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Victor  News

1870 - 1889 

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Ontario Repository & Messenger                    April 6, 1870                           by: Cheri Branca
Mrs. Cynthia Collins, residing near Fisher's Station, in the town of Victor, met with a serious accident last week, by falling into the
cellar and fracturing her hip. Mrs. Collins is nearly eighty years of age, which renders the accident more serious than if happening to a
younger person. At last accounts she was as comfortable as the circumstances would admit -- the fracture having been reduced by a
skillful surgeon. Mrs. Collins is the mother of Dr. John Collins of Rochester. She came to Western New York with her husband in 1809 and
settled in Henrietta. In 1853 they removed to the town of Victor, where they have since resided. The husband [John Collins 1790-1875] feels
sadly over the accident which has befallen his wife and friend for so many years.

Ontario Repository and Messenger                   January 1, 1873                             by: Cheri Branca

Victor, N. Y. - Samuel Bates of East Victor, who was injured by a stone thrown at him by his son about four weeks ago, died on Friday, December 20 [1872].  Funeral services were held at the Methodist church at Victor on Sunday following.

Repository and Messenger, Canandaigua, NY   Wednesday, Jan  22, 1873  pg 3      by:  Dianne Thomas

Victor Item - There was a wedding last Wednesday, (Jan 15) at the Universalist Church in Victor, the bride was Miss Ella BEERS of that village, the groom, Mr. Charles L. BETTS of Rochester.  A large party of relatives and friends witnessed the ceremony and all heartily congratulated the newly made husband and wife.  A social gathering was held at the residence of Mr. Jesse BENNETT, about 3 miles east of (cut off) 

Ontario County Times, Canandaigua, NY   Wednesday, Oct 22, 1873      by:  Dianne Thomas

VICTOR ITEMS - James BISHOP and Levi BISHOP, were arrested, and brought before Justice TALMADE, on Complaint of James RANSOM, trustee in the "Hart district" in the northern part of this town, for creating a disturbance in the annual meeting of that district, on Tuesday evening.  The young man, Levi BISHOP was fined $25 and costs of the court, and his father, James BISHOP, was fined $15.  I understand the above parties have been a disturbing element in that district for several years, and it is now proposed to teach them what belongs to civility and good manners through the medium of their pockets.  Served them right.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, NY     Sat      June 27, 1874         by: GSubyak@aol.com

GOULD - Died In Victor  -  June 23(?) 1874, Hettie C., wife of D. M. GOULD, aged 36(?) years.  Funeral from the residence of her father, A. L. POST, in that village this (Saturday) afternoon at 4 o'clock. Friends are invited.

 Ontario County Journal          July 3,  1874                 by: Ron Hanley
Died in Victor, Friday, June 26, 1874, after a short illness, Hattie C., wife of D. M. Gould, and daughter of Mr. A. L. Peet, aged 30 years.

 Mrs. Gould was born in Victor where she resided during her lifetime.   Several years since, she united with the Presbyterian church in this

village.  She was, in every sense of the word, a devoted Christian woman.  A large circle of friends in the church of which she was a member, and the community in which she lived, are left to mourn her early departure. In social life, the generous impulses which marked her character, and her kindness of heart, won to her  troops of friends.  The afflicted husband and friends have a sympathy far deeper than we can express in this hour of their bereavement.


Ontario Journal                                February 26, 1875                                   by: Cheri Branca

Sudden Death - Col. Wm. Seavey is no more. Mr. S. was at church Sunday evening looking in his usual robust health. He retired at his usual hour, nine o'clock p.m. About one o'clock his wife awoke and discovered he was not breathing right. Becoming alarmed, she immediately seized a bell, and going to the door, rung it furiously, in order to alarm the neighbors; but on her return, and before aid came, he was dead.

Col. Seavey came to Victor in the year 1817; has resided in Victor all this time. He was about 62 years old. The community loses a prominent and much esteemed citizen. He has held many prominent positions, and was always a popular and faithful officer. Those who knew him best, loved him most. It is our privilege to say he lived an upright life, and died an honest and respected man. He leaves a wife and one son to mourn the loss of an affectionate husband and kind father.


