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Phelps News

1891 - 1899

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Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY               Tue            May 26, 1891               by: GSubyak@aol.com

John J. SALISBURY, of Phelps, is quite seriously ill at his home on Melvin Hill, with brain troubles.

Memorial Day services at Phelps will be held in Gibson Hall Saturday afternoon. Hon. O. C. ARMSTRONG, of Canandaigua, will deliver the address.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, Monroe, N.Y.  Thursday,  Aug 20,  1891        by: GSubyak@aol.com    

Phelps Personals:

+  R. E. CONNOLLY is enjoying a two weeks' vacation in New York City. 
+  The funeral services of Mrs. Henry CHASE, who died Monday of typhoid fever, were held from her residence Tuesday, Rev. Mr. HUSON officiating. The remains were interred in Phelps cemetery. 
Ichabod LORD returned from Kalamazoo on Tuesday. His many friends will be pleased to note that his health is much better than it has been. 
Charles BURT has resigned his position in the Phelps shoe factory for a  more lucrative one in Canandaigua. Edgar ROSS will succeed him. 
+  The fat and lean men will cross bats on Redfield common Friday afternoon and as heretofore the game will prove interesting. 
+  The Redfield Hook and Ladder Company has accepted an invitation to participate in the Lyons review day exercises on September 3d. It will be  accompanied by the Hydrant Hose Drum Corps of Geneva. 
+  The lawn social held at the Methodist Episcopal Church Wednesday evening was a success socially as well as financially. 
Mrs. A. BARRY of Rochester is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Robert  CONNOLLY.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, Monroe, N.Y.   Oct. 6, 1891        by: GSubyak@aol.com    

Mrs. Almon MELVIN, an old and esteemed resident of Phelps, died at her home at Melvin Hill, Sunday afternoon, aged 85. The funeral will be held this afternoon.

Rev. Mr. JACKS, of Romulus, occupied the pulpit of the Presbyterian Church at Phelps last Sunday. In the morning he formally declared the pulpit vacant. It is expected that the pulpit will be supplied every Sunday.

Philip HATCH, an old man of 87, died at the home of his granddaughter, Mrs. I. A. SEAMANS, in Naples, yesterday morning. Funeral services will be held to-morrow afternoon and the burial will be at Lent Hill, town of Cohocton, the former home of the deceased.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Mon           Sept 1891               by: GSubyak@aol.com

Michael MULCHAY, who has been in charge of the long-distance telephone at Phelps, has accepted a position with the Electric Light Company of Oswego.  George J. NEWTON, of New York, has taken his place in the telephone office at  Phelps.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY            Oct 19,  1891               by: GSubyak@aol.com

+  The funeral of the late A. J. HUMPHREY will be held at the Presbyterian Church in Phelps this afternoon at 2 o'clock.
+  The pulpit of the Presbyterian Church at Phelps will be occupied next Sunday by Rev. Mr. BURLINSON, who is stopping for the present at Clifton Springs.

Union Advertiser , Rochester, Monroe, NY      Dec. 29, 1891              by: GSubyak@aol.com

Miss Abbie GRANGER, of Phelps, died early yesterday morning, aged 60 years. She had been in poor health for some time. 

Union & Advertiser, Rochester, NY  Saturday        Nov 26, 1892          by: GSubyak@aol.com    

PHELPS, Nov. 26 - The Symphony Club, together with the New York Opera Company, assisted by Henry HIGGINS, late cornet soloist of Gilmore's Band, will give an entertainment in Gibson Hall this evening, November 26th.
The funeral of Charles C. ODELL of Junius, was held this afternoon at his late residence. Mr. ODELL was 40 years of age, and a nephew of B. P. and J. D. ODELL of this place.
Sunday evening Rev. W. N. BATES, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, will deliver his next lecture on church history. Subject: "The Life and Times of St. Polycarp."
Rev. W. N. SWARTZ, on Thursday evening next, will lecture in the M. E. Church of this place.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.  Wed,    Feb. 15, 1893    by: GSubyak@aol.com     

The funeral of John C. WARNER, of Phelps, will be held in the Methodist church in that place this afternoon, Rev. Mr. HILTON, of Auburn, officiating. The remains will be taken to Weedsport for burial.

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About 12 o'clock Monday night Mrs. Albert KING, who lives a little southwest of the village of Phelps, was discovered by her husband to be in a sinking condition. Dr. VANDERHOOF was immediately summoned, but found her dead on his arrival. Her death was due to heart trouble, to which she had been subject for some time. Mrs. KING, who was about 67 years of age, had always resided in Phelps. A husband, son and daughter survive. The funeral services will be held at the house to-morrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.

