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John Chapman and Sally  had the following children:

Rachel2 Chapman was born CT 1787.  This is probably her second married name, Ebenezer Crosby was her 1st husband and he died in 1843. Rachel died April 06, 1867 South Bristol, New York, at 79 years of age.     She married twice.

    ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES  April 10, 1867 

   DIED  -   South Bristol, Mrs. Rachel Crosby.

John Chapman and Lydia Crosby had the following children:

Adelia Chapman  was born Ohio 1832.  Adelia died January 14, 1905 Bristol Centre, New York, at 72 years of age.  The Ontario County Journal gave her name as CHATHAM, aged 78 years.

                        The Ontario County Times said she was 76 years of age.

 Exeury was born Bristol, New York 1830.  Exeury was the son of Ebenezer Crosby and Rachel Chapman .  Exeury died February 08, 1908 Bristol Center, New York, at 77 years of age.

               ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL February 14, 1908  FRONT PAGE COL  5

BRISTOL  CENTER -   On Saturday occurred the death of Exeura Crosby at the home of his son, William Crosby, after a short illness of pneumonia.  The funeral was held from his son's home on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. W. W. Daily officiating. 

 Deceased is survived by four son's, William, Benjamin, Aaron, Ebenezer Crosby, and two daughters, Mrs. Edward Dunn of Avon, and Mrs. Henry Fox of this place. 

Josiah Chatfield and Lydia Ingraham had the following children:

Amy Chatfield was born July 12, 1818.  Amy died August 11, 1917 Canandaigua, New York, at 99 years of age.[i]  [i]. Canandaigua City clerk office record number 110 on Page 148 states that she was a widow, and that the informant was Emily Willys. It also shows she was to be buried in East Bloomfield.

               ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES Wed. August 22, 1917

HAWLEY -  At Canandaigua, August 11, 1917, Mrs. Amy Chatfield Hawley, aged 99 years.

Ora Chatfield  was born Auburn, New York March 1821.  Ora died November 6, 1902 Canandaigua, New York, at 81 years of age.[ii] [ii]. Canandaigua City Clerk office record number 1634.Record lists her age as 81 years 8 months.

      ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL  Friday November 7, 1902    PAGE  3  COL 6

NORTH -   At Canandaigua, November 6, 1902, Mrs. Ora Chatfield North, wife of Robinson D. North, aged 81 years 8 months.

                        SAME  PAPER   PAGE  3  COL  5

At an early hour yesterday morning occurred the death of Mrs. Ora Chatfield North, wife of Robinson D. North at the home of her daughter, Mrs. L. M. Willys, Pleasant Street.

The deceased was 81 years of age, and for the past few months she had slowly but steadily lost strength. Mrs. North was born in Auburn. On September 4, 1839 she married Mr. North and they resided in E. Bloomfield until 1880 when they came to Canandaigua. Mrs. North was a woman of strong Christian character and as long as her strength would permit she was an active worker in the church. During her residence in E. Bloomfield she was a member of the Congregational Church.

Upon coming to Canandaigua she united with the Presbyterian church. She leaves 2 daughters, Mrs. Willys, and Mrs. L. E. VanDenbergh of Detroit, five grandchildren, one sister, Mrs. Amy Hawley of this village, and two brothers, John Chatfield of Iola, Kansas, and David Chatfield of Detroit, Michigan.  The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at  three o'clock from Mrs. Willys' residence. 

                 Her body was interred 1902 Canandaigua, New York, Woodlawn Cemetery.


Robinson D. NORTH  was born in Goshen, Conn. August 14, 1818.  Found  this in the Ontario County Times obituary. The 1910 Canandaigua Census shows Conn. as place of birth as well as both parents. Robinson was the son of Israel North and Charlotte Dowd .  Robinson died December 20, 1910 Canandaigua, New York, at 92 years of age.  His obituary stated that his father and his brothers all came to this area together. 

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES  Wed. December 28, 1910

          Sudden death of Canandaigua's Oldest citizen.

