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Germond2 Ketcham was born February 17, 1808.  Germond died December 17, 1883 Victor, New York, at 75 years of age.  His body was interred 1883 Victor, New York, Victor Village Cemetery.  

            He married Chloe P. Smith .  Chloe was born October 07, 1816.  Chloe died June 30, 1889 Victor, New York, at 72 years of age.   

                                                 ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES  

KETCHAM -   In Farmington, June 30, 1889, Mrs. Chloe P. Ketcham, aged 73 years. In 1836 the deceased united in marriage to Germond Ketcham, who preceded her in the march to better land some five years ago. For more than fifty years this worthy couple resided beneath the same roof tree where they took up the tangled thread of life together.

The first cry that went up to Heaven when wedding guests were gone was, Mercifully ordain that we may grow aged together. If that was their prayer away back in those times, God heard it, and their request was granted.

Eight children came to them to flood the home with sunshine and joy, and to be a source of strength and comfort to them when all their faculties should be tinged with the wintry frosts of age. Five of these survive her, Mrs. S. G. Ketcher of Grand Rapids, Mich., Mrs. Mary Herendeen, Elmore and William Ketcham, of Farmington, and Mr. Daniel Ketcham of Dunlop Kansas.  


   KETCHAM    -   In Farmington July 1, 1889, Mrs. Chloe Ketcham, aged 72 years. 

Germond Ketcham and Chloe P. Smith had the following children:  

Malvina M.3 Ketcham was born Farmington, New York January 15, 1839.  Malvina died September 06, 1887 Farmington, NY, at 48 years of age.   

                                 ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL

DIED   -   KETCHUM -   Miss Malvina Ketchum. the daughter of Mrs. Chloe P. Ketchum, passed from Farmington into the Higher Life September 7, 1887, aged 48 years.                       

                                   Another account in Journal

 KETCHAM -   In Farmington, NY, on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 1887, Miss Melvina Ketcham, aged 40 years. Her body was interred 1887 Victor, New York, Victor Village Cemetery.   

Alvira A. Ketcham was born Farmington, New York January 29, 1840.  Alvira died May 05, 1887 Miller's Corners, New York, at 47 years of age.  

                                   Ontario County Journal   Fri. June 3, 1887  PAGE  5  COL  7

 DIED  -   CLEVELAND - At Miller's Corners, May 5, 1887 of heart disease, Mrs. Alvira A. Cleveland, wife of Mr. Frederick Cleveland and daughter of the late Germond and Chloe Ketcham, of Farmington, NY, aged 47 years. Her body was interred 1887 Victor, New York, Victor Village Cemetery.  

                                She married Frederick A. Cleveland.   Frederick died May 17, 1895 Phelps, New York.     

                                ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES April 8, 1886                       

                              MARRIAGE      CLEVELAND  - KETCHAM

In Farmington on March 30, 1886, by Rev. M. L. Howell, Mr. Frederick A. Cleveland and Miss Alvina Ketcham of Farmington.   

               ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL    Friday May 24, 1895  PAGE  2 COL  7        

  DIED   -  Cleveland at Phelps, May 17, 1895 Frederick A. Cleveland aged 73 yrs.   

    Smith G.3 Ketcham was born 1843.  Smith died May 15, 1908 Buffalo, New York, at 64 years of age.   

                      ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL Friday May 29, 1908 Page 5 Col 5

 Died      Ketcham -    At Buffalo  Smith B. Ketcham, May 15, 1908, of Manchester, aged 65 years. 


Elmer A.3 Ketcham was born New York March 1845.  Elmer died January 09, 1930 at 84 years of age.  Roll  11 Elmer A. Ketcham Newspaper date  1-17-1930 Page 1

Obituary - Mr. Elmer A. Ketcham entered into rest at the home of his daughter Mrs. Orin Randall, on Thursday January 9, 1930 aged 85 years. He is survived by seven daughters and a son Nettie Anderson, Clara A. Randall, Ida Petty, Minnie Dillman, Mary Goodell, Vera Randall, Alma Robbins, and Bert Ketcham, and by a brother, Daniel Ketcham. Burial in South Farmington Cemetery.                                                            

              He married Althean Cynthia Crawford.  Althean was born 1843.  Althean died May 25, 1887 Wanneta, Kansas, at 43 years of age.  

                                   ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL

  DIED  -   KETCHAM -   In Wanneta, Chautauqua County, Kansas, May 25, 1887, Mrs. Alceba Ketcham, wife of Mr. E. A. Ketcham, formerly of Farmington, NY, aged 43 years.

Wilmarth S.3 Ketcham was born 1856.  Wilmarth died November 28, 1925 in East Rochester, New York, at 69 years of age.   

                                 ROCHESTER  DEMOCRAT and CHRONICLE  

Wilmarth Smith Ketcham passed away at his home, 116 West Hilbert Street, East Rochester, Saturday, November 28, 1925.  He is survived by his wife, Lottie A., four daughters, Mrs. Mae West, and Mrs. George Burrows, both of Alhambra, Cal., Mrs. Etta Brahler and Lottie of East Rochester.  Interment at Boughton Hill Cemetery.  

