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1800 - 1899

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Cayuga Co.

The President has nominated Augustus KELLY to be postmaster for Port Byron, Cayuga County. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 31, 1888   Pg. 3)

John HOLLAND of Auburn, was drowned in Owasco Lake, Sunday.   (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 24, 1888)

Chemung Co.

Last Sunday, at the village of Reniff, south of Elmira, the residence of Wilson WEST was burned, taking fire from an overturned lamp.  Mrs. WEST was fatally burned, while attempting to save some valuables.  (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 31, 1888   Pg. 3)

Erie Co. 

Angelo MONACA, an Italian, was tried for the murder of another Italian at Buffalo last week.  He was convicted of manslaughter in the first degree and sentenced to 12 years in Auburn prison.   (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 24, 1888)

The body of a male infant was found Monday in a trunk of Barbara BOHN, a German servant girl, in the employ of a Buffalo family.  She confessed that the child was born about three months ago, that she was alone at the time and that she hid the body in her trunk.  she has been about her work as usual and the occurrence was not suspected.  The girl was arrested. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   Apr 26,  1888)

The case of Samuel VAN SYKLE, who sued the Acme Oil Company of Buffalo for damages amounting to $140,000, ended last Thursday.  The jury was directed to find for the plaintiff and assess the damages at six cents. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 24, 1888)

Genesee Co. 

F. X. CORRIGAN, a veterinary surgeon of LeRoy, has suddenly departed and is said to be in Canada.  Since his departure numerous business irregularities have been discovered.  His wife is left in destitute circumstances. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 24, 1888)

A disastrous fire occurred at LeRoy last Friday night, the large paper mill of B. F. JONES, a part of which was built over seventy years ago, being burned.  The loss including building and contents is $15,000; insurance, $8,000.  The origin is unknown.  (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 24, 1888)

Isaac E. THOMPSON has been arrested at Batavia on a charge of incest alleged to have been committed with his daughter, Ida, who is barely 15 years old.  The complaint was made by the girl's grandmother, and the girl makes affidavit to the same effect. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   Apr 26,  1888)

Herkimer Co.

In the town of Manheim, Herkimer county, Sunday, a bald eagle measuring seven feet from tip to tip, tried to carry away a five year old boy of Joseph DAVIS, but was prevented by farm hands after a desperate struggle.  The child was not seriously injured.  The eagle escaped. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   Mar 25,  1886)

Livingston Co.

Mrs. Sarah ENSIGN of Dansville, an aged lady, was found dead in a gully in (cut off)   (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 24, 1888)

Mrs. HANDY, the oldest woman in Livingston County, died recently at South Livonia, aged 100 years. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 31, 1888   Pg. 3)

Edward SARGENT, whose home is near Geneseo, has disappeared with $400 of his wife's money, leaving a large family destitute. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 31, 1888   Pg. 3)

The dwelling of John KRECKEL of Avon was entered by some person on Monday night, who stole $127 from him.   (Ontario Messenger, Canandaigua, NY  Aug 20, 1885 Pg. 3)

Donald MC PHERSON died at his residence in Avon on the 10th instant, aged 82 years.  He was born in Delaware county, NY and moved into York Livingston county, when 12 years of age and was one of the oldest pioneers of Livingston county.  (Ontario Messenger, Canandaigua, NY  Aug 20, 1885 Pg. 3)

Joseph M. LEWIS, of Livonia, has been arrested for selling liquor without a government license. (Ontario Messenger, Canandaigua, NY    Thursday   May 14, 1885)

Monroe Co.

Ralph C. BASTON, the 10 year old son of Rev. W. H. BATSON, of Penfield, was killed last Friday afternoon while digging berry roots with his two brothers.  They had a gun with them which was placed against a low stone wall, with the trigger half cocked.  In jumping over the wall the boy struck the gun and the contents were discharged into his neck, instantly killing him. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   Apr 26, 1888)

Mrs. Delia CHATTERON, of Rochester was arrested at Batavia last Thursday, charged with kidnapping a child from the OAKFIELD family.  The trial brought out the fact that the child was her own, born when she was but fourteen years old, and that she gave it away and recently rescued it because of ill treatment.  Because of her age at the time of giving it away, she was discharged.  (Ontario Repository & Messenger   Apr 26, 1888)

Mrs. W. G. NOAH, a distinguished actress who has lived in retirement at Rochester for some time, died yesterday morning from old age.  She was born in 1808 and throughout her long career on the state, met with marked success.  (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 31, 1888   Pg. 3)

Alfred FOSTER of Rochester, aged 12 years, has been arrested for setting three fires last week.  He said he did it for the fun of seeing the fire department turn out. (Ontario Messenger, Canandaigua, NY  Aug 20, 1885 Pg. 3)

