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Richmond  News

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Rochester Observer, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY   Friday     February 22, 1828      by: Pat Mims

MARRIED:  In Richmond, Ont. Co., on Sunday evening last, Mr. Jesse L. STOUT, to Miss Olive ABBEY, both of that place.

Rochester Observer, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY    March 28, 1828      by: Pat Mims

At Richmond, on the 20th inst., Philip REED, Esq., aged 71 years. Mr. R. was one of the earliest inhabitants of the Genesee country, and by his enterprise, industry, and integrity, established a character, grateful to the recollection of his extensive connections, and which will long be remembered with respect in the community where he resided.

Daily Democrat,  Rochester, Monroe, NY      Sat      Aug 2, 1845                       by: GSubyak@aol.com

DEATHS  -  At Pontiac, Michigan, on the 12th ult., of a protracted and lingering illness, Daniel V. BISSELL, Esq., formerly of Richmond, Ontario county, aged 47 years, and brother of Dr. Dick BISSELL, of Geneseo, N. Y.

Rochester Republican,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.       Jan. 4, 1849     by: GSubyak@aol.com 

Marriage  -  In Richmond, on the 12th ult, Marcus C. RIGGS, Esq., of Ithaca, to Miss Sarah B. DAY.

ONTARIO MESSENGER, Canandaigua, NY    Thursday, May 1, 1884     by: Dianne Thomas   

DIED:  WINSLOW - At Honeoye, April 25th, 1884, Mrs. Louisa W. WINSLOW, aged 81 years

Ontario Messenger, Canandaigua, NY        Aug 20, 1885     Pg. 3              by: Dianne Thomas   

Bernard BEACH, a son of R. C. BEACH, of Richmond Mills, a lad who was six years old the 24th of last month, hitched a team to a reaper last Saturday and finished cutting a piece of parley containing three quarters of an acre.  He then unhitched his team and mounting one of the horses, led the other to a barn half a mile away.  

Union Advertiser,  Rochester, Monroe, NY         May 21, 1888        by: GSubyak@aol.com        

Honeoye Falls
Mr. W. H. BUSH, wife and daughter of Springfield, Mass, are visiting at H. F. BROOKS.

Rev. A. F. COLBURN was in New York this week attending the Methodist General Conference..

A son of Myron HOVEY is lying quite low with pneumonia.

W. D. SHURT of Rochester and O. M. SHEPARD of New York spent a few days with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. SHUART, last week.

Ontario Repository & Messenger      Thurs          May 31, 1888              by: Dianne Thomas  

At Millers Corners:

+ Mrs. Allie MC BRIDE, wife of George MC BRIDE, died at her home in Honeoye Flats last week, Thursday.  The remains were brought here for interment Sunday.  The funeral was held in the M. E. Church at Miller's Corners.


+ Clinton JOHNSON has returned from the West and is clerking for his father again.

+ George MORGAN is very sick.

+ C. E. TAYLOR has put up a new windmill near his house.

+ Mrs. R. R. LAY of Fairport, is making her parents a visit.

+ C. E. LAMB is setting out his lot to peach trees and berry plants.

+ Arthur HOWE has left J. S. BROWNING'S farm and moved to Mrs. John WIGGIN'S place, just east of the village. 

+ F. A. CLEVELAND had a tumor taken from his side last week, Wednesday and is still confined to his bed.

+ William EMMONS is going to raise the roof of his house and build an addition.  Charles HEWES is repairing his house.

+ Mrs. F. L. COVERSE has purchased of William CAIN the buildings and part of the lot where they now reside on North st.

+ Mr. & Mrs. R. TEACHNER, of Rochester, who have been visiting her sister, Mrs. Jacob HEECH, for the past week, returned home Monday.  

Ontario Co. Journal,  Canandaigua, NY    Fri,    Aug 26, 1892      by: Dianne Thomas 


Rev. I. S. WESTHAVER of Boston, is a guest of the family of John A. REEDS.  

Prof. and Mrs. J. W. HALL, two sons and a daughter, spent a few days last week with the family of T. R. REED, Miss HALL remaining over Sunday.  

Prof. and Mrs. SOUTHWICK leave this week for Ballston Spa; Mrs. C. C. MILLER for Hamilton, Ohio and Miss Lizzie PENNELL for Atchinson, Ill.  

