Dillon Cemetery 

Rt. 21 South, Shortsville, NY


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Also known as Greenhouse Cemetery, and by locals, sometimes referred to it as the "Bee Sting" Cemetery.    Thanks to M. Kelly [deceased]  & Ron Hanley for the contribution of this cemetery!

Those names that have a KEY     are listed on another page of an 1891 newspaper listing of persons buried in the Greenhouse or Dillon Cemetery.  Click on THIS KEY and it will take you to this page!   To see Pictures of headstones for this cemetery, please click on

"This ancient burial yard is in the town of Hopewell, near the Manchester line, one mile south of Shortsville.  It is one of the oldest graveyards in Ontario County, and contains the earthly remains of some of the worthy pioneers of this section.  These inscriptions will be of interest to many of the old time families."    from  Shortsville Enterprise  1891


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?AULSH? Unknown died Dec 16, ????
ABBEY    Abigail died Mar 6, 1834; aged 4y,5m,22d;dau of Jet & Clarissa; on same stone as Angelina & Jet Jr.
ABBEY     Angelina died Nov 8, 1826; aged 2y,5m,19d; dau of Jet & Clarissa; on same stone as Abigail & Jet Jr.
ABBEY      Clarissa died Apr 29, 1863; aged 64y,4m,6d; wife of Jet Sr.
ABBEY    Jet Jr. died Mar 17, 1834; aged 1y,11m,3d ; son of Jet & Clarissa; on same stone as Angelina & Abigail
ABBEY    Jet Sr. died Dec 4, 1859; aged 64y,11m,18d; husb of Clarissa
ALDRICH      Miron died Apr 20, 1819; aged 5y; son of John & Sarah
ALDRICH      Sarah died Dec 26, 1815; aged 21y; wife of John
ANDREWS       Albion          died Mar 24, 1863; aged 16y, 2m; son of Heman & Esther DEY
ANDREWS       Betsey May 15, 1792 - Aug 18, 1874; wife of Harris; nee DRAKE
ANDREWS       Harris Oct 7, 1789 - Oct 4, 1873; husb of Betsey
ANDREWS        Heman J. died Mar 31, 1869; aged 2y, 5m; son of Heman & Esther D. 
ANDREWS       Richard died Dec 14, 1838; aged 14y;  son of Harris & Betsey  (stones reads aged 14y)
ANDREWS       Ruth 1761 - Feb 27, 1817; aged 56y; wife of Samuel; nee BLACKMER
ANDREWS            Samuel died Mar 9, 1854; aged 38y, 5m, 12d   (see notes on attached sheet)
ANDREWS       Samuel 1753 - Dec 30, 1845; aged 93y;  husb of Ruth BLACKMER; Rev. War Soldier
ARCHER          Anna died May 24, 1835; aged 33y; wife of Garner
ARCHER            Anna died May 14, 1860; aged 84y; wife of Jonathan
ARCHER            Jonathan died Aug 4, 1817; aged 44y; husb of Anna
ARCHER        Rebecca A. died May 7, 1818; aged 8 y; dau of Jonathan & Anna
ARMSTRONG  Matthew died Oct 14, 1814; aged 1y; son of George & Phebe
BAKER      Sarah C. died Mar 21, 1863; aged 22y; dau of Zara & Eunice
BAKER       William Duane died May 19, 1865; aged 22y,6m; son of Zara & Eunice
BAKER       Zara died Feb 6, 1857; aged 49y,5m; husb of Eunice
BOWEN Willie died Aug 30, 1850;aged 5m; son of W. & C.
BOYD             Ruth died July 8, 1843; aged 26y; wife of Isaac  (paper had Aug 26, not date or age)
BROWN     Emily Augusta died Aug 16, 1841;  aged 1y; dau of John & Esther
BROWN     Willie died Aug 30 1856; aged 5m; son of W. & C. 
