Town of Farmington, NY


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Index of Farmington Cemeteries

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Cooper, Allen, Brown Cemetery 

(bodies presumed exhumed & moved to unknown location -1960's; this cemetery was located under parking lot of the race track) 

Hathaway Cemetery   (near Co. Rt. 41 & 332) 

Herendeen Cemetery  (Rt. 96 near Hook Rd.)

Lapham Private Cemetery   (Co. Rt. 41)

North Farmington or Friends Cemetery (Sheldon Rd., E. of Co. Rd 8)

Payne Cemetery   (Rt. 96 & Sand Hill Rd.)

Power Cemetery (Co. Rd. 41 & Beaver Creek Rd.)  

Preston Cemetery    (unknown location)

Salem, Luterhan or German Cemetery 

South Farmington or Chapel Cemetery  


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