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Tibbals Cemetery 

Canadice, NY

On abandoned road off east side of Ross Road


BUGH Sarah J. 1844 -  Apr 1, 1911; 66y; w/o Wm.; nee TIBBALS   [obit]
BUGH William H 1846 - Feb 9, 1889; 42y; h/o Sarah TIBBALS
CORNELL Alvin T. 1814 - Aug 28, 1841; 27y
CORNELL Esther July 14, 1814 - Aug 4, 1889; 75y; nee WETMORE
CORNELL Stephen 1812 - Mar 3, 1831; 18y; s/o Wm. & Phebe (Alcott)
CORNELL William (Dr) May 1, 1781 - 1818; 36y; h/o  ??? & Phebe (Alcott) Blackmore
HALL Loleta died July 1955 N. Haven, CT; 74y; d/o Wm. & Sarah (Tibbals) BUGH [cremated] [her husb died Mar 1955]   [obit]
MONK Lorenzo May 1821 -  abt June 28, 1901; 80y; h/o Mary Ann WETMORE  [body found 7/5/1901]  [obit]
MONK Mary Ann Feb 4, 1826 - June 30, 1910; w/o Lorenzo; nee WETMORE
NORTH Esther 1812 - 1831; 19y
NORTH Eudella Feb 21, 1864; 4y; d/o Cameron S. & Elvira T. (Wetmore)     [1860 census  aged  3y]
NORTH Eudora June 3, 1856 - Feb 21, 1864; 7y;  d/o Cameron S. & Elvira T. (Wetmore)    [1860 census  aged 7y]
NORTH Stephen 1801 - 1843; 42y
OWEN  Lucille bur. Feb 14, 1897; youngest  d/o D. Gilbert OWEN      [obit]
STILES Mrs. early Aug 1889 N. Cohocton; sis/o Nelson WETMORE     [obit]
TIBBALS Charlotte 1793 - Apr 9, 1832; 38y; 2nd w/o David; nee TABOR; had epilepsy; 6 kids; [obit]
TIBBALS David Oct 8, 1785 CT - Sept 27, 1868; 83y; 6  kids (many, predecease); h/o Phebe [d. 1809], Charlotte [d. 1832] & Phebe ALCOTT died 4/3/1864]
TIBBALS Jane Sept 1822 Eng - 1906; nee BENNETT; w/o Peter; mother of Albert H.
TIBBALS Juliette 1825 - Mar 24, 1904; 78y; w/o Noah
TIBBALS Noah 1823 - 1895; h/o Juliette; s/o David & Charlotte (Tabor)
TIBBALS Peter Apr 2, 1821 - July 17, 1878; 57y; h/o Jane
TIBBALS Phebe 1785 MA - Apr 3, 1864; 78y; w/o Mr. Blackmore, Wm. Cornell, Ebenezer Kimball & David Tibbals; nee ALCOTT 
TIBBALS Wakeman 1816 - 1825; 7y; s/o David & Charlotte (Tabor)
TIBBALS Winfield June 9, 1850 - July 29, 1853; 3y; d/o Noah & Juliette
WETMORE Lydia Jan 1, 1794 - Nov 10, 1848; 52y; w/o Orlando; nee AMES
WETMORE Orlando May 12, 1792 - Sept 3, 1863; 71y; h/o Lydia AMES


Some of this list is compiled from news articles or obits.


Naples Record,  Wed, Aug 14, 1889

The remains of a Mrs. Stiles, sister of Nelson Wetmore, of North Cohocton, were brought from Honeoye Falls on the 7th instant and interred in the Tibbals cemetery. Friends from North Cohocton were in attendance.


Livonia Gazette, Thursday,   July  21, 1955.

The ashes of Mrs. Loleta Bugh Hall of New Haven Conn., were interred on Friday in the Tibbals cemetery. She was the daughter of William and Sarah Tibbals Bugh and spent part of her childhood here. She was 74 years of age and is survived by one sister, Mrs. Vira Briggs, who is at the old Tibbals homestead. Mr. Hall died in March.  


Livonia Gazette, Friday, April 7, 1911

The many friends of Mrs. Sarah Bugh, formerly of Canadice. will be sorry to learn of her death at her home in North Cohocton. The funeral was held from her late home on the 2d inst., and the burial was in the Tibbals cemetery at Canadice on the following day.




Wement Cemetery

Quote taken from the RAIMS website about the existence of this cemetery:

"While this cemetery has been known for some time, it has never been read and there are no records.  Residents suspect that it was a family cemetery.  Its listing here is based on the testimony of witnesses that it does, indeed, exist.   To date, no stones have been found."

 See pamphlet:  Rev. James T. Dougherty.  Diamond Jubilee.  St. Mary's Church of Canandaigua, New York.  1844-1919.  (Canandaigua, NY:  The Church, 1919)

No news items found either for this cemetery name


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