Rev. Mr. KIEHLE, who is to preach in the Congregational church next Sunday morning, is from Milwaukee and is considered one of the rising young clergymen of the west. 

Ontario Repository-Messenger, Canandaigua, NY      Thursday   Feb 8, 1894           by: Dianne Thomas 

Honeoye - Feb. 6th - At the annual Church meeting, January 25th, 45 responded personally to the roll call and 27 by letter.  During the last year $400 was given by the Church and its missionary societies to missions.  Resolutions expressing sympathy for Mrs. Wm. K. PETTS in her bereavement occasioned by the death of her husband and daughter were passed.

+ Mr. & Mrs. R. C. BEACH celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, Saturday.  Many relatives and friends were present.

+ H. P. REED of Honeoye, was present at the opening of the California Midwinter Fair last week.


+ Clark SHORT died Saturday, at his home in Richmond Mills, of Bright's disease, aged 25 years.  The funeral was held from his home, Tuesday at 11 am, and burial was at Lake View.  He was a splendid young man and will be greatly missed.


+ Hascall C. GILBERT died at his daughter's, Mrs. Hascall SMITH in Richmond, Wednesday, aged 73 years.  Funeral was held from the house Friday.

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY        March 23,  1894      by: Dianne Thomas

+ Mrs. Viola Quick GREEN has returned from several months absence in Wichita, Kas.


+ Eliza NORGATE's little daughter, Edna, aged 7 years, died of meningitis on Monday evening.


+ During Rev. Mr. DAY'S 32 years pastorate in this place, he has performed 234 marriages, preached 3,500 times and officiated at 470 funerals. 

+ The old PITTS-BRIGGS place was sold at public auction last Saturday.  John Quick MILLER bought he buildings and 39 acres of land for $3,100.  C. F. STILLWELL purchased the other 15 acres for $672.

+ H. H. CURTIS has bought the Gideon PITTS place for $2,000.  George N. SWAN the TONSET house for $750.  Mr. and Mrs.. J. TONSET are expecting to leave about about April 1 for their new home in Rushville.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY     Wed     July 11, 1894                 by: GSubyak@aol.com 

PENNELL - At Honeoye, N. Y., Monday, July 9, 1894, Cornelia M., daughter of the late James P. STEELE and wife of A. Randolph PENNELL, aged 54 years. - Funeral from the residence of her mother, Mrs. A. STEELE, 473 Exchange street, Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY       Thurs     July 12, 1894                    by: GSubyak@aol.com 

Eight Men Seriously Injured at a Barn Raising

Honeoye, July 11 - The most serious accident in the history of Ontario county occurred in the town of Canadice to-day at 9:30 o'clock, on the farm owned by Hollis J. T. TYLER, of Naples. A gang of men were raising a barn to replace one blown down about a year ago. Much of the timber of the former building was used for staying in the new one. The workmen had raised one bent and were working on the staging laid across this fitting the next bent together. Without a moment's warning the timbers beneath them gave way, and they were hurled into the basement below, a distance of nearly twenty feet. In some unaccountable manner the whole number fell under the entire weight of plank and timbers. 

The list of injured is as follows: George MUCK, bruised about the head, supposed to be dead when first taken out, but subsequently recovered; James THOMAS, both legs broken, right leg twice below the knee, left leg once above the knee; Chester WASHBURN, 70 years of age, left leg broken and terribly smashed, the bone protruded from the flesh and was removed by the physicians and may necessitate amputation, right leg slightly bruised; Henry MAGERY, leg and ankle injured; Eugent ALGER, seriously hurt and ankle sprained; Levi LYON, leg bruised; John OAKLEY, slightly injured; William CLEVELAND, leg and head bruised. Drs. L. F. WILBUR, of Honeoye, and Coroner WETLING, of Naples, cared for the injured. The accident was caused by one of the old timbers giving way at the point where it was spliced by an old mortise.

Ontario County Journal, Canandaigua, NY      Friday, March 15, 1895       by: Dianne Thomas  


+ John J. NORGATE is still confined to his house with lung trouble.  Richard STACEY and Mrs. J. C. PAUL are also on the sick list.

+ M. H. BLACKMER, who has long been a sufferer form eczema, was able to attend church on Sunday for the first time since last May.

+ The Franklin store was reopened last Monday, under the management of Mc Carthy & Sons, of Syracuse.  Geo. B. FRANKLIN is head clerk.