 Mr. Robinson D. North, the last surviving and the oldest of the quartet of nonagenarians who fifteen months ago formed a notable feature of village life, passed away during Tuesday night of last week at the home of his daughter, Mrs. David S. Willys on Pleasant street. Mr. Joel M. Howey, Mr. Bardwell Billings and Mr. Chauncey Spear had preceded him, all passing away within the period named.

Mr. North although he passed his 92nd birthday last summer, retained his strength and alertness to the very last. Until cold weather made such exercise unpleasant, he was frequently observed riding horseback in the village streets. He had attended church the preceding Sunday morning according to his invariable custom, and the day before his death he was about the house as usual, characteristically active and cheerful. Then he laid himself down to what was destined to be his last sleep. When he did not appear Wednesday morning at the usual hour, those who went to call him found that the spirit had departed during the night.

Robinson D. North was born in Goshen Conn., August 14, 1818, the son of Israel and Charlotte North. His parents moved from Conn. to East Bloomfield when he was but three years old, and his home thereafter continued in this county. His active life was devoted to farming.

He was married in 1839 at East Bloomfield to Miss Ora Chatfield of East Bloomfield, who died November 6, 1893, in Canandaigua, to which village the family had moved in 1880. He was engaged for a number of years in the box making business with the late David Willys, a son in law. First making his home on Chapin Street in this village, he later removed to that of his daughter, Mrs. Willys, where he has since resided and where retired from active work he spent his declining years and had the most tender care and sympathy.

Mr. North was a member of the Presbyterian church and had held the office of elder in that church for a number of years. He was loyal in his friendships and to his kindred, among whom he counted grandchildren and great grandchildren, he was ever patient and helpful. Especially was he interested in the success of his grandson, John N. Willys, President of the Overland Automobile Company, and to his interest and support extended in the struggles of his early business career the latter owes much of the success he has recently achieved.

 Mr. North leaves two daughters, Mrs. Lottie E. Vandenbergh of Detroit Michigan, Mrs. Lydia N. Willys of Canandaigua. The funeral service was held at the Presbyterian church on Friday afternoon, and interment will be at Woodlawn.

                               ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL Fri. December 23, 1910

 LAST OF AGED QUARTET GONE -  Robinson D. North Passed Peacefully Away on Tuesday Night.

There passed away on Tuesday night the last of the four nonagenarians whose friendship and interest in one another have been one of the charming incidents in the village life in the later years. Mr. Howey, Mr. Billings, Mr. Spears, and Mr. North had looked after one another for a number of years in most fatherly fashion. Mr. Howey broke the circle first, he was followed by Mr. Billings, Mr. Spears.

Sometime during Tuesday night Robinson D. North joined them again. His departure was congruous with all his life. Quietly and without alarm he went to enter upon the joys and services if the other world. He lay down to sleep and awoke in the morning in the Father's House. He was a man of remarkable vitality. Until quite recently he could be seen riding horseback his much beloved Bessie, carrying his 92 years with erect and buoyant grace.

Robinson D. North was born in Goshen, Conn., on August 14, 1818. Coming with his father and brothers from New England, while still a boy, he had spent his life in this locality. He was known all over this part of the country and was universally respected and loved. He brought with him from New England a Puritan conscience and a reverence for the sanctities of life. Exacting toward himself, his unique spirit of humility and guileless tempered his judgments of others with a considerateness and patience that made it possible for him to live without enemies.

His wife, Ora Chatfield, died Nov. 6, 1893, and he leaves two daughters, Mrs. Lottie E. VanDenbergh, of Detroit Michigan, and Mrs. Lydia M. Willys, of Canandaigua. After leaving his farm in East Bloomfield in 1870, he resided for some time on Chapin Street. For the past 14 years he had made his home with Mrs. Willys. Mr. North was of strong religious nature. He was converted at 16, joined the church and had been a faithful member ever since. With absolutely unbroken regularity he attended church Sunday mornings, and was in his place last Sunday as usual. Until about a year ago he was equally regular in attendance upon the Sunday evening and Wednesday evening services. He was an elder in the Presbyterian church, and in this office, as in all other things, he was devoted and faithful. To all who knew him at all intimately he was Grampa North.

