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Charles E.1 Hathaway  was born 1852.  Charles died March 10, 1910 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at 57 years of age. 

                    ONTARIO  COUNTY  JOURNAL March 25, 1910  PAGE 

HOPEWELL  CENTER -   Charles E. Hathaway, of Wilmington, Delaware, died at a Philadelphia hospital on March 10, aged 58 years. Mr. Hathaway was formerly of Hopewell, having spent his young manhood on the Hathaway farm, now owned by James Pettit.

He leaves besides his wife, Mrs. Belle VanGelder Hathaway, formerly of Chapin, six grown children and several grandchildren, an aged father, and a brother of Auburn.

                             SAME  PAPER

  DIED HATHAWAY -    At Philadelphia, March 10, 1910, Charles E. Hathaway, of Wilmington, Del, aged 58 years, formerly of Hopewell. 

                               He married Isabelle A. VanGelder Hopewell, New York, December 04, 1878.  The year may be 1875.          

                    Isabelle was born Chapin, New York August 28, 1851. Isabelle was the daughter of Alfred Morris VanGelder and Mary Jane Dean.  Isabelle died February 19, 1929 Newport, Delaware, at 77 years of age.  

                          ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL Fri. February 22, 1929  PAGE  5  


 Word has been received of the death on Tuesday, February 19, of Mrs. Isabelle Hathaway, aged 77 years, at Newport, Delaware. She was the daughter of Mr. Alfred and Mary Jane VanGelder, and spent her girlhood days in the vicinity of Chapin and Hopewell, where she was married to Charles E. Hathaway on December 4, 1878. Mr. Hathaway died March 10, 1910.

There survive three sons, J. Willis of Elkton, Md., Murray L. of Geneva, and Emerson Hathaway, of Philadelphia, Pa., three daughters, Mrs. John Croney, of Newport, and Mrs. Myrtis Mannering, and Mrs. Samuel Walker, of Canandaigua, one sister, Mrs. Charles Gifford, Canandaigua, and three brothers, George B. VanGelder of Clifton Springs, B. Emerson VanGelder of Wilmington, Del., and Edgar A. VanGelder of Chester, Pa., several grandchildren. Funeral services will be held this afternoon at her late home in Newport with burial at Silverbrook Cemetery.

                                              SAME PAPER

  DIEDHATHAWAY - At Newport, Delaware, Feb. 19, 1929, Mrs. Isabelle Hathaway, aged 77 years, formerly of Chapin and Hopewell.

                                Her body was interred 1929 Newport, Delaware, Silverbrook Cemetery. 

Benjamin Franklin2 Hawks  was born Phelps, New York December 28, 1799.  Benjamin died April 07, 1878 Phelps, New York, at 78 years of age.

                 ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL  Fri. April 19, 1878  PAGE  2  COL 5

 DIED    -    HAWKS -   At his residence in Phelps, NY, early Sunday morning, April 7, 1878, suddenly of heart disease, Mr. B. F. Hawks, aged 78 years. His body was interred 1878 Phelps, New York, Rest Haven Cemetery.

                      He married Hannah C. Drake 1829. Hannah was born Canandaigua, New York July 13, 1809.  Hannah was the daughter of Lt. Samuel Drake and Eunice Carpenter.  Hannah died June 14, 1897 New York City, New York, at 87 years of age. 

                                  UNION and ADVERTISER  June 18, 1897  PAGE  5  COL  4

                                                    Remains Brought From New York

 Phelps, June 18,   The remains of Mrs. Benjamin F. Hawks were brought here from New York yesterday for burial in Phelps cemetery. The funeral was held from the Methodist Church.

                        DEMOCRAT and CHRONICLE  June 18, 1897  PAGE  4  COL  3

Hannah, wife of the late Benjamin F. Hawks, a former resident of Phelps, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Martin Brush, of New York, last Monday. The remains were brought to Phelps yesterday for the burial in the family plot in the Phelps Cemetery.

Funeral services were held at the Methodist Episcopal Church, the deceased being one of the oldest members of that church. Her age was 87 years. Two sons and three daughters survive her.