+ The Ladies' Home and Foreign Missionary society met at Mrs. L. F. WILBUR's on Wednesday afternoon.  After the regular exercises, a missionary tea was served.

+The social event of the season was the party given by Mr. and Mrs. A. J. GILBERT last Friday evening.  Refreshments were served at an early hour, after which the guests indulged in cards, games and the like.  Fine vocal music was rendered by Mr. DEYO and Mesdames LAWRENCE and JEROME, with F. B. SHORT, pianist. 

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY      Wed      Jan 1, 1896           by: GSubyak@aol.com

A tent of the Knights of the Maccabees has been organized at Honeoye by  W. E. SPANGLE, with twenty-two charter members.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY   Fri     Jan 1, 1897             by: GSubyak@aol.com     

+ Benjamin GELL, of Honeoye Falls, and Miss Minnie STEVENS, of Mendon, were united in marriage at the Methodist Episcopal parsonage by the Rev. D. M. CLARK, Wednesday afternoon.

+ Charles LaMONT, of Honeoye Falls, was married Wednesday afternoon to Miss Tena HUMMEL, of Lancaster. They will reside at Depew, where Mr. LaMONT has a position as operator for the Western Union Telegraph Co.

Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY   Thursday     Feb 24, 1898            by:  Dianne Thomas

Honeoye - Feb 23. -    +  Yawger BRAY has gone to Silver Lake to live with his brother.

Mrs. Delia STOUT has returned home.

Samuel THAYER ,of Minneapolis and George THAYER of Rochester, attended M. H. BLACKMER'S funeral, last week. 

William MENIHAN of Canandaigua, has been visiting here. 

Lucy O'NEILL won a bicycle and Jennie ROSS and Rose FOY, diamond rings, at St. Mary's fair.  

Mrs. Haskell SMITH, who died Monday of consumption, is survived by her husband, two daughters and two sisters, Mmes. C. HAMILTON of this place and E. WOODRUFF of Hemlock. 

Rochester Daily Union and Advertiser, Rochester,  NY     February 1900       by:  Sylvia Olson

Funeral of Mrs. STOUT
HONEOYE  -  Feb. 2 - The funeral of Mrs. Delia STOUT, a well-known businesswoman of this place, was held at her former residence yesterday afternoon. Mrs. STOUT was the widow of P. J. Stout, , who was the proprietor of Stout's Hotel for many years. At his death, Mrs. Stout managed the estate's affairs for a number of years.

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY       Friday,     Jan 31, 1902    pg 4                       by: Dianne Thomas

Honeoye - Miss Blanche CURTIS entertained friends on Tuesday evening.  Miss Ruth HICKS gave a birthday party on Wednesday evening.  Mr. and Mrs. R. B. SHORT entertained friends at cards last evening.  Mrs. Emily REED of Lima, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ralph SHORT.  Miss HEWITT of West Bloomfield, was the guest of Mrs. C. E. PLYMPTON over Sunday.  Mrs. William RAY and daughter, Nellie, of Batavia, are visiting friends in town. 

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL       Friday       February 6, 1903  by:    Ron Hanley
 RUSHVILLE  Marriage of Miss Rowena Jones and Samuel M. Douglass
The home of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Jones, three miles north west of this place, was the scene of a pretty wedding yesterday afternoon at 1 30 o'clock, when their second daughter, Miss Rowena Randilla Jones, became the wife of Samuel Millington Douglass, of Canandaigua. 
The house was beautifully decorated for the occasion in green and white.  The bride was dressed in white persian lawn en traine, trimmed with lace and chiffon, and carried white carnations. The bridesmaid, Miss Edna Crump, of Pittsford, wore pale blue lawn with pink carnations. 
The best man was Fred Cribb, of Canandaigua. Miss Alice Leila Jones, and Master Wallace Jones, sister and brother of the bride,
carried the ribbons which formed the aisle through which the bridal party passed.  Mrs. W. L. Jones played the wedding march. The ceremony was performed under an arch of evergreens. Rev. Dr. J. Wallace Webb of Canandaigua, was the officiating clergyman. 
At the wedding repast which followed the ceremony the bride's table was decorated with smilax and carnations. Eighty five guests were present among whom were F. G. Douglass and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Mather, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Mather, Mr. and Mrs. Ira P. Cribb, Mr. and Mrs. James Douglass, of Canandaigua, the Misses Christine Crump, Sarah Heaver, Gertrude Seely, Edna Crump, Jessie Burrows, Mrs. Ira Ward, Messrs, Claude Crump and Leslie Whitney
of Pittsford, Mr. and Mrs. Marcensus Jones and W. Fred Jones, of Rochester, John Agate, J. A. Cleveland, Charles Utz, of Ithaca, and Miss Emma Douglass, of Syracuse. After a short trip Mr. and Mrs. Douglass will make their home in Canandaigua.
ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL     February 6, 1903
 MARRIED   DOUGLASS -  JONES - At Rushville, February 5, 1903, Samuel Millington Douglass of Canandaigua, and Miss Rowena Randilla Jones, of Rushville.

