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Patrick1 Dougherty was born in West Meath, Ireland July 1813.  Patrick died August 05, 1904 in Romulus, New York, at 91 years of age.

              GENEVA  DAILY  TIMES   August 8, 1904      

 OVID  August 6 -   Patrick Dougherty died yesterday morning at his home near Kendaia after a short illness, aged ninety two years.  He came to this country from Ireland in 1846, and has occupied the home where he died, for 36 years. 

 The deceased leaves, besides his wife, one daughter, Mrs. Anna Hamilton, of Kendaia, and three sons, Bernard, of Waterloo, Patrick of Kendaia, and Rev. James T. Dougherty, of Canandaigua.  Funeral will take place from the Holy Cross church, at Ovid, Monday morning.

Patrick Dougherty and Mary K. Bannon had the following children:

Anna Dougherty was born in Romulus, New York May 07, 1860.  Her information for burial at St. Patrick's Cemetery states she was 87 yrs 3 months and 19 days old at her death. Anna died August 26, 1947 Canandaigua, New York, at 87 years of age.[i] [i]. Her Death Record, Number 129, Page 124, at the Canandaigua City Clerk office, states the following, She resided at 226 Pleasant Street, widowed, John Hamilton, born May 7, 1860, Romulus, NY. Father was Patrick Dougherty, Ire, and mother was shown as NOT KNOWN. The informant was a Joseph F. Murphy, Clifton Springs.

           ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES  JOURNAL August 29, 1947

                          MRS.  A. D.  HAMILTON DIES SUDDENLY

Mrs. Anna Dougherty Hamilton, 87, sister of the late Rev. James T. Dougherty, former pastor of St. Mary's Church, died suddenly Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Daniel Driscoll, 226 Pleasant Street.

Born in Romulus, Mrs. Hamilton came here three years ago from Kendaia and had since resided at the Driscoll home.  She was the widow of John Hamilton. The only survivor is a grandson, John P. Murphy, of Skaneateles.

 Funeral services were held Thursday from St. Mary's Church.  Interment was made in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Geneva.

                        She married John A. Hamilton. John was born Ireland 1856.  John was the son of Patrick Hamilton and Mary McAffery .  John died September 24, 1896 Geneva, New York, at 40 years of age.  Geneva Town Hall record on line 1972, he is age 40 years, father is Patrick Hamilton, mother, Mary, both from Ireland. He died of pneumonia.  The record states he has been in the US for 17 years.

                      ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL October 2, 1896  PAGE  3  COL 6

HAMILTON - At Geneva, September 24, 1896, John Hamilton, aged 33 years. There is an obvious problem with the age given in the newspaper which would have him born in 1863. I am convinced that this date is incorrect and the death certificate should be considered correct.

James Thomas Rev. Dougherty   was born in Fayette, New York April 23, 1863.  Twin brother of Patrick. James died February 07, 1921 Canandaigua, New York, at 57 years of age.

                                 ONTARIO  COUNTY  JOURNAL Friday February 11, 1921 


Rev. James Thomas Dougherty, for 20 years Pastor of St. Mary's Church, is Claimed by Death at Phoenix Arizona, Where He Had Gone to Regain His Health    Funeral on Tuesday

Father Dougherty, affectionately known to all Canandaigua, has passed away. He died early on Monday morning at a hospital at Phoenix, Ariz., where he had gone for treatment only a short time before. The grief in the passing of this distinguished townsman is so wide that the broad limitation of his parish does not confine it., and it is so deep that for years, if ever, will his great work be forgotten or the memory of his influence, his benevolences, his social, religious and civic intercourse be effaced from the memory of those who knew his genial face that expressed goodness, in his daily walks of life.

Father Dougherty's illness dated back for a couple of years, although he was especially happy in his devotion to his parishioners.  The announcement on Oct 28, the 32nd anniversary of his entry into the priesthood, that he was soon to leave for Albuquerque, NM, in search of health carried a heavy weight of sorrow.  With him went the prayers of his parishioners and the community at large for a speedy recovery. There were many that did not know of the ailments that were gradually debilitating his heart and which stilled its pulsations three months later.

The end was, in a way typical of the beloved priest. He was as ready for the final accounting as he had been for the summons of his followers. His busy life, even before his sudden departure, was not so crowded but that he found time to give the last full measure of his strength to the needs of others.  He loved life for the pleasure it gave in doing for them.

James Thomas Dougherty was born in Fayette, on April 23, 1863, a son of Patrick and Mary Bannon Dougherty.  He was educated in the Millet district school, town of Romulus, and at the Ovid Union School, after which he taught for a year in the Ayers district, town of Varick. He then entered St. Andrew's preparatory seminary at Rochester, and later St. Joseph's seminary at Troy, NY.

He was ordained to the priesthood on October 28, 1887, placed in a temporary charge at Honeoye Falls and East Rush during the summer of 1888, sent as pastor to Stanley and Rushville September 1890, promoted to the pastorate of St. Patrick's Church at Dansville and Holy Name at Groveland, May 1893, appointed to St. Agnes church at Avon June 1901, and upon the death of Rev. Dennis English in September of that year, became the pastor of St. Mary's Church.

After rounding out 19 years in Canandaigua he leaves as a mighty monument St. Mary's church and rectory, which were built under his jurisdiction. St. Mary's school stands for educational and religious betterment and the home for its sisters remains to shed its beneficent light amid the darkness of the city.

Calvary cemetery, his last resting place, has been greatly enhanced under his personal solicitation.  Our Lady of Lebanon chapel West Lake Shore, with its statue Christ The Redeemer, overlooking the lake, also stands as a monument of his energy and zeal.