                          NEW YORK TIMES  June 16, 1897 PAGE 

          HAWKS, Hannah D. 156  W. 81st Street  Age 87,  died on the 14th.

  Benjamin Franklin Hawks and Hannah C. Drake had the following children:

Lucinda3 Hawks was born in Ontario Co., New York April 03, 1830.  Lucinda died April 12, 1920 New York City, NY, at 90 years of age.

                                 ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL  Fri. April 16, 1920  PAGE  4

DIED   -   BRUSH   -  At New York City, April 12, 1920, Mrs. Lucinda Brush, formerly of Phelps. Her body was interred 1920 Phelps, New York, Rest Haven Cemetery.


Charles Seymour Hawks  was born 1841.  He married Annie E. Parker.  Annie  was born Hopewell, New York September 20, 1843.  Annie died August 29, 1883 Phelps, New York, at 39 years of age. 

                       ONTARIO  COUNTY  JOURNAL August 31, 1883 

  HAWKS  -   In Phelps, August 19, 1883, Anna, wife of C. S. Hawks. 


Ira1 Hawley  was born Holland.  He married Anna Frances Francisco.  Anna was born 1798. Anna died January 18, 1872 Canandaigua, New York, at 73 years of age.

                 ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES  Wed. January 31, 1872  PAGE 3  COL 4

DIED Hawley in Canandaigua, January 18th 1872, Mrs. Anna Hawley in the 75th year of her age.

The deceased left 11 living children. Three of her sons are practicing physicians, yet were they powerless to save the life of a mother whom God had called her home. 

James Albert Dr. Hawley  was born in Branchport, New York September 09, 1829.  Death record at Canandaigua City Clerk office says he was born in Middlesex. James died July 31, 1918 Canandaigua, New York, at 88 years of age.     He married twice. 

                       ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL  Fri. August 2, 1918  FRONT PAGE

                        DEATH  OF  OLDEST   PRACTISING   DOCTOR

Dr. James A. Hawley, Aged 89 Years, Had Practised Medicine for over 60 Years. In the death of Dr. James A. Hawley at his home on Center Street Wednesday morning, the oldest practising physician of the state passed away.

His career constitutes another of the monuments of mighty usefulness left by a Canandaiguan to benefit his fellowmen by the inspiration of his example. Dr. Hawley was born at Branchport on September 9, 1829, and started life on a farm. How he drifted from farming into medicine can best be learned from his own words told a short time ago.

My father came to me one day and said, Jim, you'll never make your salt at farming. I didn't like farming and I was pleased to hear him say that. It made it easy for me to get away from home to try something else. 

With my worldly possessions in a sack over my shoulder, I started out with no particular object in view. I drifted into Canandaigua where I was glad to get a job at a dollar a day and board at the carpenter trade. After a year at that, the boss, before renewing an agreement with me, said I would have to stand his test of what constituted a journeyman carpenter. 

I must hew from the rough, dress and put together a four panel door in ten hours. I did it in five minutes short of the time, which so pleased the boss that he offered me 1.50 and I board myself. I didn't accept. I suppose the truth of the matter was that carpentering was too much like work for me. By the way, that door still does duty in the tenant house on C. C. Sackett's farm. 

I had made up my mind I wanted to be a doctor. An epidemic in the neighborhood of my father's farm was reaping an appalling harvest of deaths. The doctors in that locality lost so many patients that their methods were generally discredited. I contracted the disease and well remember my refusal to take the dope prescribed by the physician. Jim, said father pleadingly, if you don't take this medicine you'll die. And if I do take it I'll die, I protested. An old fellow named Simmons, a farmer with no medical skill, was outdistancing the medical men by administering a tea made from spider root. I took it and got well, as did many others.  The incident caused me to have a distrust in the doctors of that neighborhood. 

Finally an electric practitioner came along and got results from his ministrations. I hadn't given up the notion that I wanted to be a doctor who could cure the people. I had saved some money and began my studies at Syracuse. We received our diplomas then after a two year course. I came back home and hung out my shingle. I was not long in discovering that I was not so different from the doctors whom I had criticized. 

