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Victor Herald, Victor, NY       Friday,     Jan 6, 1905    Pg 3            by:  Dianne Thomas


+ Wilkinson A. HERENDEEN - Many friends in Victor heard with deep regret of the death of Wilkinson A. HERENDEEN, which occurred at his home in Farmington on Saturday afternoon after an illness of several months from Bright's disease.  Mr. HERENDEEN was a lifelong resident of Farmington, and his influence in the community which was very great, was created by his steadfast advocacy of all that was for the benefit and the progress of the community, and founded secure in the confidence of his townsmen.  In politics he was a staunch Democrat, though he never coveted political power or office.  He was one of the most successful farmers of his town.  No man in Farmington was more generally loved.

Mr. HERENDEEN was a direct descendant of Nathan HERENDEEN, who came to the town of Farmington from Massachusetts in 1790.  He was born on the farm where he died on the 29th day of January, 1835.   He is survived by his wife, who was formerly Miss Elizabeth GOODNOW, and three children, Charles, HERENDEEN, Miss Florence HERENDEEN and Miss Harriet HERENDEEN, all of Farmington; two sisters, Mrs. Gardiner SHELDEN of Farmington and Mrs. Lydia ALDRICH of Canandaigua, and four brothers, Welcome HERENDEEN of Beavertown, Mich., Nathan HERENDEEN and Gideon HERENDEEN, of Manchester and Frank HERENDEEN of Rochester.  The funeral was held at his late home on Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock, the Rev. S. S. PRATT of Shortsville, officiating.  It was very largely attended.  Those present from Victor being Mr. and Mrs. F. E. COBB, Miss Alice GOODNOW, James HOUSTON and L. G. LOOMIS.  The remains were placed in the vault at South Farmington Cemetery.

+ Mrs. Irene Timmerman GREEN, wife of Baldwin GREEN, died at the family home on Boughton Hill, Sunday night, as the result of a stroke of pharlysis which she suffered some five weeks ago, her death having been almost daily expected since that time.  Mrs. GREEN was 81 years old.  She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter TIMMERMAN and was born in Manheim, Herkimer county, where she married Mr. GREEN, sixty one years ago.  Their early married life was spent in the eastern part of the state, but they have been residents of Victor for fully forty years.  Mrs. GREEN became a member of the Presbyterian church of this village in 1885, and for many years was a frequent attendant at its services.  She was a quiet home loving woman, content with the duties of wife and mother and never seeking prominence in the social life of the community, though during her long life in Victor, many had come to know and love her. Besides the aged husband, five children survive, one daughter, Mrs. Charles (cut off)

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.      Monday     Jan 30, 1905   by: GSubyak@aol.com 

EGGLESTON - In this city, Saturday, January 28, 1905, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. T. R. WOOD, No. 489 1/2 State street, Emma F. EGGLESTON, formerly of Victor, N. Y. She is survived by her daughter and her grandson, Leslie T. WOOD.  Funeral Monday, January 30th, at 3 P. M. at the house. Burial at Hammondsport, Tuesday.

PIMM - Sidney PIMM Jr., died in the Homeopathic Hospital Saturday evening. The funeral and burial will take place at Victor.

THE VICTOR HERALD      Friday      February 3, 1905     Page 3, col 2      by: Ron Hanley   


 The death of Sidney Pimm Jr., occurred at the Homeopathic hospital, Rochester, early Sunday morning. Mr. Pimm was forty six years of age. He had been in failing health for three years, having had several shocks of paralysis within the last year, and for some weeks it has been known that death might be expected at any time. 

Mr. Pimm was born in Victor and resided here until about fifteen years ago when, after a brief stay in Rochester, he located in Bradford, Pa.  When a young man he learned the barber's trade in his father's shop, and this occupation he followed all his life, being a workman of unusual skill. 
He was twice married, the first time in 1880 to Ella J. Hill, who died in 1887, the second, in 1899, to Mrs. Hattie Miller, who survives him. Two children were born of the first marriage, Velma and Earl, both of whom are living. The other immediate relatives surviving are his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Pimm, one sister, Mrs. Frank Childs, and three brothers, Harry, William and Frank.  The funeral was held at the home of Mrs. Childs, on East Main Street, this village, the Rev. F. W. Hill officiating. Interment in Boughton Hill Cemetery.