It was in his grandchildren and great grandchildren that he found his chief interest in these last years. To his grandson John N. Willys, president of the Overland Automobile Company, he had been of great help in the early stages of his success, and watched his wonderful progress and achievement with great pride. He will be remembered for his unselfish eagerness to be helpful, and his unwillingness to be the cause of trouble or anxiety. He bore the many weaknesses and pains of his 92 years, not only uncomplainingly, but with such cheerfulness that few knew at what cost he was saving his smiles for his friends. 

He loved his friends and loved to make friends. And what is much more difficult, he knew how to keep them. He will be remembered for his faith and devotion to his God. His was a life of prayer. I think the gentle soul of him goes softly in some garden place, with the old smile time may not dim, upon his face.  Funeral services will be held at 3 PM today, in the Presbyterian church, and Rev. G. L. Morrill will officiate. 

                                   Robinson D. North  1818 1910  aged 92 years

 The death of Robinson D. North, occurred at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Lydia M. Willys, in Canandaigua on Tuesday of last week.

Mr. North was born in Goshen, Conn., August 14, 1818, and came with his parents to this locality to reside when but a boy.  His wife, Ora Chatfield, died November 6, 1893.  Mr. North was one of Bloomfield's most successful farmers in his day. He moved from his farm here to Canandaigua in 1870 and later sold the farm to John W. Toomey. 

Mr. North is survived by two daughter, Mrs. Lottie E. VanDenbergh and Mrs. Lydia M. Willys. The former resides in Detroit, Michigan, and the latter in Canandaigua. Deceased was a man of strong Christian character. He was an elder in the Presbyterian church, where his place was seldom vacant. Of him it can truly be said, a good man had gone to his reward. Funeral services were held Friday afternoon. Rev. Morrill officiated.                        

George H.1 Child  was born Bristol, New York December 06, 1826.  George died June 18, 1913 East Bloomfield, New York, at 86 years of age   He married Josephine B. Tiffany Bristol Center, New York, July 04, 1848.

         Newspaper Article including their pictures honoring their sixtieth wedding anniversary.

                             SIXTIETH  WEDDING  DAY 

 George H. Childs and Wife of Canandaigua Received Congratulations on the anniversary of their Marriage.

Canandaigua, N.Y., July 4 -  Congratulations on reaching the sixtieth anniversary of their marriage were received on Saturday, July 4th by Mr. and Mrs. George H. Childs, who reside on Tillotson Street, this village. The aged couple were united in marriage at Bristol Center, NY, which was the home of both on July 4, 1848.  The officiating clergyman was Rev. Stowe, pastor of the Congregational Church of Bristol Center.

The groom was in his twenty second year, and the bride in her eighteenth year at the time of their marriage. As a wedding journey the young couple came to Canandaigua, where a big balloon ascension by Thurston, a well known aeronaut was scheduled. However this sight which was a wonderful one in those days, was denied the spectators as the wind blew the balloon against a tree just previous to letting go the ropes and tore the gas bag, thus preventing the ascent.  Mr. Childs was born in Bristol on December 6, 1826.

                Josephine  was born Naples, New York September 29, 1830.  Josephine was the daughter of Consider Tiffany and Roxanna Filler.  Josephine died September 23, 1908 Canandaigua, New York, at 77 years of age.[i]  [i]. Canandaigua City clerk death record number 4254.

                     ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL Friday September 25, 1908

                       DIED  - CHILDS

 At Canandaigua September 24, 1908, Mrs. Josephine Tiffany Childs, wife of George H. Childs, aged 78 years. 

Betsy P. Childs  was born Warren, Rhode Island December 20, 1819.  Betsy died April 21, 1901 Allen's Hill, at 81 years of age.

                ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL  April 26, 1901  PAGE  3  COL  6

                         TIFFANY -   At Allen's Hill, April 23, 1901, Mrs. Betsey Tiffany, aged 82 years.

