French Family Cemetery

 East Bloomfield, NY



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FRENCH. Betsey 1789 - May 26, 1836; 47y
FRENCH, Betsey 1837 - Feb 22, 1855; 13y;7m; d/o John 
FRENCH, Betsey aged 1y,20m; d/o John B. & Betsey
FRENCH, John B. Aug 20, 1783 - Aug 30, 1864; 81y,10d; h/o Betsey
FRENCH, Lydia S. 1784 -  Jan 14, 1875; 80y; nee POOLE
FRENCH, Miranda 1827 - Aug 25, 1850; 23y; d/o John B. & Betsey
FRENCH. Reuben 1825 - July 18, 1875; 50y

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