O. V. re-formed and, headed by the band, marched to Rose Ridge cemetery, where the graves of deceased soldiers were strewn with flowers and the usual G. A. R. ritualistic services were held. The graves in Fair View cemetery had been decorated in the morning by detachments from the Post and S. O. V.

There are fifty-nine Civil War veterans buried in Rose Ridge cemetery and two in Fair View; in the latter cemetery there are also seven known graves of veterans of former wars, all of which were decorated.

Geneva Daily Times                       Sat                Nov 28, 1914                  by: Dianne Thomas

Cyrus Perry - Nov. 28 - Cyrus Perry, aged 80m died in Wayland Wednesday.   He was born  in Naples, the son of Alvin and Sophronia Perry, and leaves one brother, Frank Perry, of Seneca Castle.  He  had been cared for by relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Schwingle of Wayland for the past year. The funeral will be held from the M E Church on Saturday, at 2 o'clock .  Rev. Jacob Finger, pastor of the church, will officiate and interment will be at Rose Ridge cemetery.


The Naples News                        Wed                 Dec 16 1914               by: Dianne Thomas

At about 5 p. m. yesterday, December 15, 1914. occurred the death of Mrs. Love Standish at her home at Woodville, head of Canandaigua lake.  She was born in Geneseo, N. Y., December 16,1831, and when quite young came to Holcomb Point (now Cooks's or Carter's point ) with her parents, Perry and Fanny Watkins Holcomb. 

After her marriage to W. R. Standish she spent the remainder of her life at Woodville. There are left to mourn the loss of a good mother, three sons, Frank R., Robert C. and George T. Standish, all residents of the town of South Bristol. One daughter, Clara, died several years ago. Funeral services will be held from the home at 11 a. m. on Friday, conducted by Dr. J. H. France, and interment will be in Rose Ridge cemetery. 


Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester,  N. Y.     Tuesday,  Jan 5, 1915      by: GSubyak@aol.com  

MRS. SAMANTHA NELLIS, OF NAPLES, HAS  105th BIRTHDAY  -  (photo of Mrs. Samantha Nellis - From  photograph taken on her 100th birthday)   Her Father  One of Washington's Body Guard -- Possesses All Her Faculties.

Naples, Jan. 4 - Mrs. Samantha STANTON  NELLIS, of this village, celebrates her 105th birthday on Tuesday. She has the  full use of all her faculties and enjoys the best of health. She is active and  is much interested in the European war, reading the accounts in each day's  paper.   She was born  in Fairfield. Herkimer county, New York, January 5, 1810. Her father was Elijah  STANTON. She was the ninth of ten children and at the age of 20, was married to John Deitz NELLIS, also of Herkimer county. A short
time afterward they moved to Allegany county and after a few years came to Naples to the farm which has since  been her home. To them were born four children, all of whom are dead. She is the  sole survivor of her father's family and her home is with her daughter-in-law,  Mrs. Rhoda NELLIS.   Mrs. NELLIS's  father, Elijah STANTON, was a personal friend of General George WASHINGTON and  served through the entire Revolutionary war as one of WASHINGTON's body guards.  After the war General WASHINGTON visited her father and Mrs. NELLIS relates many  things regarding WASHINGTON which were told her by her father and which have  never been seen in print.
Mrs. NELLIS  is a member of the D. A. R. and is probably the only person living at the  present time who can truthfully say, "My father was a personal friend of George  WASHINGTON."      Recently she  received a letter from President WILSON congratulating her upon her approaching  birthday.  On her one  hundredth birthday and on each succeeding anniversary she
has held a reception  in her home. Many friends  and relatives are the proud owners of beautifully pieced silk cushion covers at  which occupation she has spent much time during the past few years.  She is fond of automobiling and occasionally attends church service at the M. E. Church, of  which, she is a member.

The Naples News                    Wed                        Feb 24  1915

Clark Woodruff was found dead on a lounge in his room in the Seamans Block, Saturday afternoon, cause of death, heart disease. His body was taken to the undertaking rooms of J. H. Tozer. Monday afternoon funeral services were held from the home of his brother, Oliver Woodruff and the burial was in Rose Ridge cemetery.  Rev. Jacob Finger conducted the service. Mr. Woodruff was 62 years old.

Deceased was born in Dix, Chemung county. He married Miss Rosa Drake, November 6th 1881 to whom was born a daughter who died in infancy and a son who was killed by the cars in Syracuse. He leaves an aged mother who lives in Elmira; three brothers, Oliver of this village; Llewellyn of New Jersey; and Adelbert of Elmira; two sisters, Mrs. A. Dalrymple of Millport and Mrs. M. White of Rochester.


Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester,  N. Y.     Mon  April  19, 1915      by: GSubyak@aol.com  

Naples  - April 18 - Walter WILGUS, of Rochester, has purchased of Levi LYON and wife their greenhouse property in Cohocton street. Mr. and Mrs. LYON have been in the florist business for a number of years and have built up an extensive trade.

Geneva Daily Times                       Saturday                  June 5 1915           by:  Dianne Thomas

FUNERAL OF SEYMOUR SMITH -  Aged Man Was Veteran of Civil War and Well Known Farmer -  Naples, June 5 - The death of  Seymour Smith occurred on Wednesday night at his home on Elizabeth  Street.   Mr. Smith was born in 1839 and spent his life in this vicinity. For many years he was a successful farmer of South Bristol

He was a member of the 13th NY Regiment and was discharged for disability after a year of service.  He was twice married.  His first wife's name was Booth, and to them three children were born: George, deceased, Miss Adelyn Smith, a teacher in Savannah, Ill. and Miss Laura Smith, a teacher in Los Angles, Cal.  One grandson, Howard Smith of West Hollow and one brother, Clarence Smith of West Hollow also survive. 

After the death of his wife he retired from the farm and married Mrs. Davis of Canandaigua, formerly Miss Clara Howe of Rochester. 

Mr. Smith had been in poor health for two years or more, and for several months his daughter Adelyn, had been at home assisting in caring for him. Funeral services were held this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, in charge of his pastor, Rev. A. H. McKnight of the Baptist Church. Burial was at Rose Ridge cemetery.   Mr. Smith was highly esteemed by all who knew him and was an upright man of sterling character.

The Naples Record                   Wed                    May 31, 1916               by:  Dianne Thomas

 Last Friday, May 26, 1916, occurred the death of Mrs. Frank Porter, aged 66 years. Burial was made on Sunday in Rose Ridge cemetery.

Naples Record                           Wed                 Apr 5 1916                       by:  Dianne Thomas      

Mrs. Mary Wilcox - At her home in Reed street, this village, yesterday morning, April 4, 1916, occurred the death of Mrs Mary Anna Wilcox after an illness of several weeks. Mrs. Wilcox was a daughter of the  late Samuel and Orpha Harrington Wilcox {news typo error - s/b Garlinghouse} and was born in the town of Richmond on November 23, 1835.  With the exception of a few years' residence in Michigan when she was very young, she had spent her life in the town of her birth and in South Bristol, (Gulick) and Naples. 

On August 19, 1857, she was united in marriage with Isaac W. Wilcox, of the town of South Bristol. Mr. Wilcox died February 14, 1908. To this couple were born seven children, six daughters  and one son, ail of whom are living except one daughter, Jessie, who married Wallace Elwell.   The survivors are: Mrs. Elle Hotchkiss of Naples; Mrs. Ethelyn Wood, of Hollywood, Cal.; Ulrich D. Wilcox, of Naples; Miss Mary A. Wilcox of Naples, Mrs. Vide Cribb, of Hollywood CA  and Mrs. Orpha Groyheneix, of Los Angeles, Cala.

Mrs. Wilcox, with her husband, moved to Naples about eight years ago, and during her declining years had been tenderly cared for by her daughter, Miss Mary, and son, Ulrich, and for the past year or more Mrs. Hotchkiss had also given almost her undivided attention to making her mother as comfortable as possible.  This family feels deeply the loss of a dear mother and they have the sympathy of all in their bereavement.

Funeral services will be held from  the home on Friday at 1 p.m., conducted by Rev. A. H, McKnight. Interment will be in Rose Ridge cemetery by the side of her husband.


The Naples News          Wed                    Apr  26  1916                          by:  Dianne Thomas

C.A. Weattherlow - At the home of his son, H. P. Weattherlow, at 12:30 this morning, April 26, 1916, occurred the death of Chauucey A. Weattherlow. He was born in Erie county,  August 1, 1842, and had spent the greater part of his life in that section. He and Mrs. Weattherlow came to Naples nearly four years ago, and on February 12, 1915, occurred the death of Mrs. Weattherlow.  Since the death of his wife,  Mr. Weattherlow had made his home with his son in this village. 

The deceased spent the greater part of the past winter in Florida, arriving home only recently.  Since coming to Naples, by his genial manner, he had won many friends.

He is survived by three sons: Harrie P., of Naples; Howard, of Flushing, L. I ., and Hugh E., of Miami, Fla.  Mr. Weattherlow was a member of the Naples Baptist church, and his pastor, Rev. A.H. McNight, will conduct the funeral services at 2 p. m. on Friday from the home in West avenue.  Interment will be in Rose Ridge cemetery by the side of his wife.

The Naples Record                 Wed                         Jan 10 1917        by:  Dianne Thomas

Yesterday C. W. Slayton and wife were called to Rochester by the alarming illness of their grandson, Jackson Wilber Slayton, son of W. Carroll and Helen Shlick Slayton. The little boy died shortly after the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Slayton. His age was three years and four months. The remains will be brought to Naples and the funeral will be held from the Slayton home at 1:30 p. m tomorrow. The bereaved parents have many friends in this, their home town, who extend their sympathy. [Rose Ridge cemetery]



The Naples News          Wed                    Jan  31 1917                    by:  Dianne Thomas

Elijah Wells, the well known merchant of Naples for many years, died Friday January 26, at his home on Main street. He was a native of the town, born here in 1851, the oldest son of Elijah Wells and Caroline Chesebro Wells. He had been confined to his home by illness for three years or more, depriving him of the ability to walk or to help himself to any great extent, thus requiring constant watching and care which was given faithfully by his wife and brother and others.

He early became interested in the hardware business and as soon as his Academic Education was finished went into the store of his father's as a clerk, till a firm in Phelps engaged him to aid in their large store and he was with this firm three years, then returned to Naples to resume business here and had carried it on until two years ago when his health necessitated his retiring and since then had been confined to his home.

His integrity will be recalled by the people of this vicinity when he told his customers that such and such good's were reliable they knew it was so and his purpose was to have nothing to do with inferior goods in his line, and his integrity was never doubted. Failing in health he sold his stock to John Bolles, and retired.

He was loyal to his town and to his Church and was Librarian and treasurer of the Presbyterian Church for many years. His experience and intelligence made him a trust worthy counselor and a patriotic citizen. 

He married Miss Cornelia Hamlin in 1876, when 25 years old. Two sisters, the Misses Lucy and Caroline Wells and a brother, George, all of Naples, survive him. One beloved sister, Mrs. D. D. Luther passed away a few years ago.  He could well boast of his heritage for both father and mother were among the best and most intelligent people of the town and active in all good works and especially was the father consulted by many in educational, mercantile and mechanical matters. 

Deceased had been identified with the once famous foundry of the town and until his health gave out, in all matters of public interest. The presence of so many of the business men at his funeral held Saturday last, was a silent testimony to their regard for him.

His pastor, Dr. J. H. France, conducted the services at the home and in his remarkable prayer paid high tribute to the moral value of the deceased.  The burial was in Rose Ridge cemetery. During the funeral hour, many of the business places on Main street were closed.


Penn Yan Democrat                  Fri                 Mar 9 1917        by: Dianne Thomas                          

WILDER.- In Penn Yan, March 5, 1917, Mrs. Belle Sutton Wilder, aged 68 years.  

Death came very suddenly, at the home of her son-in law, Spencer F. Lincoln, with whom she had lived a number of years. Mrs. Wilder had been an invalid several years, the result of a stroke, but she was able to be around, and appeared as well as usual at breakfast Monday morning. Shortly after the conclusion of the meal Mrs. Wilder fell to the floor and was dead when members of the household reached her. 

She leaves one daughter, Mrs. Cherrie H. Lincoln, her husband, Charles E. Wilder, and a half brother, Charles S. Sutton, of Naples. A prayer service was held at the Lincoln home, Chapel street, Tuesday afternoon, and the funeral was held Wednesday from her brother's home in Naples. Burial in Naples.  [Rose Ridge Cemetery]



Naples Record                Wed             Mar 21 1917             by:  Dianne Thomas       

Ada Grace Semans died at the home of her parents, Raymond and Maude Edson Semans, on Friday morning, March 16, 1917, aged fourteen days. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. C. C. Penfold at 2 p. m. on Sunday, and burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery. Besides the parents, she leaves a little sister, Laura Elizabeth Semans.


Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester,  NY   Friday, May 22, 1917               by: GSubyak@aol.com  

Naples  -   May 21 - The death of M. Walter WASHBURN, aged 12 months and 11 days, son of Mark and Mary WASHBURN, of Naples, occurred yesterday. Besides the father and mother there survives one sister, 7 years old. Funeral services will be held at the home to-morrow at 2 o'clock. Rev. C. C. PENFOLD, pastor of the Methodist Church, will officiate and interment will be in Rose Ridge.

ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT and CHRONICLE     Thursday     September 20, 1917       by:  Dianne Thomas

 Mrs. Harley Pardee

Naples  September 19 ---   Mrs. Harley Pardee, 59 years old, died at her home in West Hollow, yesterday morning.

Mrs. Pardee was born in Arlanta and was twice married, first to Henry Porter, and then to Harley Pardee, who survives her. She also
leaves one brother, Dr. Charles Woodard, of Buffalo.
Funeral services were held yesterday at the home at 2 o'clock,   Rev. C. C. Penfold officiated and interment was at Rose Ridge.

The Naples News                    Wed                      Dec 5 1917                           by:  Dianne Thomas

John Wolfanger, of Naples died Wednesday morning of last week, after an illness of twelve years, aged 25 years. Mr. Wolfanger was born in the town of Springwater, the son of William and Minnie Wolfanger, but had lived in Naples several years.

Besides his parents, he is survived by three brothers, David and Clarence, now in Virginia, and Earl of Naples, and four sisters Mrs. Filmore Dillon of Rochester, Olive, Stella and Ruth of Naples. The funeral was held from the home Saturday, conducted by Rev. C. C. Penfold, pastor of Methodist Church, and the burial was in Rose Ridge.

The Naples Record                Wed                    May 29 1918               by:  Dianne Thomas       

MRS. MILLIE WALKER - At the home of her son, Maurice F. Walker, in Rochester, on Sunday, May 26, 1918, occurred the death of Mrs. Millie Walker, after an illness lasting several months. She was a daughter of the late Benjamin and Ann Blake, and was born in Naples on July 15, 1857. In April, 1879, she was united in marriage to Jerome Walker, of Naples, who died about 27 years ago. To them was born one child, Maurice F., who survives; other survivors are: two brothers, A. M. Blake, of Naples, and Frank Blake, of Chicago; three sisters, Mrs. Frank Woodard, Mrs. A. J. Walker and Mrs. Augustus Shepherd, all of Naples. A brother, Hector W. Blake, and a sister, Mrs. James Wisewell died several years ago.

Mrs. Walker was of a retiring disposition, a good wife and a most affectionate mother. She had been a member of the Naples Presbyterian Church for about forty years, and was active in its various societies so long as her health permitted.   Heartfelt sympathy is extended to the bereaved family.  The body was brought to Naples, and funeral services .were held from the Presbyterian church yesterday at 2 p. m., conducted by Dr. J. H. France. Interment was in Rose Ridge cemetery.