Victor Herald, Victor, NY        Friday    Feb 3, 1905            by:  Dianne Thomas

Mrs. Emma B. EGGLESTON - Victor friends received with regret the news of the death of Mrs. Emma Bartlett EGGLESTON, which occurred at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Nellie WOOD, at 489 1/2 State street, Rochester, on Saturday evening of last week.  The decease was in her 70th year.  Her husband, Henry EGGLESTON, dies some thirty years ago.  Mrs. EGGLESTON was born in Hammondsport, NY and resided there until she came to Victor, about 15 years ago, at the time when Mr. and Mrs. WOOD entered upon the management of the Victor Hotel.  For several years, Mrs. EGGLESTON has resided at her home on West Main street in this village, during the summer, spending winter with her daughter in the city.  She was a woman of pleasant manner and kindly disposition, a good neighbor and friend.  Mrs. EGGLESTON has not been in her usual good health this winter, but her death, which was caused by heart disease and dropsy, was entirely un expected.  Mrs. WOOD and her son, Leslie, are the only immediate relatives surviving.  Funeral services were held at the house, Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock, Rev. PARROTT, of Trinity Episcopal church, officiating, and on Tuesday morning the remains were taken to Hammondsport (Steuben Co.)  for interment in Elmwood cemetery.  Several friends from the village attended the funeral and the floral contributions were many and beautiful. 

I B. ESTES was a visitor at the home of R. B. TRUE, Syracuse, over Sunday.

Miss Nan HENDRICK of Lima, was the guest of Miss Cassie O'NEILL, over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. John V. MEADE of Macedon, visited Victor friends, Wednesday. 

Hon. W. H. SMITH of Canandaigua, was in town on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. 

Homer HUNT has bone to Rochester and is employed as conductor on the street railway. 

Mrs. George GUNNISON, of Brighton, NY, spent Monday with her mother, Mrs. E. E. LOVEJOY

Miss Camilla SALE has returned home, after spending 2 weeks with friends at Honeoye Falls. 

George CHILDS, of Honeoye, attend the funeral of Sidney PIMM Jr., in this village, Tuesday.  

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. NORTON entertained their niece, Miss Edith BOOTH of Shortsville, over Sunday.

Miss Marie BLOODGOOD of Ionia, visited her grandmother, Mrs. Henry BENNETT, during the past week. 

Rev. F. W. HILL was in Auburn last Thursday and Friday, attending a conference of theologians.  

Eugene TIMMERMAN of Rochester spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. B. TIMMERMAN.  

Miss Elizabeth M. HEWITT was in Rochester yesterday afternoon, attending the funeral of a cousin.

Frank MALONE, who had been seriously ill at his home, south of the village, the past week, is much improved. 

James W. TISCHER, who is a student at Syracuse University, was at his home north of this village, over Sunday.

Miss Lillian ADRIANCE of West Bay City, Mich., is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John MURPHY on School street.

Miss Louise WILLIAMS of Honeoye Falls, visited at the home of her brother, George WILLIAMS, the first of the week. 

Mr. and Mrs. Byron HARRINGTON Jr., of Rochester, were at the home of the formers parents here, the first of the week. 

Mrs. John N. BROWN of Rochester, has been ill this week, at the home of her son, Charles L. BROWN, suffering with a severe cold.  

Miss Agnes HIGINBOTHAM attended a dancing party at Willard, last Friday night & was a guest of friends there, over Sunday.

Supervisor and Mrs. George L. VAN VOORHIS and children were visitors at the home of Stephen VAN VOORHIS, the first of the week.

