Rushville Cemetery

Gorham, , NY

Pictures of Headstones
compliments of Dianne Thomas 

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compliments of  Dianne Thomas

Charles J. & Grace M. (Boskat) Kalz

Caryl R. & Lynn B. Keeler

Geraldine Kelley

Harriet D. & Wilfred F. Kennedy

Sylvester & Calista Kern

Ernest E. Kessler

Oneita C. Kessler

Robert Keyser

Leona Kilpatrick

Ralph Kilpatrick

Doris F. Kinnear

Kitchel plot

Clara E. Kitchel

Fred Kitchel

Lyman B. Kitchel

Lyman M. Kitchel

Knapp family stone

Esther Knapp

Marshall Knapp

Orson O. Knapp

Pearl P. Knapp

Charles W. & Minnie N. Korb

Hazel M. Korb

Arthur G. Kunes

Danie & Mary Kunes

Lafler family stone

Lafler - Gillette family stone

Bert S. & Arvina G. Lafler

Byron, Lamay H. & Pearl Lafler

Earl M. Lafler

Emory Lafler

Flora A. (Wagar) Lafler

Ira C. Lafler

Leona M. & Ellis G. Lafler

Marie Lafler


Rhoda B. Lafler

Theresa (Gillette) Lafler

Vernon Ray Lafler

Vernie & Marcellus Lafler

Polly Lake  & Elsie R. Watkins

Landcastle family stone

[stone of Wm. Mantz in front]

Greyson W. Lane


  Mary E. Lane & Sarah P. Lindsley 

Blanche Lapham

Harvey V. & Anna B. Lathrop

Harvey L. & Florence Lathrop

Mahlon E. Lathrop

Raymond A. & Minnie L. Lathrop

William R. & Ella May Lathrop

Edna C. Lawrence

Henry W. Lawrence

William H. F. Lawrence Jr

Lazarus family stone

Clarence E. & Ada M. Lazarus

Daniel & Mary Lazarus

Ernest A. & Alice W. Lazarus

George Alvin & Betty (Schultz) Lazarus

Jennifer Lee Lazarus

Benjamin D. Leach

Benjamin Douglas Jr. & Beatrice M.P. Leach

Benjamin D. & Edna L. Leach

Claude Lead

Isabel (Miller) Lead

Richard C. Lead

Ledgerwood family stone

Adam M, Kate L. (Wilcox) & William E. Ledgerwood

Frank A. Ledgerwood, Orion W & Maude L. Read & Doris Jaynes

Jerome & Elizabeth (Bailey) Lee

Kenneth F. Lee

Kenneth F. & Dolores T.  Lee

Sarah A. Lee

Thomas D. Lee

Cuyler Legg

Fred Legg

Joshua & Margaret Legg

Maria N. Lewis

Nancy Lewis

Samuel T. Lewis

Anson C. & Eunice Close (Husted) Lindsley

Elzer B. Lindsley

Elzer B, Mary (Mumford) Lindsley 

Frances Lindsley

"Our Pet"

Francis Estella Lindsley

Rial Lindsley, Elzer B. &  Mary A. (Mumford) Lindsley

Sarah P. Lindsley & Mary E. Lane

Charles E. & Helen H. Linkner

Loomis family stone

Allen, Helen F. (Thomas ) & Elizabeth (Ellerington) Loomis

Chester & Hannah H. Loomis

Loomis children

Helen B. Loomis & Martha W. & Clarissa M. Blodgett

Helen E. ((Thomas) Loomis

James & Wealthy O. Loomis

Janettie Loomis

Lucy E. Loomis

Lyman L. Loomis

Nathaniel & Maria (Fitch) Loomis

Ruby Estelle Loomis

Rufus L. & Mary E. (Leavenworth) Loomis

Sarah A. Loomis

Sarah A. Loomis

Sarah E. Loomis

Sarah Mellissa Loomis

Wilbur Loomis

Alice B. Lord

Robert W. Losey

Mary Low

John & Maxine Lynch


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