Geneva Daily Times              Monday                  Aug  18, 1919                     by:  Dianne Thomas      

MRS. SAMANTHA STANTON NELL1S DIES AT AGE OF 109 YEARS  (her picture appears in paper)  

Was the Oldest White Woman Known Anywhere in This Vicinity -Had Lived Near Naples Nearly All Her Life -Her Father Was a Soldier in the Revolutionary War.

Mrs. Samantha Stanton Nellis, aged 109 years and the oldest white woman known anywhere in this section. died yesterday morning at one o'clock at her home two miles from Naples. She was born January 5, 1810, the daughter of Elijah and Lucy Goodelle Stanton near Little Falls. N. Y.  She was married in September 28, 1829, to John Dietz Nellis, a native of Fairfield, Herkimer Co., and lived first in Alleghany County and then moved near Naples in 1844; in which vicinity she has lived the remainder of her life.  

Her father, Elijah Stanton, was a veteran of the American revolution and a member of the body guard of George Washington. In one battle Mr. Stanton was wounded and George Washington himself is said to have jumped from his horse and carried Stanton to the rear of  the battlefield. 

Mrs. Nellis was very proud of the distinction of being a "real" daughter of the American Revolution and was a member of the Astenrogen Chapter in Little Falls. She was also one of the oldest living members of the Methodist church, of which she had been a member for over ninety years. 

Of  late,  Mrs. Nellis has been in ill health, both mental and physical, but up to the age of 105 years was in very good health, and took an active interest in every' day affairs.

Mrs. Nellis was the mother of four children, all of whom she survived. One of her daughters was Lucy Samaria Nellis, who married Charles P. Gregory, and whose daughter is Miss Frances Gregory of this city. There are several  several other great grandchildren living.  

The funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at her late home where she lived with her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Rhoda Eaton

Rev. Clark Hayes, pastor of the Methodist church, will officiate and burial will be made in Rose Ridge Cemetery.

Naples News     Wed            Jan 29, 1919                       by:  Dianne Thomas    

Lena Louise Loveland Keith -  wife of Stanley Keith of Baptist Hill and the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Loveland of this village died at her parents home Saturday last from pneumonia.

Mrs. Keith was born in Naples, February 23, 1890, educated in our high school and was a successful teacher for many years.  After her marriage, two years ago to Mr. Keith they moved to Baptist Hill.  Coming home for a visit a week ago, both were taken ill, the husband recovering.

Deceased is survived by her husband, her parents and one brother, Leon. Funeral services were held Tuesday from her parental home.   Rev. Hayes, officiating and the burial was in Rose Ridge cemetery. Death likes a shining mark. Her future was full of promise and we dare not question why she was taken from us in the prime of life. It is sad indeed to see one so young taken so unexpectedly. 

The Naples Record                Wed                 July 6, 1921                             by:  Dianne Thomas    

LINDSLEY ALLEN KIDDER -  At the home of his parents  in Naples, on July 4, 1921, occurred the death of Lindsley Allen Kidder, after an illness of about eleven months.  He was the oldest son of Albert E. and Florence Wheaton Kidder, and was born in Ingleside, town of Prattsburgh, on September 29. 1895. He moved to Naples with his parents about fifteen years ago in order that he and his sisters and brothers might  have the advantages of the high school. He was graduated from Naples High School in the class of 1913.  

For two years before his graduation he was employed in The Record office outside of school hours, and after graduation was regularly employed for about two years. Later he was employed on the Steuben County News, at North Cohocton; then on the Hammondsport Herald for about one year.

It was while employed at Hammondsport that, on October 10. 1917, he enlisted at Hornell. He was mustered into service at Columbus Barracks, Ohio, and was soon transferred to Fort Myer, Va. On December 12, 1917.   He sailed for France, where he was in active service in Company F, 51st Artillery, which was brigaded with the French. He saw much hard fighting, participating in many of the more important battles in the late war, and was actively engaged when the armistice was signed on November 11. 1918.

In September, 1918. he was attacked with influenza, and was taken to Base Hospital 28, at Villet, and later transferred to Base Hospital 76, at Vichy, to recuperate. After a month's rest he was able to return to his battery, then stationed in the Argonne sector, but he never fully recovered from this illness.

On February 16, 1919, Corporal Kidder was honorably discharged from- the- service, at Fort Hamilton, arriving at his home here the following Monday.  For a time after his return to civilian life Mr. Kidder was employed in printing offices in Elmira, and in the fall of 1919 entered the Detroit College of Law.  He was employed as a proofreader in a large publishing plant in that city during the day, and attended the evening school. Early last fall he was stricken with the illness which caused his death. While in Detroit he became a member of the American Legion Post of that city. 

Lindsley Kidder was one of our most popular and promising young men, and his friends are legion. He was a member of the Naples Presbyterian Church and, Sunday School and of the Young People's Christian Endeavor Society, and an earnest worker in each. While in Hammondsport, he taught a class in the Presbyterian Sunday School in that village. 

He is survived by his father and mother; five sisters. Mrs. Leroy Wallace, Mrs. Elmer Burley and Mrs. Charles Crandall and Bernice and Laura Kidder, and four brothers, Ellis, Willis, Kermit and Lynn, all of Naples.

A prayer service will be held from the home on Thursday morning, and services from the Presbyterian church at 11 o'clock, conducted by his pastor, Rev. J. H. France. D. D. Interment will be in  Rose Ridge cemetery, where Jacob Schaeffer Post No. 810, American Legion, will conduct its services.


Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, NY     Thursday    Sept 1, 1921                by: GSubyak@aol.com

Naples, Aug. 31 - The marriage of Miss Martha PARRISH, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. PARRISH to Theodore Jackson CAPRON, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. CAPRON, of Wayland, took place this afternoon at the home of the bride's 
parents in the Rushville road. The house was attractively decorated with gladioli, asters and ferns, and the ceremony was performed by Rev. A. L. BRAND, grandfather of the bride, in the presence of the immediate relatives and friends.
The bride was attired in a gown of white georgette  crepe. She wore a tulle veil caught with a wreath of orange blossoms and carried  a bouquet of bride roses. She was attended by her sister, Miss Mabel Louise  PARRISH, who wore pink organdie with hat to match and carried pink and white sweet peas. Wilbur W. CAPRON, brother of the groom, acted as best man and Miss Rebecca WOODRUFF, cousin of the bride was flower girl. Mrs. Alice Gordon BUZBY, aunt of the bride, played the wedding march from Lohengrin. Immediately after  the ceremony a reception and wedding supper was served to the relatives and  friends. After a wedding journey the couple will reside in Wayland.
The bride is a graduate of the Naples High School, class of 1915, and of Geneseo Normal School, class of 1917. She has been a teacher for nearly four years. The groom is a graduate of Cornell University and is  associated with his father in the produce business in Wayland. Among the  out-of-town guests were Wilbur W. CAPRON, of New York; Mr. and Mrs. W. W.  CAPRON, Charles CAPRON, Wiley CAPRON, Mrs. Emily CAPRON, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.  CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. BENNETT and Mr. Guy BENNETT, of Wayland; Mr. and Mrs. William T. POLMANTEER, Miss Blanche POLMANTER, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton MARTIN and Walter HUTCHINGS, of Binghamton; Miss Martha SWARTHOUT, of Willard and Mr. and  Mrs. Ralph GEDDES, of Elmira.
Prenuptial events included a variety shower given  by Miss Alice HATCH, of Naples; a kitchen shower by circle No. 4 of Millard  Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church and the Bolles Bible Class of the Presbyterian Sunday-school, dinners by Miss Clara CANO and Miss Hazel MERRILL and a luncheon by Miss Frances CATON, of Naples.

Naples Record                                 Wed                                 Oct 12 1921                     by: Dianne Thomas

MRS. LYDIA WILDER - At her home in East avenue, this village, last Thursday, October 6th, 1921, occurred the death of Mrs. Lydia Wilder. She had been in declining health for the past few months.  Mrs. Wilder was the daughter of the late William and Bathena Seamans, and was born- in the town of Middlesex on December 28, 1836.   With the exception of a few years' residence in Michigan, her whole life had been spent in this vicinity.

Her first husband was Sanford Caple, and after a few years' residence  in Hunts Hollow, they removed to Italy Hollow, where they resided until, Mr. Caple's death.  She then came to Naples. In 1894 she was united in marriage with David Wilder, of Bristol, and they resided on a farm near Bristol Center until his death about ten years ago, when she returned to Naples.

Mrs. Wilder was a member of the Naples Methodist Church and Sunday School, the W, C. T. U., Bingham Circle, Ladies of the G. A. R, and of the Red Cross. 

During the World War, she knitted many garments for the boys in khaki. Her interest in the soldiers was probably augmented by the fact that she had a grandnephew, Lawrence Seamans, in the service, who participated m several of the great battles on the fields of France, and also that two of her brothers, Isaac A. and William Seamans, had served their Country during the Civil War, the latter losing an arm.

Mrs. Wilder is survived by two nephews, Albert O. and William H. Seamans, of Naples, and two nieces, Mrs. Frank Holbrook, of Rushville, and Miss Mary A. Seamans, who is a teacher in Brooklyn; also several grand nephews and grand nieces.

Funeral services were held from the home at 2 p. m. on Saturday, conducted by Dr. J. H. France. Interment made in Rose Ridge cemetery.

The Naples Record                      Wed                                Nov 2 1921                        by: Dianne Thomas

BERT T. REED - At his home in Rochester on Monday, October 31, 1921, occurred the death of Bert T. Reed, at the age of 63 years. He was a son of the late M. B. Reed, and was born in Naples, where he lived until about thirty years ago. He was a tailor by trade, and had been engaged in business with his father under the firm name of M. B. Reed & Son, and later was associated with the late Fred M. Pottle in the same line under the name of Reed & Pottle.

He is survived by one brother, George Reed, of Naples; three sisters, Miss Laura Reed, of Perth Amboy, N. J.; Mrs. Flora Lam port, of Brooklyn, and Mrs. Harriett  Mason, of Rochester; also several nephews and nieces.

The body will be brought to Naples  and the funeral will be held from the home of his niece, Mrs. John D. Maxfield, in East avenue at 2:30 p. m. tomorrow, conducted by Dr. J. H. France. Interment will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery. 

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY       Tue                 Mar 21, 1922        by: GSubyak@aol.com

BRINK - SCHUTZ    -     Naples, March 20 - Miss Kathryn May SCHUTZ, daughter of Mrs. Mary Reamer SCHUTZ, was united in marriage to Adelbert Allan BRINK, son of Ellick and Lillian Carr BRINK. The ceremony was performed by Justice of the Peace Laurence  S. TELLIER. The attendants were Lewis BRINK and Miss Rose B. BRINK. The couple will make their home in Naples.

CROOKS - CLARK  -   Naples, March 20 - Miss Clarabelle CLARK, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert CLARK, was united in marriage to Ora J. CROOKS, of Springwater. The ceremony was performed by Dr. Joseph H. FRANCE, of the Presbyterian Church, at the manse. The  couple will reside on a farm in Springwater.

The Naples News              Wed                   July 26 1922                           by: Dianne Thomas  

Mrs. Edna Randall - wife of M. J. Randall of 8outb Bristol died suddenly of acute indigestion at her home Sunday evening at 7 o'clock. Her age was 73 years. Funeral services will be held this afternoon at 2:30 from the borne of her daughter, Mrs. T. H. Parsons, with burial in Rose Ridge, conducted by Rev. Bayford. She is survived by her husband, a son, Claude, and a daughter, Mrs. T. H. Parsons;  also two half-brothers and four grand children. 

The Naples Record                Wed                  Aug 30 1922                    by: Dianne Thomas

A number from here attended funeral services for Mrs. Mary Walker, at Rose Ridge cemetery, on Friday.

The Naples Record                Wed                   Oct 4 1922                     by: Dianne Thomas 

Jacob Walter - At the home of his daughter, Mrs. Mark Washburn, in Hunts Hollow, on Saturday afternoon, September 30, 1922, occurred the death of Jacob Walter.

Deceased was a son of the late Michael and Catherine Walter, and was born in Bavaria, Germany, on March 24, 1837. On June 15, 1861, he was united in marriage with Miss Elizabeth Smitch, also of Bavaria, and they came to America four years later. 

They lived in the East about six months, and then came to Canandaigua lake. They bought and settled on what is now known as Jacobs Landing, converting a rough hillside into a productive fruit-farm and vineyard. Mr. Walter was one of the most successful grape growers in this section.

About ten years ago Mr. and Mrs. Walter retired and came to Naples, purchased a house and lot in Pittsburgh street, where they resided until three years ago, when increasing feebleness caused them to dispose of their property and go to live with their daughter, who with her husband, has tenderly cared for the aged parents.

Mr. Walter is survived by his wife,  three daughters, Mrs. Anna Klingenberger, of Rochester; Mrs. Marcus Walker, of Canandaigua, and Mrs. Mark Washburn, of Naples; one son, Fred Walter, of Gorham; and twenty grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. One daughter, Mrs. Ida Clark, died twenty-four years ago. 

Funeral services were held from the Washburn home at 2 p. m. yesterday, conducted by Dr. J. H. France. Interment was made in Rose Ridge cemetery. Six grandsons acted as bearers: William and Charles Barnhart, George, Philip and Robert Klingenberger and Howard Walter.

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY             Friday,    April 20, 1923                    by: Dianne Thomas


Miss Eva PHILLIPS of Watertown, spent the weekend at the home of her parents here. 

Glenn SMITH of Clifton Springs spent the last week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. SMITH

Mr. and Mrs. Earl WOODWARD of Honeoye, visited his mother Mrs. R. WOODARD over the weekend.

H. Warren OLNEY and family of Lodi, spent the weekend with relatives here.

Mrs. Caroline MONIER is at Clifton Springs Sanitarium for treatment. 

Lawrence BUCK of Interlaken, is spending a few weeks at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John BUCK

Rev. and Mrs. C. C. PENFOLD and son, Charles, of Buffalo, spent the week with Mrs. Martha KIMBER and family. 

+  Postmaster J. Gordon LEWIS is ____ Dr. and Mrs. F. C. ROBBINS of Philadelphia, are spending the ___ in Naples.  

Mrs. Alice BARTHOLOMEW who has been in Philadelphia during the winter, has returned home.

P. J. STODDARD has returned to Naples after a stay of several weeks in Rochester.

Mrs. Gertrude KALTENBACH, who has been spending the winter in Rochester, Seneca Castle and Stanley, has returned home. 

The Naples Record                       Wed               Jan 2 1924                  by:  Dianne Thomas     

Deaths - January  1924


Jan 15 - Fred Wohlschlegel    72y, l0m

Naples News                           Wed                            Jan 9 1924                  by:  Dianne Thomas 

Conrad Traum - one of the early grape growers died Monday evening at home on lake road after a long illness. He was the son of Christian and Sophia Paar Traum and was born in Hessen, Germany, July 23, 1852.  He came to this country about 53 years ago. For nearly a half century he has been raising grapes in Naples.  He was a charter member of the state Deutsches Order Harugarri for more  than 50 years and member of  Uhland Lodge of Naples for many years.

Besides his wife, formerly Miss Catherine Greine, he is survived by two daughters, Miss Catherine Traum, and Mrs. Charles Peck, of  Naples;  three sons, Charles, George and Phillip of Naples; and two sisters, Mrs. Louise Schull of Naples, and Mrs. Catherine Merkel, of Buffalo.

Funeral services will be held from the family home at one o'clock Thursday afternoon. Rev, Bayford will officiate. Burial in Rose Ridge.

The Naples Record              Wed                      Feb 27, 1924                 by:  Dianne Thomas 

After a prolonged illness, Lyman Tobey died at his home in Monier street, this village, on Saturday morning, February 23, 1924. Deceased was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Tobey, and was born in Dundee, Yates county, on July 14, 1836. He came to Naples with his parents, in early boyhood.  From 1852 until 1880 he was associated with his father under the firm name of L. Tobey & Son in the conduct of a general store. He then clerked in the clothing store of his son, the late William H. Tobey, and later, until his health failed, in the Tobey Clothing Store, now owned by another son, George L. Tobey.   In his long business career,  Mr. Tobey at all times was held-in high esteem by his associates and patrons.

