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West Bloomfield 

1800 - 1899

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Rochester Telegraph, Rochester, NY    Sept 20, 1820     by:  Pat Mims

MARRIED -  At Bloomfield, Dr. Gardner WHEELER of Ogden to Miss Fanny GUNN of the former place.

In this town (Rochester), Capt. Samuel CURRIER of Charlotte, to Miss Sally CLOUGH, his sixth wife!

Daily Albany Argus     Tuesday Morning               Oct 22, 1833                            by: Dianne Thomas

DESPERATE CURE FOR A DESPERATE DISEASE  - The Newark Adv. states, that the wife of Abraham Egbert of West Bloomfield, recently committed suicide, to avoid the sufferings she endured from a drunken husband.  (not found where buried)

Rochester Daily Democrat, Rochester, Monroe Co, New York   Saturday, January 29, 1842     by: GSubyak@aol.com

DIED:  In West Bloomfield, on the 12th instant, Joan LEETE, aged 78 years, on of the first settlers of Ontario county.

Rochester Daily Democrat, Rochester, Monroe Co, NY       March 8, 1847        by: GSubyak@aol.com

Deaths  -  In West Bloomfield, at the residence of his son-in-law, C. C. GATES, on the 7th inst., Mr. Clement LEECH, of Lima, aged 72(?) Years. Mr. LEECH has resided in Lima for the last 50 years.

Rochester Republican, Rochester, Monroe, NY             June 8, 1848           by: GSubyak@aol.com


In West Bloomfield, May?0, of scarlet fever, Mary Caroline, only child of Horace and Emma J. WEBSTER, aged five years and eight months.

REPOSITORY and MESSENGER, Canandaigua, NY    Wed    May 8, 1867       Pg 3, col  1         by: Ron Hanley
Melancholy Suicide
Mr. George M. Gates, son of Melancton Gates, one of the oldest citizens of West Bloomfield, committed suicide last week Tuesday morning, by cutting his throat with a pocket knife. Mr. Gates was missed by his family at an early hour, he having gone to the barn to do his chores, and on search was found by his son, lying on the floor of the grainery, with his throat cut. The neighbors and nearest physician were immediately sent for, but they found life extinct, he apparently having bled to death from three mortal wounds.
At a coroner's inquest, held shortly after, it was shown that Mr. Gates had been in a depressed state of feeling, having lately made a large purchase of land, which seemed to press upon his mind and incite him to commit the melancholy act. He had, it appears, in the determined attempt to take his life, cut several deep and extended wounds upon each of his arms with his pocket knife, and then thrust the blade into his throat, severing the jugular vein. Mr. Gates was highly esteemed by all who knew him, and was a kind father and an industrious citizen.

Rochester Daily Democrat, Rochester, NY       Dec. 23, 1869                    by: GSubyak@aol.com

HAWS - HARRIS - In this city Dec. 22d, 1869 by Rev. John Parker, Henry C. Haws and Sarah Elizabeth Harris, both of West Bloomfield, N. Y.

Rochester Daily Democrat,  Rochester, NY     Dec 23, 1869                   by: Dick Halsey

HAWS - HARRIS - At Rochester, Dec 22, 1869, by Rev. John Parker, Henry C. HAWS and Sarah Elizabeth HARRIS, both of West Bloomfield. 

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES,    Wed.    April 4, 1877     Pg 3, col 7           by: Ron Hanley
North Bloomfield Items 
I forgot to mention in my previous communications to the Times, the return home to this place of Charley Chambers, the youngest son of Abraham Chambers, Esq.. Charles has been absent since the fall of 1868. He has traveled extensively in the far Western states and territories, but he has sojourned mainly in California. 
He received a cordial greeting from numerous relatives and friends, and he richly deserves it, for he is one of the best boys.
During the Civil War Charles served in the Navy under Rear Admiral Porter. 4-25 December 1864. 
A joint Army-Navy operation under Rear Admiral Porter and Major General B. F.  Butler unsuccessfully attempted to take the Confederate stronghold of Fort Fisher,  Wilmington, by amphibious assault.
  13-15 January 
The joint amphibious assault under Rear Admiral David D. Porter and Major General Alfred H. Terry took Fort Fisher, the key in the defense of Wilmington, North Carolina, which was the last port by which supplies from Europe could reach General Lee's troops at Richmond.