Ontario Repository & Messenger, Canandaigua, NY    June 11, 1903              by: Dianne Thomas 

Allen's Hill:

Mr. and Mrs. D. A. PIERPONT made a trip to Rochester and returned one day last week.  quite a trip for people who are crowding their four score and ten.  They were accompanied by their son and daughter and grandson.

+  The marriage of Miss Grace, only daughter of Dr. and Mrs. E. B. SAYRE, to Joel W. TOTMAN of Bristol Center, will take place at high noon, Wednesday, June 17th, at their home. 

Mr. and Mrs. John CASKEY, Fred KINGSLEY, wife and children of Canadice, were at Burr WRIGHT'S, Sunday.

S. W. ABBEY left Wednesday for Minnesota, it is said with the intention of locating a future home. 

Mrs. S. W. ABBEY entertained Mrs. Esther SIMMONS and Mrs. John MC ILLVEEN, Saturday. 

Mrs. George MURPHY and son attend church at Bristol, Sunday, gests of Mrs. Charles SIMMONS

Milton PHILLIPS will graduate from Cornell, June 17th. 

Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester, Monroe, NY      July 7, 1903        by: GSubyak@aol.com      
Honeoye Falls  -  July 6 - At a union meeting held in the Presbyterian Church, this village, Sunday evening, Rev. A. J. FUNNELL preached his farewell sermon. Mr. FUNNELL has been with this church nearly four years and the people much regret his departure this week for his new church and home in Fenton, Mich.

Honeoye Falls  -  July 6 - Carl HAMMOND, an employee of the Wilcox House, met with a painful accident while running the engine used for pumping water at the hotel barns. In some manner his second finger on the right hand was caught in the cogs. His finger was taken off at the second joint.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, Monroe, N.Y.    June 21, 1905       by: GSubyak@aol.com 

Le Roy Young Man Married at Honeoye Falls Yesterday

Honeoye Falls  - June 20 - This afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock occurred the marriage of Miss Julia HAYES, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John HAYES, to Thomas J. MURPHY, of Le Roy. Rev. Father CLUNY officiated. The bride was gowned in light blue ??? and was attended by her sister, Miss Mayme HAYES, who wore white Persian lawn, Jerry MURPHY, a brother of the groom, was best man. William Mc CANN and Richard HAYES officiated as ushers.
After the ceremony at the church a reception was held at the residence of the bride's parents on East street, at which there were about sixty guests. Among the guests from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas MALONE, Jerry MURPHY, Patrick MURPHY and Michael MURPHY, of Le Roy; Richard HAYES, of Victor; William MILLER and Miss Mayme HAYES, of Rochester. After a wedding trip they will make their home in Le Roy.

Democrat & Chronicle,    Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.   June 23, 1905      by: GSubyak@aol.com 

Honeoye  - June 22 - This place will celebrate the Fourth in old-fashioned style. The Honeoye Cornet Band will have general charge of the celebration. There will be the usual parade with a military detachment. A prize will be given for the best decorated rig, both ladies and gentlemen's. There will be the usual athletic sports for the usual prizes.  The band will give a concert both afternoon and evening. There will be a dance in the evening on a platform on the green, also on a horse race, best two out of three, and the new stone road on the flats is expected to be in shape by that time. District Attorney Robert F. THOMPSON, of Canandaigua, will be the speaker of the day.

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wednesday,   October 30, 1907           by: Dianne Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. George W. FRANKLIN and daughter, Dorothy, have been spending a few days in Rochester, the guests of their friends, Dr. and Mrs. BAKER.

Supervisor George W. PATTERSON has been at Nunda for a few days on business. 