+  A party of young people were delightfully entertained Tuesday evening, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. LOCKE in honor of their son, Fred Jr

Hubert FRENCH, who was employed for G. E. Wilcox at Irondequoit, for a few days, came home Tuesday, and was ill (cut off)

Victor Herald, Victor, NY        Friday    Feb 17, 1905      Pg 2       by:  Dianne Thomas

D. HENRY OSBORNE - 1819  1905  (profile picture)

A memorial service in honor of the late D. Henry OSBORNE was held at the Presbyterian church, Wednesday evening.  Addresses were made by the pastor, W. A. HIGINBOTHAM and Dr. James F. DRAPER.  Mr. HIGINBOTHAM telling of business and social relations with Mr. OSBORNE and Dr. DRAPER speaking appreciatively of the deceased as a co-laborer in the work of the church. A letter from Mrs. Caroline GALLUP, who was unable to be present, was also read.

Mr. OSBORNE became a member of the church in 1848, while it was still under Congregational government.  In 1858 the church determined to adopt the Presbyterian form of government and at the first election, Mr. OSBORNE was chosen as elder, which office he retained until his death.  To him was given the honor of representing the church at the meeting of Rochester Presbytery at which the First Presbyterian Church of Victor was admitted to that body.  Mr. OSBORNE was also elected a trustee of the church in 1858, and served in that capacity for six terms.  He was a deacon for 41 years, having been elected in 1863.  Intensely interested in the welfare of the church, Mr. OSBORNE gave unsparingly of his energies and administrative talents to the duties of his official positions and his wise counsel and loyal co-operation will be sadly missed by his associates.  The death of D. Henry OSBORNE removes one who was indeed a tower of strength to the church.  (buried in Boughton Hill Cemetery)

+  Having purchased a farm in the town of Farmington, and being about to vacate the CONOVER farm which he as occupied for several years, John ZOBEL will sell at public auction, on the CONOVER place, Saturday, March 4th at one o'clock sharp, the following property: 2 horses, 5 cows, several wagons, harnesses, and a variety of farming implements.  John Q. WALLACE is to be the auctioneer. 

+  On Wednesday, February 22nd, 1905, at 12 o'clock sharp, Mrs. Ida S. PRESTON will sell at public auction on the Charles S. PRESTON farm, three miles east of Victor, one half mile east of Hathaway's corners, on the Rochester & Eastern: 6 horses, 3 cows, and a large lot of good framing machinery and tools and household furniture.  John Q. WALLACE, Auctioneer.

Charles FARRELL is home from Willard for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. G. A. BROWN and two children of Hopewell, spent Sunday with Mr. BROWN'S sister and brother.  Mrs. Mary BEMENT and Charles BROWN.  

Victor Herald, Victor, NY        Friday    Feb 24, 1905      Pg 3       by:  Dianne Thomas

Mrs. Minnie PEER visited Mrs. Marion DONNELLY at East Bloomfield of Thursday of last week. 

Homer MANLEY is working at the cold storage warehouse at Brighton for T. A. Watson & Co. 

Clark and George ROWLEY of Rochester, were with Victor relatives and friends, Monday afternoon.

H. W. BLAKE of Naples has been in town this week, in the interest of the People's Telephone Co.

William AREND of Rochester, spent Sunday with his wife at the home of Hiram POWELL, east of the village.

Russell JONES and Alvin MEAD of Rochester were guests Tuesday night at the party given by Miss Fannie LADD.

Mrs. Freeman ADAMS and daughter, Miss Viola ADAMS, attended the funeral of Miss Jessie DECKER in Rochester today.

Misses Pauline and Ava SNOOK of Romulus, have been guests this week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. SNOOK.

Miss Agnes HIGINBOTHAM was a member of a house party of young people, entertained by a Rochester friend over Sunday.

Mrs. Emma CHAMBERS of North Bloomfield visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Simon W. HOTALING, during the past week.

Miss Frances WHELAN, who has been teaching at West Bloomfield, has resigned her position and returned to her home here.

Mrs. Frank TARRANT and daughter, Mabel, of Rochester, spent Wednesday in town, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman BOUGHTON and with other relatives here.

