Rushville Cemetery

Gorham,  NY

Pictures of Headstones
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 Ho - I

Albert E. Hoag

Bertha (Wilkinson) Hoag

Floyd E. Hoag

Grace (Edred) Hoag

Emaline (Blodgett) Hoard

Menzo W. Hoard

Amy (Durham) Hobart

Caroline Hobart

Cordelia C. Hobart

Donald F. Hobart

Dorothy (Green) Hobart

Earl C. Hobart

Frances C. Hobart

Francis E. Hobart

John Hobart

John W. & Laura J. Hobart

Ralph D. & Daisy W. Hobart

Sarah A. Hobart

William Hobart

William L. & Helen S. Hobart

Gracia A., Darwin B. & Nancy Holbrook

Galen, Ann G. (Torrey) & Edward F. Holbrook

Oliver T. & Mary A. (Reddout) Holbrook

Susannah Holbrook & Henry C., Stella H Conway & Harry, Florence & Gordon Conway

William G., Sarah A. (Christie), Frank W. & Ida L. (Semans) Holbrook 

William C. & Verna L. (Boardman) Holbrook

Carrie B. Holley

  Elton E. Holley 


Emmet S. Holley

John N. & Thomas J. Holley

M. Thompson Holley

Rebecca A. Holley

Thomas J. & Deborah A. Holley

William T. Holley

William T. & Hazel (Dwyer) Holley

Sophronia (Ferguson) Holton


Elmer B. Holtz

Francis C. & Jeanne (Lafler) Hook

Candace J. Horton

Earle C. & Edna (Gage) Horton

Warren A. & Mabel W. Horton

Grace C. Hospes, Olive F. Green  & Emma A. Reed 


Alice Houck

Robert C. Houck

John O. Housel  

John O.  Sr. Housel & Paula J. Wright 

Gladys (Robson) Howard

Warren K. Howard

Caroline A. Howell

George S. Howell

Horace Franklin Howell

Horace Howell

Orson V. Howell

Sarah J. Howell

Fayette R. Hughner

Clarence J. Hughner


Edward Hughner

Elouise H. Hughner

Elwyn Hughner

Ethel M. Hughner

Henry J. & Edna B. Hughner

Mertie Hughner

Richard & Jessie B. Hughner

Ruth (Lafler) Hughner

William S. Hughner

Julia (Manzer) Hull

Humphrey family stone

Leora A. Humphrey

Solon C. Humphrey

Allen Hunt

Eleanor Hunt 

Elvira E. Hunt


Marshall A. Hunt

Sarah Jane Hunt

Wells P. Hunt

Hunter - Martin family stone

Caroline B. Hunter

George R. & Mary A. (Read) Hunter

Huldah R. Hunter

Kathryn Grace Hunter

Lorin & Huldah A. Hunter

Minnie M. Hunter

Myron Hunter

Oliver L. Hunter


Thomas, Nellie Irene (Carvey), Grace Hunter & James C. & Nellie Irene (Hunter) Martin

Michael R. & Gail (Julian) Huntoon

Bryant Charles & Bessie (Adams) Hurlbutt

Irene & Douglas Hutson



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