Miss Louise GEBHEARDT visited her mother at Ovid, in company with Mrs. Fayette SHORT

Mrs. F. G. PENNELL has returned home from a weeks visit with relatives in Canandaigua and Rochester.

Dr. and Mrs. L. F. WILBUR have gone East to spend the winter with Mrs. WILBUR'S sister, Miss Nellie MARTIN, in Providence, RI.  Mr. and Mrs. John C. BRIGGS will occupy their house during their absence.  

Mrs. Maria ASHLEY is visiting her brothers and other relatives at Livonia.  

Mrs. Charles HOWCROFT has bone to Washington to visit her sisters, taking her little grandson, George, with her. 

Mrs. Addie WRIGHT has rented her house to Mr. REARDON, and gone to live with her brother, Mr. HANSON, in Batavia. 

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES    Wednesday     December 30, 1908     Pg 7, col 5      by:    Ron Hanley
Mrs. Melvina Kingsbury Buckalew died on Christmas day at her home in Honeoye, aged about 60 years. 
Mrs. Buckalew suffered a stroke of apoplexy several weeks ago and death was a release from her suffering. She leaves two brothers, Addison Kingsbury, of Jersey City, and Sherman Kingsbury of New York, and one sister, Mrs. Elihu Briggs of Honeoye.  The funeral was held on Monday afternoon.

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY    Friday,       Jan 1, 1909         by: Dianne Thomas  

+ Honeoye - On Christmas day at her home in this village, occurred the death of Mrs. Melvina BUCKELEW after a long, painful illness.  She had been in poor health for the past 20 years, but about two months ago, she suffered an apoplectic stroke and since that time her suffering has been intense, and her death was hourly expected.  During the time she had with the assistance of a nurse been tenderly cared for by her only sister, with whom she lived.  Melvina Kingsbury BUCKELEW was born in the town of Bristol, 61 years ago.  She was the daughter of Hampton and Lynda Totman KINGSBURY, and with the exception of the past eight years, resident at Honeoye, had lived her life in that town.  At the age of 18 years, she was married to Spafford BUCKELEW, whose death occurred four years ago.  to them, four children were born, all of whom died in infancy. She is survived by two brothers, Sherman KINGSBURY of Canandaigua; and Addison KINGSBURY of Jersey City, NJ, and one sister, Mrs. Lucretia BRIGGS, of this village.  The funeral was held from her late home, Rev. Dr. A. C. DILL officiating.  The casket was covered with flowers.  Beautiful music was rendered by Ira N. DEYO and Mrs. Helen M. LAWRENCE, with Prof. F. B. SHORT, organist.  The interment was in Woodlawn.


+ Thomas MORROW, of Rochester, who was asphyxiated last week, was a son of John MORROW, a former resident of Bristol. 

+ Born on Dec 20, 1908, to Mr. & Mrs. Henry FOX, Jr., a daughter.  

+ Daniel MENIHAN is recovering from his recent operation for appendicitis.  His brother, Michael MENHAN of Honeoye Falls, is running his shop and superintending the business during his illness.

Democrat & Chronicle    Rochester, Monroe, NY   Mon,  Apr 19, 1915   by: GSubyak@aol.com 


Honeoye -  April 18 - Friday morning occurred the death of Mrs. Carrie Elizabeth GREEN in her home in Main street, after an illness of about two years. She was the daughter of David A. and Sarah E. PIERPONT and was born in this village, September 13, 1844. When but a small child the family moved to the old family home about two and one-half miles northeast of this place, where she lived until her marriage to Dr. Lewis E. GREEN about twenty-six years ago. Since that time she had lived here.
She leaves one son, Pierpont L. GREEN, of this village. The funeral will be held Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the home, the Rev. L. D. BOYNTON, of Hornell, officiating. The burial will be made in Lake View cemetery.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY       Oct. 16, 1918         by: GSubyak@aol.com   

PARKHURST - At her home in Honeoye Falls, on Tuesday, October 15, 1918, Malvina PARKHURST. She is survived by one sister, Emily PARKHURST, of Honeoye Falls.  Funeral from her late home on Thursday, Oct. 17th, at 2:30 P. M.