From Ontario Repository and Messenger                August 4,   1875                             by: Cheri Branca
Rachel Humphrey Peet - Victor, N. Y. - Died in this village, on  Thursday morning, July 29th, Mrs. A. L. Peet, after a lingering and
painful illness. Rachel Maria Humphrey was born May 3rd, 1808, in the town of East Bloomfield. Her father, Mr. Jonathan Humphrey, a
descendant from the puritan, was among the early pioneers to this  section of country, and she early became with their righteous ways and
followed in their Christian precepts. January 16th, 1884, she became the wife of Abiram L. Peet. For several yrs past she was in invalid
receiving all the care and attention that could be bestowed. Seven years ago she went to New Jersey on the seacoast, in hope of relief,
but without success. Since then she did not fully recover her usual health. The funeral services were at the Presbyterian church, the
following Friday afternoon, the Rev. Wm. B. Marsh, the pastor, officiating. The services were deeply impressive, the discourse being
regarded as one of the most eloquent and touchingly beautiful ever delivered within this sacred edifice.


Ontario County Journal                          September 4, 1885                        by: Cheri Branca   

Victor, N. Y. - At his residence near this village, last Friday morning, unexpectedly passed away Mark W. Powell, in the seventieth year of his age. Mr. Powell came from Penn Yan to Victor fifteen years ago and engaged in an extensive manufacturing industry requiring the expenditure of large means in perfecting the necessary plant and sagacious capabilities in successfully conducting the business. He was a man of extensive information, good legal knowledge and practically learned in civil engineering. Making no denominational professions, he strictly followed and strenuously advocated the golden rule in life -- do as you would that others do to you. Politically a Republican, he fearlessly advanced the principles he believed to be right. As a friend never furthering dissension, but always counseling harmony, he accomplished much good, and in kind and generous ways succored many people. Monday afternoon brief services were held at the house, Rev. Albert S. Bacon officiating, the interment taking place in the village cemetery. His wife and sons, Mark T. Powell of Canandaigua, and Frank H. Powell of Victor, comprise the remaining family.




Ontario County Journal                       April 7, 1876                           by: Cheri Branca
Died - In East Victor, on Friday, March 31st, Mrs. Eugene Dewey, of Typhoid Pneumonia.  Mrs. Dewey caught a severe cold at the Centennial Tea Party a few weeks since, but had only been confined to her bed for a few days.  Almost from the outset of her confinement, her Physician had no hope of her recovery.  Every thing was done which kind friends and relatives could do.  

The news of her death came with suddenness upon her friends, many of whom had not learned of her illness.  She was an active member of the Universalist Church of this place.  She leaves a kind husband and two children, one a young man, the other a little girl three years old, to mourn her loss, besides a large number of relatives and friends.  The funeral was held in the Universalist Church on Sunday afternoon.  The large number of friends in attendance testified in what kind remembrance she was held by all. [buried in Victor Village ceme] note: ]Eugene's headstone (temporarily moved)...haven't found Augusta's yet] 



Ontario County Times                    January 10,  1877                       by: Cheri Branca
Victor, N. Y. - Mr. Norman Rawson, an old resident of this place, a brother of our well-known townsman, Mr. A. P. Rawson, died in Michigan one day last week. The remains were brought here for burial on Thursday.
(Note: son of Samuel & Lydia, bro of A. P. & Erastus, b. Mar 5, 1804, d. Jan 2, 1877)


Ontario Co Times    Wed,  February 28, 1877     Pg 3, col 6                 by: Ron Hanley     

Victor - Mr. Peter VanDenbergh, an old & respected citizen of this place, died at his home in the village, on Wednesday morning at 7 o'clock.          
ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES  March 7, 1877   Pg 3, col 7         
by: Ron Hanley
We are again called upon to record the death of one of our oldest and most respected citizens. Mr. Peter VanDenbergh died at his residence, in this village, on February 21st, at seven o'clock in the morning.
Mr. VanDenbergh was born in the town of Hoosick, Rensselear county, in 1792. He removed to the town of Farmington in the spring of 1835, and as he moved with wagons, was ten days on the road. He purchased what was known as the Tim Allen farm, upon which he resided until the spring of 1876, when he sold it to his two sons, and purchased a residence a short distance east of this village.
He was a man of remarkably strong constitution, which successfully resisted the inroads of disease until the very last, but finally yielding to the weight of years, the oil in the lamp of life was exhausted, and, like a shock of grain fully ripe, he has passed to his reward.
He experienced religion early in life, and was a member of the Presbyterian church in this village for many years. He was a kind father and obliging neighbor, and leaves a large circle of friends and relatives to mourn his loss.
The funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church on Friday morning, Feb. 23rd, at 11 o'clock. The sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Ennis, from the text, Weep not for me, but for yourselves and for your children, which was selected by the deceased, as was also the funeral anthem which was sung at the services. 

