Rushville Cemetery

Gorham,  NY

Pictures of Headstones

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Lydia K. Wade

Walter J. Wade

Wagar family stone

Amelia D. Wagar

Elmer H. & Alma B. Wager

Fenton K. Wagar

Florence E. Wagar

Robert H. & Mary H. Wake

Emeline Walbridge

James Walbridge

Nelson H. Walbridge footstone

Linda Walker

George L. Walter

Louis Walther

Mariam S. (Gelder) Walther

Philip & Magdalena Walther

Adaliza Ward

Melissa J. Ward

Willard C. Ward

Charles H. Warfield

Lindsey Warfield

Andrew J. & Josephine (Peabody) Warner

Oliver Peabody Warner

Washburn family stone

Washburn fam 2

Christina Washburn

Dora B. (Gage) Wahsburn

Edward I. Washburn

Edith M. (Olmstead) Washburn

Edwin J. Washburn

Frank Washburn

James T. & Margaret B. Washburn

Jonathan & Catharine Washburn

Joshua Washburn

Lois (Phillips) Washburn & Eliza Phillips

Marshal Washburn

Marshal S. Washburn

Myron F. Washburn

Ollie Mabel Washburn

Phebe Washburn

Richard A. Washburn

Frances & William C. Waterman

Ida Waters

John Waters

Elsie R. Watkins & Polly Lake

Jane Watson




Randy L. Weigert


Freda (Lusby) Weston

Abigail Wheeler

Albert Wheeler

Charles L. Wheeler

Margaret B. Wheeler

Mary A. Wheeler

Ruth E. & Lee E. Sr. Whipple

Lawrence M. & Irene M. Whitbeck

William C., Ida E. (Farnsworth) & Jane (Emerson) Whitbeck

Charles Earl Whitman

Charles Earl & Gladys Viola Whitman

George B. Whitman


Gladys (Lane) Whitman

Henry B. Whitman

Mary A. (Walbridge) Whitman

Myrtie & Merton Whitman

Harriet Whitney

Gabriel Jerome Wiggins

Esther A. (Cole) Wightman

Jay H. & Lenora B. Wilkin

Joseph A. & Elizabeth Willard

Williams family stone


Carlotta  A. Williams

Carrie M. (Foster) Williams

Charles F. Williams

Clarence Williams

Emmette T., Myrtie (Clark), Geo E. & Ella (Murry) Williams

Erwin, Mary (Read), Roy & Myrtle Williams

Frances Marie Williams

John E. Williams

J. Ward Williams

Lewis C. Williams

Myrtle Williams

Oliver S. & Shirley Williams

Roy D. Williams

Ruth H. Williams

William Ward & Mary F. Williams

William H. & Gratia A. (Stebbins) Willson

Elizabeth Wilson footstone

Ellen E. Wilson , F.D. Wilson & Wightman J.J. Green

Fred Wilson

Frederick D. Wilson

James R., Lavina & Rachel J. Wilson

Lydia (Fanning) Wilson

Milford Wilson footstone

Milford J. & Sophia Wilson

Milton J., Mary & Minnie J. Wilson

George R. Winants

George & Polly Winants babies

Mary Winants

Eleanor & Thomas Winburn

Blanche L. Winne

Elizabeth A. Winne

James H. Winnie

John Wisewell

Henry Augustus, Caroline E.B. & James Sayre Wiswell

John & Betsey (Wilder) Wiswell

Wood - Jolley monument

Charles H. Wood

Charles Richard Wood

Grace E. Wood


Osmond C. Wood

Clara Woodward

Eli L. & Emma M. Woodward

Gertie F. Woodward

Joseph & Sally (Stone) Woodward  

Worden - Raymond monument

Clara R. Worden

Frederick C. Wright


Lena E. Wright

Paula J. Wright

Wyman - Robson family stone

Naomi (Robson) Wyman

Whitford S. Wyman

RD H Yeckley

Otis W. Zavitz

Ruth W. Zavitz

William C. & Mary C. Zavitz



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