BRYANT                 Albert W. died Apr 29, 1877; aged 31y
BRYANT    Ann died Mar 23, 1831; aged 29y; wife of William
BRYANT    Helen Celestia died June 21, 1834; aged 6y; dau of William & Ann
BRYANT    Josephine N. died Sept 29, 1851; aged 2y, 9m; dau of Wm. & Mary
BRYANT        Mary W. May 27, 1806 - Dec 27, 1883; wife of Wm.; nee CONE
BRYANT    Ozias Cone died Aug 7, 1837; aged 12 days; son of Wm. & Mary
BRYANT   William Sept 7, 1795 - Feb 22, 1883; husb of Ann  (The Bryant burials are enclosed by a substantial fence)
BRYANT    William N. died Oct 1, 1851; aged 9y, 1m, 11d; son of Wm. & Mary
BUNDAY Francis G. died Apr 1, 1835; aged 5y,4m,28d
BUSH             Andrew M. June 25, 1800 - Oct 19, 1848; husb of Jane
BUSH             Jane died Aug 11, 1865; aged 66y; wife of Andrew
BUSH             May Amanda died Sept 25, 1846; aged 15y; dau of Andrew & Jane
CANFIELD    Asa died Sept 26, 1826; aged 19y, 6m,15d; son of Wm. & Dorcus
CANFIELD      Benjamin died Aug 25, 1799; aged 57y  (stone spells as Bengamin)
CANFIELD    Dorcus died May 5, 1857; aged 73y,8m,2d; wife of William
CANFIELD    Miriam  (Mrs.) died Mar 16, 1795; aged 45y
CANFIELD    William Dec 14, 1778 - Aug 26, 1839; husb of Dorcas
CHAMBERLAIN  Margaret died June 9, 1845; aged 27y,3m; wife of Miles; dau of B & C DILLON
CLARK Benjamin died Apr 18, 1815; aged 39y
CLARK      Betsey died Aug 17, 1813; aged 39y; wife of Samuel; nee DRAKE
COOPER    Bathsheba died Jan 27, 1827; aged 16y, 6m; wife of John; sister to Addelyda DECKER
DILLON     Benjamin died Apr 15, 1866; aged 78y; husb of Christine
DILLON    Jane died Nov 22, 1826; aged 2y; dau of Benjamin & Christine
DILLON        John died Apr 8, 1827; aged 69y; husb of Phebe
DILLON    John Jr. died June 21, 1813; aged 23y; son of John & Phebe
DILLON       Joshua died July 22, 1825; aged 24y
DILLON     Moses Apr 30, 1762 - Mar 24, 1813; aged 50y
DILLON        Phebe died Aug 18, 1848; aged  87y; wife of John
DILLON    Sarah died Mar 21, 1814; aged 77y; wife of Matthew
DILLON    William died July 26, 1814; aged 46y
ETHERIDGE  Amy died Sept 3, 1815; aged 16y,8m; dau of Joseph & Lucy
FAUROT       Anna died Dec 31, 1878; aged 73y; dau of Jacob & Jennette PEREGO  (listed on Preigo Monument)
FAUROT       Eliza died Sept 6, 1879; aged 67y; dau of Jacob & Jennette PEREGO   (listed on the Preigo Monument)
FAUROT          Hannah died Feb 23, 1840; aged 85y; wife of John
FAUROT          Henry died May 18, 1856; aged 23y or 73y, 2m, 18d; husb of Rhoda
FAUROT          John  died Oct 11, 1842; aged 85y; husb of Hannah
FAUROT          Julia A. died Nov 7, 1853; aged 32y,6m; wife of Stephen B.
FAUROT          Rhoda died Mar 25, 1878;  83y,15d; wife of Henry
FINCH        Samuel died Nov 12, 1809; aged 15y; son of Albert & Lydia
GARDNER        Charles died Feb 19, 1854; aged 6y, 9m; adopted son of Edward & Phebe WHITE
GARDNER        Elizabeth died May 3, 1863; aged 79y,10m, 8d; wife of Jacob; nee ANDREWS
GARDNER       Jacob J. died Apr 1, 1841; aged 56y; husb of Elizabeth
GARDNER       Romulous died Mar 30, 1832; aged 4y; son of Jacob & Elizabeth
GREGORY    Sylvester died July 2, 1817; aged 8y; son of A & A
HALSTED         Leah died Apr 6, 1834; aged 37y; wife of P. B.