Livonia Gazette, Livonia, NY         Friday    Feb 6, 1920              by: Dianne Thomas  

The death of William CRONIN occurred in Rochester, Friday, January 30th at Garden hospital from paralysis. He had recently had pneumonia. Mr. CRONIN was the last of a family of seven children, four girls and three boys, and they all died of paralysis at the age of 52, except Mr. William CRONIN.  The funeral was held at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon from the Congregational Church, the Rev. Mr. HENSHAW officiating and his interment was in Lakeview cemetery, Honeoye.  The funeral was under Masonic auspices.  Mr. CRONIN was born in Truro, England in 1858, and he and his twin brother came to this country when they were 14 years old, making their home with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph TEGUE of Canadice.  He attended school at Geneseo Normal and graduated from Rochester business university.  For several years he taught school.  On Jan. 6, 1881, he was married to Miss Elizabeth STRUBLE of Canadice, and to them were born three children, Mildred, Mabel and Carlton.  He is survived by his widow and one daughter, Mrs. Leonard B. COLT, of Rochester, where they were living at the time he was taken sick.  Most of the married life, with an exception of a short time in North Dakota, was spent in Canadice, where they owned two farms.  Three years ago he purchased the LITZENDORF place in Honeoye, which has since been their home, until this winter when they were with their daughter in Rochester.  Mr. CRONIN was a member of the M. E. church at Canadice and was a chorister there for many years.  He was a member of the Canadice glee club and a charter member of the Royal Arch Masons of Livonia, holding membership also in Eagle Lodge 619 F & AM, Honeoye, Eagle Star Chapter, and the Honeoye Valley grange.  Mr. CRONIN was kind in his family, a good citizen and a kind neighbor, and he will be missed not only by his family but by a large circle of neighbors and friends.  Honeoye,  Feb 11.

Mr. Ray Irving PESTLE and Miss Cleora Rose MC CLURG were married at the Congregational parsonage on Saturday of last week. Mr. PESTLE is from Ilion, where he is in the employ of the Remington manufacturing company.  They will reside in Ilion. 

A very pretty wedding took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Truman STEVENS at 8 o'clock last Thursday evening, January 29, when their daughter, Miss Ethel, was united in marriage to Mr. Clayton HARVEY, of Hemlock.  The ceremony was preformed by the Rev. G. E. HENSHAW, in the presence of the immediate relatives and some friends.  Norris CLEMENT of Honeoye was best man and Miss Gertrude STEVENS was bridesmaid.  A bountiful wedding supper followed.  Mr. and Mrs. HARVEY, will reside in Buffalo. The hearty congratulations of their friends go with them. 

Earl ADAMS and Mrs. O. T. OWEN attended the funeral of their aunt in Canandaigua, last Friday.

Madeline GILBERT of Lima spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin GILBERT.

George BARTLETT and Miss Helen PIERCE were guests Sunday, of Mr. and Mrs. FRANCIS.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. PLIMPTON entertained Mr. and Mrs. Leon ALLEN at dinner Sunday.

Mrs. Fanny HOAGLAND spent Monday at the home of her brother at Allen's Hill.

Livonia Gazette, Livonia, NY                 Friday     Jan 3, 1935              by: Dianne Thomas  

Mrs. Hannah (Wheatly) ALGER, who suffered a shock, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Roy McMANN at Holcomb, after a short illness.  Mrs. ALGER was born in Weston , Canada, 82 years ago, last October and at the age of 6 years moved to East Bloomfield with her parents and later came to Canadice.  In 1871 she was united in marriage to George ALGER. Three years later they settled on the Alger homestead where they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1921.  Since the death of her husband, Mrs. ALGER has made her home with her two children, the daughter, Mrs. McMANN,  and a son, Delevan,  of this place.  Also surviving are a brother, John WHEATLY of Orleans, two sisters, Mrs. Fanny RECTOR of Clifton Springs and Mrs. Fred TONES, of Bristol and four grandchildren.  Funeral services were held from the home of her daughter, in Holcomb, the Rev. EDWARDS of the East Bloomfield church, officiating.  Interment was in Honeoye  [Lakeview cemetery].

Ontario Co. Times Journal, Canandaigua, NY     Friday, June 2?, 1935         by: Dianne Thomas  


+  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Barton JOHNSON at Memorial hospital, Canandaigua, June 8th, a daughter, Mildred Ann.

+ Norris CLEMENT and family are to move soon from the STEVENS house to the Sarah SMITH house and Mrs. STEVENS, who is now living in Hemlock, will move back to her Honeoye home.