                              ALSO SAME  PAPER

ALLEN'S  HILL -  Mrs. Betsey Tiffany died at the home of her son in law, M. D. Fisher, Tuesday morning aged 82 years. Her body was interred 1901 Bristol Center, New York, Bristol Center Cemetery.

                               She married Levi H. Tiffany Bristol, NY, September 20, 1842.

Levi TIFFANY  was born Bristol, New York May 22, 1820.  Levi was the son of Asher Tiffany and Hannah E. French.  Levi died January 02, 1878 West Bloomfield, New York, at 57 years of age.

                Ontario County Times, Page 2, June 5, 1878

OBITUARY -  In West Bloomfield, January 2, 1878, at the residence of his son, George A. Tiffany, Levi Tiffany, in the 58th year of his age. Brother Tiffany was born in Bristol, NY May 22, 1820. The early years of his life were spent with his parents in the town where he was born.

In his boyhood days he was ever affable, unassuming and kind, traits of character which he ever cherished and possessed in the after years of his life. In his youth he toiled and labored with an earnest, manly zeal to assist his parents in accumulating a competency sufficient for their needs and comfort in the declining years of life. When about twenty years of age he was converted to the Christian faith, and soon after united with the Methodist Episcopal church of Bristol Center, and from that time he remained a faithful, devoted and consistent Christian.

He was united in marriage with Miss Betsey P. Child, September 20, 1842, with whom he enjoyed the most happy domestic relations to the close of his earthly life. He settled down in Bristol soon after his marriage, where he lived for about twenty three years, struggling with the realities and disappointments of life, and enjoying the society of early acquaintances and tried friends.

He entered the Sunday school as superintendent , when about twenty eight years of age, and remained in that position most of the time up to his death. He changed his residence from Bristol to East Bloomfield, which he did March 4, 1866. Soon after becoming a resident of E. Bloomfield he was chosen to superintend the M. E. Sunday school of that place, and although he remained in that town less than two years, he endeared himself to the Sunday school and people of that place.

He moved to the town of Richmond December 24, 1867, where he lived till the time of his death. Soon after taking up residence in Richmond he entered the Sunday school work with renewed zeal and energy, superintending two schools each Sunday. 

Colin D.2 Chisholm  was born in Nova Scotia August 1843.  He married Nora Mahoney 1872. Nora was born Ireland July 1843.  Nora was the daughter of Michael Mahoney and Elizabeth.  Nora  died January 23, 1932 Geneva, New York, at 88 years of age.

                     ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES JOURNAL Wed January 27, 1932

Funeral services for Mrs. Nora M. Chisholm, aged 89 years, were held from St. Mary's Church, Tuesday morning. Interment made in Calvary Cemetery. Her death occurred at the home of her daughter, Mrs. William Flannigan, in Geneva, Sunday, after several months illness.

She leaves two sons, Fred D. Chisholm of Canandaigua, and C. Blaine Chisholm of Buffalo, two daughters, Mrs. Calvin Wade of Detroit, Mrs. Flannigan, brother, Thomas Mahoney of Syracuse, and five grandchildren.

Colin D. Chisholm and Nora Mahoney had the following children:

Colin Emmett Chisholm was born in Canandaigua, New York September 26, 1882.  Colin died April 07, 1883 Canandaigua, New York, at less than one year of age.

    ONTARIO REPOSITORY and MESSENGER Thurs. Apr 12  1883 PAGE  3  COL  7 

 CHISHOLM -   In this village, April 7th, 1883, Colin E. infant son of Colin and Nora Chisholm, aged six months.

John2 Chisholm  was born in Nova Scotia April 25, 1845.  

                  THE  VICTOR  HERALD  May 3, 1940  Front Page

                             John Chisholm Has 95th Birthday

John Chisholm, a retired farmer of Victor, celebrated his 95th Birthday with his daughter, Mrs. Louis Crowley, and family, at their home on East Main Street.  Mr. Chisholm was born in Nova Scotia, April 26, 1845, and came to Victor when about 20 years of age to work in the old gypsum mill near the Conover farm, East of Victor Village.  After working in the mill for two or three years, he took up farming, which occupation he followed until his retirement about 16 years ago. 

