Rushville Cemetery

Gorham, , NY

Pictures of Headstones

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Walter L. & Phyllis J. (Munson) Mac Intyre

Augustus S. Mack

Carrie A. (Emory) Mack

David M., Mina M., J. Elsie Mack & Chauncey & Mary J. Dunton

Arthur C. & Dorothy I. (Gage) Madsen

Mallory family stone

Nina E. (French) Mallory

Spencer M. Mallory

Candace S. Maltman

William J. Mantz

William J. & Doris J. Mantz

Albert Manzer

Rosetta (Cummings) Manzer

Frank R. & Mary J. Mapes

Edward T. Marshall

S. Kathryn Marshall

Marsh monument

Dana Judson & Mary Luella (Mumford) Marsh

Della A. Marsh

Heber T. & Emma Gertrude Marsh

Mary A. (Jones) Marsh

Stephen V. Marsh

W. Judson & Rhoda (Rea) Marsh

William J. Marsh

James Glenes & Nellie Irene (Hunter) Martin [on Hunter monument]

Nellie & J. Glenes  Martin footstones

Ralph Arden & Barbara (Caldwell) Martin

William B. & Mildred (Conley)  Martin

Bertha G. Marx

John H. Marx

John P. Marx

Walter S. Marx

 Mather family stone

Abram Mather

Elizabeth Mather

Grace Mather

Rufus Mather

Matteson family stone

John & Harriet Matteson

William H. & Lovina Matteson

C. Benson McClure

Jesse James McClure

Mackie E. & Archibald N. McClure

Vera (Davis) McClure

Jennie McCoy

John A. & Louisa A. McCoy

Benjamin C. & Julia A. McDonald

Charlie & Lois McDonald

Maria McDonald & Nettie A. James

Oscar & H. Augusta McDonald

Hannah L. & Henry L. McDougal

Henry F. & Lilah J. McFadden


Henry F. McFadden

Richard McFadden

George McKay

Frank N. & Vina (Alexander) McMillan

Lindsley & Lizzie Meade

Lindsley Meade footstone

Lizzie Meade footstone

Lola (Ferguson) Meade

Rachel Meland & Gladys Merels

Doris P. Mellor


Thomas P. Mellor


  Gladys Merels & Rachel Meland

John & Carrie V. Merels

Lucy B. & Edward T. Merels

Janet M., Edwin R. & Joel Ross Merriman

George E. Mertz

Lewis J. Mertz

Ruth (Suttle) Mertz

Albert Middaugh

Earl S. & Georgia Middaugh

Della Miles

Harold L. Miles

Lydia (Hicks) & James Miles

Hannah M. Millard

Hiram Millard

Mitty (Blodgett) Millard

Arden & Hannah Miller

Catherine S. & Charles Miller

Flora E. (Uhl) Miller

George Miller


Iva (Miles) Miller

Jesse A. Miller

John & Evelyn Miller

Myron Miller

William M, Emma (Fisher), Frank B. & Edith (Millard) Monagle

Barry & Thelma Monks

Harrison I. & Beatrice (Green) Montague

Walter David & Olive Hazel  Montague

Moody family stone

Alice A. (Stearns) Moody

Clarice Priscilla, Janet Elaine & Edward Lewis Moody

Edward L. Moody

Edith (Johncox) Moody

Ethel I. Moody

Robert E. Moody

Phyllis Moore

Leon & Catherine Morgan

Leona & Ray Morley

Cora (Schnepp)  Morton

Joseph J. Morton

Carrie E. Mower

Ephraim C. Mower

Frederick P. Mower

Philomela S. Mower

Robert G. Mower

Mumford/Twitchell monument

Charles E. Mumford

Ira  & Emma (Jones) Mumford & Elizabeth (Jones) Sweet

Mary L. Mumford & Dana Judson Marsh

Edward C. Murray

Mary (Snyder) Murray

Deo D. Myers

Estella H. (Cole) Myers

William A. Myers

William Henry Myers

Jesse Nailos


George E. & Edith A. Neal

Charles H. & Cora B. Neff

Asher Perry & C. Elizabeth (Bryant) Nichols

Asher, Lucy (Wiswell) & Henry W. Nichols

A. June (Hilton) Nieves

Sabad F. Nieves

George J. & Lottie E. Noble

George & Lydia Noble

Norman family stone

Doris (Gage) Norman

Oliver W. Norman

Elmer J. Northrup

Mary J. Northrup

Frances A., Harvey E. Nye & Lewis & Lucy Halstead & Lucy Francisco



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