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL    Friday     March 2, 1877     Pg 3 , col  7
In Victor, Mr. Peter VanDenbergh in his 84th year. On last Wednesday our citizens were startled by the announcement that one more of our old pioneers had passed away. Mr. VanDenbergh came to Farmington 41 years ago from Washington County where he was born.   He has long been a member of the Presbyterian Church, and his funeral was held there on Friday February 23rd, Rev. Mr. Ennis preaching the funeral sermon. 

ONTARIO  COUNTY  TIMES     Wednesday    April 4, 1877    Pg  3,  Col  6       by: Ron Hanley
VICTOR  ITEMS  -   We understand that  J. W. VanDenbergh, the well known correspondent of this newspaper, who writes over the signature "V", is about to remove from his farm in the town of Farmington to Canandaigua where he will probably make himself useful to the Times heretofore.  Van has always come this way to church and to trade and we claimed him as one of our citizens and as such will be sorry to lose him.

Ontario County Journal                   November 23, 1877                            by: Cheri Branca

Died in Victor, on the morning of November 12th, Mr. Andrew Rowley, aged 79 years. He was born in the town of Lima, N. Y., and shortly after his birth his parents removed to this village, which he has always made his home. Mr. Rowley was twice married, and his second wife, and four children by his first wife, survive him. His business was that of a contractor, and there are today several embankments and culverts upon the Central railroad which were made by Mr. Rowley. The largest undertaking of this kind which was built by him, was a large portion of the Welland canal in Canada. Nearly his whole life was passed amidst the busy, exhaustive labors of his profession. Mr. Rowley was a leading member of the Methodist church, and but few have done more in effectually planting and promoting the substantial growth of Methodism in this section. For several years prior to his death, he was compelled to relinquish the activities of life and assume the position of an invalid. It cost his strong, positive, self-reliant nature no little struggle to say "Thy will be done," but grace conquered, and at length, after tedious months of languishing and pain, the veteran calmly and serenely passed to his rest. His funeral was held at the M. E. church on Wednesday afternoon of last week, Rev. Mr. Benson preaching the funeral sermon.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES,    Wednesday,     March 20, 1878      by: Ron Hanley

Miss Phoebe VanDenbergh died at her home in this place, Victor, last week Wednesday after a long and painful illness, all the suffering of which she bore with Christian fortitude and forbearance.  Not a murmur nor complaint escaped her lips during the many months which she suffered.
She was a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church here for over 40 years, having united with it in the Autumn of 1836. Her life exemplified the religion which she professed. The funeral services were held in the Presbyterian Church, being conducted by Rev. Robert Ennis, the former Pastor of the church to which she belonged, and now settled at West Albany. 

Ontario County Journal                August 9,  1878                       by: Cheri Branca

Victor, N. Y. - Smart, considering her age. Mrs. Eve Sale, a resident of this town, is in her ninety-second year, retains her faculties in an extraordinary degree; does her own washing and ironing. She is quite active, walks to her neighbors with a sprightly step that would do honor to a Miss of 16. She has resided in Victor for sixty years.

Ontario County Times             March 26, 1879             by: Cheri Branca      

Victor, N. Y. - Mr. Charles H. Rawson died at his home in this place on Sunday morning after a long sickness. Mr. Rawson was a young man who was loved and respected by all; his character was above reproach. Deceased leaves a wife and two children to mourn his loss. The stricken family have the sympathy of the entire community in their great bereavement. (Note: son of A. P. & Mary Eliza Rawson) [Victor Village Ceme]

The Elmyra Republican,  Grafton, Ohio              October 2, 1879           by: Joyce
The Peck Reunion at Grafton  -  Saturday, September 20th, was the birthday of Mrs. Anna Peck, she having reached the great age of 97.   Her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren arranged for a grand family reunion at the house of Mrs. Julia Felt, near this place, and the occasion was one of the most enjoyable which it has ever been our good fortune to attend.  Before proceeding to an account of the reunion, it may be proper to introduce a little of Grandma Peck's history.   