Mr. Chisholm is reported in fine health and sometimes walks from his farm about one and a half miles Southwest of the Victor village, to the home of his daughter, Mrs. Crowley.  His son Charles F. Chisholm lives with him on the farm.  

          ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES JOURNAL  Friday  April 27, 1945 

John Chisholm of Victor Observes 100th Anniversary   -   John Chisholm of Victor observed his 100th birthday anniversary Wednesday, April 25.  He is in good health and has as keen eyesight and hearing as many younger people. He evinces much interest in news of the day. Born in Nova Scotia, Mr. Chisholm came to Victor at an early age to work at the Conover Plaster Mills.

In 1874 he was married to Maria Malone Gougarty who died in 1929. They had two children, a son, Charles, now residing in Philadelphia, and a daughter, Mrs. Louis Crowley of East Main Street, with whom he makes his home. There is one grandchild Charles Crowley, at home, after receiving a medical discharge while in army training. Chisholm trained for and fought in the Flenian War in England.

John Chisholm and Maria Horne had the following children:

Charles F.3 Chisholm was born Victor, New York 1873. He married Julia McCarthy Canandaigua, New York, December 26, 1901.[i]  [i]. Canandaigua City clerk office record number 1174.

            ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL December 27, 1901  PAGE  3 COL  6 

                                  CHISHOLM     -   MCCARTHY 

 At Canandaigua, December 26, 1901, Charles F. Chisholm of Rochester, and Miss Julia McCarthy of Rochester, formerly of Canandaigua.


Frederick Daniel3 Chisholm  was born New York November 10, 1874.  Frederick died 1965 at 90 years of age.

                  He married Mary Ellen Hegerty Canandaigua, New York, April 15, 1903.[ii]  [ii]. Canandaigua City Clerk office record number 1339.

                   ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL Fri. April 17, 1903  PAGE 3

                        MARRIED         CHISHOLMHERGETY

At Canandaigua, April 15, 1903, Frederick D. Chisholm and Miss Mary E. Hergety, both of Canandaigua


Frederick Daniel Chisholm and Mary Ellen Hegerty had the following children:

Anna B.4 Chisholm  was born 1906.  Anna died April 19, 1921 Canandaigua, New York, at 14 years of age.           

                       ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL  April 22, 1921  PAGE  5  COL  4

                         DIED   -   CHISHOLM

At Canandaigua, April 19, 1921, Anna Blaine Chisholm, aged 14 years, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Chisholm.

                              ALSO   FRONT PAGE

CHISHOLM -   The funeral services of Miss Anna Blaine Chisholm, aged 14 years, who died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Chisholm Gibson Street, on Tuesday morning, following an illness of four weeks, were held from St. Mary's Church yesterday morning.

The services were conducted by the Rev. M. B. Groden, assisted by Rev. Frank Mason, of Geneva, the two last named were cousins of the deceased. She was a student at Canandaigua Academy, and was a favorite among her young friends and acquaintances. Her death caused intense sorrow to the bereaved members of the family. She was a companionable child possessed of a bright, happy and cheerful disposition with always a smile and a pleasant word for all. There survives besides her parents, a sister, Miss Mary Margaret Chisholm.

The pupils and teachers of the Academy and of St. Mary's Parochial school attended the services. The graduating class of St. Mary's school, of which she was a member, marched in a body to Calvary Cemetery where the interment was made. The bearers were Harold Leahy, Howard Donohuue, William Turner, William Tuohey, Cornelius Gillespie and Charles Dugan.

The large number of floral offerings bespoke the high regard in which she was so widely held, and bore their message of sympathy to the bereaved family. Among the floral tributes sent were a large cross of pink and white roses from the Academy, a large wreath from the graduating class of St. Mary's, a crescent from several girl friends, and a floral basket from the K of C. Her body was interred 1921 Canandaigua, New York, Calvary Cemetery.

Mary Margaret Chisholm was born 1910.

  ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL September 20, 1929

 PERSONAL MENTION -   Miss Mary Chisholm, Gibson Street, left on Tuesday to resume her studies at D'Youville College at Buffalo. 