ONTARIO REPOSITORY and MESSENGER        Thursday     Dec 7, 1893    by:  Dianne Thomas

Phelps -   Hon. Volney EDGERTON, who represented this county in the Assembly in 1857 and again in 1862, died in his home about two miles south of this village, Sunday, aged 77 years.  He leaves two sons, Irving D. and Frank P. and one daughter, Ruth.  The funeral will be held tomorrow.  

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, N.Y.       Dec. 15, 1893     by: GSubyak@aol.com

At the annual election of officers of General John B. MURRAY Post, No. 597, G. A. R., of Phelps, held on Wednesday evening, the following persons were elected Commander, John T. WATKINS; S. V. C., C. T. SEVERANCE; J. V. C., 
George WHITE; Q. M., Edgar N. BROWN; surgeon, Charles MUDGE; chaplain, Rev. M. SHAW; O. D., Thomas J. REED; O. G., Charles FRANK; delegate to state encampment, S. S. PARTRIDGE; alternate, H. C. SEVERANCE.

The members of Academy Grange, No. 62, have elected officers for the ensuing year as follows: Master, Frank B. HONSEL; overseer, William M. BARNUM; lecturer, L. C. MATHER; steward, J. P. McJANNETT; assistant steward, L. S. OSBURN; chaplain; J. C. JONES; treasurer, S. HASKELL; secretary, Mrs. L. C. MATHER; gate keeper, Newton ROGERS; pomona, Mrs. Newton ROGERS; flora, Mrs. G. E. HASKELL; ceres, Mrs. Jesse KETCHUM; lady assistant steward, Mrs. Nettie HASKELL; member of executive committee, John A. JOHNSON.

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, NY      Dec. 16, 1893     by: GSubyak@aol.com

The Phelps Tent of K. O. T. M., which met last Thursday evening, elected the following officers for the coming year: Com., J. E. VINCENT; Com., W.F. VINCENT; R. K., E. L. FRENCH; F. R., S. B. HARMON; chaplain, W. S. SHERMAN; physician, Dr. W. A. HOWE; surgeon, G. E. MILLER; M. at A., H. B. PELTON; first M. of G., Elon McMULLEN; second M. of G., E. L. SCHEL; sentinel, J. WOOLF; picket, M. H. VAN DUSEN.

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, NY  Monday,  Dec. 18, 1893    by: GSubyak@aol.com

Mrs. Ellen O'NEIL, the aged mother of Rev. A. M. O'NEIL, of St. Francis Church, Phelps, died at the home of her son last Friday evening of  pneumonia., aged 70 years. The remains were taken to Auburn for burial  Saturday, where the funeral will be held to-day.

Union & Advertiser, Rochester, NY    Mon      Oct 1, 1894              by: GSubyak@aol.com

HUNG HIMSELF -  Suicide of Mark Bateman of Phelps Yesterday Morning
Phelps: Oct. 1 - Mark BATEMAN, residing on West Main street, was found hanging in his barn on Sunday morning. One of his neighbors wanting to see him went to his house, where he lived alone, but could not get in.  Seeing his dog there he thought Mr. BATEMAN must be around, and went to the barn, where the dog fiercely resisted his entrance. Succeeding finally he found the hanging by a rope wound around a beam, a barrel, upon which he had evidently been standing, kicked from under him and his knife opened beside him. The coroner was summoned and he pronounced it a case of suicide. Mr. BATEMAN was about 50 years of age and leaves one brother, Mr. Richard BATEMAN of this village.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY       Tues   Mar 26, 1895           by: GSubyak@aol.com

At the annual meeting of the Phelps Presbyterian Church held yesterday afternoon to elect two trustees in place of G. C. PRICHARD and F. R. HOAG, whose terms of office had expired, G. C. PRICHARD was re-elected and R. B. COBB
elected in place of Mr. HOAG.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY   Wed,  Oct 30, 1895                 by:  Dianne Thomas

Mrs. Lucinda WILBUR, an old resident of Phelps, died last Sunday [Oct 27th] , aged 82 years .

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Friday                   June 25, 1897                  by: GSubyak@aol.com  

DIED IN A STATION - An elderly gentleman named LUSK, who came from Newark to Phelps on the Northern Central road Wednesday morning, expired in the depot at Phelps Junction about twenty minutes after alighting from the train. The man was taken very ill  on the train and had to be taken from there. Heart failure supposed to be the  cause of death. The remains were taken to the home of his daughter, Mrs. BRYANT,  who lived near by.

Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY        Feb 24, 1898            by:  Dianne Thomas

+ Phelps - Feb 23.- Mrs. MARSH has leased her Melvin Hill farm to James HEFFRON and will move into the PRICHARD house, here, lately purchased by her daughter.   