She was born at Sunderland. Vt. on the 20th of September, 1782.  Her father, Capt. Robert Averill served three years in the war of the Revolution, and was a long time a prisoner among the hostile British.   When Anna was 18 years old, her father moved to Chittenden county, Vt., at which place she was married to Benjamin Peck, September 2, 1803.   From Vermont they moved to Victor, Ontario county, N.Y., on the 29th of September, 1816.  From Victor they moved to their farm near Grafton, living there ever since.    Her husband was drafted in the War of 1812, and served his country six months, leaving her at home with five little children to battle against hardships and poverty.   She has been the mother of fourteen children, six of whom were present at the reunion, and the aggregate age of those present was 389 years!
Somebody spoke to Grandma about how she clothed her children, and she said that she had to go out and take in work, and that her first two calico baby dresses cost one dollar per yard.  Thirty three years ago her husband died.   At his death he was a prominent member of the Baptist church.
It was a strange sight at the reunion to see grandma sitting at the table with her four sons seated on her right, and her two daughters, one 75 years old, on her left.  It was a scene for a painter.  It was a living monument to the strong physical constitution of the men and women who drove the British from our shores, and unfurled the banner of freedom over your heads!  One feature of the reunion must not go unnoticed: 
Little Dollie Metzger, of Brecksville, Ohio, only twelve years old, made a beautiful cake with Grandma Peck's name on it.-- beautiful, ornamental letters, which pleased the old lady almost as much as seeing her children.
The reunion will long be remembered by all who had the good fortune to participate in its festivities.  Over sixty of
Mrs. Peck's direct descendants were present, and to see the old lady sit on the lounge and look over the warming friends with a smile on her face, which said plainly, "I will never be called to judgment for violating the Holy command, "Be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth," was truly pleasing.  The following is a list of the persons present.  They are arranged by generations:
First generation ~
Mrs. Anna PECK, Grafton, aged 97.

Second (children) ~
Julia Felt, Eaton;  Meranda Peck, Brecksville;  Hiram Peck, Eaton Rapids, Mich;  Maria Woolston, North Adams, Mich.;  B.F. Peck, Nunda, Ill;  W.R. Peck, Ranson, Mich.

Third (grandchildren)
~ Elnora Hunt, Nunda, Ill.;  J.B. Felt, Grafton; S.C.M. Felt, Eaton;  Harriet Beaver, Grafton;  Lizzie Sumption, South Bend, Ind.;  Mary Metzger, Brecksville, O.; James Peck, Cleveland;  G. F. Peck, Cleveland;  W. B. Peck, Cleveland;  Chas. B. Peck, Cleveland;  Mary Terrell, Ridgeville, O.;  Eliza Stebben, Brecksville, O.

Fourth (great grandchildren) ~
Minnie Sherwood, Berea, O.; Fred Felt, Maggie Felt, Addie Felt, Bert Felt, Grafton;  Dela A. Felt, J.C. Felt, Cora Felt, Ora Felt, Dora Felt, Lee Felt, Ted Felt, Minnie Felt, Willie Felt, Eaton. O.;  George Beaver, Nora Beaver, Natha Beaver, Grafton;  Ora Sumption, South Bend, Ind.;  Dollie Metzger, Brecksville, O.; Bennie Metzger, Brecksville, O.;  Marie Peck, Cleveland; Mrs. C.V. Salisbury, Ridgeville;  Elmer Terrell, J. E. Terrell, Ridgeville, O.; Clarence Sherwood, Berea, O.

Ontario County Journal                 May 5, 1882                           by: Cheri Branca      

(Emeline MOFFITT Lewis,    Wife of Melancton)

Victor, N. Y. - Died on Saturday, April 29th, Mrs. M. Lewis, in the 81st year of her age. Funeral services were attended at her late residence on Monday afternoon of this week.  Mrs. Lewis was one of the old residents; had been many years a member of the Presbyterian church, and her Christian kindness and benevolence have been well-known. She had been for long months a patient sufferer. Her only immediate relatives are Mrs. Scott, of Cleveland, and Mrs. Bushnell, of Chicago, sisters.   [buried in Victor Village ceme]

Ontario County Times              July 12, 1882                   by: Cheri Branca   

John Robbins, an old and respected resident of the town of Farmington, died at his home on Saturday, July 1st. He sustained a severe shock from a fall he received in his barn a few months since, from which he never recovered. His age was 75 years.

Ontario County Journal              September  1882:               by: Cheri Branca
In the town of Victor, on Wednesday, September 6, Cynthia Collins, aged  89 years.

Ontario County Times               Jan 30, 1884                      by: Cheri Branca

Germond Ketcham, who died Dec. 17th  1883, had been a resident of Farmington for over fifty years, having moved there in the fall of 1833, in company with his parents, four sisters, and one brother, from Rensselaer county, N. Y., and located on the farm where he resided at the time of his death. The seventy-seventh year of his life was just drawing to a close when his life candle went out. He leaves a wife, three daughters, and five sons to mourn his loss. He has led a long and useful life, and what is his families' loss, they have all reason to believe is his gain.