+   Miss Marian FRANCIS, Miss Katrina DEYO, Miss Laura CASKEY, Miss Ruth MORRELL, Margaret REED, Otto MASTIN and Eugene HUFF, who have been attending Geneseo Normal School, are at home for the summer vacation.  Miss MORRELL, Mr. MASTIN and Mr. HUFF were graduated, Tuesday forenoon.

Mrs. Willard CASKEY spent a few days of last week with her niece, Mrs. COVEY and Mr. COVEY, at Rochester.

Miss Caroline GREEN, a telephone operator at Geneseo, spent from Wednesday until Sunday of last week at her home here.

Mrs. Lillian BECKER is caring for Mrs. NAGY, and infant daughter, at Allens Hill.

Mrs. Robert REED spent the weekend with Mrs. Caroline BLACKMER

Mrs. Bertha PINGREY of Andover is spending some time with her mother, Mrs. Emma GRAY.

Howard WRIGHT, who has been staying at the home of Mr. O'NEIL at Richmond Center, and attending school there, has returned to the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy WRIGHT, for the summer vacation.

+  Little Reta CLEMENT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norris CLEMENT, is ill with bronchitis.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY          Thurs          July 8, 1937                by: GSubyak@aol.com

STULL - Entered into rest at his home, 37 South St., Brockport, Tuesday morning, July 6th, 1937, Wm. E. B. STULL. He leaves his wife, Clara MILLER  STULL; one son, Eugene STULL, both of Brockport; one brother, Joseph D. STULL of  Batavia; five nephews and one niece. 
Private prayer service at his late home Thursday, July 8th, at 2 p.m. and funeral services from the Methodist Episcopal Church at 2:30 p.m. Interment at Honeoye Falls, N. Y.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Tuesday  February 28, 1939      by:    Ron Hanley

Vicinity Deaths  -  Mrs. James Meehan

 ALLENS HILL -  Mrs. Mary McGreevey Meehan died at her home in Allens Hill yesterday after a short illness.

She is survived by her husband, James Meehan, of this place, a son, John Meehan and a daughter, Mrs. Jennie Erdle, both of Canandaigua.  Funeral services will be at 9 o'clock tomorrow at St. Mary's Church, Honeoye, with burial here.

Victor Herald,  Friday         June 9, 1939              pg 5                 by:  Dianne Thomas

DEAL - Funeral services were conducted this afternoon at 2 o'clock EST, in the Allen's Hill Methodist church for George W. DEAL, 58, of Allen's Hill, who died of a heart attack, Tuesday, while seated in his car in East Rochester, where he was visiting.  The Rev. W. H. EDMUNDS, pastor of the church, will officiate, and burial will be in Allen's Hill cemetery.

A son of Asa and Margaret Patterson DEAL, he was born in Lima, July 16, 1881.  When 2 years old he removed with his family to Allen's Hill, where he has resided since.  he was an active member of the Methodist church and was treasurer at the time of his death.

He is survived by his widow, Grace (Grinell) DEAL; two sons, Asa N. of Pasadena, Calif., George W., and 3 daughters, Misses Elsie, Caroline and Barbara, all of Allen's Hill; a grandson, James BRADLEY of Clifton Springs; 6 sisters, Mrs. James ADSIT, Clifton Park, Mrs. David HUGHES, Hoosick Falls, Mrs. David HOLMES, Castile, Mrs. Lewis PRYOR, Dundee, Mrs. Frank W. DAY, Lima and Mrs. Walter LILLY, Angelica; two brothers, Roy of Victor and John of Vernon.


DILLMAN - Mrs. Harriet Jane DILLMAN entered into rest at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Florence WARING, in Rochester, Saturday, June 3, 1939, at the age of 83 years.  She became ill on Memorial day.

She is survived by 8 sons, Carl, Allie and John DILLMAN of Victor, William, Rudolph and Theodore DILLMAN and Charles MOORE of Rochester, Alvin MOORE of California  (cut off) 

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY   Wed  June 7, 1944                     by: GSubyak@aol.com

BAKER - At rest, June 4, Raymond J. BAKER of 113 Gillette St. He is survived by three sons, Raymond J., U.S.N., Richard C., U.S.N., and Donald R., at home; his mother Catherine C. BAKER; a sister, Mrs. Marie ZELLER and three  brothers, Carl J., Chas. F., U.S.A. and William R. BAKER; also an aunt,  Elizabeth BAKER. He was an employee of E. E. Bausch and Son Co. for 30 years. 
Mr. BAKER is resting at the Honan Funeral Home, 616 Genesee St., from  where the funeral will be held Wednesday, June 7, at 2:30 p.m. Interment Honeoye Falls Cemetery.