William SHEPARD of Pittsford, died on the 5th inst., aged 81 years.  He settled in Pittsford in 1825.  (Ontario Messenger, Canandaigua, NY  Aug 20, 1885 Pg. 3)

Chief of Police MC LEAN, has been removed from the Rochester force.  (Ontario Messenger, Canandaigua, NY    Thursday   May 14, 1885)

Victor Herald, Fri, Sept 29, 1899

Marriage:  HERENDEEN  - EDGERTON     by: Ron Hanley 

 The marriage of Rev. J. H. Herendeen, a brother of Mrs. H. J. Calkins, of this village, and who is quite well known by many of our people, to Miss Nellie Edgerton, occurred at St. James Church, Buffalo, Thursday evening of last week. 
Miss Edgerton is the daughter of Charles W. Edgerton, of South Division St., Buffalo. Rev. Herendeen is a member of the clergy of St. James Church, in that city. 
The ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr. Charles H. Smith, rector of St. James, assisted by Rt. Rev. Bishop Walker. The ushers were Rev. M. Milne, Rev. William Jarvis, Rev. N. W. Stanton, and Rev. J. Ward. 
Mr. and Mrs. Herendeen went down the St. Lawrence and to Montreal, Lake Champlain, and Lake George for their wedding journey.   


Niagara Co.

Howard GASKILL and John WILLIAMS, young boys of Lockport, were drowned in the canal, near that city, Tuesday.  They were attempting to board a passing canal boat from a raft, which capsized. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 24, 1888)

Richard ZIMMERMAN, who absconded from Lockport a year ago with $1,600 in his possession belonging to a Niagara Falls contractor, has been arrested at Buffalo, having returned there from Texas.  (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 31, 1888   Pg. 3)

At Niagara Falls, Mr. GLADSTONE owns a patch of land on the Canadian side commanding a splendid view of the Falls which he declines to sell for the benefit of the park improvements.   (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 24, 1888)

An aged colored woman, Isabel PATTERSON, died last Saturday at the Niagara county poorhouse.  She was thought to be at least 105 years old.  She was born a slave in New York City, went to Bavatia where she escaped from her owner and ran away to Canada.  After the war she returned and lived near Lockport for the remainder of her life.  (Ontario Repository & Messenger   Apr 26, 1888)

Hart EDGERTON of Batavia, who has been missing since March 1st, has returned from Detroit and claims to have written regularly, although none of his letters have been received.  Several trips to Canada were made in search of him and large rewards offered for information concerning his whereabouts. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   Apr 26, 1888)

Oneida Co.

The twelve year old son of Hon. A. L. HAYES, who lived near Utica, committed suicide by hanging, one day last week. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 31, 1888   Pg. 3)

Dr. Samuel H. MORRIS, aged 45 years, a prominent Utica physician, committed suicide by poisoning last Friday.  Financial troubles was the cause.  (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 31, 1888   Pg. 3)

Onondaga Co.

Mrs. Liza OSTRANDER hanged herself at her home in Syracuse, on Tuesday. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 31, 1888   Pg. 3)

Orleans Co.

The court of appeals has affirmed the judgment in the case of George WILSON, convicted of killing his wife at Albion. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 31, 1888   Pg. 3)

Seneca Co.

The nomination of J. N. HAMMOND to be postmaster at Seneca Falls has been confirmed. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 31, 1888   Pg. 3)

Steuben Co.

Mrs. Phoebe TRAVIS died at her home in Cameron, Steuben County, a few days ago, aged 104 years.  She was born in Dutchess County and was married in 1800, since which event she has resided in Steuben County. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 24, 1888)

Joseph COLLINS, of Erwin Centre, was suffocated at the Corning brick works recently.  The fires had just been started underneath a large kiln of brick.  He crawled on top of the pile to sleep and was suffocated by the steam and gases arising.  (Ontario Repository & Messenger   Apr 26, 1888)

Wayne Co. 