ONTARIO MESSENGER, Canandaigua, NY   Thursday, May 1, 1884     by: Dianne Thomas   

DIED:  LYNCH - In Victor, April 23rd, 1884, Bridget LYNCH, aged 80 years

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES  Wed.,  November 12, 1884  pg 3, col 6        by: Ron Hanley

VICTOR -   The funeral of Mrs. Gideon Shaw  (Sarah VanDenberg) [his 1st wife], who died on Friday afternoon, was held at the Presbyterian Church on Monday. She was a faithful member of that church for many years and now rests in hopes of a glorious resurrection. She leaves a husband and four daughters.

Ontario Messenger, Canandaigua, NY        Aug 20, 1885     Pg. 3              by: Dianne Thomas 

Miles A. DAVIS of the Victor Herald, is taking a week's vacation and announces a "skip" of one issue of his paper.  He is bound to have "rest" which he says he can get in no other way. 

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL   Fri  February 19, 1886  Pg  3, col  8          by: Ron Hanley

MARRIED - ELLIS - TURNER - In Victor, on Wednesday February 10, 1886, by Rev. Mr. Hewitt, Mr. Daniel Ellis and Miss Alice Turner, both of Victor

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES   April 14, 1886       by: Ron Hanley
 MARRIED  SHAW -  STANTON  - At the Presbyterian parsonage in Victor, on Saturday, April 3d, 1886, by the Rev. C. W. Backus, Mr. Gideon Shaw, of Victor, and Mrs. Mary Stanton, of Rochester.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES     Wed.,   June 1, 1887      Pg 2, col 6            by: Ron Hanley
Mrs. Ella Pimm, wife of Sid Pimm, Jr., and daughter of Jerome Hill,  died on Thursday morning, after a lingering illness. Funeral services Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Ontario County Journal                 Friday               June 3, 1887    by: Cheri Branca

At Miller's Corners, May 5, 1887 of heart disease, Mrs. Alvira A. Cleveland, wife of Mr. Frederick Cleveland and daughter of the late Germond and Chloe Ketcham, of Farmington, NY, aged 47.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL   Sept 1887                                      by: Ron Hanley

 DIED - KETCHUM - Miss Malvina Ketchum. the daughter of Mrs. Chloe P. Ketchum, passed from Farmington into the Higher Life September 7, 1887, aged 48 years.

Ontario County Journal                  October 28,   1887                   by: Cheri Branca

Victor, N. Y. - Chauncey Felt, a well-known business man of this village, died on Thursday of last week. He was highly esteemed as a citizen and the bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community.

Ontario County Journal           November 16,  1877                       by: Cheri Branca
Victor, N. Y. - Died on Friday, Nov. 9th, in this village, Mrs. Abigail Stockwell, aged 89 years. One by one the old residents of this place
are being called to their last resting place. Mrs. Stockwell was the oldest lady residing in this town, and she has at last passed away to that better home to which her aged husband passed several years ago. Mrs. Stockwell has been a resident of this town about 61 years. She was born and brought up among the green hills of Vermont, and after marriage, in company with her husband, emigrated to this place. She leaves one daughter and a son. The funeral was held at the M. E. church on Sunday last, Rev. Mr. Chamberlaine preaching the funeral sermon. [buried in Victor Village ceme]

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY   Tuesday, Mar 27, 1888         by: GSubyak@aol.com

Mr. WISNER of Victor has been given the oversight of the Ontario county farm at Hopewell, and will soon remove his family thither, when Mrs. Elmira WALLACE and family will occupy the house left by them on East main street.
The Rev. Jonathan BENSON, living at Victor, arrived at the age of 89  years last Sunday. He joined the itinerant ministry of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the Genesee Conference, of which he is still a member, in 1829, and  has for years past been called "The Model Superanunated Minister." He may be  seen in his place at church about every fair Sabbath and is greatly respected by
 a large circle of friends.
A neighboring pastor wishes the calcium headlight of the Democrat and Chronicle turned on the following question: A gentleman called at a parsonage in Victor a few days ago and asked if the marriage of Canadians in any state of the  union according to the laws of such state, would be recognized in Canada! Could  this question, in general terms, be answered in the affirmative, and under what  limitations where there was a difference in the laws of the two countries!

