Rushville Cemetery

Gorham, , NY

Pictures of Headstones
compliments of Dianne Thomas & Mel Norsen

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Bl - Bu

Ernest C. , Hattie J. & Henry  Blair

Myron & Lizzie Blair

Oren C. & Effa A. (Macomber) Blair

Sterling N. & Frances H. Blair

Dorothy I. Blanding

Esther A. Blauvelt

Robert D. Blauvelt

Blodgett family stone 1

Blodgett family stone 2

Blodgett monument 5115

Albert H. Blodgett

Albert & Rebecca (Cobb) Blodgett

Blanche W. Blodgett

Charrie (Johnson) Blodgett

Clara (Wilson) Blodgett

Daniel M. Blodgett

Edwin Orson & Mary S. Blodgett

Edwin Orson Blodgett

& Mary S. Blodgett

Elizabeth B. & Leslie F. Blodgett

Elizabeth S. Blodgett

Eugenia E. (Holbrook) Blodgett

Fred M. Blodgett

Frederick J. "Ted" Blodgett

Genevieve E. Blodgett

George Winants & Clara (Wilson) Blodgett

Children of Geo. W. & Clara W. Blodgett

George W. Blodgett Sr.

Howard F., Delos J., Emma A., Lester A. & Myron C. Blodgett

James Fletcher Blodgett

James Gelston Blodgett

J. Henry Blodgett

Kathleen Blodgett

Kathryn (Baker) Blodgett

Lena (Pitt) Blodgett

Mabel D. Blodgett

Marion R. Blodgett

Martha W., Clarrisa M. Blodgett & Helen B. Loomis

Mary C. Blodgett

Mary S. Blodgett

Mildred (Zavitz) Blodgett

Miles A. Blodgett

Myron G. Blodgett

Olive (Fletcher) Blodgett

Orlin E., Arzelia S. Blodgett

Pearl L. Blodgett

Robert M. Blodgett

Rufus M. Blodgett

Timothy Mower  & Marietta (Winants) Blodgett

Vernon W. Blodgett Jr.

Vernon Wilson & Ann (Mincer) Blodgett

William & Lydia (Mapes) Blodget (t)

Martin & Helen Blood

Bessie J. Boardman


Myron R. Boradman

Myron R. Boardman II

Myrta Boardman

William C. Boardman

William M. Boardman

Lester Bodine

Eleanor (Haugh) Boise

Karl Bolte & Dydymus family

L. S. Borden

Polcy R. Borden

Bordwell family stone



Janet F. Bordwell


LaVerne Andrew, Theresa (Bell). Andrew J. & Bernard Lionel Bordwell

Thomas Bordwell


Thomas J. Bordwell

Thomas & Marian Bordwell

William K Bordwell

Hugh L. & Margaret Boyden


George Edward & Caroline (Williams) Boynton

George Edward Jr. & Dorothy (Turrentine) Boynton

Harriet (Bentley) Boynton

Mary Louise Boynton & Florence A. Thompson

James V. & Etta M. Brannon

Florence (Dusenbery) Brayman

Edwin R. Breck

Brenda Brittingham

Ray & Irene Brittingham

Albert V. Brown

Ann & Shelby Brown

Homer M. & Bernadine M. Brown


Russell Brown

Dewey Bryant 4315

Ira & Adeline Bryant

Ira, Elizabeth Ann & Dewitt C. Bryant

Susan Bryant

Clifford W. Burgess

Clifford W. & Hazel N. Burgess

Flora Burnham

Frederick R. & Sobrina A. (Green) Burnham

Arnold S. & Mabel B. Button

Carlton E. & Nettie T. Button

Earle R. & Nettie M. Button

Leona P. & Milford C. Button

Olive T. & Arthur G. Button

Stanley L.  & Lucy (Hackett)  Button

Ann R. (Consalus) Buzzell

Helen Buzzell



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