Rushville Cemetery

Gorham, , NY

Pictures of Headstones
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A. J. & W. C. Cadmus

John A. & Caroline Cadmus

Robert Cain

Addie Canright

Clara (Schwrtz) Capeles

Edwin R. Carey

Carr monument

George C. Carr

Harold F. & Ethe M.l Carr & Albert W. & Joan E. Shipman

Minnie (Emory) Carr


Gertrude W. & Ralph P. Carroll

Carson family stone


William A. & Jessie E. (Jones) Carson

Emily J. Carvey

Leah M. Carvey

Samuel P. Carvey

Case - Lapham monument

Anna C. Case


E. Gerry Case

Eliza D. Case

Leorie V. Case

Maria K. Case

Mortimer L. Case

Ralph S. & Dianna (C.) Casperson

James & Huldah (Stanley) Catlin

Stanley & Elizabeth (Reddout) Catlin

Freddie W. Caton

Sarah M. Caton

Russell & Olive (Johnson) Cator

Darwin Chaffee

Fred J. Chaffee

Edna Champlin

Rowland Champlin

Thomas M. & Catherine H. Champlin

Oscar H. & Frances (Dinehart) Chapin

Charles E. & Ella Dintruff) Chapman

Emma Ann (Dunton) Chapman

Eva E. Chapman

Frank E. Chapman

Morris F. Chapman

Sanford Charles

Rose E. Cisco

Clark/Carlton monument


Clark family monu

Clark family

Bert Clark

Carlton E., Ervina F. (Rapalee). George C. & Frank A. Clark

Charles W. Clark

Chloe (Horton) Clark

Corydon F., Carlton & Alice (Wheeler) Clark

Corydon F. Clark

Edward J. Clark


Elizabeth V. Clark

Elmer Clark

Emory W., Donald B., Barbara H. & Maurice G. Clark

Frank C. Clark


George & Ann Eliza Clark

George & Frank A. Clark

George H. Clark

Ida J. Clark

Jason C. Clark

Jay M. & Firna S. Clark

Josephine & Richard Clark

Mary A. Clark

Benjamin  & Alice Clarke

Clawson monument

Alberta E. Clawson

Charles S. Clawson

Fannie V. Clawson

Jabez B. Clawson

Lloyd E. Clawson

Pearl (Emory) Clawson



Guarld D. & Penny L. Cline

Lou E. Cline

Kathleen Elizabeth (Leahey) Clouse

Annis H. Cobb

Marshall J., Hannah Maria & Carrie Cobb

William A. Cobb

Cole family

Cole family stone

Caroline P. (Foster) Cole

Clifford D. Cole

D. Merritt  & Rachel E. Cole

Florence L. Cole

Fred W. Cole

George Cole

George W. Cole


Hannah H. Cole & John Voorhees

Hannah P. Cole

Harry M. Cole

Henry T. Cole

Howard M. Cole

Mae (Bellis) Cole

Maria (Wright) Cole

Maude A. (Gage) Cole &  Marvin & Sarah (Holley) Gage

Michael V. Cole

Sarah Ann (White) Cole

Thelma I. Cole

Dennis W. Colf

Hattie B. Colf


Erwin A.& Maude (Rector) Cone

John Conitor

Conklin family stone

Mildred Conklin

Allen J., Estella J. & Jerome A. Conley

Jerome A. Conley

Gordon D. Conway

Harry H. & Florence (Stewart) Conway

Henry C., Stella H., Harry H., Florence S. Gordon D. Conway & Susannah Holbrook

George W. & Eliza J. Cook


Floyd E. & Alice F. Cooley

Arden Cooper

Bruce & Janet Cooper


Esther & Ruth Cooper

Lavern Cooper

Ray Cooper

Crane family stone


Althea Crane

Foster W. Crane

Charles Cratsley

James C. & Solomon H. Creed

William H. & Nancy Creed

Ethel L. Cronin

Charles A., Genevieve H. & Regina F. Crowe

Russell L. Cuffee Sr.

Eva (Davis) Currey & infant

Leon A. Currey

Cornelia (Clark) Currier

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