HALSTED    William R. died Sept 19, 1844; aged 21y; son of P. B. & Leah
HANNA          Oliver P. died Dec 29, 1864; aged 44y
HANNAY    Elizabeth Hannah died Sept 8, 1808;aged 63y; wife of William
HANNAY    Harriet died Feb 9, 1832; aged 7y; dau of Jackson & Priscilla
HANNAY    Jackson died Mar 2, 1859; aged 82y; husb of Priscilla
HANNAY    Priscilla Aug 20, 1831; aged 45y; wife of Jackson
HANNAY    Sarah Anna died May 8, 1804, aged 20y; wife of Wm. Jr.; dau of Edward & Anna PARKER
HANNAY    William Jr. died Apr 18, 1817; aged 44y; has footstone of W. H.
HANNAY    William died Mar 8, 1818; aged 78y
HARRIS       William Byron died Apr 5, 1850; aged 6y, 8m, 14d; son of Wm.  H. & Mary P.
HERRINGTON  Galusha H. Jr. died Dec 16, 1817; aged 10m; son of Galusha & Polly
HERSEY         Idala died Sept 15, 1817; aged 5y,1m,17d; dau of Gideon & Idala
HILL            Hannah died Apr 11, 1815; aged 23y, 9m,22d; wife of John; dau of Edward & Anna PARKER
HOLMES     Mary died Dec 20, 1850; aged 24y, 3m, 29d; wife of Randall R.
HUBBARD  Martha died Aug 29, 1817; aged 57y; wife of Moses
JACKSON    Aurelia died Aug 6, 1819; aged 34y; wife of Jonathan
KELLOGG Eliza Ann died Oct 30, 1845; aged 41y, 11m,21d; wife of Henry
KELLOGG    John J. died June 17, 1824; aged 6y; son of John & Elanor 
KNOWLES  Lewis A. died Mar 27, 1869;  Co. G, 18th NY  Vol.
LATTING   Eliza Mar 10, 1831 - Aug 1, 1841
LATTING    Elizabeth Apr 18, 1801 - Nov 5, 1855; wife of Joseph; nee TOBIAS
LATTING    George W. Aug 30 ,1832 - Sept 5, 1854
LATTING    Joseph Dec 25, 1975 - July 24, 1883; husb of Elizabeth TOBIAS
LATTING    Margaret Mar 2, 1828 - Aug 24, 1888
LATTING    Warren May 16, 1834 - Dec 24, 1885
LOCKWOOD    David died Aug 29, 1808; aged 36y
MAGOWEN    William died Nov 14, 1814; aged 42y
MARLING     John M. Jr. died June 17, 1812; aged 2y; son of John & Margaret
MARSH           Roxana died Jan 13, 1865; aged 44y  
MARSH         Sally died July 28, 1855; aged 64y; wife of Samuel
MC KNUTT   Isaac died Mar 16, 1820; aged 17y; son of James & Jane
MC KNUTT  Jane W. died Apr 4, 1822; aged 56y; wife of James     stone broken
MINER        Betsey died Mar 11, 1868; aged 20y, 3m; wife of Ezra  buried with her infant
NEWTON     Semanthe died July 15, 1839; aged 10y; dau of Proctor & Mary
NORTON    Polly died Sept 20, 1817; aged 44y; wife of Giles
PARKER    Anna died Feb 8, 1845; aged 86y; wife of Edward
PARKER    Anne died July 16, 1804; aged 4y; dau of Edward & Anne
PARKER    Betsey died Mar 17,1833; aged 40; wife of Joseph
PARKER    Edward died Apr 13, 1820; aged 68y; husb of Anna
PARKER    Edward died Aug 5, 1809; aged 16y; son of Edward & Anna
PARKER   Joseph died Aug 23, 1834; aged 39y; son of Edward & Anna
PARKER    William died Aug 8, 1808; aged 21y
PENDRY    James died Aug 25, 1815; aged 35y