I determined that a successful doctor is one who cures people, and I stopped looking at my sheepskin awarded to me on graduation and began to study. I took a post graduate course in Philadelphia. I tried to understand every case and know what treatment that particular case required. 

Dr. Hawley first practised at Branchport, then located near Minneapolis, Minn. He returned here at the outbreak of the Civil War with the belief then current that the Union would be rent asunder and the great Mississippi waterway closed to the North, which seemed then was destined to kill the growing West. There were a few railroads and the development of that mode of transportation was not dreamed of.  

Dr. F. C. Hawley, with whom Dr. Hawley practised here, died many years ago. Later, Dr. George Gregg was associated with Dr. Hawley, but in May, 1913, Dr. Hawley retired from the medical firm of Hawley and Gregg, after 56 years of active practice. Since that time he had answered calls in aid of special cases and was often called in consultation. Of late he had given medicine at his home to those who called. 

 The end of Dr. Hawley was in a way typical of the man. He was as ready for the summons from an angel of death to visit his Maker as he had always been for the summons of his fellowmen, the women and children to account to them professionally.  The grief that fills the heart is widespread and is so deep that not for many years will his kind deeds be forgotten or the memory of his skill, his influence, his benevolences be effaced from the memory of those left behind. The good that he has done is of inestimable value. 

 Dr. Hawley leaves his widow and a number of nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon. Rev. George E. Finlay will officiate. The Masons will have charge of the services at the grave at Woodlawn. His body was interred 1918 Canandaigua, New York, Woodlawn Cemetery.

                   He married Julia L. Lincoln.  Julia was born Ontario County 1835.  Julia was the daughter of Henry Lincoln and Louise Wood.  Julia died February 04, 1895 Canandaigua, New York, at 59 years of age.[i]  [i]. Canandaigua City Clerk office death record number 1242. It states that she was age 62 years.

    ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL Fri. February 8, 1895 PAGE  2  COL 3

About 4 AM, Monday, Mrs. Julia Hawley, wife of Dr. James A. Hawley, died at her home on Center Street. Though she had been an invalid for some years past, on the day preceding her death she felt as well as usual. The cause of death was supposed to have been the breaking of an adema of the lungs, death resulting in a few minutes.

Mrs. Hawley was a member of the Baptist church, and was 66 years of age. Funeral services were conducted  at her late home Wednesday afternoon by Rev. Dr. Townley.

           He married  2nd Frances Ann Knapp Canandaigua, New York, February 11, 1896.[ii]  [ii]. Record number 852 Canandaigua City Clerk office.

                  ONTARIO COUNTY REPOSITORY and MESSENGER  Friday February 14, 1896                       


At Canandaigua, February 11th by Rev. J. J. Lawrence, Dr. James A. Hawley and Frances Annie Knapp.

 Frances was born Bristol, New York August 08, 1849.  Frances was the daughter of Edward M. Knapp and Caroline M. Phillips.  Frances died September 13, 1926 Canandaigua, New York, at 77 years of age.[iii]   [iii]. Canandaigua City Clerk office death record number 171. Record states that the informant was James F. Knapp who lived on Tilyea Street.

  ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES Wed. September 15, 1926    PAGE  5

Mrs. Frances N. Hawley, aged 77 years, died at her home in Atwater Place Monday evening, after an illness of a week with heart trouble.  She was the widow of Dr. James A. Hawley, well known Canandaigua physician for many years, who died in 1919.

Mrs. Hawley leaves two nephews, James F. Knapp of Canandaigua, and Carl E. Knapp of Wolcott, and a niece Mrs. F. Roy Lord of Wilmington, Del.  Funeral will be held from the home of James F. Knapp on Telyea Street tomorrow afternoon, Rev. Emanuel J. Kallina of the Presbyterian Church officiating. Burial in Woodlawn.

                                                  Her body was interred 1926 Canandaigua, New York, Woodlawn Cemetery. 

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