                     THE  VICTOR  HERALD  Friday December 4, 1925  Front Page  

OBITUARY    -   KETCHAM -     Wilmarth S. Ketcham died at his home in East Rochester, Saturday, November 28th, at the age of 69 years.  He was born in Farmington, and had lived in East Rochester for 28 years, during the greater part of which time he was connected with the Merchants Dispatch Transportation Company.

 Besides his wife, Lottie A. Ketcham, he is survived by four daughters, Mrs. Mae West and Mrs. George Burrows, of Alhambra, California, Mrs. Etna Brahler and Mrs. Lillian Smith of East Rochester. Funeral at his home Tuesday, and interment made in Boughton Hill Cemetery. His body was interred 1925 Victor, New York, Boughton Hill Cemetery.  

          He married Lottie Adele VanDenbergh Farmington, New York, November 20, 1879.  

                                 ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES  November 26, 1879  

FARMINGTON  ITEMS -    Among the latest items of interest is the marriage of Mr. Will Ketcham to Miss Lottie Vandenburgh, which occurred on the 20th instant. If the old saying be true, and the bride prove as stormy as the wedding day, we may, as a matter of course, look for squally times. But judging from the happy and amiable face of the bride, we conclude that these old maxims are like our weather, very uncertain. Congratulations to the happy couple.

                         Lottie was born December 11, 1861.  Lottie was the daughter of Dow Fonda VanDenbergh and Elizabeth B. Rowley.  Lottie died June 10, 1946 in East Rochester, New York, at 84 years of age.  

                                    VICTOR  HERALD  June 14, 1946

OBITUARY-  KETCHAM -  Mrs. Lottie A. Ketcham, widow of the late Wilmarth Ketcham, of East Rochester, died on June 10, 1946. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Chloe E. Burrows of Alahambra City, Mrs. Etna M. Brahler, of Fairport, and Mrs. Lillian A. Andrews of Detroit, Mich., five grandchildren, one sister, Mrs. Nettie Prosser of Victor, several nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held in East Rochester, Thursday, and interment was made in Boughton Hill Cemetery, in Victor. 

     Etna M. Ketcham was born 1887.  She married William Brahler in Dispatch, New York, June 20, 1906.  

                        CANANDAIGUA  CHRONICLE    July 4, 1906

   MARRIED    BRAHLER - KETCHUM    -   In Dispatch, June 20, William Brahler of Penfield, and Miss Edna Ketchum, of Dispatch.

   Ernest B. Ketcham was born Victor, New York 1892.  Ernest died May 15, 1895 Victor, New York, at 2 years of age.  

                                          SHORTSVILLE  ENTERPRISE  May 18, 1895  PAGE  3  COL                        

Mr. and Mrs.Will Ketcham, who recently moved from this place to Victor, have the sympathy of their many friends here, in the loss of their only son Ernest, who died Wed. afternoon from the effects of whooping cough followed by peritonitus, aged 3 years.   He was the idol of his parents and three sisters who are left to mourn their loss. His body was interred 1895 Victor, New York, Boughton Hill Cemetery. 

Ruth May2 Kidd   was born Geneva, New York 1906.  She married Wilfred Thomas Olschewske

  April 18, 1927.  Married, Wilfred T. Olchewske, aged 19 years, painter, born Fayette, son of August, born Germany, and Cynthia Bird, US. to Ruth May Kidd, aged 21 years, Teacher, daughter of Jesse Kidd and Catherine Ballette, born US., by Rev. S. M. Angel.  

Wilfred Thomas Olschewske  was born in Fayette, New York December 30, 1907.   

                                            WILFRED THOMAS OLSCHEWSKE  

                December 30, 1907, Fayette, to August 27, born Germany, and Cynthia Bird, age 23, born Seneca County.  Wilfred is the son of August Olschewske and Cynthia Sarah Bird .  


Sophia2 Kier    was born Germany November 04, 1882.  In the 1900 Penfield Census she has October 1882 as birth date. Sophia died 1966 at 83 years of age.  Her body was interred 1966 in Penfield, New York, Oakwood Cemetery.

She married George Jarrett Footer.   George was born England April 07, 1871.  George was the son of Martha Jarrett.  George died April 23, 1934 in Penfield, New York, at 63 years of age.                      

                           ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT and CHRONICLE  April  24, 1934  PAGE  12    Tuesday

FOOTER -   Entered into rest at his home in Perinton, Monday morning, April 23, 1934, George J. Footer, aged  63 years.  He leaves his wife, Sophia Kier Footer, one daughter, Mrs. Austin Ormsbee of East Rochester, three sons, Kenneth, George and Carl, all of Penfield. Funeral from the home in Penfield, Wednesday afternoon, April 25. Interment in Oakwood Cemetery.                       

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