A shocking accident occurred at Macedon, on Friday last, by which Mr. H. W. Herendeen, Postmaster of that village, lost his life.
He was assisting in the building of a plaster mill, and was standing upon a scaffold, nailing on clap boards. Accidentally stepping
off the plank that formed the flooring of the scaffold, he fell head foremost to the ground, a distance of perhaps twenty feet, striking
heavily upon the frozen earth.
He was seen to fall by a man standing near, who, with the assistance of others, placed him at once in a sleigh and drove rapidly
to Mr. Herendeen's residence, reaching it but a few moments after his fall, and before the unfortunate man breathed his last.
A surgical examination was had, and his skull found to be badly fractured.
Mr. Herendeen was one of the most prominent citizens, a man universally esteemed. He leaves a wife but no children. His age was
about thirty years.          (ONTARIO REPOSITORY and MESSENGER    Wed   Dec 17, 1873  Pg 3, col 3    by: Ron Hanley)

Samuel W. ALLERTON, aged 99 years, 8 months and 5 days, died at his home in Newark, Wayne county.  (Ontario Messenger, Canandaigua, NY  Aug 20, 1885 Pg. 3)

Harvey G. MALLORY, of Lyons, a laborer who was formerly well to do, last Thursday evening attempted suicide by hanging.  He was cut down before life was extinct and will probably recover. (Ontario Repository & Messenger,     Mar 25, 1886) 

Thomas C. HANCE, the oldest man in New York State, died at Macedon, Wayne county, last week, Wednesday, aged 106 years.  Mr. HANCE was a life long Democrat and rarely missed voting.  He had about fifty living grand-descendants  (cut off) (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 31, 1888   Pg. 3)

A boy, fourteen years old and unknown, fell from a passenger train near Savannah, Wayne County, Saturday.  He was found dead some time after the accident.  On his person was a ticket to Cleveland and $10 in money.  (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 24, 1888)

Early yesterday morning William BULLOCK, an employee of the West Shore Railroad at Newark, killed his wife and himself with a revolver.  The trouble was caused by BULLOCK'S jealousy of a man named WELSH, who had been showing attentions to Mrs. BULLOCK.  BULLOCK had been a night hand at the railroad yard; but his week he exchanged with his son who was on the day force.  When the son returned home in the morning, the house was still and the door of the room occupied by his parents, locked.  He broke it open and found his mother dead, she having been shot in four places, and his father lay on the floor fatally wounded, expiring at 10 o'clock.  there were no witnesses of the deed.  The weapon used was a long 22 calibre Smith & Wesson revolver.   (Ontario Repository & Messenger,     Apr 26, 1888)        

Born in Palmyra and Lived in Wayne County All His Life
Palmyra, May 15 - The death of Geo. BROWN, aged 74 years, occurred at his home on Fayette street yesterday afternoon at 6 o'clock. Deceased was born in Palmyra, and had been a life-long resident of Wayne county. Previous to the breaking out of the war he went to California, via the Isthmus of Panama, where he engaged in mining. He came east when the war was declared and enlisted at Marion as a private, in Company E, 111th Regiment N. S. Vols. He was promoted successively to the positions of second and first lieutenant. His enlistment was in July, 1862. He was wounded at the battle of Spottsylvania; was with his regiment during the Gettysburg engagement and was discharged in front of Petersburg in 1864. Thence he came home, and afterwards accepted a captain's commission in the 193d N. Y. S. Vols., a regiment which was being formed by Col. Joseph W. CORNING. Previous to the departure for the front the news of LEE'S surrender was received and the regiment was disbanded. Since that time deceased had been actively engaged in commercial pursuits, and had served as village trustee and deputy sheriff several terms. Deceased was very highly esteemed, and it had often been said of him that he was generous to a fault. He is survived by two sons, George Randolph BROWN, president of the Wayne Building-Loan and Accumulating Fund Association, and Charles H. BROWN, proprietor of the New York cash store; besides one daughter, Mrs. Frederick A. RUSSELL of Tarrytown-on-the-Hudson. Deceased was a member of James A. GARFIELD Post, 193, G. A. R., under whose auspices the funeral services will be held at the house Thursday. Rev. Leonard Woods RICHARDSON, rector of Zion Church, will officiate, and the interment will be made in Palmyra Cemetery.   
(Union & Advertiser,  Rochester, Monroe, NY    Tues,   May 15, 1894)  

Obituary - AMASA HALL
Palmyra, May 15 - The death of Hon. Amasa HALL took place at his home, two and one half miles northeast of Walworth, yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Deceased was born January 15, 1816 and was a very prominent man in Western Wayne county, representing the western district in the Assembly in 1879. He is survived by a widow and one son. The funeral services will be held at the late residence Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. J. H. STOODY, pastor of the Walworth Methodist Episcopal Church, will officiate. Interment in the Hall Center cemetery.  
(Union & Advertiser,  Rochester, Monroe, NY    Tues,   May 15, 1894)  

Wyoming Co.

Mrs. Emma ALTHOUSE, of Attica, awoke from her trance of 33 days, about a week ago.  Since then she has lain awake, manifesting a desire for neither sleep nor food. (Ontario Repository & Messenger   May 31, 1888   Pg. 3)


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