1913 Real Estate Transactions 

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Ontario Co. Times,  Apr 16, 1913
Thomas W. CHAMPLIN et ux to Myron M. MILES Gorham $1
Harry T. DARLING et ux to Thomas B. PITTS Canandaigua $1
Lester H. DUSENBERRY et ux to Charles B. JONES Bristol $1
Charlotte A. HOUSE et ux to Clarence C. HOUSE et ux Geneva $1
Anna E. EVERETT to Reuben F. CURTIS City of Geneva $1
Carrie F. WARNER to Anna B. BROSHARD Village of Phelps $1
William G. HENRY et ux to William H. HAMLIN Hopewell $1
Roy E. POOL et ux to Earl J. HOLCOMB et ux Village of Canandaigua $1
James A. PERRINE et ux to Lucy S. SHEEHAN East Bloomfield $1
Byron A. DAWLEY et ux to Edward S. LAMPHIER et ux Bristol $1
Louise E. BOUGHLASS & Barton M. BOUGHLASS to R. Frank PHILLIPS East Bloomfield $1
Mary E. FISCHER to Brainard H. WARNER Manchester $1
Matilda M. CLARK to James B. DEFRO  et ux Village of Gorham $1
Rose STEVENSON to Benjamin FRETHEY Phelps $1
Minnie I. NESTER et al to Patrick J. DORAN City of Geneva $1
Albert H. HERENDEEN et ux to Lewis W. KEYES City of Geneva $1
William SATTLER et ux to Robert H. TRAVIS City of Geneva $1
John E. CONNELLY et ux to George A. JACKSON Manchester $1
Edwin H. SMITH et ux to Alice M. LORING Village of Manchester $1
Guy M. BALDWIN & Mahala R. BALDWIN to George W. RICHARDS Canadice $800
Thomas B. WILSON et ux to John A. LEGERWOOD Seneca $1,200
Roy BEEMAN et ux to Christopher P. FOX South Bristol $1
Carlton W. TRICKEY & Margaret H. TRICKEY to Claude H. BOALS South Bristol $1
Joseph CLAYTON et ux to John R. JOHNSON et ux Phelps $1
Claude H. BOALS et ux to Roy BEEMAN et ux South Bristol $1
George L. SPEAKER & Edith M. SPEAKER to Henry G. ARNOLD East Bloomfield $1
Frank H. ROBSON et ux to Albert F. ROBSON Seneca $1
Estella OGDEN to Morris CAMP Farmington $1
Mrs. Cornelia GRAY to Henry T. COLE et ux Gorham $1
C. Robert THEOBALD & Grace M. THEOBALD to Dewey S. & Iola M. RICE City of Geneva $1
Annis B. EIGHMY to Mary GAINEY Village of Phelps $1
Peter VANDERLYKE et ux to Mary THAYER Village of Phelps $1
Elmer F. DAVIS to Fred G. NUDD Canandaigua $1
Louise E. BOUGLASS to Frank H. STEELE East Bloomfield $1
Mary PARTLON to Daniel E. MOORE City of Geneva $1
Oren P. LEWIS to Thomas DOLAN Sr. et ux Phelps $950
Charles D. BEAN to Glenn W. GRAY Geneva $1
Glenn W. GRAY et ux to Mary THAYER Geneva $1
Thomas KING et ux to Henry C. STRAUB et ux Manchester $1
Catherin LAIN to Robert G. JARDINE City of Geneva $1
William F. LALLY et ux to Thomas F. LALLY et ux Phelps $1
Howard M. GARDNER et ux to Samuel E. PARSHALL et ux Canandaigua $2,900
John D. GILLIS et ux to John C. MC MAHON Victor $1
Seneca H. SMITH et ux to George W. SMITH & Laura E. MARTIN Manchester $1
R. O. KINSEY et ux to Thomas DOLAN Sr. et ux Village of Orleans $50
James M. SHARPE et ux to Charles S. YOUNG Seneca $1
Ellsworth J. HILL et al to Charles COLEGROVE Canadice $1
Delay W. SEAMANS et ux to Leon BERRY et ux Village of Canandaigua $1
Michael E. CARNEY et ux to Thomas Y. VINCENT Hopewell $5,000
Frank TWIST et ux to Peter DEAN Village of Canandaigua $1

Martha TOBEY, Mary TOBEY & Lisle TOBEY, 

infants by Wm. H. HOUSEL, their special guardian

to E. J. HAYNES and Edith HAYNES Naples $2,500
James Sumner DRAPER et ux to Charles Sherman LAIN City of Geneva $169
Thomas Y. VINCENT to Augustus VANDE VOORDE Hopewell $1

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