Brookside Cemetery
Rt. 21, Shortsville, NY 

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 Many, many thanks to M. Kelley for taking the time to walk this cemetery  and the  contribution a good portion of this cemetery. Ms. Kelley died in 2009.  Pictures contributed by Dianne Thomas.

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Headstone Pictures for Brookside Cemetery


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Unidentified stones


VFW Memorial Statue at Brookside

Erected Aug 31, 1885

On Crypt in Center of this Cemetery:

Manchester Cemetery Association organized June 3, 1878 by:

Dr.  J. R. Pratt, President

J. Warfield, Vice President

N. K. Cole, Secretary

C. P. Brown, Treasurer

J. H. Sisler - Superintendent

Trustees: W. A. Willson, C. Edgertown, F. L. Brown, J. W. Ryan, Dr. P. P. Van Fleet

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