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Victor  News

1800 - 1869 

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Rochester Observer, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY   Friday     March 7, 1828      by: Pat Mims

DIED:  In Victor, on the 11th ult., Mrs. Lodema PEET, aged 22, wife of Mr. Wm. J. PEET. She made a profession of religion at the age of 13, was an eminent example of piety, and died in the triumphs of faith.

Daily Democrat, Rochester, N. Y.         Oct. 10, 1834                                 by: GSubyak@aol.com

MARRIED  -  In Victor, on the 6th inst. by the Rev. Mr. KAY,  Mr. Richard D. HOWELL, of this city, to Miss Maria GULLY, daughter of A. GULLY, of the former place.

Victor Herald, Victor, NY        Jan 18, 1835           Pg 5         by Dianne Thomas


TURNER - Mrs. Margaret O'Neil TURNER, wife of Emmett TURNER, passed away at her home in Victor township, Monday, January 14, 1835 after a long illness.  Besides her husband, she leaves two daughters, Mrs. Howard RYAN and Chrystal TURNER; two sons, Gordon and Emmett, all of Victor; one sister, Mrs. Charles CONWAY of Boston; two brothers, John O'NEIL of Victor and Harry O'NEIL of Lima.  

Funeral services were held Thursday morning from the home and from St. Patrick's church.  Burial was made in St. Patrick's cemetery. 


NOWACK - Mrs. Bertha E. NOWACK entered into rest at her home in Victor township, Tuesday, January 15, 1835.  She is survived by her husband, August NOWACK; by one son and three daughters, William, Augusta, Anna and Amanda; her mother, Mrs. Wilhelmina NEMITZ; two sisters, Mrs. Fred KAISER and Mrs. William KAISER, all of Victor, and by several nieces and nephews.  

Services were held from the home at 1:30 o'clock, Friday afternoon and from the St. John's Lutheran church in Victor at 2 o'clock, the Rev. Yost BRANDT officiating.  Interment was made in the Boughton Hill cemetery.


Matters about Town:

William ENGLISH is suffering from blood poisoning in his left hand, resulting from a cut near a joint. 

Mrs. Cora L. GARDNER, who became quite ill last Friday and was confined to her bed for several days, is now better.

Mrs. Frances LANDERS of the Victor high school faculty, who has been ill for several weeks, is somewhat better. 

Mrs. O. L. POLHEMUS entertained several ladies at tea Monday afternoon, in honor of her mother, Mrs. H. B. GREEN, the occasion being Mrs. GREEN'S birthday.  

Albert N. BEAL, who has been in the Memorial hospital, Canandaigua, for the past 5 weeks, is improving and expects to return home the first of next week.

+  The side hill in the rear of Howard GREEN'S barn looked like a bit of Switzerland, Thursday night, when about 30 people were there to enjoy the Winter sports of coasting and skiing.

Miss Elizabeth MC MAHON who has been ill since January 4th, is somewhat better. she is now spending a few days with her brother, William, MC MAHON and family, at their farm home south of Victor village. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. BROWN entertained Saturday, at a birthday dinner for William J. HARSCH.  Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Luther R. MOYER of Canandaigua, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred WHITE, whose birthdays fall within the period of about one month.

Dale BLASDELL, young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. BLASDELL of Buffalo, is a recently acquired pupil in the Victor High school, the family being at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ira A. CORNEY, while Mr. BLASDELL is supplying for Mrs. Frances LANDERS of the Victor High teaching staff. 

+  On January 29th, at 2:30 pm, Dr. and Mrs. PORTER, parents of Miss Hladia PORTER, who is supported by Rochester Presbyterial Missionary Society, will address the group of churches to which Victor belongs at Brighton Presbyterian church.  They represent Kinnard College, Labore, India.

+  Word has been received here that a daughter, Margaret Anne, was born January 4, 1835 to Mr. and Mrs. Allen W. DRYER of Holbrook, Arizona.  Mr. DRYER is a son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. DRYER of Loveland, Col., formerly of Victor and Clifton Springs, and a brother of Truman C. DRYER of the Rochester Road. 

