Rushville Cemetery

Gorham,  NY

Pictures of Headstones

compliments of Dianne Thomas & Mel Norsen

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Rushville Military Monument

Rushville Military Monument

Rushville Military Monument

Military Dedication stone

Veteran's Memorial Cemetery Stone

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Anna Abbott

John W., Emiline (Nichols), Wm. A. & Hearty (Lippett) Abbott & 

Catherine A. Abeel

Elizabeth L. Abeel

Garrett R. Abeel

William & Amy Margaret Abeel

David F. Adam

John & Sarah Adamson

Charles S. Allen

Laura V. Allen

Lela M. Allen

Ignacio & Lucy (Robinson) Alonso

unknown Dad Alonso

unknown Mom Alsonso

Hollister L. Alsworth

Albert F. & Lulu (Holbrook) Amerman

Eva Anderson

William J. Andres

Wm. J. Jr. & Martha Andres

Frank H. Angell

Harvey R. & Mary J. (Foster) Angell

Ansley family stone

Albert H. Ansley

Charles H. Ansley

Ellen Ann Ansley

George A. & John A. Jr. Ansley

George Ansley medal

John, Eliza & Mary A. Ansley

Mabel Ansley

Mary A. (Cole) Ansley


Mary Ellen Ansley

M. Earl Ansley

William A. & Catherine M. Ansley

Robert L. Arden

Keith G. Armitage

Keith G. & Ruth F. Armitage

Arnold family stone

Cuyler S. Arnold


Cuyler S. & Florence G. (Burnham) Arnold

Frank G. Arnold


Frank Lovell Arnold


Fred M. Arnold




Janie Arnold


Leola (Ford) Arnold

Lovel & Caroline A. (Clark) Arnold

Mabel E. Arnold

Vina, George, Juaneta Nina, Edgar, Richard & John Arris


Albert A. Ayers


Esther A. Ayers

Harry Ayers

Mary A. Ayers

Milon H. Ayers

Ralph & Frances Azzarone

David J. Babcock

Maurice & Irene Babcock

Elizabeth Baggerly

Henry & Delinda Baggerly

Charlotte (Paige) Bagley

Harry Bagley

Howard Sr., Ruth, & Howard Jr. Bagley


John William Bagley

Mary M, John D., Clara G. & Frances M. Bagley

Bertha J. & Reginald L. Bailey

Jeremy Bailey


Leon D. Bailey

Doris (Lafler) Baker


Olive (Dusenbery) Baker

T. Sunderlin Baker

Baldwin family stone

Alfred D. Baldwin

Alice M. Baldwin

George P. Baldwin

Howard P. & Maud R. Baldwin

Virginia O. Baldwin

Carrie Barber

Flora Barber

Virgil G. Barber

Fred & Jane Bardwell

Ada A. Barker

Barney C. Barker

Emma E. Barker

Emmet C. Barker

Barnes monument

Catherine E. Barnes

Eliza Barnes

"Little Man" Barnes

"Our Baby" Barnes

unk 4320 Barnes

Evelyn T.  & Gerald R. Barnhardt

Charles M. Bartholomew


Nellie M. Bartholomew

Albert D. Bates

Iva M. Bates

Linwood R. & Ellen M. (Harkness) Bates

Mabel B. Bates

Curtis Maxwell Bay

David H. & Alice Jean Bay

Donna C. Bay

R. Kenmore & Joan M. Bay

Maurice R. & Marjorie V. Bay

Milton C. Bay

Nettie G. & John M. Bay

Sheldon Bay

Bessie L. (Foster) Beach

Bradley H. Beach

Inf. son Beach

Henry Wood Beardsley

Roswell E. Beardsley

Roswell W. Beardsley

Susan (Millard) Beardsley

Emma (VanEpps) Beckett

Fred J. & Clara Beckett

George & Mary Beckett

Walter W. Beckett

William H. & Clarence G. Beckett

Beerman family monument

Jacob H. & Minerva A. Beerman

Elizabeth (Olsen) Bell

Woodrow Bell

Floyd E. Bellis

Lela (Jones) Benham

Maurice L. Benham

Clarence J. & Marie V. Bennett

Helen M. Bennett

Howard Atwood Bennett

James & Phebe A. Bennett

Loretta Bennett

Esther Bentley




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