Rushville Cemetery

Gorham, , NY

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compliments of  Dianne Thomas

Randall family stone

C. Clinton & Ada E. Randall

Charles Randall

Clifford C. Randall

Elizabeth Randall

John M. Randall

Sarah A. (Hall) Randall

Henry, Arvilla F. & Myron H. Rapalee

Hiram & Phebe Ann Rapalee


Marian Rathbun

Charles Raymond

M. Genevieve Raymond

Minnie A. Raymond

Moses A. Raymond

Maud B. & Harold R. Read


John & Leona A. Read

Orion W. & Maude L. Read

Timothy H., Connie J. & Jack W. Read

Laura Jean Reason

Edward J,. Florence L. (Abbott) & Jay A. Rechtenwald

Lizzie (Ward) Rector

Phyllis N. Rector


Abram, John, Lucretia, Caroline, Morris, Alanson Reddout

David & Polly (Voorhees) Reddout

David, Freelove (Arnold), Welcom A. & Mary E. (Wheeler) Reddout

George F. Reddout

William N., Abbie A. & Stanley A. Reddout

William & Elsie Reddout

William F. Reddout

Emma A. Reed, Olive F. Green & Grace C. Hospes

Florence a. & William H. Rex

Reynolds - Cole monument

Almon D. & Meltha A. (Donnelly) Reynolds

Frank A. Reynolds

Ida V. (Russell) & Urban B. Reynolds

Louisa Reynolds

Sylvia Louise Reynolds

Thomas J., William E., Mary L. & John N. Reynolds

Velleda C. (Cole) Reynolds

William B. & Julia O. Reynolds

William T. & Pauline (Dickerman) Reynolds

William & Rosetta (Whitman) Reynolds

Richardson family stone

Al Richardson

Carol Richardson

Frank Richardson

Henry Melvin & Florence (Dunn) Richardson

Lucy Richardson

Margaret (Pratt) Richardson

Nellie J. (Ferguson) Richardson

Dorothy Rigby

Justiniano Rivera

Margaret L. Rivera

Robinson family stone

Albert H. Robinson

Albert M. & Harriet M. Robinson

George W., Jeanette C., Keziah & Harley C. Robinson

Horace Robinson

Joseph C Robinson footstone



Joseph H. Robinson

Kenneth Robinson

Lucy R. Robinson

Mary Robinson

May Robinson

Mercy Robinson

Robson family stone

Robson - Wyman family stone

Andrew Robson

Charles C. Robson

Effie M. (Foster) Robson

  Elizabeth (Martin) & Addie E. Robson

Gertrude Robson

John Robson


John J. & Amanda A. (Chase) Robson

Max L. & Lila J. Robson

Minnie Robson

William C. Robson

Richard W. Rohring

Samuel Eugene Rosato


Earl Rosengrant

Cleo L. Rothe

Justin J. Rothe

Lenora M. Rothe

Etta M. (Allen) Rumohr

Victor L. Rumohr

George A. & Elizabeth E. Rundt

Irving C. & Edith M. Rundt

Morris J. Rundt

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