Rushville Cemetery

Gorham, NY

Pictures of Headstones
compliments of Dianne Thomas 

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Jackson monument

Alice V. Jackson

Arthur H. & Ethel (Henry) Jackson

Ella C. Jackson

Ethel Jackson

Lizzie & Martha Jackson

Louise B. Jackson

Oran A., Nancy E. (Husted) Jackson &  Martha A. (Jackson) Foster

Robert G. Jackson

Thales M. Jackson

William R. Jackson

James family stone

Clea (Fisher) James

Frank E. James

Grace A. James

Nelson H. & Margaret James  

mom & dau

Nettie A. James & Maria McDonald


Walter O., Bertha I. & Robert James

Doris A. Jaynes (bottom)

Bert V. & Edna L. Jemmott

Michael J. Turner Jemmott

Carl Arnold Jenson

Donald A. & Bessie (Allen) Johncox


Donald C. & Margaret (Henry) Johncox

Milton W. Johncox

Milton W. & Maxine D. Johncox

Johnson family stone

Addison H. Johnson

Allison F. & Thelma M. Johnson

Artalissa A. Johnson

Carmen M. Johnson

Charles B. Johnson

Clark D. Sr. & Elizabeth W. Johnson

Damond D. & Susie M. (DeWick) Johnson

Doris W. Johnson

Esther W. & Jesse A. Johnson  fix jpg

Frank Johnson

Fred G. Johnson

Genevieve (Halstead) Johnson

Howard L. Johnson

Inez J. Johnson

Jessica Johnson

John J. & Almina M. Johnson 

Libbie S. Johnson & Gorda M. Gorton

Mildred C. Johnson

Nellie E. & Francis C. Johnson

Orla W. & Flora B. Johnson

Roger C. Johnson

Samuel E. & Ruth M. Johnson

Sarah J. Johnson

Walter F. & Lilly M. Johnson

Ernestine Johnston


William F. Jolley

Jones family stone

Carrie Jones

Charrie W. & W. Frank Jones

Deborah (Horton) Jones

Dora (Lindsley) Jones

Effie R. Jones

Gertrude Elizabeth Jones

Iva E. Jones

Joseph H. Jones

John footstone

John & Gertrude Jones

Josh footstone

Joshua & Ursula Jones

Kenneth C. Jones

Randilla & R. Pharcellus Jones

Rufus P. Jones footstone

Samuel & Margaret Jones

S. Case Jones

S. Judson & Edith (Wilson), Wilson J. & Helen T. Jones

Ursula (Case) Jones footstone

W. Irving Jones

Albert T. & Gertrude B. Joyce

Bruce Lee Joyce

George & Elizabeth J. (Suter) Joyce



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