Mrs. Julia F. GARLICK and W. Smith O'BRIEN, Geneva attorney, qualified January 15th, as executors and trustee of the will of her mother, Mrs. Annie FLYNN, who died in Fishers, June 19th, leaving an estate valued at $1,100. Care of one half of the estate is vested in the executors for the support of a son, William FLYNN, and the other half is bequeathed to the daughter who is also to receive any of the son's principal which may remain at his death. 

+  A daughter, Gale Mae, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lyle F. BAIER of Canandaigua at the Thompson Memorial hospital on Tuesday, January 15th.  The arrival of the young lady on that date enabled Leonard COREY, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira A. COREY, to number the title of uncle among the gifts which came to him on his 10th birthday, and also gives Mr. and Mrs. COREY their first opportunity to know how it seems to be grandparents.  Another Victor relative of the young lady, is William BLOODGOOD, who is her great grandfather. 

+  Village clerk, Raymond F. CLOVER who has been ill for about a week, suffering form grippe, is somewhat better.

George C. RANSOM of Montreal, spent last Saturday afternoon with his sister, Mrs. Harris B. ROWLEY, and family. 

R. O. WHITNEY, president of the Victor Food Corporation, is in Chicago this week, attending the National Canner's annual convention. 

Mrs. W. B. GALLUP, Miss Sara M. HARRINGTON and Miss Mary L. DRAPER called on Mrs. F. W. HILL and daughter, Miss Elizabeth HILL in Rochester, on Monday.  They found Mrs. HILL quite comfortable and able to enjoy their brief visit. 

Daily Democrat  Rochester, Monroe Co., NY    Mon     Sept 21, 1835                 by: GSubyak@aol.com

In Victor, on the 17th last, by Rev. S. T. TOWNSEND, Mr. Asa BALL to Miss Lovina, daughter of Ezra WILMARTH, Esq. of the same place.

Daily Advertiser,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.   Sat,    Feb. 25, 1843            by: GSubyak@aol.com        

In Victor, on Friday last, by the Rev. Mr. BUCK, Mr. Richard PRICHARD, to Miss Jane SPRINGER, both of that place.

Rochester Daily Advertiser, Rochester, NY       July 19, 1843                      by: GSubyak@aol.com

Deaths:   At Victor, on the 16th inst., of influenza, John POWELL, aged about 45. 

              On the 16th inst., of consumption, Sarah, wife of Leforest BOUGHTON, aged 53?

The Daily Democrat, Rochester, NY         April 12, 1844          page 3      Dick Halsey

On the 4th inst., by the Rev. C. E. Furman, Mr. Peter Bennet, to Miss Maria Austin, all of Victor.

On the 9th inst., by the same, Mr. Gaylard Blair, of Victor, to Miss Esther Wallingford. of Marshall, Michigan.

On the 11th inst., by the same, Mr. E. F. Hinman, to Miss Permelia Ingersoll, all of Victor.

Daily Democrat,   Rochester, Monroe, NY      Sat     July 26, 1845                  by: GSubyak@aol.com

SUDDEN DEATH - Miss Delia GERRY, a young woman residing in the family of W. C. DRYER, at Victor, was found dead in the chamber of the house, on Monday forenoon, at about half past 11 o'clock. She had gone up stairs from the purpose of sweeping the rooms, and was discovered some half an hour afterwards, lying on the floor, in an insensible state. All efforts to resuscitate her, proved unavailing. Her health for the past year had been rather poor, though no apprehensions were entertained by her friends, and during the forenoon of Monday she had attended to her accustomed work, and appeared as well and cheerful as usual. She is supposed to have died from a disease of the heart.      [Canandaigua Rep.]

Rochester Daily Advertiser,  Rochester, Monroe, NY      Tues     Sept 7, 1847         by: GSubyak@aol.com   

At Pittsford, on the evening of the first inst., by the Rev. J. B. RICHARDSON, Mr. Cavie RICHARDSON, of Victor, Ontario county, to Miss Sarah Louisa eldest daughter of the late Peter HOPKINS, Esq., of the former place.

Rochester Republican,  Rochester, NY           Jan 25, 1848           by: GSubyak@aol.com

DEATHS   In Victor  -  on the 14th inst, Philip P. BONESTEEL aged 59? years.

Rochester Republican,  Rochester,  NY               June 15, 1848           by: GSubyak@aol.com

In Victor, on the 8th inst., Dr. McGee CALDWELL, of Phelps, to Miss Olive S. NOBLE, of Victor.