On October 16, 1858. he was united in marriage with Miss Mary Peters, of Middlesex, and to them five children were born: Alice, now Mrs. George Miller, of Oneida; Fred, deceased; William H., deceased; Lisle, now Mrs, T. J. Leahy, of Hornell, and George L. Tobey, of Naples.  Mrs. Tobey died many years ago.

On November 21, 1882, Mr. Tobey  married Miss Sarah M. Taylor, of Naples. To this union two children were born: Helena B., who died a few years ago, and Robert M. Tobey, of Naples. Funeral services wake held from the home at 3 p. m. on Monday, conducted by Rev. W. T. H. Bayford, pastor of the Methodist Church. Interment was made at Rose Ridge cemetery. 

There were present at the funeral from out of town,  Mrs. George Miller, of Oneida; Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Leahy, of Hornell; Mrs. L. P. Jolley and Mrs. George Kinne, of Perm Yan; Miss Mary Tobey and Mrs. Fred 0. Carpenter, of Rochester.

The Naples Record                 Wed   July 16 1924                       by:  Dianne Thomas

Caroline C Wells - After a lingering illness, Miss Caroline C. Wells' died at her home in this village last Wednesday evening, July 9, 1924. She was the second daughter of the late Elijah and Caroline Chesebro Wells, and was born on October 28, 1852, in the house where she died. She had always resided in Naples.

Miss Wells received her education in the Naples schools. She completed the course in Naples Academy in 1871 and received her diploma with the graduating class of 1872. Miss Wells was a member and supporter of the local Baptist church and its auxiliaries. Largely through her influence a branch of the Needlework Guild was organized here; she was the first president -and for ten years served in that office, and was one of the directors , at the time of her death.  She was also interested in Red Cross work and during the late war, had charge of the knitting sent from this community.

Deceased is survived by one brother, George H. Wells, and a sister-in-law, Mrs. Elijah Wells, both residents of Naples. Besides her parents, two sisters, Miss Lucy Wells and Mrs. D. Dana Luther, died several years ago.  Funeral services were held from the home at 3 p. m. on Friday, conducted by Rev. J. Erwin Wilson. Interment was in Rose Ridge cemetery.

The Naples Record                  Wed                       Aug 13 1924                     by:  Dianne Thomas

TWO CHILDREN DROWNED IN LOCAL POND -  James Ulmer, Aged 7, and Madeline Burgess, Aged 6, Victims of Accident on Monday Afternoon.

At about 2 p. m. on Monday two children were drowned in C. E. Cornish's ice pond in the rear of his residence in Main street south.

James Ulmer, aged 7 years, and Madeline Burgess, aged nearly 7 years, were playing about the pond and in some manner James fell into the water. Madeline went into the water and attempted to rescue him and both were drowned. Helen Ulmer, aged 5 years, who was playing with the others, ran to her home, which is only a short distance from the pond, and informed her mother, who informed Mrs. Burgess, a neighbor and the mother of the little girl who met her death. The cries of the mothers attracted the attention of Mr. Cornish and his daughter, Miss Celia Cornish, who rushed to the place, but too late to save the lives of the children. Mr. Cornish, with the assistance of his daughter, succeeded in removing the bodies from the water.

In the opinion of Coroner A. M. Stewart the children had lain in the .water about twenty minutes and were dead when recovered. He issued a certificate of accidental

drowning.  The Naples creek runs through Mr. Cornish's property and for the past several years has been providing a suitable place for bathing.  The water in the creek became low and a few days ago he turned it into the pond that the sport might not be interrupted.  This is a hard blow to the parents, and the sympathy of the public goes out to them.

Besides the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ulmer, James Ulmer is survived by five brothers: Edward, Robert, Carl, Clifford and Henry Ulmer; and two sisters, Mildred and Helen Ulmer, all of Naples. 

Madeline Burgess leaves her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Orson Burgess, who reside in Marks street, and two brothers, William Burgess, in the U. S. Army, and Franklin Burgess, at home: five sisters: Mrs. Margaret Deninger and Mrs. William Haitai, of Rochester; Marian, Irene, and Lucille Burgess, at home.

Funeral services of the children are held from the Presbyterian church at 2 p. m. today, conducted by Rev. W. T. H. Bayford, pastor of the Methodist Church. Interment in Rose Ridge cemetery.


Naples Record                Wed                     Dec 24 1924                by:  Dianne Thomas

LOUIS E. VERMILYE -  At his home in Elizabeth Street, this village, occurred the death of Louis E. Vermilye, last evening, December 23, 1924, following an illness of less than two weeks. Mr. Vermilye was the oldest son of James H. and Jennie Spencer Vermilye, and was born in Naples on October 1st, 1874. His father, a clerk in D. J. Doughty's grocery store, in this village, died about twenty-six years ago and the following March (1899).   Louis E. Vermilye succeeded to his father's position in the store, which position he had held continuously since that time. Possessed of a genial disposition, he was very well liked among his large circle of  friends and was loved and respected in his home.

On March 20th, 1904, Mr. Vermilye was united in marriage with Miss Ora Polmanteer, of Ingleside, who survives, together with two sons, Charles and Edward, who reside at home; he is also survived by his mother, Mrs. Jennie S. Vermilye, of Naples, and by three brothers, John S. Vermilye, of Peekskill, N.Y.; George Vermilye, of Odessa, and James H. Vermilye, of Naples.

Funeral services will be held from the home on Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. C. R. Wolcott, pastor of the Naples Baptist Church and burial will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery.

The Naples Record                  Wed               Jan 7, 1925                     by:  Dianne Thomas

In this village on December 27, 1924, a son was born to Andrew and Edith Randolph Knapp.


Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY          Sat               Jan 17, 1925               by:  Dianne Thomas

Naples, Jan. 16 - Mrs. Caroline GOODSELL MANNING, 66 years old, died Wednesday at the home of Vernon FOX in Prattsburgh road in Italy, after a long illness.  Besides her husband, she leaves one daughter, Mrs. Frederick REISINGER, of Naples; two sons, George MANNING and Melvin MANNING, of  Italy, two sisters, Mrs. Martin FENNER and Mrs. Ira PRICE, both of Penn Yan; and  two brothers, (cut off)

The Naples Record                      Wed                   July 1 1925                    by:  Dianne Thomas                         

HUGH MORTON PARRISH -  Died at the Parrish homestead on the Middlesex road last Thursday afternoon, June 25, 1925, after an illness covering the past three and one-half years. He was the second son of the late Schuyler J. and Martha Conaughty Parrish, and was born in Naples 45 years ago. He attended the Naples school and was graduated from the Naples High School in the class of 1896, and from the Ann Arbor, Mich., High School, and the University of Michigan, where he was a member of Michigamua Fraternity. 

For five years he held the position of vice-principal of Waterloo High School. Later he taught Latin in New Rochelle High  School for eight years and about the same length of time in Passaic, N.J., School, where he was considered one of the best teachers who had ever held that position in Passaic.

Because of ill health, he resigned three and one-half years ago. Mr. Parrish is survived, by two sisters, Miss Margaret L. Parrish and Miss Matilda M. Parrish, of Naples; and a brother, Edwin R. Parrish, of Naples.

Funeral services were held from the family home at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon, conducted by Rev. F. A. Hawley, pastor of the Presbyterian church. 

Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery. The bearers were E. R. Parrish, Clifford Friends, Charles Wohlschlegel, Frank Copley, Frank Widmer and Edgar Huber.

There were present at the funeral from out of town: Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Friends, of Hornell; William W. Parrish, of Momence, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Copley, of Buffalo; Mrs. Frank Potter, Harold Potter, of Clifton Springs; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Genung, Miss Nan Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Elias Vair, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schott, Miss Genevieve Schott, Willis Barnes, Miss .Mabel Barnes, Miss Pauline Allen, of  Waterloo. The Waterloo Lodge, F and AM., of which he was a member, was represented by Edward J. Banister, John Tomes, H. R. Wixom, George T. Eggleston.

Naples News                          Wed               Nov 18 1925                      by:  Dianne Thomas          


The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Briggs Schwingle, who died last Wednesday afternoon, was held from the Presbyterian church, Saturday at 2 pm, Rev. F. A. Hawley, officiating and the burial was at Rose Ridge cemetery.

Deceased was a daughter of the late Charles and Lucy Sackett Briggs and was born in Naples, February 25, 1890.  She was a member of the Presbyterian church, and Circle No.3. She had been ill for a long time.

Mrs. Schwingle leaves three sons, William, Charles and Jesse;  a daughter, Sarah, all of Naples, four brothers, Siras of Honeoye Falls, Edwin and Frank Briggs and Ollie Lyon of Naples: three sisters, Mrs. Hattie Hoffman of Mt. Morris, Mrs. Mrs. Isadora Weixelbaum of Rochester and Mrs. Cora Bennett.

The Naples Record                              Wed                            Oct 28, 1925                      by:  Dianne Thomas    

Doris Ellen King - At the family home in this village occurred the death on Monday, December 21,  1925 of Doris Ellen King, infant daughter of Ray E. and Mabel Manning King, following a few days illness of pneumonia. She was born in this village on October 28th last, Besides her parents she is survived by one sister, Charlotte King. Funeral services were held from the  home yesterday afternoon, Rev. F. A. Hawley officiating and burial was made in  Rose Ridge Cemetery. 

The Naples Record                       Wed                             May 19 1926                   by:  Dianne Thomas              

LOCAL YOUNG LADY HONORED - Miss Katherine Wohlschlegel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wohlschlegel, of this town, who will graduate this year from the Arts Department of Syracuse University, has received the honor of being elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and has also been  awarded a fellowship, which entitles her to a year's additional study at the University.   Miss Wohlschlegel is one of several graduates of Naples High School who have been awarded Phi Beta Kappa honors at Syracuse University.


The Naples News                Wed                   June 9 1926                                              by:  Dianne Thomas  

Mrs. Celestia West - Funeral services for the late, Mrs. Celestia Bartholomew West were held from the home of her son, William, in Race street, on Saturday afternoon at 2, conducted by Rev. C. P. Wolcott, pastor of the Baptist church and the burial was in Rosę Ridge cemetery.

Deceased was born in Cohocton, August 13, 1841, the daughter of John and Mary Gardner Bartholomew. She married William West in 1870. He died July 14,1906. She is survived by one son, William; two granddaughters, Mrs. Henry Eichberger of Bristol Springs and Mrs. Kenneth McVicar, of Rochester. Most of her life was spent on her farm in Garlinghouse.  A daughter, Rose, age 9 years; died in 1882.


NOTICE TO CREDITORS - Pursuant to an order of the Surrogate's Court of the County of Ontario, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against John Westbrook, late of the town of Naples, Ontario County State of New York, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers thereof, to the undersigned, Administrator c.t.a., at the Office of C. E. Koby in the village of Naples, N. Y., on or before the 15th day of December 1928. 

Nellie  A. Westbrook -Administrator c t a .        Dated June l,1926

R. B. Koby, Atty of Administration            Naples, NY

The Naples Record                               Wed                          July 14, 1926             by:  Dianne Thomas    


MRS. SOPHIA KLINGENBERGER -  In Memorial Hospital, Canandaigua, occurred the death last Friday afternoon, July 9th, 1926, of Mrs. Sophia W. Klingenberger, of Naples.  Her maiden name was Sophia Wendleguss and she was born in Baden, Germany, sixty-seven years ago, coming to this country when still quite young. Her first husband, John Wolff, died many years ago, and some time later she was united in marriage with Casper Klingenberger, of Naples, who died about seven years ago.

Mrs. Klingenberger is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Peter Riesonberger, of Naples, and Mrs. Clement Corey, of North Cohocton, and by ten grandchildren.

The body was removed to this village and funeral services were held from St. Januarius' Catholic church on Monday morning, conducted by the rector, Rev. William F. Frank, and burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery.

The Naples News                Wed                   Sept 8  1926                                by:  Dianne Thomas    

The funeral of Samuel Welton, aged 82 years was held from the Late home on North Main street, Fri day afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. F. A. Hawley pastor of thy Presbyterian church officiated and the body was laid at rest in Rosę Ridge cemetery.

Mr. Welton died last Wednesday afternoon at 5 o'clock after a long illness. He was born in the village of Conklin, May 12, 1844. He was the son of the late Abijah and Elizabeth Welton. His boyhood life was spent. in Waverly. He is survived by his wife, Adeline Monier Welton and one daughter, Clara.

For many years Mr. Welton was a salesman for a Chicago publishing company selling school supplies. There were very few towns in the middle west that he did not visit.  His funeral was well attended by relatives and neighbors. The bearers  were J. Edward Lyon, George Fox, George L. Tobey, John C. Morgan Carl Widmer and George Gillett.

The Evening Leader   Corning, NY    Tuesday                    Sept 28, 1926                         by:  Dianne Thomas    

Edward Knickerbocker - Cohocton - Sept. 28  - The death of Edward Knickerbocker last week removed a well known and successful fruit grower of Naples for most of his life of 77 years. Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery, the Rev. C. R. Wolcott of the Baptist church officiating.  Mr. Knickerbocker died very suddenly while at Holcomb.  He is survived by one brother, Dr. Henry C. Knickerbocker, of Naples.


The Naples Record                  Wed                June 15, 1927                                          by:  Dianne Thomas    

A daughter, Adeline June, was born on Thursday, June 9, 1927, in this village, to Andrew J. and Edith M. Randolph Knapp.

The Naples News              Wed                     Aug 31, 1927            by: Dianne Thomas 

ALONZO SEMANS - The body of Alonzo Semans, aged 36, was brought here from his late home in Ovid, Mich., for burial today in Rosę Ridge cemetery. Mr. Seamans died at his home in Ovid last Thursday after a short illness.  Deceased was born in South Bristol, September 13 1890. In January 1914, he married. Miss Annie Rennoldson, and  here until two years ago he moved to a large farm in Ovid, Michigan. Besides his widow, he is survived by a son, Albert and a daughter, Jane; five brothers, Ray of Naples; Howard of Victor; Harry of New Dorp. S. I., William of Owasco, Mi. and Spencer of Ovid, Mich.; three sisters, Mrs. Alfred Williams, of South Bristol; Mrs. Bertha Nelson of Victor; Mrs. Forrest Gardner of Avon; a step-mother,  Mrs. Mary Semans of Naples.

Geneva Daily Times         Mon         Nov 14, 1927               by:  Dianne Thomas        

OREN EDDY    Naples   Nov. 14.—Oren EDDY, 44 year old farmer, died Thursday afternoon at his home in Italy , after an Illness of eight years.  He was the son of Ray and Zelda  (Barker) EDDY, and was born in Italy, March 3, 1883 . All his life was spent in this community.

He married Miss Mary WYKOFF, February 4, 1903 .  Besides his wife, be is survived by two sons, Russell EDDY and  Lewis EDDY of Italy; and two daughters,  Miss Beulah Eddy and Miss Esther Eddy, of Italy.

Funeral services will be held from the family home at one o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Burial will be in the Italy-Naples Cemetery .


William T. TRICKEY - Naples - Nov. 14 - William Travis TRICKY,  85 years old, retired  farmer, died Thursday afternoon at his home in Bristol Springs.  He  suffered a fractured rib and other injuries in a fall downstairs last Monday, and failed to recover. 

Mr. TRICKEY was the oldest son of the late John and Maria (Springer) Trickey and was born in Academy, town of Canandaigua , February 7, 1842 . 

He married Miss Zimmie INGRAHAM, March 11, 1862 . She died November  30, 1874 .  Later, on April 10, 1875 he married Miss Henrietta  BEEMAN. They resided in Academy for eleven years then moved to the Beeman Homestead in Bristol Springs in 1886, where they have lived since that time.