Ralph WALLING has secured a position weighing mail matter during the time stipulated by the government, and is on a train running between Rochester and Pittsburgh, Pa.

Oliver C. LEVET had the misfortune to fall on the ice on West Main street, one day last week and has been confined to his home this week, as a result, suffering from the strain of the fall.

Miss Marion CHAMBERS, who has been visiting in Yates county, has been at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John W. VANDENBERGH for a few days, en route for her home in North Bloomfield.

Miss Blanche M. PHILLIPS was a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph WILSON at Rochester, Tuesday night, and attended a miscellaneous shower given in honor of Miss Theo SURDAM.

Thomas JAMES and Miss Ruth JAMES of Rushford, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. DAMON on Wednesday and Thursday.  Mrs. DAMON, who is their sister, spent a part of Thursday with (cut off)

THE VICTOR HERALD    Friday    February 24, 1905     Pg 3, col  4     by: Ron Hanley   
Miss Marion Chambers, who has been visiting in Yates County, has been at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John W. VanDenbergh for a few days, enroute for her home at North Bloomfield.

THE VICTOR HERALD      Friday            April 21, 1905      Pg 3, col 1         by: Ron Hanley  
The death of Walter A. McCarthy, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. James J. McCarthy, occurred on Friday afternoon, April 14th, at the family home in this village.
The child was 13 months and 20 days old, and had been ill for several days with bronchitis and an infection of the heart, and for
three hours before his death suffered with convulsions. Services were held on Sunday afternoon and interment made in the Catholic cemetery in this village. The community sympathizes with the parents in their bereavement.

Victor Herald, Victor, NY    Friday,       April 21, 1905     by:  Dianne Thomas

Robert, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. HOPKINS, while playing around their home at Fishers, yesterday morning, found among some rubbish an old can containing Paris green.  The child ate considerable quantity of the poison and was in a precarious condition during the day. Medical aid was quickly summoned and it is now expected that the boy will recover.  It is earnestly hoped by the many Victor friends that all danger is past.

+  Invitations have been issued for the marriage of Miss Grace CROMBIE of Oswego, NY and William Seaver WOODS, which will be celebrated at the home of the bride on Wednesday, April 26th.  The ceremony will be performed by the father of the groom.  Mr. WOODS is the son of Rev. and Mrs. Henry C. WOODS, a former pastor of the Methodist church here and is a brother of Mrs. Milo F. WEBSTER, of this village. He is a graduate of the Wesleyan University and was on the editorial staff of the Springfield Republican for several years.  For the last 7 years, he has been one of the editors of the Literary Digest, published at New York and last week was promoted to be managing editor.  

THE VICTOR HERALD        Friday          April 28, 1905      Pg 3, col 1        by: Ron Hanley  
+  The marriage of Miss Nellie M. McMahon and James B. Keating, both of this village, was solemnized at St. Patrick's church, Monday afternoon, at 3 o'clock. They were unattended. Rev. J. J. Donnelly performed the ceremony, after which the immediate relatives of the contracting parties were entertained at luncheon at the home of the bride.
 After a short trip, Mr. and Mrs. Keating will reside at the McMahon homestead on Covill street.

+  The death of Anna, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Drury, occurred at Rochester, Monday. She was 14 years old.

 The Drury family reside on a farm a few miles east of this village, but for some time the eldest daughter had resided with her
grandmother, Mrs. James Mangan, at Rochester. She had been ill only since last Thursday.  Interment was made in the Catholic cemetery here, on Wednesday morning.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY              May 15, 1905         by: Pat Mims   