Father Dougherty, whose interest in matters historical is well known, perpetuated the memory of brave and sacrificing Jesuit priests who labored to teach Christianity to Seneca Indians, by the erection of a memorial on an attractive site on Boughton Hill, where came the first white man who ever visited Western New York. 

The memorial was dedicated on Labor Day, 1909.  It is the rare and wonderful combination of executive ability with the contemplative that aroused the admiration and gratitude of the community, which has been greatly benefited by his noble work.

Always a student, Father Dougherty had enriched his gifted mind with a wealth of learning, gleaned from multiple sources.   His personality was such that it impressed young and old as the finished gentleman, whose urbanity was at its best when dealing with a refractory pupil or meeting with a disagreeable encounter.  But perhaps he was most admired by his students for his manly stand upon debatable matters, his willingness to hear the other side of a mooted case, and his just ruling.

Cut off in the prime of his life and zenith of his career, his death also entails a great loss upon the Catholic youth entrusted to his direction. From the schoolyard from a pole with its significant cross, hangs a large American flag at half mast, proclaiming a period of mourning for the loved one.  Father Doughery has filled offices of trust and responsibility, always winning commendation for his fidelity to the high ideals.

His influence in the Canandaigua Health Association of which he was president, and as a member of the board of managers of Oak Mount Sanatorium will be long felt. The Rotary Club is grieved at the first, severance of its ties since organization. Great sorrow is also felt in the Scientific Association in consequences of his death.

He bestowed grace and help upon paroled patients from Willard State hospital in this section. His preserving faithfulness in the Knights of Columbus has encouraged others to follow their callings. Many will come to utter words of divine praise, but God alone Who promises to reward most generously every act of charity to the helpless child, to the neglected poor, the aged, the sick, He alone can repay for those sacrifices, those meritorious works, that religious life.  To reward the devout priest fittingly, will therefore be God's work, Well done, good and faithful servant, thy reward shall be exceedingly great in heaven. 

Surviving relatives are a sister, Mrs. Anna Hamilton, of Kendaia, who left Canandaigua with him and remained to the end, and two brothers, Patrick Dougherty, of Ovid, and Bernard Dougherty, of Waterloo. It is expected that 150 priests from the Rochester Diocese will attend the funeral. The curtains of business places will be drawn during the funeral. It is expected that Bishop Thomas F. Hickey, of Rochester, who went to Florida last Saturday, will return to pontificate at the funeral.  Members of the Fourth Degree Assembly of the Knights of Columbus are to serve as ushers.  They are Peter P. Turner, John J. Costello, John Gartland, Charles S. Eighmey, T. W. Lynch, John E. Doyle, Cornelius Breen, and James F. Brooker.

Rev. M. B. Groden and Cornelius Breen are in charge of the church draping, which will be placed by Warder of Geneva. A large tent will be erected at the cemetery under which the committal service will be held.  It is possible that the church service will last about ninety minutes. Arrangements will be made to seat about 1500 persons in the church for the funeral service.   Most of the parish are asked to remain standing until others have been accommodated with seats. From the hour that the body is placed in the church until the funeral there will be a guard of honor on duty.  A delegation of parishioners composed of John Gartland, Peter P. Turner, M. D. Dugan, J. E. Doyle, J. C. Mary, T. P. Murray, John H. Kelly, and John J. Costello will go to Buffalo today to meet the train bearing Father Dougherty's remains and will act as official escort.

Children of the parochial school will meet the train in the New York Central station tomorrow morning, and will escort the remains to the rectory.  In this escort also will be Wendell Toomey, James F. Hobbins, John L. Kelly, Clifford Murphy, and Cletus Doyle. His body was interred 1921 Canandaigua, New York, Calvary Cemetery.

James Dougherty attended Miller District School in Romulus and Ovid Union School. He taught school one year in Varick, then went to St. Andrew's Seminary, and St. Joseph's Theological Seminary at Troy.  He was ordained a priest, October 28, 1887. 

His first church was Honeoye Falls and East Rush. He was then an assistant at St. Mary's in Auburn. September 1890 he became pastor in Stanley and Rushville, at St. Agnes Church, Avon, June 1901, then pastor of St. Mary's Church in Canandaigua where he remained for 20 years. Also served in Churches in St. Patrick at Dansville, Holy Name in Groveland before going to Canandaigua.

The church in Canandaigua was built while he was pastor, also a summer chapel at Cedar Grove. He went to Arizona because of illness and died there in Phoenix, at age 58. February 4, 1921. Anna Hamilton of Kendaia, brother Bernard of Waterloo, and Patrick of Ovid. When he left Canandaigua, parishioners gave him a purse of $2000, later added another $2400. 

 Bernard2 Dougherty  was born in Fayette, New York 1856.  Bernard died November 03, 1928 Waterloo, New York, at 72 years of age. 

                GENEVA DAILY TIMES  November 5, 1928 

Bernard Dougherty -   Waterloo, Nov 5,  Bernard Dougherty, 72, died Saturday at his home, 11 East Main Street, following a strike of apoplexy.  He was a stone mason and contractor by occupation and had resided here 26 years.  Mr. Dougherty was a Fourth Degree member of the Order of The Knights of Columbus and a highly respected citizen of this community for over a quarter century.

He is survived by his wife, one brother, Patrick Dougherty of Romulus, and one sister, Mrs. Anna Hamilton, also of that village.  There is also a surviving grandson, Bernard Dougherty of New York City.  The funeral will be held at St. Mary's Church, Tuesday morning, Rev. Father Francis O'Reilly officiating. Burial will be made in St. Mary's Cemetery.

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