Besides his wife, he is survived by five daughters, Mrs. Charles Fribolin. of Atlanta; Mrs. Earl Pierce, of Naples; Miss Eleanor

R. Trickey, of Detroit; Miss Mary J. Trickey. of Naples, Miss Florence M. Trickey of Victor; two sons, William Carlton Trickey, of

Rochester; Warren E. Trickey, of Naples; 22 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Three sons, Clarence, Wallace and John Trickey, died several years ago.

Funeral services will be held from the home of his son, Warren E. Trickey at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon, conducted by Rev. Clarence R. Wolcott, pastor of the Baptist Church, with six grandsons as bearers. Burial will be in  the Coye Cemetery (S. Bristol)



George Snyder

Naples , Nov. 14 - George Snyder,  47 year old farmer, died in the Memorial Hospital In Canandaigua, Wednesday. He was the son of James and Mary Wilier  Snyder, and was born in Italy , where he had spent all of his life as a farmer.

Besides his mother, he is survived  by five brothers, Ernest Snyder, of Gorham, James Snyder, of Canandaigua. Sylvester Snyder, of Naples, Howard Snyder, of North Cohocton and Lewis  Snyder, of Rushville; and two sisters, Mrs. Mary Putnam, of Rochester; and Mrs. Nellie Morley, of Rushville.

Funeral services were held from the Italy-Naples Baptist Church at two o'clock this afternoon, conducted by Rev. L. C. Cleveland. pastor.    Burial in  the Italy-Naples Cemetery.


The Naples Record                  Wed                  Jan 4, 1928                               by:  Dianne Thomas    

Naples Vital Statistics for 1927

June 9 1927- Adeline June Knapp  ... girl to Andrew J. and Edith M. Randolph Knapp.

June 24 1927 - Death of Edith Randolph Knapp, 22y,10m 


The Naples Record                       Wed                       May 30 1928           by:  Dianne Thomas        

Levi Strong, aged nearly 89 years, died at his home in this village last evening, May 29, 1928; he had been confined to his bed by illness for seven years. He was the son of Nehemiah and Betsy Vermilye Strong and was born in the town of Prattsburgh on June 7th, 1839.  Most of his life was spent in Naples, where for years he followed the occupation of a farmer.

On March 23d, 1864, Mr. Strong was united in marriage in Naples to Miss Katherine Parker, of this place; her death occurred in 1908. In Newark, N. Y., on October 7, 1909, he was united in marriage to Mrs. Adelaide Wright, who survives.  He was a member of the Methodist Church, of this place, and for years held office in its various organizations. He was also a member of Naples Grange No. 1186, P. of H.

Besides his wife, Mr. Strong is survived by three daughters, Mrs. John F. White, of Warsaw, and Mrs. Charles Hubbard and Mrs. William H. Seamans, of Naples; one son, Arthur Strong, of Silver Creek; eleven grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren.

Funeral services will be held from the home on Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. William Partington, and interment will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery.

Naples News                        Wed                           Jan 16, 1929              by:  Dianne Thomas   

FANNIE B. MANNING WAITE - Funeral services for Mrs. Waite were held Sunday afternoon from the late home on Vine Street. Rev. Charles Cady, pastor of the Presbyterian church officiating and the burial was at Rose Ridge cemetery.  

Mrs. Waite was the daughter of Alonzo and Lydia Barker Manning and was born in the town of Italy,  August 10, 1858. She died Thursday, January 10, 1929, at her home after an illness of two years.  She was tenderly and patiently cared for by her nephew, Morris Reddout and his wife.  

Mrs. Waite was married twice, her first husband was Charles W. Arnold,  who died in 1906; her second husband was Frank T. Waite, who died in 1909.

She is survived by three sisters, Mrs. Anna Seamans, Mrs. LeRoy Goodrich and Miss Lulu Manning; two brothers, Richard and Irving (Manning); three nephews: Morris Reddout, Charles Manning and James Manning and one niece, Mrs. Ray King.  These  surviving relatives all live in Naples, except Mrs. LeRoy Goodrich who lives in  Sonyea and James Manning, who lives in San Diego, Calif.  She was a member of the Presbyterian Church and Circle No. 3, of this village.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES Wednesday February 13, 1929  Pg  7       by:  Ron Hanley    
Mrs. Mary Conaughty
The death of Mrs. Mary Conaughty Cleveland occurred on Sunday, February 3, 1929, at the age of 84 years. For some time Mrs. Cleveland
had made her home with her nieces, the Misses Margaret and Matilda Parrish, and until very recently was able to attend worship at her
church where she had been since early life a most faithful attendant.
Mrs. Cleveland was the daughter of Joseph and Sarah Scott Conaughty, and was born at Waterford, NY, coming with her parents here
to reside when quite young.
On September 19, 1866, she was married to Ephraim W. Cleveland, who died in 1915, and a daughter, Alice who died at the age of sixteen.
Funeral services were held from the home on Wednesday afternoon, in charge of Rev. William Partington, pastor of the Methodist
A sister, Mrs. Carrie Monier, survives and nephews and nieces. A sister, Mrs. Alice Buzby, recently died at the same home. A few years
ago Mrs. Cleveland's eyesight became poor and since that time she has resided with her nieces, who have given her every care and attention.
Burial was at Rose Ridge Cemetery.

Naples News                Wed                       Mar 20, 1929                          by:  Dianne Thomas   

MRS. JENNIE E. VERMILYE - Funeral services for Mrs. Vermilye were held Friday, p. m. from her home conducted by Rev. C. R. Wolcott, pastor of the Baptist church and the burial was in Rose Ridge cemetery.

We briefly mentioned her death in our issue of last week as we were nearly ready to go to press. Retiring on Tuesday night at her usual hour and in her usual good health she was found dead in her bed the next morning by her daughter-in-law Mrs. Ora Vermilye.

Mrs. Vermilye was born in Vincent N. Y., August 14, 1848, the daughter of George and Alvira Kassin Spencer. Most of her life was lived in Naples. On October 1, 1873, she married to  James H. Vermilye of this village, to them were born four sons,  James H. Vermilye of Naples; John S., of Peeksklll; George Vermilye of Odessa, who survive; Louis E. Vermilye died four years ago. Two brothers, William Spencer and Grant Spencer of Grand Rapids, Mich., also survive. She was a member of the Baptist church, always active in its affairs.

Naples News                                early   July 1929                                                     by:  Dianne Thomas

NOTICE TO CREDITORS - Pursuant to an order of the Surrogate's Court of the County of Ontario, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against  Henry Schnitzler, late of the town of Naples, Ontario County, State of New York, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers thereof, to the undersigned Mary Schnitzler and Chas. Schenk at the office of C. E. Koby in the; village of Naples. N. Y. on or before the 20th day of July 1929.

Mary Schnitzler,  Charles Schenk   Administrators        Dated January 10th 1929                  C. E. Koby Att'y for Administrators, Naples

Rochester Daily Times, Rochester, NY             Thursday             July 25, 1929                   by:  Dianne Thomas

Heart Dilation Caused Man's Death in Jail - Canandaigua - July 24 - Coroner Leon A. STETSON, of this city, has issued a verdict of death due to acute dilation of the heart, in the case of Fred W. GRIESA, 51, Naples fruit grower, who died suddenly at the county jail here Monday.  On the strength of this verdict and after learning from members of the dead man's family that he had been subject to heart attacks.  Sheriff Frank M. CORWIN decided not to seek an autopsy in the case.  

GRIESA was received at the jail Monday, having been committed by Justice of the Peace, John C. BOLLES, of Naples, 'to keep the peace.'  He succumbed in a corridor of the building, last evening.  The body was taken to Naples where funeral services will be held from the family home  Thursday at 2 o'clock.  He leaves his widow and one sister, Ida STANDISH of Naples.

The Naples Record                        Wed                      Oct 2 1929                   by:  Dianne Thomas

GEORGE H. WELLS - After but one week's illness George Henry Wells passed away last Saturday morning, September 28, 1929 at the home of Mrs. Elizabeth France, in this village.

Deceased was a son of the late Elijah and Caroline Chesebro Wells and was born in Naples on January 27, 1857, and had always resided in Naples. He received his education in the public schools of the village and in the old Naples Academy.

Mr. Wells was a natural mechanic, and when a young man he entered the Sutton jewelry store where he learned the watch repair trade and remained there until the opening of the Middlesex Valley Railroad in September, 1892.  Several years previous he had mastered telegraphy and a line was extended from Bloods (Atlanta) to Naples, with the office in the Sutton store.

Being a telegrapher, at the opening of the railroad Mr. Wells became station agent and telegraph operator, which position he held for nearly ten years. He then took up his former work in the Sutton store, where he continued until the fire, three years ago. For the past few years he had been doing repair work at his home in addition to the manufacture of the Sutton fishing spoons and spinners.

Mr. Wells was a man whom everyone respected and his death is mourned by a host of friends. Mr. Wells never married. His brother, Elijah Wells, and his three sisters, Miss Lucy Wells, Miss Caroline Wells and Mrs. D. D. Luther, passed away several years ago.  He is survived by six first cousins: D. H. Maxfield, of Naples; Mrs. A. J. Abeel, of Syracuse; Miss Anna B. Chesebro, of Hammondsport; Mrs. Mary Chesebro Reynolds, of California, and Harry Chesebro and Mrs. Mary Cole. He will probably be missed most by his sister-in-law, Mrs. E. Wells, who has looked after his home since the death of his sister, Caroline.

Funeral services were held from the home of D. H. Maxfield at 3 p.m. on Monday, conducted by Rev. Charles G. Cady, pastor of the Naples Presbyterian Church. Interment was made in Rose Ridge cemetery.

Ontario Co. Journal, NY        Friday       Nov 29, 1929      Pg 4            by:  Dianne Thomas

Naples News:  

+ Miss Mary CAPRON of this village has been elected vice-president of the Agonian Society at Geneseo Normal School.

+ Mr. & Mrs. Hugh RICHMOND have moved to Sackets Harbor.

+ Mrs. Jacob FINGER of Buffalo spent a part of last week at the home of Mr. & Mrs. A. M. BLAKE


+ On Thursday, November 14, at the Baptist church in this village, occurred the marriage of Miss Wilma D. ROBINSON to Reuben KOLP, both of Naples.  The couple were attended by Miss Grayce ROBINSON and Leland STONE.  They will live in Naples where the groom is employed as chef at the Naples Hotel.  Rev. Henry SPURDLE performed the ceremony.


+ Mr. & Mrs. D. W. OAKLEY are guests of friends in Rochester until after the Christmas holidays.

+ Leslie V. CASE, superintendent of the schools at Tarrytown, was in town on Monday.  His mother, Mrs. Ella CASE accompanied him home for the winter.

+ Arthur PHILLIPS, who fell from a ladder while assisting in the decorating of Memorial hall for the Masonic fair, is able to be about the house.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester,  NY     Sat,   Jan 18, 1930         by: GSubyak@aol.com

MRS. ROSCOE PEACOCK Naples, Jan. 17 - Mrs. Adella Lewis PEACOCK, 40, wife of Roscoe PEACOCK, who died Wednesday was buried today at Petersburg near Troy. Mrs. PEACOCK died at the home of her mother, Mrs. Lewis, at Petersburg. She leaves her husband, Roscoe PEACOCK; a son, John PEACOCK, who attends school at Hanover, N. Y., and her mother and two brothers. 

MRS. HENRY S. WASHBURN Naples, Jan. 17 - Mrs. Flora A. WASHBURN died Thursday afternoon. She was born in South Bristol, April 20, 1879. She leaves her husband, Henry S. WASHBURN; a son, Leon WASHBURN and a daughter, Mrs. Wallace JENNINGS all of Naples and several grandchildren; also her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John VAN NESS and four brothers, Ernest, William, Walter, and Edwin. Funeral Monday at 2 o'clock from the home.

The Naples Record               Wed                    Nov 5, 1930                                    by:  Dianne Thomas

Frank M. Kistner, aged nearly 48 years, of this village, died in Geneva General Hospital on Sunday morning, November 2, 1930. He was injured while dismantling the Slayton Mill on June 21st last. Mr. Kistner was the son of Philip and Louise Wolfanger Kistner and was born in South Bristol on November 21, 1882. On March 25, 1916, he was united in marriage with Miss Ellena Lyon, and to them two children were born. For the past seven and one-half years he had been employed by Widmers.

He was a member of the Methodist Church and of John Hodge Lodge No. 815, F. and A. M., of this village.   Besides his wife, Mr. Kistner is survived by one daughter, Ellen Louise Kistner; one son, Edward L. Kistner; five brothers, Edward Sick, of Canandaigua; Jacob G. Sick, of Pontiac, Mich.; Philip and George Kistner, of Naples, and Andrew Kistner, of Syracuse; and one sister, Mrs. Alfred Griswold, of Naples.

Funeral services will be held from the Methodist church at 3 o'clock this afternoon, conducted by the pastor, Rev. F. C. House, with interment in Rose Ridge cemetery, John Hodge Lodge officiating at the grave.

The Naples Record               Wed                         Nov 12 1930                                   by:  Dianne Thomas

Mrs. Leon Johnson - On Friday, November 7th, 1930, Mrs. Delia Johnson died at the Bath Hospital, where she was taken only the day before. She had been ill for two years, and death came as the end of her suffering. She was 51 years of age. Thirty-one years ago she was united in marriage with Leon Johnson.

She leaves to mourn her loss her husband; two daughters, Mrs. Bernice Presler and Miss Kathryn, at home; also her father, Henry Hubbard, and four brothers, Wright, of Ingleside; Laverne, of Wayland; Charles, of Hunts Hollow, and Clifford, of Buffalo, beside numerous nieces and nephews. She was a member of Ingleside Grange.

The funeral services were held from the Baptist church Monday at 2 p. m., Rev. Falk, of Halstead, Pa., officiating. The floral offerings were beautiful. Truly, we can say a good woman has left our midst. She was laid to rest in Rose Ridge cemetery, Naples.



The Naples Record                 Wed                         Aug 5, 1931                      by:  Dianne Thomas    

Born, August 3, 1931, at Manhattan Maternity Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Noxon, of Jackson Heights, L. I., a daughter, Jane Elisabeth.   Mrs. Noxon was formerly Miss Mildred Springstead, of Naples.    [Jane married 6/3/1953 to Dale S. Dewitt (news article)]  [She is older sister of Mrs. Barbara Ann, w/o Dale Bowen]



Naples NY Record                          Wed                          Sept 9 1931              by:  Dianne Thomas

JANE SIMONS - At the home of her son, Rolland Simons, on the Ingleside Road, on Thursday, September 3, 1931, occurred the death of Jane Simons, aged 73 years. She was a daughter of the late Joseph and Paulina Simons, and was born at Woodhull, New York, on March 8, 1858. 

She had spent her whole life in the town of Naples. She had been in failing health since the loss of her home by fire April 6th, 1929. The immediate cause of her death was Bright's disease. 

She is survived by her son, Rolland Simons and six grandchildren, of Naples, two sisters, Mrs. W. W. Keefe, of Phelps, N. Y., and Mrs. H. L. Burke, of Buffalo, N. Y., and one step-sister, Mrs. Jessie Gooding, of Addison, N. Y.; also by several nieces and nephews.

Funeral services were held from the home of her son, on Saturday at 2 p. m., conducted by the Rev. F. C. House, pastor of the M. E. Church, and interment was made in Rose Ridge cemetery.

