Rushville Cemetery

Gorham,  NY

Pictures of Headstones

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Charles Sackett

Edwin A. Sackett

Ella M. Sackett

Richard Sackett

Sina Tyler & Minerva M., Asa Porter, Mary Jane (McDonald) & Lydia A. (Bassett) SACKETT & Loyd E. & Mary A. (Sackett) SUTPHEN

Lewis C. & Mildred M. Safrans

Stephen & Nettie Safrans

George W. & Mahala Salisbury

John & Elizabeth Salisbury

Harry Salphine

Madeline E. Salphine

Paul Santee

Paul E. & Caryl A. Santee

Savage monument

Bruce H. Savage

Charles Savage

Daniel Christopher Savage

David W. Savage

Edgar S. Savage

Erwin H. & Eva M. Savage

Harriet H. Savage

James H. Savage

James S., Sarah E., Frances H. & Sarah L. Savage

John B. & Naomi Savage  

J. Rolland & Jennie L. (Wright) Savage

Nettie E. (Elwell) Savage

Richard L. & Minnie (Belcher) Savage

Roy A. & Bessie M. (Goodsell) Savage

Wilson B. & Gertrude H. Savage

William H,, Florence (Hayward) Frances G. & James H. Savage

Sawyer monument

Cuyler S. Sawyer

Prudence Sawyer

Susan (Burt) Griswold Sawyer

Emma (Perry) Sayres


Tony & Barb J. Scaletta

John & Saeko Schad

A. Edwin Schmidt

William J. Schultz


William J. & Anna V. Schultz

Schweickhard family stone

Fred Schweickhard

Mary M. (Seidel) Schweickhard

Clarence B. Scofield

Mildred F. Scofield

Althea Scott footstone

Edwin A. Scott

George Scott footstone

John, Althea & Napoleon Scott

John & Catharine Scott

John, Edwin & George Scott

Josephine & Ann Scott

Timothy Scott

Walter & Gertrude Scott

Allan J. & Mildred (Kidd) Seely

Franklin B. Seelye

Julia (Vorce) Seelye

Walter J. Sexton

Alfred M. & Olive M. Shaw

Hiram C. & Ethel G. Shaw


Irving A. & Zella M. Shaw

Maurice I. Shaw

Merle D. & Lila S. Shaw

Brayton C. Shedd

Jessie T. Shedd

Shepherd plot

Charles H. Shepherd

Harrietta Shepherd

James H., Rachel A. (Wilkins), William W. & Ida S. (Harvey) Sherburne

Albert W., Joan E. Shipman  & Harold F. & Ethel M. Carr

Dana Simonsen

Regnar G. Simonsen

Janeann A. Sloat

Myron Sloat *

* not War of 1812

Mary F. Slover

Smith monument

Smith family HM

Arthur & Carrie (Loomis) Smith

Charles & Nellie Smith

Clara Smith

Clarence & Frances Smith

Daniel G. Smith

Eva E. Smith


Flora A. & Herbert Smith

Harlan A. & Doris N Smith

Henry M. Smith

Herman R. Smith

Hubert C. & Marcella (Loomis) Smith

James Lester Smith

John E. Smith


John & Jane Smith

Lela A. Smith

Marc W. Smith

Mary A. Smith

Maude Smith

Myron O. & Gladys M. Smith

Raymond A. Smith

Roy W. & Ellen Mae Smith

Wilbur & Marjorie E. Smith

William H. & Deliah L. (French) Smith

Charles Peter & Hazel I. Snyder

Ella E. Snyder


Emma (Harmon) Snyder

Ford E. Snyder

Frank A. Snyder

Henry C. & Emma J. Snyder

Jesse J. & Ella F. (Saunders) Snyder

Mertie Snyder

M. Mae (Herrington) Snyder

Norman L. & Mary M. Snyder

Winifred A. Snyder

William Snyder

Byron Soules

Della (Harris) Soules

Barbara Spang

Mabel M. Spong

Vivian A., Elizabeth A. (Harvey) & Ernest H. Spry

Roy L. & Dorothy M. Stahlman

Walter D. Stahlman

Stark family monument

Charles W. Stark


Josephine M. Stark

Margaret A. (Sawyer) Stark

Mary (Welfare) Stark

Oscar F. Stark

Oscar S. & Mae S. Stark

Elbridge C. & Emma A. (Harkness) Stearns

George W. Stearns

Martha A. Stearns

Nellie E. Stearns 

Harry H, J. Roy, Henry & Belle H. Stebbins


James S. & Wealthy A. (Read) Stebbins


Carl Lester & Ruth (Dutcher) Stell

Donna Lee Stell

Charles Sterling foot

Mary Sterling

William Sterling

William, Mary (Whitman), Mary E. & Sarah S. Sterling

Stevens monument

Joseph H., Amelia A. (Ellick) &  Anson L. Stevens 

Charles H.  Stidd

Gerald A. Stidd


Grace L. Stidd

Henry C. Stidd


Louise (Morton) Stidd

Meribah (Yaw) Stidd

M. Lucinda Stidd

Albert Sturdevant

Ann T. Sturdevant

Eliphalet P. Sturdevant

Josiah Sturdevant

Loyd E. & Mary A. (Sackett) SUTPHEN & Sina Tyler & Minerva M., Asa Porter, Mary Jane (McDonald) & Lydia A. (Bassett) SACKETT  

George Swann

John & Helen Swann

Elizabeth Sweet


Anthony  Szmania



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