Fred1 Christian  became the father of Bertha Christian, Germany, April 06, 1883.

Bertha2 Christian was born Germany April 06, 1883.  Bertha died July 13, 1945 Honeoye Falls, New York, at 62 years of age.

     ROCHESTER  DEMOCRAT  and CHRONICLE  July 14, 1945  PAGE 12

                                  WOMAN, 62, DIES FOLLOWING FALL

Honeoye Falls - Mrs. Bert Kesel, 62, of the Lima Road, Honeoye Falls, died in the Madsen Hospital yesterday, July 13, 1945.  On June 29 she fell down a flight of stairs leading to the cellar of her home, fracturing a leg.  She was taken to the hospital where she remained until her death.

She was born in Germany and came with her parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. Fred Christian, to Ionia in 1884 when she was a year and a half old.  Besides her husband she leaves four daughters and three sons.  Mrs. Ruth Menz, of Lima, Miss Anna Kesel of Rochester, and Mrs. Joseph Senkpiel of Rush, and Dorothy, Fred, and Raymond Kesel of Honeoye Falls, and Willard of Rochester, and an uncle, Joseph Christian of Canandaigua, 14 grandchildren.

  She was a member of Honeoye Falls Grange and of St. John's Episcopal Church, Honeoye Falls 

                                                  She married Albert Kesel Rochester, New York, March 19, 1902.

E. Raymond1 Church  married Jean Davidson Canandaigua, New York, June 12, 1907.

E. Raymond Church and Jean Davidson had the following child:

Janet2 Church   -    Janet died October 01, 1991 Canandaigua, New York.  Janet C. Brockelbank

CANANDAIGUA -   Canandaigua resident Janet Church Brockelbank of West Lake Road, died today, October 1, at Thompson Hospital after a long illness. She was 78. Mrs. Brockelbank was a graduate of Canandaigua Academy and Rochester Business Institute.   She worked for several years for the former E.R. Church Insurance Agency in downtown Canandaigua, and was a member of the First Congregational Church and the Canandaigua Country Club. 

The widow of Rexford Brockelbank who died in 1990, she is survived by a daughter and son in law, Jean and Douglas G. Simmons of Canandaigua, three grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.  Kennedy Funeral Home, 13 Bristol St., burial in Woodlawn Cemetery.

                                                                    She married Rexford W. Brockelbank .

 Rexford was born Canandaigua, New York March 16, 1906.  Birth record found at Canandaigua City Clerk Office. Rexford was the son of Charles H. Brockelbank and Mary Caroline Kingsbury.  Rexford died May 10, 1990 Canandaigua, New York, at 84 years of age. 


                        Rexford W. Brocklebank CANANDAIGUA

Rexford W. Bing Brockelbank of West Lake Road died yesterday, May 10, at Thompson Hospital. He was 84.  Mr. Brockelbank was a lifelong resident of Canandaigua and president of the former E. R. Church Insurance Agency on South Main Street.

He was a US Army veteran of World War II and a member of the Merrill Hose Fire Department and the Canandaigua Country Club.  He was a former member of the Canandaigua Rotary Club.

Surviving are his wife, Janet Church Brockelbank, a daughter Mrs. Douglas Jean Simmons of Canandaigua, three grandchildren, three great grandchildren, a nephew and two nieces.

                At 39 years of age Rexford became the father of Dau Brockelbank Canandaigua, New York, April 01, 1945. 

                           ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES JOURNAL Friday April 6, 1945  

                                                        BIRTH -  BROCKELBANK 

At F F Thompson Hospital April 1, 1945, a daughter to Sgt. and Mrs. Rexford W. Brockelbank, Gorham Street. Mrs. Brockelbank was Miss Janet Church.       

                         Janet became the mother of Dau Brockelbank Canandaigua, New York, April 01, 1945.

 In September 1940 there was a newspaper account of a car accident where six persons were injured in three cars. Rexford was driving the car in which Miss Janet Church was injured. Another driver was charged and fined for causing the accident. 

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