Rushville Cemetery

Gorham,  NY

Pictures of Headstones

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Hannah Taylor

John  L. Taylor

Manlius L. Taylor

Charles Tharp

Excy Ann Tharp

George Tharp

Burnett Thomas

Charles F. Thomas

Frank & Sarah Thomas

Ina (Myers) Thomas

John C. & Anna F. (Stout) Thomas

Mabel D. Thomas

Meribah Thomas

S. Burnett & Cornelia C. (Young) Thomas

Bernard Lewis & F. Josephine (Kennedy) Thompson

Florence A. Thompson & Mary Louise Boynton

Gladys M. & Roger G. Thompson

James R. Thompson

Adeline Thoms

Carrie W. Torrey


Clarissa Torrey

Fred B. Torrey

Henry Torrey

Hiram M. Torrey

Julia (Hoey) Torrey

Lawrence Torrey

Margaret (Borden) Torrey

Mary E. (Spillings) Torrey

Mary M. Torrey

Samuel H. Torrey

Samuel H. Torrey Jr.

Kathryn (Fitch) Townsend

James E. & Deanne L. Tuck

George Turner

George & Eleanor Turner

Howard Turner

Lillian  (Middaugh) Turner

Michelle Lynn Turner

Alice L. (Halstead) Tuttle

Howard & Sarah Tuttle

Samuel J. Tuttle

Twitchell family stone

Twitchell/Mumford monument

Abigail B. Twitchell

Alice Twitchell

Archibald N. Twitchell

Charlotte A. Twitchell

Clara (Foster) Twitchell

Clifford Twitchell


David, Alice & Edward Twitchell

Emmett C. Twitchell

Fred & Sadie Twitchell

Harry Twitchell

Josephine (Mumford) Twitchell

Julia E (Mumford) Twitchell

Loyal C. Twitchell

Mabel A. Twitchell

Mabel D. Twitchell

Orison V. Twitchell

Ralph Twitchell

Ruth Marie Twitchell

Stephen & Rose Twitchell

Lizzie A. Uhl

William B. & Laura (Johnson) Uhl


Henry C.,  Inez O. (Cadmus) & L. Caroline Underwood

Henry C. & Inez O.(Cadmus)  Underwood

L. Caroline Underwood

unknown 1063 flag & F.D. medal

unknown footstone 5163

unk "my husband" 5050

unknown My husband

unk Norris D. 3195

unk "Our Father" 4280  (has flag & War of 1812 Medallion)

unk Susan 4233

unk Susie 4243

Herman Francis Valdez

Thelma M. Valdez

George B. VanAnden

George VanAnden Jr.

George & Mary E. VanAnden

Hazel L. VanAnden

Joseph VanAnden

Mary A. VanAnden

Mary F. (Palmiter) VanAnden

Sarah E. VanAnden

VanArsdale monument

Ann Eliza & Susan Clarinda VanArsdale

Delbert C. VanArsdale

Elizabeth VanArsdale

Francis E. VanArsdale

Jacob B. & Hannah VanArsdale

Jacob & Leah (Blew) VanArsdale

John & Harriet VanArsdale

Mare (Hermans) VanArsdale

Sarah B. VanArsdale

Lawrence F. VanBuskirk

VanEpps family stone

Daniel & Sarah (Smith) VanEpps

Eloise V. (Robson) VanEpps

Irving K. VanEpps

Louis D. VanEpps

Maude B. (Fires) VanEpps

Robert C. & Genevieve (Loomis) VanEpps

Seth S., Mary Elizabeth & Sherman D. VanEpps

Jean T. VanGelder & Carole Jean Gardner

Cornelius C. Vanness

Barbara E. & Roy C. VanSickle

Gary L. VanValkenburg

Clyde & Ann VanWie


Adaline M. Vescelius

Walter H. & Verda F. Vincent

Henry B. Voorhees

Jacob & Jane (Reddout) Voorhees

Jane & William R. Voorhees

John & Hannah H. (Cole) Voorhees

John & Charlotte (Wyman) Voorhees

Sarah Voorhees

Sophia Voorhees

Stanley E. Voorhees

Vincent R. & Minnie (Searle) Voorhees

Virginia Voorhees

Latia (Pratt) Vorce

Periander Vorce




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