Rushville Cemetery

Gorham, , NY

Pictures of Headstones
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 SE G footstone [near end of old section]

Gage family stone

Gage family stone 1

Gage family stone 2

Gage  family stone 3

Gage family stone 4

Albert B. & Mary L. Gage

Charles A., Mary E., G. Dewey & Ruby L. Gage

Clara Gage

Clara J. (Ingraham) & Murry Gage

Earl & Carolyn T. Gage

Eugene F. &  Sybil E. Gage

Frank G. & Elizabeth Gage

Harriet N. (Wilson)  Gage


Hattie L. (Noble) Gage

Ira B. Gage

John A. & Marjorie N. Gage

Kenneth M. & Helena (Caulkins) Gage

Laura H. & Floyd B. Gage

Lorenzo D. Gage

Lorenzo Thompson Gage

Marjorie Maude Gage

Marvin H. & Mildred D. (Rostollan) Gage

Marvin, Sarah (Holley) Gage  & Maude A. (Gage) Cole

Mary J. Gage

Richard M. Gage footstone

Mary J. & Richard M. Gage

Maude (Bellis) Gage

Maurice A. Gage


Morris a. & Jayne M. Gage

Murry Gage

Nellie (Stark) Gage

Nina B. Gage


Norris W. Gage

Orren D. Gage

Paulina (Walter)  & Homer B. Gage


Ruth (Raymond) Gage


William H. & Bernice M. Gage

Kelly C. Galland

Kristie  Lee Ganoe

Carole Jean Gardner & Jean T. VanGelder

Lyman L., Charlotte A. & Susie A. Gaston

Newton, Mary A. (Austin), Baby & Belle F. Gaston

Ellen (French) Gates

James M. Gates

Lucille (Gillette) Gee

Wilburn M. Gee

Dorothy M. & Luke Geisinger

Gordon & Bernetta (Loomis) Genor

James A. & Viola W. Gibbons

Charlotte Gibbs

Claude R. & Diana Giguere

Bessie (Campbell) Gillette

F. Bryce Gillette

Franklin Winfield Gillette

Mabel (Olmstead) Gillette

Mabel (Shuman) Gillette

William Olmstead Gillette

William Winfield Gillette

Catharine Ginther

Peter Ginther

Mary J. (Button) & Jean Olive Goldsmith

Jessa D., Carrie C. (VanGuilder), Demont J. & Iva M. Goodman

Ella May Goodrich (infant)

Ella H. Goodrich

David & Sarah Gordon

Charles A. & Karen Gorton

Charles, Rose & Ethel Gorton

Claude E. & Emma F. Gorton

Corda M. Gorton & Libbie S. Johnson

Frank J. & Gladys E. Gorton

Howard C. & H. Genevieve Gorton

Herman E. Graff

Anna M. Graham


Beulah N. Graham

Guy M. Graham

Marjorie M. Graham

Neil H. Graham

Theodore L. Graham

Almeron M. & Irene L. Gray

Bertie Gray

Addie (Criss) Greed

Green family stone

Alexander P. Green

Alida J. Green

Alva H. & Lucy Green

Annie (VanVelsor) Green


Annabelle Green

Arabelle (Twitchell) Green


Carl E. Green

Carl & Doris L. Green

Carrie E. Green

Celia (Boies) Green


Charles Francis Green

Charles H., Betsey Ann & Fannie A. Green

Dana  C. Green

Elzer Green

Elzer & Ann Green

Emory C., Margaret M. (Tourlette) Green & Nettie (Green) Porter

Erastus & Margaret Green

Headley M. Green

Helen M. Green


Ira H, Melissa A. (Johnson) & Kathleen Green

Julie Ann Green

Lola B. Green

Margaret E. Green

Mary F. Green



Nathaniel H.  & Mary C. Green

Nelson Green

Olin Green

Olive F., Green, Emma A. Reed &  Grace C. Hospes

Rae J. Green

Richard & Mary Ann Green

Robert & Sophia Green

Sadie H. Green

Sarah Green

Staats Green

Susan Green

Wightman JJ Green, Ellen E. (Mrs. W.A. Wilson) & F. Carson Wilson 

William N. Green

Cuyler Franklin Greene

Joshua Greene

Alice E. (Green) Groat

Kathleen M. Groat

Alida Guider

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