One of the Oldest Residents of Victor and a Successful Farmer.
Victor - May 14.  Ira Elmore HUMPHREY, one of the oldest residents of Victor, died at his home on ______, Saturday afternoon at the age of 86 years.  He had been in failing health for some time.
Mr. HUMPHREY had lived nearly all his life in this town and had for about thirty years lived on the farm where he died.  He had followed the occupation of a farmer all his life, and was considered one of the most practical and successful farmers in this community.  He as a staunch member of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, and was one of its liberal givers.  In politics he was a loyal Republican and while never holding public office, was always intensely interested in the welfare of that party.
Mr. HUMPHREY'S wife died some years ago, and he is survived by five daughters and four sons, Mrs. Wilbur NELSON, Victor; Mrs. Isaac WELLS, Perinton; Mrs. Helen H. HOLDRIDGE, Honeoye Falls; Miss Mary HUMPHREY and Miss Harriet HUMPHREY, Victor; Luman H. HUMPHREY, Otis L. HUMPHREY, Honeoye Falls; Charles S. HUMPHREY, Canandaigua; Ira E. HUMPHREY, Syracuse.

THE VICTOR HERALD Friday August 4, 1905  Pg 3, col  3      by: Ron Hanley   
 BRILLIANT CHURCH WEDDING -  Nellie Loretta Keefe and John Milton McMahon United in Marriage
St. Patrick's church was the scene of a brilliant even, Wednesday afternoon, at four o'clock, when Nellie Loretta Keefe, daughter of Mrs. Maurice Keefe, became the bride of John Milton McMahon, all of this town.  The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Joanna Keefe, and the groom's brother, Charles McMahon, acted as best man. Little Esther McCarthy, a cousin of the groom, was flower girl. The ushers were John Keefe, a brother of the bride, William McMahon, a brother of the groom, Peter McMahon, of Victor, and Louis P. Brady, of Canandaigua.
The bride was beautifully gowned in cream aeolian over taffeta, wore a white hat and carried bride's roses. The bridesmaid wore
white mull, trimmed with valenciennes lace. She also wore a white hat and carried pink roses. The little flower girl wore white organdie, lace trimmed and carried a basket of sweet peas. Miss Gertrude Concannon played the wedding march.  Immediately following the ceremony, a reception was given to one hundred relatives at the beautiful country home of the bride's mother. The house was tastefully trimmed with ferns and goldenrod. The bride and groom received the guests in the spacious hall before a huge
bank of ferns and lilies.
The presents were costly and numerous, including silver, furniture, china and linen, and checks for various sums. They testified
to the high esteem in which the popular couple are held in the community.
Mr. and Mrs. McMahon left on the evening train, amidst showers of rice and the best wishes of a host of friends, for a trip to
the Thousand Islands. They will be at home after September 1st, at the residence on West Main street, recently purchased by Mr. McMahon.
The out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kreag, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brim, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Culhane, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. DeLacey, Mrs. May McCarthy, Miss Nora McCarthy, Mrs. Nora Keating, Miss Ellen Keating and M. J. Sullivan, of Rochester, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hayes, of Penn Yan; Thomas Roach and son, of Addison, Mr. and Mrs. B. V. Keefe and son Kenneth, of Corning, Mr. and Mrs. John M. McMahon, of Pittsford, Louis P. Brady, of Canandaigua, Mr. and Mrs. John V. Meade and Miss Ella Meade, of Macedon.

Pg 5, col 1 

Ray C. VanDenbergh, who, since he left here has been employed in a furniture factory in Grand Rapids, Mich., has removed to Howard City, Mich., where he has secured similar employment. The Grand Rapids factories are laying off hundreds of men because of dull business.


Because of the death and funeral of James Walling, the picnic of the Presbyterian Sunday School, which was to have been held Thursday,

was indefinitely postponed.

THE VICTOR HERALD     Friday    August 4, 1905      Pg 3, col  4                  by:  Dianne Thomas

Social and Personal:
+   Mrs. L. G. Loomis and daughter Dorothy, were with friends at Rochester, the first of the week.
+   C. Lewis Simonds and family went to "Oak Cliff", Canandaigua Lake, Tuesday, for a two weeks' stay.
+   Mr. and Mrs. Leon W. Brace, of Rochester, were at the home of Mr. Brace's parents in this village, over Sunday.
+   Mrs. John W. VanDenbergh visited relatives at North Bloomfield, last week.
+   Calvin Rowley, of Despatch, spent Sunday with A. B. Rowley.