Canandaigua Daily Messenger,    Tues,      Feb 9, 1932                  by:  Ron Hanley      

Naples Woman of 94,  Is Taken By Death
Mrs. Mary Clarissa Cleveland, 94, Naples second oldest resident, died Monday at her home on the Middlesex Road after an illness of two
weeks.  She was born in Canandaigua March 20, 1837, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Trembley, and came to Naples in 1860 as the bride of the late Myron Cleveland.
She was a member of the Methodist church and took a keen interest in all church affairs. Until the last few weeks she had been in good health, was able to read and sew, and was active about the house.
Mrs. Cleveland leaves eight daughters and one son, Mrs. Merton Wilkins, of Burns, Mrs. Jennie Greer, of Baggett, Calif, Mrs. C. H. Boals and Miss Louise Cleveland, of Naples, Mrs. W. B. King, of Buffalo, Miss Eunice Cleveland, of Evanston, Ill, Mrs. Frank Patterson, Palisades, N. J., Miss Ida Cleveland, of Stapleton, N. J., and Fred Cleveland of Lent Hill. A son, Frank Cleveland died several years ago.

Ontario Co. Times Journal, Canandaigua, NY     Friday         July 22, 1932               by:  Dianne Thomas

EATON - GEER - Miss Fannie Elizabeth GEER, daughter of Mrs. Laura GEER of Naples, and Harold C. EATON, son of the Rev. Dr. E. L. EATON of Washington, D.C., were married Saturday, in the Italy Valley Methodist Episcopal church.  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Dr. EATON and Rev. Ralph SMITH of Middlesex.  The wedding march was played by Miss Luelia MEADE of Canistota and solos were sung my Miss Elizabeth EATON, who was accompanied at the piano by Miss Marion REID of Geneva.  The bridesmaids were Miss Lottie GEER, sister of the bride and Miss Claribel EATON, sister of the bridegroom.  John EATON, brother of the bridegroom was best man and Donald H. WING of Middleport, was usher.  The bride was attired in a gown of ivory bridal satin cut en train, with a jacket of lace, a small hat of satin and lace and mitts and shoes to match.  her bouquet was of bridal roses and lilies of the valley.  The bridesmaids wore gowns of organdie of green and yellow with matching hats, mitts and shoes and carried shower bouquets of sweet peas.  The bride's mother wore brown and white chiffon and the bridegroom's mother wore white crepe.  Immediately following the ceremony, a wedding luncheon was served to the immediate families and friends, at Averhill on Canandaigua Lake, and later Mr. and Mrs. EATON left for a motor trip.  Following an extended vacation, they will reside at Bryn Mawr, Kentucky, after September 1st.

Naples Record             Wed                          Aug  24 1932                                 by:  Dianne Thomas  

Mrs. William West died at her home in this village on Sunday, August 21, 1932, aged 54 years and 5 months. Sarah Elizabeth West was a daughter of the late Wesley and Mary Sick Coleman, and was born in Naples on March 21, 1878; with the exception of two or three years residence in Conesus, this town always had been her home.

On September 15, 1897, she was united in marriage with William West, who, with two daughters, Mrs. H. K. McVicar, of Rochester, and Mrs. Henry J. Eichenberger, of Bristol Springs, survives; other survivors are two  brothers, J. Edward and Frank W. Coleman, of Naples; two sisters, Miss Jennie Coleman, of Saranac Lake, and Mrs. Rose Carpenter, of Bath, and one grandson, John West McVicar, of Rochester.

Mrs. West was active in the social doings of Naples, and also of Onna-Wah-Na Rebekah Lodge No. 420, I.O. 0. F., of which she was a member.  Funeral services, which are private in accordance with the wishes of the deceased, are held from the home at 2:30 p. m., today, conducted by Rev. D. M. Ratcliff., pastor of the Naples Baptist Church. Interment in Rose Ridge cemetery.



Naples News                  Wed                     Sept 28, 1932               by:  Dianne Thomas

MURRAY D. PRESLER -  Murray D. Presler of Ingleside, died at the Bath Hospital, last Thursday morning, September 22 at the age of 53 years. He leaves his wife, Mina Smith Pressler, and a son Willard, his father, Albert Pressler and a sister, Mrs. Jesse Cleland all of Ingleside.  The funeral was held on Sunday with a prayer at the late home and at the Christian church at 2:30 P. M., with the Rev. F. C. House of the Methodist church at Naples, officiating and the burial was in Rose Ridge cemetery. The funeral was largely attended by the many friends and relatives.


Naples Record                              Jan 26, 1933                         by:  Dianne Thomas

Hiram Wolven left Sunday for the Western States. Margaret Wolven who has been spending sometime at the home of her father Hiram Wolven, is in Naples with her grandmother, Mrs. Mary Shaw.

Naples NY News                             Wed                             Feb 15, 1933          by: Dianne Thomas      

Mrs. Minnie O. Kirkmire,  widow of the late Joseph Kirkmire, died at her home on Rhine street, last Wednesday afternoon, February 8th. The funeral was held from St. Januarius church on Saturday morning at 10 o'clock, the Rev, Father Scheid officiating and the burial was in Rose Ridge cemetery.

Mrs. Kirkmire was taken ill about three weeks ago and never rallied from the effects of hardening of the arteries. Her husband Joseph Kirkmire passed away almost one year ago and her only daughter, Genevieve, died eleven years ago. Two sons, Frank Kirkmire of Rochester and George Kirkmire of Naples, with six grand children survive; also nieces and nephews.

Mrs. Kirkmire was born in Syracuse, N. Y June 1859 and was 74 years old.  On November 15, 1884 she was united in marriage to Joseph Kirkmire of Naples. With her late husband they owned a vineyard on Rhine street.  She was a faithful, industrious, loving wife and mother and her many friends, relatives and neighbors will miss her in the daily walks of life.

The funeral was largely attended and to the memory of this dear woman, we can safely say, "Well done good, faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord."

Naples News            Wed                          June 21, 1933               by: Dianne Thomas   

Miss Lillian Morey, of Naples, who recently passed away, was well and favorably known here.  She was the daughter of the late Levi B. Morey and spent her younger days in Middlesex attending our high school.  She finished her education at Brockport Normal and taught for a number of years in New York city, 18 years ago she was stricken with arthritis and had been unable to walk, since. She was active in every good work in the town of Naples and Rev. House paid her a fine tribute in his sermon taken from the text "She hath done what she could". -  L C Williams, Penn Yan Democrat.

 ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES JOURNAL   Friday    May 4, 1934     Pg 5, col  3     by:  Ron Hanley   
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Douglass of Rochester have announced the engagement of their daughter, Dorothea, to Melvin C. Babcock of Naples. The wedding is to take place in the late summer.

The Naples News                        Wed               Oct  31, 1934   [on headstone of Lyman Strobridge]

MRS. EMILY B. ELDREDGE - Mrs. Emily Baker Eldredge, 93, of Naples, died Friday morning October 26, 1934, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ella May Gilman in Rochester, after an illness of about five years during  which she had been tenderly cared for by her daughters.  

She was a daughter of the late Daniel and Sarah Sheik Baker and was born in Jerusalem, Yates County, on August 17, 1841.  In June 1865 she was united in marriage to Lyman Strobridge of Naples, who died in December 1873.  In 1900 she married Barber Eldredge, also of Naples who died in 1923. 

In her earlier years she resided in Avoca and in Prattsburgh, but the greater part of her life was spent in Naples, where she was a devoted member of the Baptist Church and its auxiliaries and of Bingham Circle No. 79, Ladies of the GAR.  

 Mrs. Eldredge leaves four children, Fred L. Strobridge, of Cristobal, Canal Zone, who visited her a few weeks ago; Mrs. Ella May Oilman and Frank L. Strobridge of Rochester, and Mrs. Grace Webster, of Gainesville: six grandchildren, Mrs. Dennis R. Briglin, of Naples; Jay Strobridge, of Rochester; Claude Strobridge of Cristobal, C. Z., who visited her this month, and Harold, Dorothy and Albert Webster, of Gainesville.  

Following a prayer service from the home of Mrs. Oilman, in Rochester, conducted on Friday by the Rev. Dr. Hallock, of Brick Presbyterian Church, the body was brought to the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. Dennis R. Briglin, in Naples.  Services were held from the Briglin home on Sunday at 2 P. M. and from the Naples Baptist church at 2:30, her pastor, the Rev. D. M. Ratcliff, officiating, and burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery, Naples.

The Naples News                Wed                    June 3 1936              by:  Dianne Thomas      

Mrs. Minnie M. Stone, aged 67, wife of Harry Stone, died at her home on Vine Street, Naples, Monday June 1, 1936. Mrs. Stone was born in Naples, February 22, 1869, and had been a life long resident. She was a member of the Baptist Church and of the Rebekah Lodge here. Mrs. Stone had been in poor health for some time.

Besides her husband, Mrs. Stone is survived by one son, Lucian Stone, a daughter, Mrs. J. G. McDonald, a brother, Harry Jones, and two grandchildren, all residing in Naples.

Funeral services are to be held tomorrow, Thursday, at the Vine Street home, the Rev. Mr. Radcliff, officiating. Burial will be at the Rose Ridge Cemetery.


The Naples Record              Wed                        Mar 31 1937  (Pic in paper)                  by:  Dianne Thomas  


John S. Tellier, 78, publisher of The Naples Record for the past half-century, died last Saturday, March 27, 1937, at the home of his son. Howard W. Tellier, in North Main Street. Mr. Tellier was stricken with apoplexy last Thursday, and never rallied. His health had been impaired since December, 1934, when he suffered a similar illness of less severity; but he had been able to be about and to visit his place of business frequently during the past two years.

He was the dean of Ontario County editors and publishers, and was the ranking business man of Naples in continuous years of service in one field. Mr. Tellier was a son of the late John F. and Mary L. Wetmore Tellier, and was born in Canandaigua on July 4, 1858. He received his education in a rural school in that town and in the old Canandaigua Academy. 

In March, 1874, he entered upon the apprenticeship which his father had chosen for him, and spent four years with the late Jacob J. Mattison, then publisher of the Canandaigua Repository-Messenger, now known as the Daily Messenger.

Mr. Tellier first came to Naples in June, 1878, to work as a printer in The Record office, then owned and operated by the late Simeon Lyon Deyo, and remained about one year. Later he was employ for a short period in Auburn and Clifton Springs and again in Naples  from 1880 until 1884, when he returned to Canandaigua to work for the late N. J. Milliken and son, Charles F. Milliken, for more than three years. 

In September, 1887, he purchased The Naples Record from Simeon L. Deyo and B. T. VanHousen, taking possession on October 1 of that year. He was a loyal citizen of the town of his adoption, and every cause and project that gave promise of improving Naples had the hearty and unstinted support of Mr. Tellier and his newspaper. The business will be continued by the family.

He was a member of Naples Presbyterian Church; of John Hodge Lodge No. 815, F. and A. M.; a member and past noble grand of Nundawaho Lodge No. 714;  IOOF; a member of Onna-Wah-Na Rebekah Lodge No. 420, IOOF; of Naples Grange No. 1186, and of the Naples Chamber of Commerce, the National Editorial  Association and the Western New York Newspaper Publishers' Association. In his younger years  he was an active member of the local firemen. 

He loved children and young people, and was much interested in the school and in the Boy Scout and Girl Scout movements which enjoyed the liberal support of his newspaper although he never was identified with those organizations. 

On January 24, 1883, Mr. Tellier was united in marriage with Miss Clara A. Whiting, of Naples, who died on March 4, 1895. He is survived by two sons, Howard W. Tellier, of Naples, and Laurence S. Tellier, of Rochester; one sister, Mrs. Emmett Meech of Rolfe, Iowa, and a number of more distant relatives.

Services were held on Monday at 4 p. m. from the home of his son in North Main Street, the Rev. Elmer Irving Braden, of the Naples Presbyterian Church, officiating.

Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery. John Hodge Lodge No. 815, F. and AM, of which organization was a member of the second class of initiates in 1895, conducted the  services at the grave. 

Among those present at the funeral, from out or town were: Mr. and Mrs. Laurence S. Tellier, Burton F. Bolles, Mrs. H. B. Warner, Mrs. Eleanor Levis, Mrs. Arthur  Kates and Mrs. Clifton Weaver, of Rochester; J. E. Barber; editor of the Wayland Register, and Mrs. Barber, of Wayland; Mr. and Mrs. B. Gregg Abbey, of Niagara Falls; Hon. and Mrs. Fred D. Cribb, of Canandaigua; George G. Ehle, of Rochester, and daughter, Mrs. Loring E. Gingell, of College Park, Maryland; Mrs. Mary C. Boals, of Palisade Park, N. J.; Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Dunton, of Middlesex.



Mrs. LeRoy Tompkins -  In Strong Memorial Hospital. Rochester, on Tuesday, March 30, 1937, occurred the death of Mrs. Carrie E. Tompkins, 54, wife of LeRoy Tompkins, of Naples. She had been ill only a few hours, and was taken to the hospital on Monday evening.

Mrs. Tompkins was the youngest daughter of the late John D. and Ida Johnson Tenney, and was born in Naples on October 2, 1882. On October 17, 1900, she was united in marriage with Charles Stone, of Naples, who died November 6, 1914. On May 21, 1916, she married LeRoy Tompkins, of Naples, who survives.

Other survivors include one son, Leland Stone, and one daughter, Miss Ida Mae Tompkins, both of Naples; one grandson, Charles Stone; one brother, Laverne Tenney, of Naples, and three nephews.  Services will be held from the home at 2 p. m. tomorrow, Thursday, and at 2:30 o'clock from the Naples Presbyterian church, conducted by the Rev. E. I.. Braden. Burial will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery.



The Prattsburg Independent                   early   Feb 1938              by:  Dianne Thomas  

The death of Mrs. Cora Shults, widow of Jacob Shults who passed away last April, occurred Saturday at the Bath hospital where she was taken for pneumonia last week, Wednesday. Mrs. Shults had been in very poor health for some time, and was unable to survive the added illness. The funeral was held from the home on Tuesday February 8th with the Rev. Marshall Scott officiating. The deceased was 62 years old and born in Gorham. Interment was made in the Rose Ridge cemetery, Naples.



Geneva Daily Times      Wed                    Feb 9 1938                 by: Dianne Thomas     

Rushville, Feb. 9 - Mrs. Cora Fake Shults, aged 62, died Saturday at her home in Prattsburgh. She was a daughter of Irving and Ida Gage Fake, and was born in the town of Gorham where she lived until her marriage to Abe Lyons of Naples forty years ago. Following the death of her first husband, she lived in Canandaigua for a few years. Nineteen years ago she married Jacob Shults of Prattsburg and has since lived there. Mr. Shults died in May of last year. 

Mrs. Shults is survived by one brother, Grover Fake of Canandaigua, and three sisters, Mrs. Anna Bowerman of Rushville, Mrs. Winifred Fallon of Hopewell, Mrs Jessie Lynn, who lives in California.   The  funeral services were held Tuesday, and burial was made at Rose Ridge Cemetery, Naples.

The Naples News                    Wed                  May 25 1938                by:  Dianne Thomas  

MRS. MARY MUNSELL - Funeral services for Mrs. Lucian Munsell, of Buffalo, who died suddenly in the home of her son, Elmer Munsell, in Hamburg, last Wednesday were held in the funeral home of Allen and Tinklepaugh, last Friday afternoon. The Rev. Elmer I. Braden, pastor of the Presbyterian church officiating.  Burial was in Rose Ridge cemetery. 

Mrs. Munsell, a former resident of Naples, is survived by two sons, La Verne and Elmer Munsell, of Buffalo; her mother, Mrs. Eliza Housel, of Naples; a brother, William Housel and a sister. Miss Caroline Housel, both of Naples; a granddaughter, Mary Elizabeth Munsell and a grandson, William Munsell, both of Hamberg.