ONTARIO MESSENGER, Canandaigua, NY     Thursday, May 1, 1884        by: Dianne Thomas   

DIED:  SMITH - In West Bloomfield, April 20th, 1884, Leonard W. SMITH, aged 74 years.  [an ancestor of Dianne Thomas]

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY          Aug. 7, 1888                by: GSubyak@aol.com

There will be a Republican pole raising and picnic on the farm of R. S. CHAPIN, in West Bloomfield, on Friday, August 10th, at 2 o'clock. Addresses will be made by Hon. Hanford STRUBLE, of Penn Yan, and Hon. Edwin HICKS of Canandaigua, and others. Good music will be in attendance and the proceedings will be enlivened by an exciting match game of base ball. The day's pleasure will close with a display of fire works in the evening. A grand time is anticipated.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY        Aug. 7, 1888                by: GSubyak@aol.com

One night a few weeks since a barn standing at same distance from other buildings owned by Curtis GATES of North Bloomfield, was burned to ashes. To take its place he immediately erected a large and handsome barn near his other buildings, just across the road from his house. Between 12 and 1 o'clock last Saturday morning this new barn, filled with hay and wheat just harvested, was also burned. In this fresh loss there is a widespread sympathy for Mr. GATES, one of the kindest of men, who would far rather suffer than do a wrong, against whom it is hard to conceive nor could any human being harbor a feeling of enmity.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY        Aug. 8, 1888                by: GSubyak@aol.com

Walter J. DIXON, a wealthy farmer of West Bloomfield, and a life-long Democrat, who has served the town two terms as supervisor, says he cannot go Cleveland and free trade any longer but will vote for HARRISON and protection to American products and American labor.
The large new barn of Curtis C. GATES, at North Bloomfield, together with the contents was totally consumed by an incendiary fire on Friday morning last. The barn was but just completed and contained the wheat from thirty- five acres and oats from ten acres of ground. C. H. HOPKINS owned a half interest in the grain. Barn and contents were partially insured.

There is to be a pole raising and general picnic on the farm of R. S. CHAPIN, in West Bloomfield, on Friday afternoon next (10th inst). Any one that knows Robert will know that the flag that will float from the top of the pole will bear the name of HARRISON and MORTON. Hon. Hanford STRUBLE of Penn Yan and Hon. Edwin HICKS, of Canandaigua, will be present and address the people on the political issues of the day. Good music will be in attendance and after the speaking and the crowd have investigated their lunch baskets, there will be a game of base ball between two picked nines, also a game of old fashioned wicket balls. There will be fireworks in the evening. The grounds are well shaded and a pleasant time is insured to the large crowd that will be in attendance.

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY     Friday    March 16,  1894      by: Dianne Thomas

South Bloomfield News:

Mrs. David COOPER is very sick with dropsy of the heart and lungs.

P. W. CASE is taking the regents examination at Canandaigua this week.

Master Ralph WHEELER accompanied Jesse A. WHEELER to East Chatham last Saturday.

John B. WHEELER has rented the Benjamin Park farm of Abraham OGDEN, of Bristol, for $136 cash rent.

R. M. LEE and A. D. POMROY of East Bloomfield, went to New York last Saturday on business.

Simson R. WHEELER has secured the services of Edward WICKHAM of Bristol, for the coming season.