D. E. GREENWOOD has bought the SNOW residence and will take possession April 1st. 

J. E. BLAKESLY will work the SAYRE farm this season.  

J. D. ODELL has secured a good position at San Francisco, where his family will go later.

Barnard MC ANIFF has a position in the Lisk Works, Canandaigua.  

William BROPHY is employed in a Rochester undertaking establishment.  

+  The SNOW property has been sold in partition.  Mrs. Susan GRAVES got the brick block for $1,245 and Daniel GREENWOOD the  residence for $1,200.  

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY    Fri,       Mar 25, 1898    by:  Dianne Thomas

+ W. F. VINCENT is enlarging his laundry building.

+ Edward S. CORWIN expects to move to Geneva this Spring.

+ G. S. FRISBIE is still on the sick list, though improving slowly.

+ The Political Equality club met at Mrs. Dr. VANDERHOOF'S last Monday evening.

+ John GAINCY, of Victor, who recently purchased the LEEK farm, moved onto it this week.

+ The new village board met lat Monday evening.  Martin DOOLEY was appointed street commissioner.

+ The Magazine clod will meet at the home of Rev. & Mrs. A. J. WAUGH, next week, Wednesday evening

+ Rev. Dr. REMICK, of Geneva, preached in the Presbyterian church last Sunday morning, exchanging with Mr. WAUGH.

+ August LANG, who has been employed in the furniture rooms of William Scribner & Co., expects to move back to Buffalo.

+ Rev. J. S. ROOT of Rochester, has been the guest of his parents, Mr. & Mrs. A. H. ROOT, at Phelps Junction.  Mrs. F. S. SWAN of Cohocton, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. ROOT, is also their guest.

+ Robert JOHNSON will work the C. J. YOUNGS farm for the next three years; C. J. YOUNG has moved into Robert JOHNSON'S house near Fridley mill; C. H. BURT will occupy the house on Ontario street, recently occupied by Mrs. A. D. CROSBY.

ONTARIO REPOSITORY and MESSENGER  Thursday May 5, 1898  Col 2 and 4   by:  Ron Hanley
Deaths - JONES -  At Phelps, April 29th, Amos Jones, of Hopewell, 67 years.
Phelps,   May 4, 1898
Amos Jones, a well known and highly respected resident of Hopewell, two miles south of Clifton Springs, ended his life with
laudanum at the Cottage Hotel, Friday afternoon.
He called for an empty glass and pouring the drug into it drank it before anyone could interfere, saying, "Good Bye boys, I am going". Physicians were summoned, but despite their efforts he died four hours later.  Mr. Jones was about 67 years old. He had been despondent since his wife's death last fall. He owned two farms and was considered a substantial representative citizen.
From Geneva Gazette 6 May 1898
Amos Jones, a widower living at Hopewell, committed suicide at Phelps last Friday afternoon by taking a dose of laudanum.
The deceased went into Ryan's hotel, and stopping there for a while, called for an empty glass, which the bar-tender gave him, asking him if he wished any water.  Jones answered no, stepped one side and turned something from a little vial he took from an inside pocket.  He set the bottle down, and said, "Good-bye, boys, I am going."  The bartender, seeing the label on the bottle, called the attention of Mr. Ryan to it.  Physicians worked over the man for four hours, but he died at half past four.
( Register of Deaths in the Town of Phelps, located microfilm at the Ontario County Archive at Hopewell, NY, states the following,  Line 1048,   April 29, 1898,  Amos Jones, age 66 years, Widower, Occupation Farmer,  Born Hopewell, NY,  Father Amos Jones  Maryland,  Mother  Mary Jones  Maryland, Died Village of Phelps.)

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, NY,    Mon.,   July 3, 1899     by: GSubyak@aol.com

Phelps - July 3 - There was an unusual number of Monday morning cases in Justice GREEN'S court to-day, Jerry McCARTHY, a stone mason, was fined $10 for beating his wife Saturday night. He was also placed under $200 bonds to keep the peace. Porter BEMENT was arrested on complaint of Frank WILSON, who swore that BEMENT had shot his horse. Justice GREEN placed BEMENT under $100 bond to keep the peace. BEMENT and WILSON reside at the Pine Plains.

Union & Advertiser, Rochester, Monroe, NY     Sat     Aug 5, 1899    by: GSubyak@aol.com


+  Phelps -  Aug. 5 - Mrs. Elle B. JACOBS died this morning at her home, three miles west of this village. She was 88 years of age and is survived by her husband.
Mrs. John GAINEY died early this morning at her home, two miles south of this village, of consumption, aged 47 years. Besides her husband she is survived by five sons and three daughters. Funeral Monday morning and interment at Victor at her former home.

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