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I would like to thank Ron for this very wonderful contribution to this site.  Years of his work and devotion to genealogy are presented here and shared by him to help us all unlock some of the passages of time to find our ancestors.  

by Robert Ronald Hanley Sr.

As of 2006, Ron Hanley has recently published a 14 Volume set of names and lineage, including pictures.  Please email Ron if you have any questions on surnames for this county.


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This section is about a total of 800 pages of information on various residents, at various periods, within Ontario Co., NY.  There are a variety of surnames that are in each section listed in the above table that may contain other family names as well, so I would suggest to use the SEARCH engine, putting in the surname you are seeking. 

Also, while combing these pages, you may want to use the "Cntl -  F" key function, by hitting these two keys simultaneously.  A "find" box will open, where you can put in a key word you are seeking (ie:  SMITH ) and this will help you scan through each page you have open to find any (SMITH) you are seeking.   

Allen - Angell A. - G. Andrews H. - M. Andrews S. - W. Andrews Appleton
Arnold - Atwater Bacon Baker - Barber Barney - Benham Bennett - Blanchard
Bliss - Braman Breen Brizee - Brown Brush - Bushnell Calkins - Catlin
Chambers Chapman - Church Clark - Cline Codding - Coffee Cole - Connell
Corser - Crosby Cross - Czarnowsky Damond - Dawson Dean - Dey Dietz - Donovan
Dougherty Douglass Drake - Dukelow Dunham - Dutton Edgett - Ellis
Elwell - Engert Erickson - Estes Fairchild - Ferguson Ferrin - Finagan Finnick - Flynn
Fogarty - Fonda Forman - Gauss Gerould - Gifford Gillette - Gourlay Graham - Greenagle
Grieve Grimes - Hally Hamilton Hanley    Part 1 Hanley    Part 2
Hathaway - J. Hawley Hawley Part 2 Hegerty Henderson - Hickox Hicks - Higley
Hill - Hinckley Hinds - Hunn Ideson - Ingraham  Ingraham  Part 2 Jackson - Johnson
Jones - Jopson Jordan - Judd Keefe - Kennedy Kennedy - Kesel Ketcham -Kier
Kingsbury - Knapp Kotteker - Lane Larner - Leon Lincoln - Linehan Long 
Lovejoy -Lovenheim Lower - Lyon  Madden - Maltman Marshall - Mason Mather - Mc Carthy
Mc Carthy - Mc Millan  Mc Quillan - Miller Mink - Moore Moran - Morey Morrissey - Mulheron
 Murphy - Nellis Nellis - Norsen North - Nott O'Brien - O'Reilly Olschewske-Outhouse
 Owen - Perkins  Phetteplace - Pickett Pierce - Pimm Plate - Pratt Prosser - Quinn
Radford - Rayburn Record - Redfern Redfern - Richardson Ricketson - Rowe Rowley - Ryan
 Ryan Sadler - Sanford Sant Angelo - Scanlin Schlecht -Schutt Shaw - Sheeler
Shenkman - Simond Simonds - Sivola Sleght - Smith Smith - Southworth Southworth - Spencer
 Sprentall - Steele Stevens - Supplee Talmadge - Thompson Thornell - Tiffany Tiffany
Tillotson - Totman Touhey - Turner Van Denbergh 1 Van Denbergh 2 Vandenbergh 3
Van Denbergh 4 Van Denbergh 5 Van Denbergh 6 Van Gelder 1 Van Gelder 2
Van Gelder 3 Van Vechten Van Wie - Wheatley Wheatley Wheeler - Wilder
 Willys - Wolverton Wolverton -  Zimmerman      


Words from the contributor, Robert Ronald Hanley Sr.:

"It is with great pleasure, five years of research, many traveled miles, and most of all, a smile, that I present to you our Heritage. What I have here  is only part of the gleanings from my database, done long ago yet I've continued to research and add a ton more newspaper input since then, but all does not appear here. 

The BEGINNING, this is the quest. As I see it, working as a genealogist is truly finding satisfaction when a new name appears. Of course the name must take us further back, toward the progenitor, and that will be the beginning. The only END would be not completing the quest. 

 In the true spirit of genealogists, my sharing of these records is done with a feeling of accomplishment. You and I may now stroll casually from our existence, to those days before we arrived, following our bloodlines to a source which sometimes may well surprise each of us. And as an added benefit many new relatives who are still living may come forward and present themselves, and we will welcome them to our family circle. 

 I gave four copies away to Canandaigua Museum, Bloomfield Museum, Ontario County Archives and Victor Free Library. Today if I were to compile this research it BEGINS with 4700 pages of data and photos of individuals. I would then probably have another 500 or more pages I would select for the book. I could never duplicate the original copies, so I just burn CD's periodically of the compiled database.

Anyway, you can see that I do keep involved, and work on this project seven days a week. Literally!!  May you enjoy and hopefully find a lead to your beginnings."

Robert Ronald Hanley Sr.

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