Rushville Cemetery

Gorham, , NY

Pictures of Headstones

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Fairfield family stone


George Fairfield

John Fairfield

Julia Fairfield

Irving W., Ida A. (Gage) & Leon E. Fake

Irving  & Lillian S. Fake

LaFayette & Anna  Fake

Myron L. Fake

Catharine (Collins) Fanning

Julia Fanning

William Fanning

Ella Farnsworth

Hattie L. (Chapman) Farnsworth

Ira E. Farnsworth

Joseph Farnsworth

James A. & Beulah V. Farr

Daniel M. & Stella E. Farrell

Evelyn M. & Paul J. Feehan

William J. & Mabel E. Feltz

Adelbert S. Ferguson

Conrad F. & Effa H. Ferguson

Evelyn H. Ferguson

Franklin S., Augustus C. & Charles M. Ferguson

Franklin B. Ferguson

Frank H. Ferguson

Helen G. Ferguson


John P. Ferguson

Martin, Elisabeth S. & Nancy M. Ferguson

Nellie E. Ferguson

Perlie J. (Foster) Ferguson

William L. Ferguson

Charles & Catherine Fetterman

Georgette I. & Kenneth W. Fetterman


Mary (Burdick) & Victor C. Field

Dale & Claudia Findley

Fisher family stone

Alson D. & Mary Fisher

Amelia Fisher

Cornelia Fisher

Eliza Fisher footstone

Hannah Fisher footstone

Henry F. Fisher

James & Catharine Fisher

James R. & Hannah M. Fisher

James R. Fisher footstone

John A. & Eliza C. (Rude) Fisher

John & Hannah Fisher

John N. Fisher

Lillian A. Fisher

Lovina Fisher

Martie Fisher

Norman Fisher

Peter Fisher

Roy J. Fisher

Roy J. & Elnora Fisher

Samuel L. Fisher

Sophronia Fisher

William Fisher

Fitch family stone

Fitch - Pearce  family stone

Fitch  - Wilson family stone

Adeline & Almira Fitch

Alice Fitch

Alice W. Fitch

Bertha Fitch

Doris Fitch

George M. Fitch

George S. Fitch

Gordon M. Fitch

Henrietta G. Fitch

Horace W. Fitch

Horace & Sally A. Fitch

Mabel (Wilson) Fitch

Murray A. Fitch

Murray C. Fitch

Pauline (Pearce)  Fitch

Sally, Libbie A. & Mason Fitch

Walter R. Fitch

Wilson W. Fitch

Leigh J. & Blanche L. Fitzwater

Harriet A. Flinn footstone

Morris Baldwin & Harriet A. Flinn

Mary Irene H .L.  Fogarty [next to Clouse]

Ford family stone

Charles W. Ford

Estella E. Ford

Foster family stone

Alanson & Ann (Cadamus) Foster

Alanson W. & Lucille A. Foster

Archie Foster

Charles C. Foster

Charlie E. & Pauline L. Foster

Clarence Foster

Edward J. & Elizabeth H. Foster

Effa Shirley Foster

Emmett A., Mary A. & Anna M. Foster

Frank & Flora Foster

George A. Foster


Herbert J. & Nellie M. Foster

Martha A. (Jackson) Foster & O.L. & N.E. Jackson

Martha & Lizzie Foster footstones

M. Frances (White) Foster

Mildred C. Foster

Nancy Foster

Nehemiah & Caroline Foster

Fowler monument

L. Fitch Fowler

Lulubelle Fowler

Mittie (Green) Fowler


R. Warner, Caroline & Edward Fowler

S. Louise Fowler

Wilford W. Fowler

Albert C. Fox

Charles W. & Cynthia M. Fox

Edward H. Fox

Ed W. Fox footstone

Emory L. & Joyce E. Fox

Freida L. Fox

John Charles Fox

John C. Fox

Josephine (Gillette) Fox

Mary R. Fox

Susie A. (Harsh) Fox

Francisco - Hillman family stone

David Francisco

Guy & Glenna Francisco

John H. Francisco

Jonathan W. Francisco

Lester J., Lottie E. (Johnson) & Fannie A. Francisco

Mary L. Francisco

Michael & Elizabeth Francisco


Nancy (Kinsman) Francisco

Ralph & Arlene Francisco

Samuel C. Francisco

Charles G. & Hester A. French

Emmett J., Ellen E. & Grace M. French

Winfield W. French

Helen & Jane A. Fuller


Arlene (Kochis) Fullwood

John A. & Ethel M. Fullwood


Thomas H. Fullwood

Furner monument

Thomas E. Furner


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