Naples Record               Wed              Feb 8  1939                   by:  Dianne Thomas  
SHEHAN - In Geneva on Sunday, February 5, 1939, occurred the death of Mrs. Nellie E. Sheehan, 65, formerly of Naples. Mrs. Sheehan was a daughter of the late John W. and Francelia Cramer Smith, and was born in Cohocton on December 2, 1873. In 1893 she was united in marriage with Dennis F. Sheehan, and they resided in Washington, DC, until his death six years ago. She has made her home with her son, William Sheehan, in Geneva for the past six yrs. Besides the son, Mrs. Sheehan leaves four grandchildren; one brother, Lyman H. Smith, and one sister, Mrs. Harriet D. Rackham, both of Naples. Services will be held today, Wednesday, at 2 p.m. from the home of her brother, Lyman H. Smith, in Naples, the Rev. John H. Sandmeyer of the Naples M. E. Church, officiating. Burial will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery, Naples.

The Naples Record              Wed                       Mar 15 1939                     by:  Dianne Thomas  

Floyd Torrence, 46, died on Sunday, March 12, 1939, at his home at Bristol Springs. He had come home from the U. S. veterans hospital in Canandaigua to spend the weekend with his wife, the former Miss Beulah Holcomb. 

Mr. Torrence was born in Bath on December 25, 1892. Before his marriage he served with the U.S. Army in the Philippines, on the Mexican border, and in training camps during the World War. At one time he was a boxing instructor in the army.  Besides his wife, he leaves two brothers, Henry and Walter Torrence, of Baltimore, Md. 

Services will be held from the home at 2:30 p. m. today, conducted by the Rev. E. I. Braden of the Naples Presbyterian Church.

Burial will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples, with military honors by Jacob Schaeffer Post No. 810, American Legion.

The Naples News                    Wed           Apr 12 1939                                by:  Dianne Thomas        

Mrs. Benjamin Wolfanger, aged 59 years died at her home in Hunts Hollow, Thursday, April 6th, after a short illness.  Mrs. Wolfanger was born in Naples, Nov 21, 1879, the daughter of Mrs. Alice Naracong, who survives her.  Mr. Naracong died several years ago.  She married Benjamin Wolfanger in 1896 and has always lived in this community.

She is survived by her husband and mother and one daughter, Mrs. Alice Briglin, of Atlanta; three sons, Carl of Middlesex; Lee of Jordan, and Lloyd of Wayland; 18 grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Rhoda Macomber of Swales, N.Y.

Funeral services were held last Saturday from the Hunts Hollow school house at 2:30 p. m., the Rev. E. I. Braden, officiating, and burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery.

The Naples Record             Wed            Apr 19, 1939                             by:  Dianne Thomas  

Walter W. Keefe -  At his home in Phelps on Monday, April 17, 1939, occurred the death of Walter Keefe, 72, a native of Nottingham, England. He had recently retired after thirty years' service with the Steinbloch Clothing Company of Rochester. He was quite well known in Naples.  He was a life member of Genesee Lodge, F. and A. M., and a member of the Phelps Recreation Club and the Phelps Methodist Church.

In 1894 Mr. Keefe was united in marriage with Miss Ida Simons, of Naples, who survives. He also leaves a daughter, Miss Carrie Keefe, and a son, Wesley Keefe, both of Phelps and several brothers and sisters in England.  Services will be held in Phelps at 2 p. m. tomorrow, Thursday, and burial will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery, Naples.

The Naples Record              Wed                          Apr 26 1939                   by:  Dianne Thomas  

Mrs. William Tompkins - At her home in Marks Street, last Wednesday, April 19, 1939, occurred the death of Mrs. Ella Tompkins, 81, wife of William Tompkins. She was a daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Dubois, and was born in Bellona, NY, on May 14, 1857.

She was united in marriage with William Tompkins on October 19, 1881. They resided in Gorham and Rushville for several years. When the Middlesex Valley railroad was under construction in 1892, Mr. Tompkins secured employment on the job and they moved to Naples.

Besides her husband, she leaves five sons, Walter Tompkins of Holcomb, Leroy and George Tompkins of Naples, Frank Tompkins of North Cohocton, and Milford Tompkins of Penn Yan; and four grandchildren.

Services were held on Friday at 1:30 p. m. from Emory's undertaking rooms, the Rev. E. Irving Braden, of the Presbyterian Church, officiating. Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery.

The Naples Record                 Wed              Aug  9 1939        by:  Dianne Thomas      

Abram Franklin Webster, 76, died this morning, Wednesday, August 9, 1939, at the home of his son, Fred Webster, in West Hollow. Mr. Webster was born in Farmington, Tioga County, Pa., on April 20, 1863, a son of Levi and Mary VanCise Webster. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Eva Chase Webster, of Naples; one son, Fred Webster, of Naples; one daughter, Mrs. Charles Cull, of Bristol Springs; eleven grandchildren and seven great grandchildren; one brother, Thomas L. Webster, and one sister, Mrs. Martha Spiers, both of Olean.

Services will be held from the Webster home in West Hollow on Friday at 3 p. m., daylight saving time, conducted by the Rev. E. L. Roys. Burial will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery.

The Naples News           Wed                    Jan 3, 1940                            by:  Dianne Thomas  

[Mrs. Samantha Nellis - 109 yrs  -   died Aug, 1919]

DAR  To Have Memorial Service, Saturday - Kiandaga Chapter, D. A. R., Naples, will have a memorial service meeting, Saturday afternoon, January 6th at 2:30 in the home of Mrs. William Seamans. The service will honor a real daughter of the Revolution, the late Mrs. Samantha Nellis, whose father Elijah Stanton, Continental soldier was one of Washington's body guards and was with him at Valley Forge and Trenton.  

Mrs. Nellis was born in Eaton Bush, January 5, 1810, but most of her life was spent on the farm, near Naples, where she died Aug. 20, 1919, at the age of 109. She was a member of the Astenrojen Chapter D. A. R., Little Falls, and a member of the Methodist Church for 90 years. Her granddaughter, Mrs. Harry Jones, of Naples, will be the guest of honor at the meeting, Saturday.   

The Naples News                   Wed                    Jan 31, 1940                   by:  Dianne Thomas  

WILLIAM F. RIESENBERGERWilliam R. Riesenberger, age 18 years, son of Mrs. Kathleen Riesenberger of Naples, N. Y., was born in Utica, N. Y., April 19, 1921, the youngest of three children.  William came to Naples, twelve years ago with his mother and two sisters, where Mrs. Riesenberger is a teacher in the Naples Central School. He attended high school and was a graduate of the Class of 1939, and was taking a P. G. course this year. A leader in his classes and his ability in sports made him an outstanding student in our school.  At the time of his death "Bill" was the Captain of the school basketball team. His good sportsmanship in all athletics won him many friends in the surrounding towns that his team played in.  He planned to attend college next year to become a physical education instructor.  

William is survived by his mother, Mrs. Kathleen Riesenberger, and two sisters, Miss Kathryn, who is a student at the University of Michigan, and Mrs. James R. Reed, and grandmother, Mrs. Thomas Riesenberger, all of Naples.

Funeral services were held Tuesday morning from the St. Januarius .Catholic Church, with  the Rev. Father Sturmer, officiating. Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery. The Naples High School students, attended in a body.  

The Naples Record                 Wed                      May 29 1940                       by:  Dianne Thomas  

MRS. A. J.  RENOLDSON - At her home in this village on Thursday May23 1940,  occurred  the death of Mrs. Nancy Butler Renoldson, 81, wife of Albert J. Renoldson. She had been an invalid for several years.

Mrs. Renoldson was a daughter of Hickson and Nancy Finney Butler, and was born on Lent Hill, in the town of Cohocton, on September 22, 1858.   On April 7, 1880, she was united in marriage with Albert J. Renoldson. They resided in Gulick, town of South Bristol until thirty-five years ago, when they removed to this village.

Mrs. Renoldson was a member of the Naples Methodist Church and a charter member of Naples Grange No. 1186. She had been a member of Wanda Chapter No. 415 , OES since 1910. Services were held at 2:30 p. m. on Sunday from the Methodist church, the Rev. Roland H. Cortright officiating. Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery.

The Naples Record                 Wed                         June 12 1940                by:  Dianne Thomas  

Miss Marian M. Wettling, 70, died at her home south of this village on Sunday, June 9, 1940, after an illness of several months. Miss Wettling was born in New London, N. Y., on October 10, 1869, a daughter of Lewis Philip and Helen Page Wettling. Her mother died when she was a small child, and she was reared in the Lawyer home, in Naples. She was a graduate of the North Cohocton Atlanta Teachers' Training Class and of Geneseo Normal School, and had taught in rural schools in this vicinity and in the Cohocton High School and the Oneida High School. She retired two years ago, after completing sixteen years of teaching in Merrick, L I:, and returned to Naples to make her home with her cousin, J. Martin Lawyer, who survives. She also leaves the following cousins: Mrs. Grace J. Mattice, of Cohocton; Mrs. Mattice, of Avoca; Dr.  J. Martin Wettling, of Honeoye Falls; Theodore Jurden, of Oneida, and these nieces and nephews, Miss Josephine Mattice, of Cohocton, Miss Barbara Mattice, of Avoca, Theodore Mattice, of Cohocton, Judson Mattice of Avoca. Services will be held at 2:30 p.m. today from the Lawyer home, the Rev. John H. Sandmeyer, of Tonawanda, officiating.  Burial will be made in Rose Ridge Cemetery.  

Miss Wettling had been a member of Wanda Chapter No. 415 O.E.S., for 20 years.



The Naples News                    Wed                          Apr 16 1941                     by:  Dianne Thomas        

William Wolfanger, age 70 years, died Tuesday, April 15, at the home of his son, Earle, on North Main street, following a serious illness.  Mr. Wolfanger was born in Wayland, N. Y, March 30, 1871. He married Miss Minnie Struble of Wayland, and came to Naples to live. Mrs. Wolfanger died about eight years ago. Mr. Wolfanger has made his home on the West Hollow Road. 

The deceased is survived by four daughters, Mrs. Philip Dillion, Mrs. Olive Cornish, Mrs. Stella Proper of Naples; Mrs. Albert Worden of South Bristol; three sons, David and Earle of Naples, and Clarence of Bristol Springs; three sisters, Mrs. Katherine Worth of Dansville; Mrs. Sophia Hall of Baltimore, Md.; Mrs. Albert Struble of Canaseraga; three brothers, Benjamin of Naples, Fred and Jacob of Wayland.  

Funeral services will be held Thursday, at 2:30 pm, from the home of his son, Earle, with Rev. E. I. Braden, officiating.  Burial will be made in Rose Ridge Cemetery.



The Naples Record             Wed                       Apr 23  1941                          by:  Dianne Thomas  

Struck on the shoulder by a falling beam from a barn being razed at her home, Mrs. Myrtie Middlebrook, 67, wife of Robert Middlebrook, of Manchester, was brought to F. F. Thompson Hospital, Wednesday. Her injuries are reported as a fractured collarbone, bruises and possible rib fractures.  


Naples Record                Wed                   June 1941

Mrs. Jennie Walker, age 73 years, died Saturday evening, June 21st., following a long illness. Mrs. Walker was born in Naples, June 22, 1867, the daughter of Ira & Louise Hosmer.  She married Edwin Walker, who died many years ago.  

Surviving is one son, Howard Walker of North Cohocton; a daughter, Mrs. Bessie Brown of Fla., six grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  Funeral services were held on Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock, from the Allen and Tinkerpaugh funeral home, with the Rev. D.M Ratcliff, officiating. Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery.



Naples News                            Wed                     Nov 5, 1941                          by:  Dianne Thomas  

Schnitzler -  Mrs. Mary Schnitzler, aged 70 years, wife of the late Matthias Schnitzler, passed to her eternal reward early Monday afternoon, November 3rd at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Freid on East Ave.

Mrs. Schnitzler leaves six children, John, Nicholas, Bernard and Elizabeth of Rochester, N.Y., Joseph of Lancaster, N.Y. and Anna of Naples. The funeral services will take place Thursday morning at 9:00 o'clock at St. Januarius Church, She was a member of the Ladies Sodality of the parish for many years.


The Naples News                Wed                    Dec 3, 1941                           by:  Dianne Thomas  

Mrs. Frank Schutz, 55 years, died Monday evening, December 1, in the Newark State hospital, after a long illness. Mrs. Schutz was born in Naples, December 27, 1886, the daughter of Philander and the late Emma Leach Reamer. She had always resided in Naples, until about five years ago, when she went to Newark.

She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Delbert Brink, Penn Yan and Miss Margaret Schutz, Newark; two sons, Howard and Edward, Naples; her father, Philander Reamer, Naples; three sisters, Mrs. Horace Shepard, Mrs. Wendell Domm and Mrs. Cleon Londsdorf, and a brother, William Reamer, Naples, and several grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon, December 4, at 2 o'clock from the Emory Funeral Parlors, Rev. D. M. Ratcliff, officiating.  Burial will be made at Rose Ridge Cemetery. 



Naples News                    Wed                         Dec 23 1942                          by:  Dianne Thomas  

Our community was saddened Sunday to hear of the death of George L. Tobey, age 67, who died early Sunday morning, Dec. 20th.  Mr. Tobey had been in ill for nearly two years and had been confined to his home most of the time. A patient sufferer he had been tenderly cared for by his wife, Mrs. Tobey, through his long illness.

George was born in Naples, December 1, 1875, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Tobey. He married Rose Eichenberger, in Dec. 1906. With the exceptions of a few years in Kansas and Florida, George had spent his life in Naples. 

He was in the insurance business and clothing store, before retiring a few years ago.  Mr. Tobey was well known for many miles around and his slogan, 'It Pays to Tie to Tobey', won him much fame for his long established Tobey Clothing Store. A man of fine standing, unlimited ability and the faculty of making and keeping a host of friends. When the late D. J. Doughty died, George came to the rescue of the Naples Fair as Treasurer and served faithfully in this office until his health did not permit him to carry on. He was a man of the 'stand-by' type that has helped to build this community and will be greatly missed.  Mr. Tobey was a member of the Presbyterian, church, Geneva Lodge of Elks, and John Hodge Lodge of Naples. The Masonic Lodge held their service Tuesday evening at the home.

Surviving are his wife, one sister, Mrs. Lisle Leahy of Oneida , a half brother, Robert M. Tobey of Naples and several nieces and nephews.  

Funeral services are being held today (Wednesday) at 2:30 from the late home on Thrall street, with the Rev. Frank A. Hawley, of Bergen, formally a pastor in the Naples Presbyterian church, officiating. .Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery.




Naples Record            Wed                             July 28, 1943                              by:  Dianne Thomas  

Mrs. Minna P. Schulz, 83, died last Friday, July 23, 1943, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Minna Runge, in Lyon Street, after a long illness.  Besides Mrs. Runge, she leaves another daughter, Mrs. Paul Wamp, Sr., also of Naples; three sons, Ernest, of Eden, Paul, of Fargo, N. D., and Frederick, of Germany; and fourteen grandchildren.  

Services were held on Sunday at 2:30 p. m. from the home of Mrs. Runge, conducted by Rev. Frank Sperduto, of the Presbyterian church.  Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery.



The Naples Record                 Wed              Mar   1944                           by:  Dianne Thomas     

George Klug, 75, died at his home in Mount Pleasant Street on Tuesday morning, March 14, 1944, after an illness of a few hours.  Mr. Klug was born in Germany on June 23, 1868.  In New York, on February 23, 1892, he was united in marriage with Eva Erlenwine. They lived in Paterson, N J, for one year, in Hammondsport for two years, and in Penn Yan for, seven years, before coming to Naples. He had been prominent as a grape grower for many years. In addition to managing his vineyard, he served many years as a state highway patrolman, first in Naples and later in the vicinity of Phelps; he retired from the highway work at the age of seventy. 

He was a member of Uhland Lodge No. 321, D. O. H., of this village, and was its secretary at the time of his death.

Mr. Klug leaves his wife, Mrs. Eva Klug, of Naples; one daughter, Mrs. William J. Freid, of Penn Yan; five sons, Thomas F. Klug, of Chapin; George J. Klug, of Gorham; John W. Klug, of way work at the age of seventy,  Naples; Anthony C. Klug, of Detroit, Mich.; and Henry P. Klug, of Wayland; he also leaves several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Services will be held on Friday at 10:00 a. m. from St. Januarius' church, and burial will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery.