 Victor Herald, Victor, NY        Friday    August 5, 1905      Pg 3       by:  Dianne Thomas

James, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. LOCKE, is ill at their home on East Main street.

Misses Sara M. HARRINGTON and Mrs. COLLINS are home from Canandaigua.  

Mr. and Mrs. Milo F. WEBSTER and children have been spending a few days at Bath, at the home of Rev. Henry WOODS.

Mr. M. J. DE LACY of Rochester, Mr. and Mrs. B. V. KEEFE and son, Kenneth, of Corning, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice KEEFE.

Miss Mae MEAD went to Canandaigua Lake yesterday, where she will spend the remainder of the week with the family of E. S. BERRY at Hill's Cabin.

Mr. and Mrs. E. S. BERRY, Mr. and Mrs. William D. BRADSTREET and Miss Mary BARRY have been occupying Hill's cabin on Canandaigua Lake, this week.

Miss Inez C. SEARLE is enjoying a days vacation from there duties in the post office and will visit relatives in Jamestown, NY, during the time.  

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. COBB and Mr. and Mrs. William Hill Jr., were in Rochester, Tuesday.

Tuthill G. BROWN, is expected home from New York, Saturday, to spend a vacation of two weeks.

William H. V. COTTER of Syracuse, is a visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. UNDERHILL

Miss Margaret ENRIGHT of Mendon, has been a guest of Miss Cassie O' NEIL this week.

Eugene TIMMERMAN of Rochester spent Sunday with his parents in this village.

Mrs. George GRINNELL was in Rochester Tuesday.

Will CROCKER returned to Buffalo, Sunday afternoon.

Miss Mae SMITH is with friends at Mendon, this week.  

Calvin ROWLEY of Despatch, spent Sunday with A. B. ROWLEY.  

Dr. Everett T. SHARP was at his home in Seneca Falls, Sunday.

Mrs. W. S. LYON of Geneva was with relatives and friends here, Wednesday.

Mr. Mark POWELL, of Canandaigua, visited the home of her mother, Mrs. D. H. OSBORNE, Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Roy DEAL have been at the home of Mr. DEAL'S parents at Allen's Hill during the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. John RYAN of Geneva were with relatives and friends in this vicinity during the past week. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. RUGG returned home Monday, after spending two weeks at "Clear View," Canandaigua Lake.

A. C. FORD and family of Fishers, went to their cottage at Canandaigua Lake, Saturday, for a two weeks' notice.

Mr. and Mrs. V. MEADE of Macedon, were in town Wednesday, to attend the MC MAHON- KEEFE wedding.

THE VICTOR HERALD    Friday       October 6, 1905       Page 3, col 2   by: Ron Hanley   
Mrs. Patrick Mulheron died at her home, some three miles southwest of this village, Thursday morning. She was about thirty seven years of age.  Three daughters, Mrs. Thomas Ryan, Mrs. William Ryan and Mrs. William Keefe, and three sons, James, Martin and Frank, all of whom reside in Victor, survive.

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle           Friday                       Dec 1, 1905         by:   Cheri Branca
"Sudden Death of Mrs. Helen Moffitt...Well known Victor Woman stricken  with Apoplexy-Widely Known... Victor Nov 30

This community has sustained a deep loss in the death of  Mrs. Helen Wilbur Moffitt, who died at the home of her brother in this village last evening. Mrs. Moffitt had been in her ... health of late and during the afternoon of yesterday had been about the village calling on friends. About 8 o'clock she was stricken with apoplexy and within an hour she breathed her last.  With the exception of a few years, Mrs. Moffitt's life since young womanhood had been spent in this town. For several years she lived in the west, where her husband was engaged in business, but after his death she came back to this place, making her home with her brother.  She was a woman of the kindest type of Christian character, having been for many years seriously engaged in church work as a faithful member of the First Presbyterian Church of this village. A very large circle of friends mourn her loss. She is survived by a brother, Marvin A. Wilbur of Victor."

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