Livonia Gazette             Thursday           Dec 5, 1974    by:  Dianne Thomas

Memorial Plaque Erected on Site of Old Church -  A plaque has been erected in memory of Morey B. ASHLEY, former president of the Richmond Center Cemetery Association.  Richmond Center, is the original location of the First Congregational Church built from 1817 - 1818.  Organized in 1802, the Society of Richmond purchased 10 acres of land from David CROOKS in 1804.  The land was used for a church, a cemetery, a parsonage and a school house.  

In January 1863, regular Sunday meetings at the Congregational Church of Richmond Center, ceased.  The Congregational Church of Honeoye and Society were organized in Nov. 1854 and the Honeoye Church was built in 1861. On the first Sunday in January 1863 a meeting was held of the two societies; The Richmond Center Church and Honeoye Church.  At this meeting it was decided to join the two churches, meetings moved to the Honeoye Church.  Stephen ASHLEY, grandson of Morey B. ASHLEY, is the current president of the Richmond Center Cemetery Association.  [Picture of Cemetery Sign  dated 1804 & picture of the Congregational Church in 1817.  No trace of this church remains.]

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY     Feb 22, 2007                 by:  Dianne Thomas

MILLER, Kathleen M. -  Honeoye -  February 21, 2007,  Survived by her husband, Paul Miller; her children, Jean (Cliff) Foote of Henrietta, Arthur Steven Herzog of Greece, Paul (Sherry) Herzog of Springwater and Lauri (Raymond) Schrieber of Honeoye; her mother, Anna Lowe of Spencerport; 7 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; sisters, Judy (John) Spennacchio of Chili, Patricia (Gerald) Strassner of Scottsville, Donald (Anne) Lowe of Greece, Michael (Lilly) Lowe of Australia and Timothy Lowe; nieces and nephews.  Friends may call Friday 2-6 PM at the Kevin W. Doughery Funeral Home, Rt. 15 and 20A Livonia. Funeral Mass, Saturday 11 AM at St. Mary's Church, Rt. 20A, Honeoye. Spring Burial, St. Mary's Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be directed to the WCTA Federal Credit Union, attn: Kimberly Rozell, PO Box 397, Canandaigua, 14424 in her memory.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY     Feb 25, 2007              by:  Dianne Thomas

HUFF, Thelma B.-  At Honeoye: Thelma B. HUFF, age 95, born February 24, 1911, in the Town of Richmond, Ontario County, New York, died February 20, 2007, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mrs. HUFF was the daughter of the late Fred and Maude (MILLER) BELL. Survivors include daughter Sylvia L. HAWE, and son, Jefferson (Eileen) HUFF; 3 grandchildren, Barbara Michele HAWE, Donna M. (Jeremy) Speakes, and Elizabeth (Mark) L'HOMMEDIEU; and three great-grandchildren, Natalie, Jennifer, and Suzanne L'HOMMEDIEUMrs. HUFF  is also survived by a brother, Gene (Mary Louise) BELL; and a brother-in-law, Eugene (Monica) HUFF. She was predeceased by husband Furman M. HUFF, daughter Gail HUFF, and grandson Jefferson M. HUFF. 

Mrs. HUFF graduated from Canandaigua Academy, Canandaigua, New York, and State University of New York, Geneseo. She taught over twenty-seven years at Shortsville, Victor, and Bloomfield Central Schools. She was a member of Sigma Pi Sigma; Arethusa Sorority; Delta Kappa Gamma Society International; Ontario County Retired Teachers Association; and Bloomfield Central Retirees Association.  

Mrs. HUFF was an active member and officer in the Honeoye United Church of Christ; the Honeoye Board of Education; Honeoye Central School Teachers Association; and Bloomfield Professional Association. A memorial service will be held in Honeoye, New York, at a future date to be announced. Memorials may be made to the United Church of Christ, Honeoye, New York; the Allen's Hill United Methodist Church; Bloomfield Central School Scholarship Fund, Bloomfield, New York; and Lakeview Cemetery Association, Honeoye, New York. Arrangements, Keven W. Dougherty Funeral Home, Inc.

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