The Naples Record                 Wed                  May 24 1944     by:  Dianne Thomas     

West Hollow The community was saddened to hear of the death of Mrs. Eva Webster. She was a neighbor, for many years.

The Naples Record                       Wed                          Jun 28 1944            by:  Dianne Thomas         

MRS. FRED WOHLSCHLEGEL -  Mrs. Caroline Wohlschlegel, 80, widow of Fred Wohlschlegel, died this morning, June 28, 1944, at her home on Hatch Hill road. She was born in Switzerland, a daughter of the late John and Elizabeth Worder, and came to Naples many years ago.

Mrs. Wohlschlegel is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Clarence Hoyt, of Bristol Springs, and Mrs. Glenn Hatch, of Holcomb; one son, Frank Wohlschlegel, at home; three grandsons, Pvt. Maynard M. Hoyt, in England, Clarence Hoyt, Jr., of Rochester, and Pfc. Carlton L. Hoyt, in New Britain; one great-grandson; and one great-granddaughter.

Services will be held on Saturday at 2:00 p. m. from the Emory funeral home, and burial will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery.

Naples Record            Wed              July 19, 1944                        by:  Dianne Thomas     

GLANCING BACKWARDS - We glean the following from  the files of The Naples Record of July 13, 1906:


The Naples Record              Wed                         Aug 15 1945                   by:  Dianne Thomas    

William Wheaton, 24, of Naples, was instantly killed and Robert Chipten, also of Naples, was seriously injured, late Saturday night, August 11, 1945, on the Bath-Wheeler road, when their automobile collided with two trucks.   Coroner James Sanford, of Bath, investigated the accident.

Mr. Wheaton was discharged from military service in May of this year, after having been wounded while with the Third Army in France. He leaves his wife, Mrs. LeToie Joseph Wheaton; a daughter, Barbara, two sons, Allen and Dennis; his mother, Mrs. W. A. Wheaton, of Cohocton; three sisters, Mrs. Dorr Wagner and Mrs. Joseph Towner, of Cohocton, and Mrs. Mahlon Nathrop, of Middlesex; five brothers, Herman, Philip and Herbert Wheaton, of Geneva, Kenneth and Leonard Wheaton, of Cohocton.

Services will be held on Wednesday at 2:30 p. m. from the Allen funeral home in Naples, conducted by Rev. J. Wesley Babcock, of the Methodist Church. Burial will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples.   [WW 2  ended May 8, 1945]

Naples Record              Wed                      Nov 7 1945                    by:  Dianne Thomas     

MRS. ALBERT WESTBROOK -   Mrs. Margaret Westbrook, 69, wife of Albert Westbrook, died on Saturday, November 3, 1945, in the hospital in Wayland, after a short illness. She was born in Naples, and had always lived in this vicinity.  For many years Mr. and Mrs. Westbbrook have operated their farm in Garlinghouse.  Mr. Westbrook is the only immediate survivor.

Funeral mass was celebrated at St. Januarius' church at 9:00am on Monday, by Rev. Herbert L. Sturmer. Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples.

The Naples Record                       Wed                                 July 17  1946                      by:  Dianne Thomas    

Mrs. Anna Laura Reed Maxfield, 69, of Naples, died on Saturday, July 13, 1946, in the hospital in Wayland. She had been ill for the past few months. Mrs. Maxfield was a daughter of the late George B. and Elizabeth Campbell Reed, and was born in Naples in February, 1877. She had always lived in Naples. In March, 1910, she married John D. Maxfield, who died last April.  Mrs. Maxfield was a member of the Presbyterian Church; of Wanda Chapter No. 415, O. E. S., and of Kiandaga Chapter, D.A.R.

She leaves one brother, Fred C. Reed, of Chicago, Ill.; three cousins, Mrs. Frances Burke Olsen, of Perth Amboy, N. J., Mrs. Laura Lamport Wilkie, of Syracuse, and John Perry, of Canandaigua.

Services were held on Tuesday at 2:00 p m. from Emory's funeral parlors, conducted by her pastor, Rev. Devello S. Haynes. Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples.


The Naples Record                       Wed                        Jul 17 1946            by:  Dianne Thomas  

Mrs. Catherine Wood, wife of Leon Wood, died in Rochester on July 11, 1946. Services were held in Rochester on Saturday at 11:00 a. m., and burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples.

Besides her husband, she is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Elmer Lawrence, of Naples, and Mrs. Charles Young, of Rochester; one brother, Fred Biehl, of Canandaigua; two sisters, Mrs. Jack Baker, of Rochester, and Mrs. Fred Gross, of California; and two grandchildren.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY           Sat           July 20, 1946              by: GSubyak@aol.com 

WILLIAM WEST - Naples - William WEST, 71, died in the summer home of his daughter in Buffalo Thursday (July 18, 1946) after a long illness. He was born in the Town  of Naples July 7, 1875, and was in the hotel business as proprietor of a Conesus Hotel for many years and later managed the Naples Hotel and Restaurant for many  years.

The Naples Record                 Wed                     Dec 25, 1946                    by:  Dianne Thomas                         

Mrs. Eva Erlenwine Klug, 78, widow of George Klug, died at her home in Mount Pleasant Street on Saturday, December 21, 1946, after a long illness.  Mrs. Klug was born in Bavaria on July 6, 1868.  In New York, on February 23, 1892, she was united in marriage with George Klug, who died in March, 1944. Mr. and Mrs. Klug lived a year in Paterson, N. J., two years in Hammondsport, and seven years in Penn Yan, before settling in Naples in 1902.

She leaves six children, Thomas F. Klug of Chapin, George J. Klug, of Gorham, Mrs. Wm. J. Fried of Geneva, and John W., Charles Anthony and Henry P. Klug, all of Naples; fourteen grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Services were held from St. Januarius' church on Tuesday at 9:00 a. m., conducted by Rev. Herbert L. Sturmer. Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples.

Naples Record                Wed                               Jan 21, 1948                         by:  Dianne Thomas  

WALKER - Services were held on Monday afternoon from the Allen funeral home, for Maurice F. Walker, 67, formerly of Naples, who died on January 7, 1948, in Twin Falls, Idaho. Rev. Devello S. Haynes, of the Naples Presbyterian Church, officiated. Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples.

Lima Recorder            Thursday                           Mar 17, 1949                                       by:  Dianne Thomas

Final Rites for H. C. Reed

Brief announcement was made last week in the Recorder, of the death of Hiram C. Reed, 82, last week Tuesday, Mar. 8, in the home of his daughter, Mrs. Maurice W. Andrews, Lima.  Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Friday in a Naples funeral home with the Rev. Devello Haynes of Naples Presbyterian church officiating. Burial in Rose Ridge cemetery, Naples.

Born Aug. 14. 1866. near Bristol Center on the Bristol Valley road, Mr. Reed was the son of Abner and Julia Pierce Reed. For many years he operated a farm at Boswell's Corners, near Gannett Hill.  His wife died 26 years ago. He was awarded a silver certificate of membership in the South Bristol grange, and was also affiliated with the Maccabee lodge at Canandaigua.

Besides his daughter, Mrs. Andrews, Mr. Reed leaves another daughter, Mrs. Dewey Randall, Naples ;  three sons, Leon A. of Canandaigua, J. Albert and H. Clifford Reed of Naples ; two sisters, Mrs. Esther Connon of Detroit , Mich. , and Mrs. Mittie Mather of Jamaica , L. I.

Naples Record               Wed              May 10, 1950                      by: Dianne Thomas

JOHN H. ROBSON -  John H. Robson, 79, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Irving VanEpps, in Middlesex, on Saturday, May 6, 1950 following a long period of gradually failing health.  He was born on February 6, 1871, in the Town of Middlesex, and had spent his entire life here.  On December 27, 1894, he married Mattie L. Elliott, who died nine years ago. Their entire married life was spent on their farm, and he continued to live there until six years ago, since which time he had resided with his daughter.  He was able to be about the home much of time until his last week.

Mr. Robson was always interested in community activities. At one time he was a member of the Board of Education of Middlesex Union Free School.  He had also been President of the PTA, a member of the Official Board of the church, secretary of the Middlesex Grange for many years and had held various offices in the Middlesex Methodist Church of which he was a lifetime member. 

Besides his daughter, Mrs. Irving VanEpps, he leaves two grandchildren, Larry and Victoria VanEpps of Middlesex; a brother, Charles C. Robson, of Potter, a sister, Mrs. Harry Stape, of Penn Yan and several nieces and nephews.  

Services were held from the home at 2:00 pm and from the Middlesex Methodist church at 2:30 pm, Rev. A. Allison Childs of Phoenix, a former pastor and Rev. Wendall H. Arnold, pastor, officiating.  Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples

Lifelong friends who acted as bearers were, Martin M. Meade, Roy H. Dunton, Oliver S. Williams Sr., Floyd F. DeWick, Harry S. Hart and Lloyd A. Clark.



Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY        Monday,      Mar 26, 1951     Pg 13     by: Dianne Thomas

Missing Since 1944, Flyer's Body Found

The body of a Rochester Air Force lieutenant, missing since his plane was shot down over Germany in November 1944, has been finally located and identified, his mother reported last night.  Mr. and Mrs. Warren SIMMONS, formerly of 142 Arnett Blvd., and now living in Naples, RFD, were informed by the Army that the body of their son, Lt. Warren K, SIMMONS, would be returned for burial.  Interment, according to the parents, will be in Naples.  

Lt. Warren Keith SIMMONS was a B-24 navigator with the 8th Air force when his plane was shot down near Eimbeckhausen, Germany.  His body was located recently, with those of two of his crewmates, the Army reported.

The Naples Record                  Wed                      May 2 1951              by: Dianne Thomas    

Mrs. Walter Tucker, 76, died April 26, 1951, in the Methodist Hospital, in New York, after a few months  illness. She was born in 1875, a daughter of Warren and Zelia Frazier Preston, of Nunda, N.Y.   June 5, 1912, she was united in marriage with Walter A. Tucker, of New York, formerly of Cincinnati, Ohio. She was a member of the First Methodist Church in Long Island City, and also was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star.

She leaves her husband, Walter A. Tucker, of Long Island City, N. Y.; two brothers, Harry, of Port Huron, Mich., and Archie P., of New Jersey; two nieces, Mrs. Margaret Bartholomew and Maude Brandow, of Naples; a nephew, Harry Ball, of Naples, several great nieces and nephews, and great, great nieces and nephews

Services were held Tuesday, from the Emory funeral home in Naples, Rev James S. Fleming of the Naples Methodist Church, officiating.  Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples. 

The Naples Record                Wed              Mar 28, 1952                                by: Dianne Thomas

Here last week for the funeral of Douglas Klug, 17, who lost his life in an automobile accident in Detroit on March 16, were: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anthony Klug; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sweltz; Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Klug and children; Elmer Parker, Robert Smith, Joseph Lucas and Roy Mendes who acted as pallbearers.



The Naples Record                           Wed                    Feb 11 1953            by: Dianne Thomas

John Mimm, 90, died unexpectedly on Wednesday, February 4, 1953, at his home, 103 Presque Street, Rochester.  He was born in Rochester on September 8, 1862, coming to Naples in 1893. On February 20, 1895, he was united in marriage with Miss Katharine Eidiberger, of Naples, and they set up housekeeping in the home he had built on Rhine Street, where he had cleared the land and planted a vineyard.  He lived there until he retired in 1927 and with his wife, moved to Rochester to join their children.

Besides his wife, who has been an invalid since March 1949, he is survived by six children, Ruth Mimm (twin, Rupert, having died in 1900), Albert, Lawrence, Elizabeth Mimm and twins, Paul and Pauline (Mrs. Kermit E. Rice); six grandchildren, Doris, Robert and John Rice, and Judith, Susan and Gail Mimm, children of Paul Mimm.

Services were held on February 7 at 1:00 pm in Rochester; Rev. Claibourne Johnson officiating. Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples, with committal service-conducted by Rev. Devello S. Haynes, pastor of the Naples Presbyterian Church.



The Naples Record                   Wed            Feb 25 1953

We glean the following from the filet of The Naples Record of February 24, 1915:  Died, February 20, 1915, Clark Woodruff, 62.



The Pierce Family -   page 5 Parley Pierce was born in Deerfleld, Massachusetts, and moved with his parents to Utica, N. Y., when six years of age.  While a young man, he married Elizabeth Cronk; soon after, they moved to Boonville. N.Y., where most of the family of eleven children were born. They moved to Naples in May, 1831, with eight children, two having died. The others were: James, Susan, Ruth, Katherine, Angeline, Abbie, Wesley, and Parley.   William was the youngest, and was born in Naples, April 28, 1832. Wesley died when a young man.  They were all musical, and took an active part in church and concert halls.

William and Parley Pierce, George Deyo and brothers were members of the town "Carolists" and visited most of the towns of Ontario and neighboring counties, giving concerts which were pleasing to the public.  In later years, a quartet composed of Parley and William Pierce and their nephews, Wesley W. Holcomb and Charles W. Arnold, used to sing at concerts and political rallies. When Benjamin Harrison was running for President, a Democratic meeting was held at the Town Hall, and the quartet appeared on the stage, each with a "stovepipe" hat in, his hand,  which were pleasing to the public.

In later years, a quartet composed of Parley and William Pierce and their nephews, Wesley W. Holcomb and Charles W. Arnold, used to sing at concerts and political rallies.  When Benjamin Harrison was running for President, a Democratic meeting was held at the Town Hall, and the quartet appeared on the stage, each with a "stovepipe" hat in his hand,  and when they reached the chorus, they donned the hats which were  much too large for their heads. The song ran as follows:                        

"O. Benny, Benny Harrison, How could you do the deed?  How could you say, a dollar a day, was all poor workmen need?"

Chorus  - "If  the hat your grandpa wore some fifty years before, but after all, your head is too small, For the hat your grandpa wore"   They made a great hit with ... (continued page 8)



The Naples Record               Wed                  Sept 23, 1953                       by: Dianne Thomas

CHARLES E. KING -Charles E. King, 81, of Middlesex, died Saturday, September 19, 1953, in Memorial Hospital, in Canandaigua. Mr. King spent his entire life in and around Middlesex. He was a member of the Middlesex Methodist Church. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Carrie Rector King; one son, Howard King, of Canandaigua; two daughters, Mrs. Donald Hiler, of Middlesex, and Mrs. Julian Capparelli, of Seneca Falls; nine grandchildren.

Services were held Monday at 2:00 p. m. from the home, conducted by Rev. Ralph Smith, a former pastor, and Rev. Thomas McGlauflin, pastor of the Middlesex Methodist Church. Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples.

The Naples Record              Wed                    Dec   1953                     by: Dianne Thomas       

Albert Westbrook, 75, retired Garlinghouse farmer, died Tuesday, December 8, 1953, in Bath Memorial Hospital.  He was born in the Town of Naples on July 19, 1878, a son of  John K. and Mary Jane Bailey Westbrook. He was a member of Naples Grange No. 1186.  He is survived by two nephews, Kingsley and Kingston Westbrook, both of Naples. His wife, who was Margaret Vierhile, died a few years ago.

Friends may call Thursday from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. at the Emory funeral home, from which services will be held Friday at 2 p. m., Rev. Devello S. Haynes, of the Presbyterian Church, officiating. Burial will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples.

The Naples Record                  Wed                    Jan 26 1955                          by: Dianne Thomas 

Debra Ann Wheat, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Wheat, of Naples, died Friday, January 21, 1955, in Memorial Hospital, in Canandaigua. She was born January 14, 1955.  Services were held Sunday afternoon from the Wheat home, Rev. Birger Halvorsen, of the Methodist Church, officiating.  Burial was made in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples. Besides her parents, Debra is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Daniel A. Hood, of Rochester, and Miss Donna Wheat, at home; her grandfathers, Scott Walther and Jay S. Wheat, both of Naples.