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY   Thursday      Mar 29, 1888                by: GSubyak@aol.com
Mrs. Rev. C. W. BACKUS of Victor and son go to Schenectady next week for a visit.
Rev. Philip MOIR expects to move his residence from Victor to East Bloomfield next week.
+  Last Monday afternoon a couple from Seneca Castle named John JONES and Bertha DOYLE came to Victor and were married by Rev. C. W. BACKUS.
Dr. PERKINS of Victor has decided to remove to Canandaigua, where he hopes to give more especial attention to surgery. His successor in the  Homeopathic school of practice will be Dr. RAWLEY, recently graduated from the Cleveland college.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES              April 4, 1888                  by: Ron Hanley
We were pleased to see on our streets the other day the genial face of your correspondent from Victor, Mr. VanDenbergh. Van he knows beans!   He is spending a few days here to help Cyrus Bray during his illness in renewing the orders of his customers for phosphates.  Mr. Bray, has been an efficient agent for the sale of Phosphates, and has been confined to his house and bed most of the time with inflammatory rheumatism, and consequently unable to canvass among his former customers.  Mr. VanDenbergh has come to tide him over this hard spot in the phosphate line.  Mr. B. is slowly, yet we hope surely recovering from his illness and with the approach of warm weather we hope he will once again be among us as in days of yore.

ONTARIO COUNTY  JOURNAL      Friday       February 17, 1888      Page 3, col  6          by: Ron Hanley 
MARRIED:  CALKINS -  HERENDEEN - At the church of the Good Shepherd, in Victor, Tuesday, February 14, 1888, Horace Calkins, of Victor, and Sophie Herendeen, of Farmington.
ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES         February 22, 1888 
 MARRIED  -    CALKINS -  HERENDEEN - In Victor, NY, on Tuesday, February 14, 1888, by the Rev. Mr. Moir, Mr. Horace Calkins, of Victor, and Miss Mary Herendeen, of Farmington.
ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES        February 22, 1888 
VICTOR  -   On Tuesday evening of last week, Horace Calkins of Victor, and Miss Mary Herendeen of Farmington, were united in marriage at the Episcopal church in this place by Rev. Mr. Moir.
SHORTSVILLE ENTERPRISE      February 25, 1888        Page 3, col 3 
FARMINGTON  TIDINGS -  The marriage of Horace Caulkins of Victor and Miss Sopia Herendeen took place at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Victor on Tuesday afternoon.  Miss Herendeen recently graduated from the Brockport Normal School, and will teach a district School in the town of Victor the coming summer.

Ontario Repository Messenger, Canandaigua, NY      Thurs,     May 24, 1888        by: Dianne Thomas

MARRIAGES:  BARTLETT - MC LAREN - At the Universalist Church, Victor, May 16, 1888 by Rev. J. F. LELAND, Joseph BARTLETT and Maggie MC LAREN, both of Victor.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES     October 31, 1888       Pg 3, col  3     by: Ron Hanley  
J. W. VanDenbergh took charge of the Victor Herald last week and made a better paper than has been issued before in Victor for years.

Ontario Co. Times,     Wed,             Dec 12, 1888        Pg 2            by:  Dianne Thomas

Last Thursday evening, Miss Carrie WHITE of Canandaigua, was taken by surprise, by a band of young people from Victor.  After playing games and enjoying themselves, the visitors returned home on the 11:25 train.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES     June 19, 1889         by: Ron Hanley
VICTOR -   J. W. VanDenbergh, agent for the Western New York Hedge Co., went on Saturday to Albion, the headquarters of the company, with a party of farmers from this and some of the adjoining towns, to investigate their method of growing and making their combined hedge and wire fence. Several prominent farmers from this section have previously examined this fence, and all speak of it with words of commendation.


KETCHAM - In Farmington, June 30, 1889, Mrs. Chloe P. Ketcham, aged 73 years. In 1836 the deceased united in marriage to Germond Ketcham, who preceded her in the march to better land some five years ago. For more than fifty years this worthy couple resided beneath the same roof tree where they took up the tangled thread of life together. Eight children came to them to flood the home with sunshine and joy, and to be a source of strength and comfort to them when all their faculties should be tinged with the wintry frosts of age. Five of these survive her, Mrs. S. G. Ketcham of Grand Rapids, Mich., Mrs. Mary Herendeen, Elmore and William Ketcham, of Farmington, and Mr. Daniel Ketcham of Dunlop Kansas.

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