Rochester Republican, Rochester,  NY    June 22, 1848      
MARRIAGES - In Victor, on the 8th inst., M. CALDWELL, M. D., of Phelps, to Miss Olive S. NOBLE, formerly of Canandaigua

Rochester Republican,  Rochester, Monroe, NY      July 13, 1848      by: GSubyak@aol.com 

Married:  In Victor, Ontario Co., on the 7th inst., Mr. William BUTTOLF, of Walworth, to Miss Sophia SMITH, of Macedon.

Rochester Republican,  Rochester, Monroe, NY               Aug 30, 1849                 by: GSubyak@aol.com

MARRIED  -  In Victor, on the 22d inst., by the Rev. I. R. JOHNSON, Mr. Myron (B or H) PECK, to Miss Delia M. BICKFORD, all of Victor.

Northern Christian Advocate              September 1849             pg 156                   by Dianne Thomas

Sarah, consort of Nathan LOOFBOUROUGH died in Victor, on the 28th of Sept., in the 77th year of her age.  Sister L. was born in Cranberry, Middlesex, New Jersey.  She experienced religion when about 20 years of age, and soon after joined the M. E. Church, of which she ever remained a consistent member. Many have witnesses her pious example, and been blessed by her Godly counsels.  Such will gratefully remember her through life, and joy to meet her where age wearies not, and blessings ever brighten.  May her aged husband - a veteran of the cross, he supported by grace, and finally meet her in heaven. - E. WOOD

Ontario County Messenger                     February 27, 1850 issue:                             by: Cheri Branca

In Victor, on the 19th inst., James Upton, aged 71 years. He was one of the first settlers of that town.

Geneva Courier                                         June 24,  1857                                  by: Cheri Branca
The Ontario Times says: Winant Van Every, a respectable citizen of Farmington, was drowned on Friday of last week, in attempting to ford Mud Creek, with a pair of horses attached to a democrat wagon, near the residence of John Lapham, Esq. The bridge at that point had been previously carried away, and the creek much swollen by recent rains. So strong was the current that when about half way across, Mr. Van Every, with his horse and wagon, was swept downstream and precipitated violently over the rapids a few rods below.

 The accident was witnessed by several persons, by whom prompt efforts were made to rescue the unfortunate man but without success. When his body was at last recovered from the water, nearly two hours had elapsed and life was entirely extinct. His person was considerably bruised, his clothes much torn, and his boots and socks literally stripped from his feet. The horses escaped without serious injury. The deceased was a farmer, 30 years old, and leaves a wife and one child. An inquest was held on Saturday by Coroner Bell, and a verdict rendered in accordance with the facts above stated.

Union & Advertiser, Rochester, NY         Fri              Jan 22, 1858           by: GSubyak@aol.com      
MARRIED -  At Victor, N. Y., on Wednesday, the 20th inst., by the Rev. J. PIERSON Edward M. DAY, of New York, to Charlotte S. CRAPO, daughter of Belden SEYMOUR,  of Victor.

Daily Democrat,  Rochester, Monroe, NY     May 9, 1860                        by: GSubyak@aol.com

Deaths  -  JENKS - In Victor, on the 9th inst. William JENKS, aged 69 years.  Friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to meet today  (Saturday), at 1 o'clock P. M., for the funeral service.

Ontario Co. Messenger               May 8 , 1861                                 by: Cheri Branca
DIED - In Victor on Monday, May 6th, of diphtheria, Mary Eola Torrence, daughter of Col. G. W. and Hannah S. Torrence, aged 5 years, 11 months and 23 days.

Ontario County Times                   February 24, 1864                      by: Cheri Branca

On Tuesday, 16th instant, an Englishman named John Stubbs, living in Victor, came to Canandaigua on some business and returned on the freight train at 2 o'clock p.m. He was seen to leave the depot at Victor immediately after the arrival of the train at that place, but did not reach home. His protracted absence excited the alarm of his family and neighbors and the next day a search for the missing man was commenced, which resulted in finding his body, on the Friday following, in a swamp north of the railroad. It bore no marks of violence, and it was evident that unfortunate man had been frozen to death. The deceased was a hard working, respectable man, about 50 years old, and leaves a wife and two children.

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