The Naples Record                Wed           Feb 22, 1956                     by: Dianne Thomas

Hugh Jackson Slayton, 70, native of Naples, died Saturday, February 18, 1956, at his home in Firth, Idaho, of a heart attack. He was born January 29, 1886, a son of Charles W. and Effie Waring Slayton. He was graduated from Naples High School in 1906. He assisted his father in the lumber business in Naples for a time, and spent a year in lumbering in Mississippi before going to Idaho about 1912 to engage in the retail hardware and implement business.  He sold his business and retired about five years ago.

He is survived by his wife, the former Lena Alida King, of Boswell Corners, Town of South Bristol, N. Y., whom he married May 24, 1914, in Idaho Falls, Idaho; a daughter, Mrs. Herbert Davey, of Alaska; two sons, Charles Slayton, of Phoenix, Arizona, and Thomas Slayton, of Twin Falls, Idaho; two sisters, Miss Florence Slayton, of East Rochester, and Mrs. Harry Brodsky, of Mt. Vernon; two brothers, James M. Slayton, of Newark, N, Y., and W. Carroll Slayton, of East Rochester; seven grandchildren. A son, Robert, and a daughter, Florence, died several years ago. Services are Wednesday in Firth, Idaho.  

The Naples Record            Wed                 Oct  2, 1957                         by: Dianne Thomas  

Harold R. Risley, 60, of Niagara Falls, died Saturday, September 28, 1957, in Roswell Park Memorial Institute, in Buffalo.  He-was a member of the Niagara County sheriffs department until last March.  He was a veteran of World War I, and was a former member of the New York State Police. He was born m Watertown.

He leaves his wife, the former Miss Rose Eckert, of West River.  Burial will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples, following services at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday from a funeral home in Niagara Falls.

The Naples Record                 Wed                  June 4 1958                               by: Dianne Thomas

MRS. LEON A. REED - Mrs. Mabel Kidman Reed, 59, wife of Leon A. Reed, died at her home in Canandaigua on Wednesday, May 28, 1958. She was born in the Town of South Bristol, a daughter of George and Annette Mehlenbacher Kidman.  She was a teacher in rural schools in this area for about fifteen years. She was a member of the Bristol Valley Federated Church, and a charter member of its Harmony Circle.

Besides her husband, whom she married in 1918, she leaves one daughter, Mrs. Earl Becker, of Bristol Center; one son, Leon A. Reed, Jr., of R.D. Canandaigua; seven grandchildren; four sisters, Mrs. William Burd and Mrs. Dewey Burd, both of Canandaigua, Mrs. Arthur Middlebrook, of Naples, and Mrs. Albert Robinson, of Potter.

Services were held Saturday at 2 p. ,m. in Canandaigua, Rev. Roy Gamble, of the Bristol Valley federated Church officiating.  Burial was in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples.

The Naples Record              Wed                  September 30, 1959                           by: Dianne Thomas


Harry Edward McKinney, of Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, died unexpectedly on Wednesday, September 23, 1959, at his home. Mr. McKinney was born in Danville, Illinois. He was a veteran of World War I. For the past twenty years he had been associated with the Bendix Aviation Corporation.

He leaves his wife, Mrs. Edith Knapp McKinney; four daughters, Mrs. Gertrude MacKay, of Rutherford, N. J., Mrs. Joyce McCloskey, of Montvale, Mrs. Joan Hanson, of Hillsdale, and Miss Suzanne McKinney, at home; and one son, Harry Edward McKinney, at home. 

Services were held Friday at 8:30 p. m. in Wood-Ridge, N. J., with Paul Willard, first reader of the First Church of Christ Scientist, Rutherford, N.J., officiating. Burial will be made later in the family plot in Rose Ridge cemetery, in Naples, N. Y.

The Naples Record              Wed                   Oct 7,  1959                                by: Dianne Thomas

Wilbur Carroll Slayton, about 74, of Rochester, died Monday, October 5, 1969. He was born in Naples, a son of Charles W. and Effie Waring Slayton. He was graduated from Naples High School in the class of 1903.  Services will be held in Rochester on Friday at 10 a. m., and burial will be made in Rose Ridge cemetery-, in Naples.

He leaves a daughter, Mrs. Catherine Dumford; a son, William F. Slayton; five grandchildren; two sisters, Florence E. Slayton, of Rochester, and Mrs. Harry (Hazel I.) Brodsky, of Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; one brother, James M. Slayton, of Newark, N. Y. His wife, the former Helen Schlick, of Naples, died several years ago.

Shortsville Manchester Enterprises                              Aug 11 1966            by: Dianne Thomas

NAPLES - Rev. E. Joseph Woodbury, 51, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Naples, died Friday, August 5, 1966. in Thompson Hospital, Canandaigua. 

Rev. Mr. Woodbury was born in Woodstock, N. H. A graduate of the Gordos College and Divinity School at Beverly Farm, Massachusetts, he served churches in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania before assuming his duties in New York State. He came to Naples from Elmira in 1959. In 1961, he resigned  his pastorate at Naples and accepted a similar position in Sayre, Pennsylvania. He returned to the Naples Church in 1963.

He was a member of the Merrinack Lodge F & AM, Haverhill, Mass.  

Besides his widow, Helen, he is survived by a son, John Mark, of Naples; his father, A Scott Woodbury, of Woodstock; a brother, George, of Lowell, Mass. .and a sister, Mrs. Ernest Downing of Woodstock.

A private funeral service took place in the Naples Baptist Church at 2 p.m. Monday. Burial was in Rose Ridge Cemetery, Naples.

A memorial service will be had in the church, Sunday, August 14, at 3 p.m.. Rev. David Eyers, of Waterloo, officiating, assisted by Rev. Darius M. Ratcliff and Rev. Birger Halvorsen. Memorial contributions may be made to the Naples Baptist Church of the Heart Fund.


Geneva Times                     Saturday                          Sept 2, 1967             by: Dianne Thomas

James W. THOMAS - GORHAM - Funeral services for  James W. THOMAS was conducted at 2 pm today from the Crisfield Funeral Home, Gorham.  The Rev. Warren COVELL, pastor of the Stanley-Gorham United Methodist Church, officiated.  Burial was in Rose Ridge Cemetery in Naples.  Graveside service was under the direction of Donald PHELPS, Master of Rushville F & AM Lodge, assisted by Thomas BAY and Arden PHELPS and other members of Rushville F & AM Lodge.  Bearers were Howard UTTER, Alexander LANE, Howard SHANKLIN, Sidney THOMAS, William TOBEY and Charles MAGGS Mr. THOMAS died Aug. 30, in Thompson Memorial Hospital in Canandaigua, after a long illness.

Ontario County Times Journal                        Feb 1 1974                       by: Dianne Thomas

NAPLES - Mrs. Elizabeth N. Standish, 86, died Monday, January 21, in Thompson Hospital, Canandaigua.  A native of Naples, she was born December 1, 1887, the daughter of James and Isabelle McClurg. She was a lifelong resident of the Naples-South Bristol area.  

She is survived by four children, three daughters. Mrs. Harold (Clara) Rose of Palmyra, Mrs. Maurice (Isobel) Brand of Naples, and Mrs. Robert (Mary) Gleason of Canandaigua; one son, George T. Standish of Dansville; 10 grandchildren; and one sister, Mrs. Francis Dufelow of Phoenix, Arizona.

Funeral services were at the  Willis C. Moore Funeral Home in Naples on Wednesday, January 23 with burial in Rose Ridge Cemetery, Naples.

Genesee Country Express                Thursday                Jan 29 1976                 by: Dianne Thomas

Merton L. Osborne - A funeral rite was conducted last Thursday in Naples for Merton L. Osborne, 75, of that village who died Monday (Jan. 19,1976) in Canandaigua following a long illness.  He was employed at Widmer Wine Cellars in Naples and was the father of Patricia Fleischman of Springwater.  Also are surviving his wife, Mrs. Gertrude Osborne, four other daughters, Mrs. Natalie McGroder of Cassadaga, Mrs. Anita King and Mrs. Connie Perry of Naples and Mrs. Jeanne Quick of Towanda, Pa.; a son, Randy at home and nine grandchildren. Burial was in Rose Ridge Cemetery, Naples.

Genesee County Express                  Thurs                       Dec 19 1985                    by: Dianne Thomas

LAURA WILDRICK MALONE - Mrs. Laura Wildrick Malone, 72, of Dansville and Naples died Monday (Dec. 16, 1985) in Noyes Memorial Hospital.   Mrs. Malone was a member of the Naples Methodist Church and the Naples Senior Citizens.

Surviving are her husband, Joseph Malone of Dansville; three step-daughters, Mrs. Judith Clonan of Pittsford, Mass., Mrs. Kathleen Mains, of New Gretna, NJ and Anne Malone of Rochester, a step son, Michael Malone of Rochester; 10 step grandchildren and one step, great grandson; several cousins, including Miss Jane Coons, of Manchester.

A memorial service was conducted in Trinity North Church at Naples, Wednesday morning.  

Burial will be at the convenience of the family. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society or the Naples Activity Center.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Friday     May 30, 2003         by: GSubyak@aol.com
HERZOG, LUDWIG G. -  Naples: Former Pittsford resident and Gleason Works retiree Ludwig HERZOG, 97, of the Shay Road, died May 28, 2003 at the Thompson Continuing Care Center.
He is survived by his wife of 68 years, Ruth HERZOG of Naples; three sons, Wilfred (Muriel) HERZOG of Houston, Tex. and Michael HERZOG of Greece, N. Y.; three grandchildren, Donna (Daniel) GROTH, Stephen (Anne) HERZOG and Michael Alan HERZOG; three great-grandchildren; a sister, Anna HERZOG of Germany; and several nieces & nephews.
There will be no prior calling hours.  Funeral service and burial will be private. Contributions in his memory may be made to  the Middlesex Valley Volunteer Ambulance Corps., POB 1, Middlesex, NY 14507.  Arrangements by the Kennedy & Son Funeral Home, Canandaigua.

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY     August 9, 2005           by:  Dianne Thomas 

At Naples, Omar D. STOWELL Jr., aged  79, died Monday, August 8, 2005. Survived by his wife, Barbara  STOWELL; 3 sons, David  STOWELL of New Hampshire, Douglas  STOWELL of Branchport and Donald  STOWELL of Great Falls; 2 grandchildren, Meghan & Andrew  STOWELL of Great Falls; sister, Elizabeth KENNEDY of Staunton, Virginia; nieces, nephews & cousins. Memorial service will be held 1pm, Friday, August 12th at the Baird-Moore Funeral Home, 154 S. Main St., Naples. Contributions to the Hospice House, 7824 County Rd. 33, Naples, NY 14512. 

Local Newspaper   Apr 25 2007                                                              contributed by Gary Fritz


Feb 6, 1956 - Apr 23, 2007   Wayne A. Schenk
H/o Joan DeClerck, US Marine Corps, - 
Last December
, Wayne A. Schenk received some grave news. Doctors told him he had lung cancer and only 12 to 16 months left to live.
A struggling tavern owner and longtime smoker, Schenk didn't have any health insurance. Since he served in the US Marine Corps from 1976 to 1980, the Veteran Affairs Hospital in Syracuse, N.Y., agreed to provide him with radiation and chemotherapy.
Schenk needed more aggressive cancer treatment in order to survive, and the VA's resources were limited. He requested a transfer to cancer centers in Pennsylvania and New York, but both were out of the VA's network and required patients to pay $125,000 upfront and have $250,000 in reserve. Schenk simply didn't have that kind of money. Although he considered selling his tavern, the Orange Inn in Naples, N.Y., Schenk knew a real estate deal would take too long and may not net enough money to pay for the specialized medical care he needed. 

With nothing to lose, he decided to play the New York State lottery. Surprisingly, the long shot paid off.
On Jan. 12, Schenk won $1 million from a $5 scratch-off ticket in the lottery's High Stakes Blackjack game. The odds of someone Schenk's age developing lung cancer are roughly 1 in 5,000; the odds of winning the jackpot in High Stakes Blackjack are 1 in 2,646,000.
Unfortunately, the sudden windfall did not solve Schenk's health or financial problems. According to lottery regulations, the prize money could only be paid out in 20 annual installments of $50,000. Schenk didn't have 20 years ahead of him. He needed the lump sum award to even have a chance at staying alive.
As his health continued to decline, Schenk turned to friends, family, financial institutions, the media, even a N.Y. state assemblyman for help -- all to no avail. Legislation to create an exception in Schenk's case would take years to pass, and lottery officials refused to bend the rules for him.
In the final days of his life, the Canandaigua, N.Y., native married his girlfriend, Joan DeClerck. He was so ill during the wedding ceremony that he had to breathe through an oxygen tank. Before the disease weakened his health, he enjoyed traveling, ice fishing and hunting.  
Schenk died on April 23 at the age of 51. He left the remainder of his lottery winnings to his wife.



MPN  Now                                     Jan 23 2011                               by:  Dianne Thomas 


Emily Josephine Mattice Spencer July 11, 1916 - Jan. 22, 2011 Emily Josephine Spencer, was a teacher, pilot, Head Start director, Peace Corps member, Girl Scout leader, world traveler, writer, wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She taught school in Canandaigua until her retirement in 1974 and then joined the Peace Corps in Malaysia from 1974 to 1976. 

Josephine was the director of Canandaigua's first Head Start Program; sponsor and guide at Sonnenberg Gardens and Museum; lifetime member of Ontario Historical Society; and volunteer at Canandaigua VA Medical Center, as well as F.F. Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua

Josephine served as secretary and treasurer for the Daughters of the American Revolution; was a member of the Civil Air Patrol from 1959 to 1960; belonged to the Traveler's Club of Canandaigua in 1976, visited every continent, except Antarctica; and was an active participant in an intellectual exchange with China of teachers and doctors. The world is a better place for her time here and we are blessed to have shared so much of this time with her. She is survived by her sons, Terrence (Mary) and Timothy (Joanne); three grandchildren, Lori Ketcham (David), Curt Spencer (Anna) and Christopher Spencer; and two great-grandchildren, Spencer and Miles Ketcham. She was predeceased by her husband, Rev. Harold Spencer, in 1985, after 43 years of marriage; brother, Theodore; father, Lloyd Byron Mattice; and mother, Grace Iredere Jurden Mattice. Friends may call on Tuesday, January 25, from 5 to 7 p.m. at Fuller Funeral Home, 190 Buffalo St., Canandaigua. A funeral service will immediately follow at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts may be made in Josephine's name to the American Cancer Society , 1400 Winton Road North, Rochester, NY 14609; or Hospeace House, 7824 W. Hollow Road, Naples, NY, 14512. To share a memory or express condolences online, please visit www.fullerfh.com.                            

(one amazing woman ... and I didn't even know her.  Thank you,  Mrs. Emily Josephine)      D. T.

Daily Messenger                                      Feb 17, 2013                 by:  Dianne Thomas       

Harold E. Todd - 70of Honeoye, died on Feb. 14, 2013, at his home. Harold was born on April 25, 1942, and was the son of the late William and Dorothy Todd. He was a U.S. Army veteran who served during the Vietnam War. He is survived by his wife, Sally; children, Teresa (Michael) Steinmetz of Naples, Cindy (Hollis) Burton of Indiana, Jennifer (Jeremy) Years of Canandaigua, Harold (Morgan) Todd of Farmington and Jessica Todd of West Bloomfield; 12 grandchildren; siblings, Ronald, Nancy and Eugene; and several stepchildren and grandchildren. At Harold's request, there will be a graveside service held at Rose Ridge Cemetery in Naples on Monday, February 18, at 3 p.m. Contributions may be made to Naples Veterans of Foreign Wars or the Canandaigua VA Medical Center.

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