Mr. & Mrs. Simson WHEELER and Mr. & Mrs. John B. WHEELER of this place, attended the funeral of J. Harvey MASON of  ___ (cut off)

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY        March 23,  1894      by: Dianne Thomas

+ Prof. Lewis BEEBEE of West Bloomfield, spent Sunday with the family of Hiram Steele .

+ James PEASLEY is seriously ill.

+ John MC CALL has moved into the Will SHEPARD house.

+ Miss Maud PERRY of Millers Corners is visiting relatives in town. 

+ Mrs. A. B. COLLINS and Mrs. William PERRY have been on the sick list the past week.

+ Miss Minney FREY and brother, John, are visiting their parents in West Walworth, NY

+ Miss Emma HARDY returned to Mr. LOTEE'S last week, after two or three weeks visit with friends in Lima.

+ Remember the G.A.R. campfire on Friday evening, March  23, 1894.  All are cordially invited to attend.

+ The pupils of Mary HUNT and Belle HUNT will give an exhibition in Social Hall, Friday evening, April 6, 1894.

+ Some of the friends of Miss Norma ROSE gathered at her home last Wednesday evening and enjoyed themselves until the early hours of the morning.  

+ Sheridan CRANDALL, Post No. 225, will hold a camp fire at Social Hall, North Bloomfield, Friday evening, March 23.  comrades, sons of veterans and friends are cordially invited to be present.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES        October 3, 1894      Pg 2, col 6                  by: Ron Hanley

South Bloomfield  -  The friends and neighbors of the late Theodore Sleight were saddened to hear of his death last Tuesday.

 Although he was well known to be seriously ill with typhoid fever, hopes were entertained for recovery until peritonitis set in and in a few hours death claimed him.

 Although Mr. Sleight had only been in this vicinity a short time he had won the respect and love of all who knew him. He leaves a young wife and one small child, who have the sympathy of all in their sorrow.

ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT and CHRONICLE         Saturday           December 29, 1894           by: Ron Hanley
Ontario -  Cards are out announcing the marriage of Harry S. Brown, of West Bloomfield, to Miss May Hunt, daughter of Sidney  A. Hunt at the Universalist Church North Bloomfield at 3 o'clock P. M. on New Year's Day.

ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT and CHRONICLE           Thursday           March 7, 1895               by:  Dianne Thomas

David P. Bancroft, an old resident of  West Bloomfield, died at the residence of his son-in-law, Dr. E. B. Sayres, at Allens Hill, on Tuesday from cancer of the stomach, aged 70 years.  He leaves surviving, one son, Matthew J Bancroft, of West Bloomfield, and one daughter, Mrs. B. B. Sayres, of Allens Hill.

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY     Friday       March 6, 1896                 by:  Dianne Thomas

Isaac PARMELEE will move to Honeoye Falls this spring.

Lewis WRAPP has purchased Isaac PARMELEE'S residence.

Ezra HOVEY will move into Mrs. Sophia KELLY'S house, this spring.

Mrs. A. H. MARTIN slipped and fell last week, hurting herself quite badly.

Elmer MILLER will leave for Buffalo this week to remain during the summer.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin CROFT Jr., visited the former's brother, at Miller Corners last week.

Ontario County Journal, Canandaigua, NY     Friday,      September 23, 1898                    by:  Dianne Thomas

+ Lawrence STEIN is quite ill at his home here.

+ Mrs. George M. SHEPARD, who has been ill, is slowly convalescing. 

+ Mrs. Belle CAMPBELL, of Toronto, Canada, is visiting friends in town.

+ Mrs. HEWITT of North Bloomfield, has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Harry BROWN

+ Miss Rose MC GREEVY, of Rochester, was the guest of the Misses SULLIVAN over Sunday.

+ Porter F. LEECH, accompanied by his son George, left for Fort Plain, Tuesday, where the latter will attend school for the coming year.

+ E. E. RIGNEY, who recently purchased the stock of goods owned by I. L. PULLSBURY, resold to M. EASTON, who has taken possession.

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