Rushville Cemetery

Gorham,  NY

Pictures of Headstones
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 Ha - Hi

Anna Hadsell

Harry Hadsell

Warren W. Hadsell

Mary S. Halbert

Brainard D. Hall

Calvin H. & Mary A. Hall

Dorothy Hall

Hattie L. Hall

William W. Hall

Addison  Halstead footstone

Addison T. & Ruth (Blodgett) Halstead

Clarence L. & Lillian G. Halstead

Corneilus W. & Gertrude V. Halstead

Lewis & Lucy Halstead footstones 

Lewis, Lucy S. (Francisco) Halstead, May H. Robinson, Frances H. & Harvey E. Nye 

Ruth B. Halstead

Frank E. & Eunice (Bailey) Hamilton

Harvey & Claribel Hamilton

Orson  L. & Clara L. (Parsons)  Hamilton

Reynold B. & Arvilla D. Hammer

Harkness family stone

Adelaide Harkness

Charles W., Mary (Harper), Henry H. & Florence M. Harkness

C. Maude (Read) Harkness

Daniel B., Mary H. (Whitman), Albert H. & Isabel C. Harkness

Deroy J. Harkness

Eliza (Dunton) Harkness

Frank H., Anna L., Catharine (Hoover) & Catharine Anna Harkness

Fred P. Harkness

Hiram A. Harkness

Mary (Lindsley) Harkness

Sarah A. Harkness

Harper/Blodgett monument

Henry & Maria (Cobb) Harper

Horace Harris

Martha (Snyder) Harris

William B. Harris

Harvey family stone

Baby Harvey

Calista (Molett) Harvey

Clarence G. Harvey

David Harvey

George D. & Ann (Mathews) Harvey

George Dudley & Minnie  (Randal) Harvey

Kathryn (Mulvey) Harvey

Martin G. Harvey

Minnie C. (Taylor) Harvey

Richard Harvey



Richard & Linda Harvey

Samuel Harvey

David Haury

Paula Haury

Ettie S. Havens

Addison D. Haviland

Harold W. & Reta L. Haviland

Olive S., George M. & Ina M. Haviland

Adelbert Z. Hawley

Beatrice Hawley

Beulah Hawley

Genevieve G. & Elmer T. Hawley

Jonathan & Olive Hawley

Thomas Hawley

Anna L. Headley

Edward L. Headley

Frank D. Headley

Fred D. & Bertha G. Headley

Leah Headley

Max C. Headley

Fred & Mary Heimer

John & Henry Heimer

Earl Hennessy

Katherine L. Hennessy

Ellis Patterson Henry

Pearl (Hook) & Murray G. Henry

Earl Calvin Herrington

Martin D. Herrington

Martin R. Herrington


Analine Hicks 

Hicks family stone


Edbert I. Hicks

E. Franklin Hicks

Nettie B. (Burnham) Hicks

Thomas F. & Claire (Gage) Hicks

Grace (Williams) Hill

Louisa Hill

Margaret E. Hill


Orrin D. Hill

Ward Hill

Hillman - Francisco family stone

John Franklin Hillman

Howard Hilton

Howard & Louise Hilton

June Hilton

Kenneth R. Hilton

Otto G. & Maude Hilton

Remer G. & Eleanor (Blair) Hilton



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