Rushville Cemetery

Gorham,  NY

Pictures of Headstones
compliments of Dianne Thomas & Mel Norsen

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O - Q

Richard H. & Frances A. O'Hearn

Alice Olds

Bernard A. Olds

A. Luella (Cole) Olmstead

Arthur Olmstead

Carl R. Olmstead

George C. Olmstead

Milford G. Olmstead


Orra Louise Olmstead

Olsen family stone

Anna Mae Olsen

Charles A. Olsen

Elizabeth & Francis E. Olsen

Francis E. Olsen

Lottie B. Olsen

O. Walter Olsen

John Paul Ortiz Jr.

Jennie (Smith) Osborne

William H. Osborne

Geraldine D. Oswald

Louisa A. Oswald

Sally (Arnold) Oviatt

Roy E. & M. June Owen

Clara Owens

Paddock family stone

Alice & James Paddock

Ann (McMichael) Paddock

Daniel L. Paddock Sr.

Daniel, Freida & Wendy Jo Paddock


Daniel L. Paddock

Elizabeth Paddock

James A. Paddock

Allen J. & Bertha W. Paige

John A. Paige

John C. Paige

John C. & Clara B. Paige

Harold R. Palmer

Minnie A. Palmer

Robert Palmer

Walter K. Palmer

Crystal Dawn Patterson

Ellis Patterson

Clifford Hess Payne

Clifford H. & Helen (Hudson) Payne

Fred W. & Viola M. Payne

Marie Peabody

A.A. Peacock

Andrew J. & Alice (Harris)  Peacock

Pearce- Fitch family stone


Asa W. Pearce

Charles J. & Emma L. (Blauvelt) Pearce

Daniel C. Pearce

Frank & Florence B. Pearce

Guy S. Pearce

Kathryn B. Pearce

Michael A,. Mary J. (Dimick) Pearce

Samuel G. Pearce

Sarah A. Pearce

Thomas Pearce

William P. & Ella S. Pearce

William W., Lola & Frank Pearce

Amelia Christie Perry

Benjamin Perry monument

Charles A. & Phebe D. Perry

Clifford L. Perry

Ethel E. Perry



Frederick R. Perry


Isabel E. Perry

Mary Jane Perry

Myrtle S. Perry

Nettie Perry

Robert L. Perry

Robert R. Perry

Robert & Sarah A. Perry

Rowse & Desire Perry

Sarah & Susan Perry

William P., Alice V., Robert G. & Louise B. Perry

Clarence & Mildred Phalen

John foot

John & Carrie Phalen

Alice Phelps

Anna Phelps

Hattie S. & Newell A. Phelps

Jonathan  P & Alona (Blodgett) Phelps

Leon A., Lena B. & Lena M. (Burgess) Phelps

Mary A. Phelps


William Phelps

William L. & Jane A. Phelps

Addie Phillips

Eliza Phillips & Lois (Phillips) Washburn 

Howard S. Phillips

Lucy, Ella & George Phillips


O. Blanche Phillips

William Phillips

Adelaide Pike

Pomeroy Pike

Mildred N. Pinneo

Cath Pitcher foot

Elizabeth (Blodgett) Pitcher

Dorothy Pomeroy

Nettie (Green) Porter & Emory C. & Margaret M. Green

poss Scott 4878

poss Scott 4880

Albert Powell

Irving W., Reta L. & Joy Ann Powell

John & Rosella Powell

Maxine (Green) Powell

Alberta Powers

Earl Thomas Powers

Ellen B. Powers

Fred C. Powers

John Powers

J. Wesley Powers

Mabel (Stark) Powers

Samuel L. & Mary  (Pearce) Powers

Thomas S. & Marie D.(Pearce) Powers

Pratt family stone

Almond Pratt

Carroll Henry Pratt

Clemence Legg Pratt

Edwin F. Pratt

Elisha F. Pratt

Elizabeth Pratt

Erving J. Pratt

Maude (Lee) Pratt

Henry J. Prendergast

J. C. Prendergast

Naomi (Wisewell) Prendergast

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