PEREGO    Charlotte died Apr 13, 1877; aged 66y; dau of Jacob & Jennette
PEREGO Jacob died Nov 23, 1864; aged 87y; husb of Jennette
PEREGO Jacob died Feb 9, 1857; aged 36y; son of Jacob & Jennette
PEREGO Jennette died Nov 20, 1864; aged 78y; wife of Jacob
PEREGO Joseph   died Feb 18, 1888; aged 78y; brother of Hannah WILLIAMS & Melinda SEAMAN
PIXLEY     Margaret died Feb 26, 1821; aged 25y; wife of James: dau of James & Jane MC KNUTT
QUAYLE        John T. died Apr 20, 1869; aged 32y
REDFIELD          Eliza died Mar 8, 1882; aged 58y; wife of Ezra
REDFIELD     Ezra died Sept 14, 1812; aged 58y; husb of Eliza
REDFIELD          Ezra Feb 12, 1812 - Nov 9, 1893; husb of Lucy A. BOLSTER
REDFIELD     Lucy A. Sept 12, 1806 - Oct 14, 1851; aged 44y; wife of Ezra; nee BOLSTER
REDFIELD  Sarah L. died Aug 5, 1873; aged 16y,8m,21d; dau of Ezra & Eliza
RYAN     Alva died Feb 4, 1816; aged 16y; son of Timothy & Anna
RYAN     James died Dec 10, 1824; aged 46y
RYAN          Timothy died May 12, 1814; aged 66y; "2nd known bee sting death in North America"
SEAVER   Louisa A. died Aug 25, 1838; aged 26y
SHA             Hannah died Jan 19, 1826; aged 55y; wife of Anson
SHURTCLIFFE      George no dates;  Co. C. 2nd NY Pro. Calv.    (Congressional headstone)
STARR Elisha can not read
STARR      Henry A. died Sept 14, 1821; aged 12y; son of Elisha & Nancy
STARR      Nancy died Sept 21, 1821; aged 36y; "Erected to the Memory of Nancy, consort of Elisha Starr"
TOTTEN         Lucretia died Jan 22, 1820; aged 21y; "Erected to the memory of Lucretia wife of Isaac Totten"
UNKNOWN Male died 1812; aged 35y
VAN DER GRIFT    Adaline M. died Oct 7, 1836, aged 5m, 3d; dau of Elijah & Amanda
VAN DER GRIFT  Amanda M. died May  6, 1836; aged 27y; wife of Elijah
WARDWELL David 1830 - 1890; husb of Sarah
WARDWELL   Esther died Sept 2, 1877; aged 27y; dau of David & Sarah
WARDWELL Sarah 1836 - 1886; wife of David; nee REYNOLDS
WARFIELD    Caroline died Feb 11, 1841; aged 30y; wife of John
WELLS           John M. died Oct 16, 1851; aged  2m, 12d; son of John W. & A.
WELLS          Jonas W. died Dec 28, 1851; aged 28y,5m,16d
WHEELER    William Jr. died June 20, 1820; aged 17y; son of William & Lydia
WHITE          Charles  died Sept 17, 1845; aged 1y, 5m;   son of Edward & Phebe 
WHITE          Edward 1810 - Apr 26, 1867; (stone has 1868); husb of Phebe GARDNER; Father
WHITE                Edward  J. 1856 - 1899; brother
WHITE         Edward  J. died July 4, 1848; aged 6y; son of Edward & Phebe
WHITE               Phebe 1816 - 1892; wife of Edward; nee GARDNER; Mother
WHITE          Sarah E. died June 17, 1848; aged 8y, 4m, 5d; dau of Edward & Phebe
WILLIAMS Hannah died Dec 14, 1880;aged 73y; wife of R. Williams
WOOD     Siren died Apr 5, 1858; aged 66y, 11m, 5d

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