Willard Asylum Cemetery

Military Section

Seneca Co.,  NY

Pictures of Headstones

compliments of  Ron Hanley 


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Aaron C. Ackerman

William Anderson

John Bearsley

Lawrence Behl

William Bellman

Napolean Bennett

Charles Bisbo

James W. Bishop

George Bist

Wyant Boughton

Patrick Brennan

John M. Brown

Noah L. Brown

Joseph Cole

Peter Commins

George Cooper

William Cornell

William Costello

John Coughlin

Henry C. Craig

Jeremiah Creed

Lewis C. Crossin

John Cunningham

Andrew J. Cure

Charles Donnelly

Alfred Dowling

James Dunn

Herman Ernst

Conrad Falke

Austin B. Farrell

Patrick Farrell

John Ferguson

Charles J. Finney

J. W. Finn 

Walter Flannagan

Jireh Gates

John C.  Hanley

William  Hartogh

William H. Hedges

Milton J. Hilliker

William H. Hooper

David Hughes

Lewis C. Hughes

James Hurst

Joseph W. Irwin

John Jackson

Henry Jenkins

Orrin Jenks

Thomas Johnson

Joseph Johnston

Augustus Keiter

Alfred Kendall

Thomas Kinchella

Ernest Kusterer

Alexander M. Lambert

Thomas Lee

Charles F. Lemka

Jeremiah Louney

John Lyons

John  G. Mayer

John McCarty

Rob McGuiness

William Melvin

William Merkley

Israel Miller

Norman H. Miller

George Moran

John Murphy

Bernard Murray

Edward Neilan

Simon Nesler

Christopher O'Brien

Rich Olmstead

Herman Paar

John S. Page

Andrew Personius

Bernhardt Petzold

J F Reitz

Henry M. Riker

P. B. Ripley

Erastus B. Robinson

James Roe

Andrew Schafer

Leroy Seymour

Charles C. Smith

Daniel W. Smith

Henry Sollar

Allen Steenberg

Charles J. Stewart

H. L. Sweet

William H. C. Trim

Henry unknown

William VanSchoick

Patrick Walsh

John Walter

John Webb

Patrick Weldon

William H. Wells

James Wheaton

Joseph White

Hiram L. Wing

Charles F. Wood

James  H. Wood

Jacob Yager

Garret Youngjohn

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