Hill or Mc Cauley Cemetery
Manchester, NY

Located at Petit and Taylor Roads

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Pictures of Hill Cemetery Stones

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BABCOCK, Marcy died May 1, 1834; aged 23y
BABCOCK, Samuel C  no dates
BABCOCK, Sara died Mar 26, 1840; aged 36y
BISHOP, Abigail died Oct 30, 1845; wife of Reuben
BISHOP, Asher died Aug 20, 1837; aged 25y; son of Reuben & Abigail
BISHOP, Reuben died July 22, 1829; aged 67y; husb of Abigail
BROWN, Elizabeth *   died Sept 17, 1846; aged 21y,3m,11d; wife of David 
CHASE, Priscilla died Dec 29, 1855; aged 86y; wife of Isaac
HILL, Catherine V. Mar 8, 1831 - Mar 23, 1907; wife of Zeleck C.
HILL, Content died Dec 25, 1853; aged 39y,9m,9d
HILL, Ephraim D. died June 10, 1839; aged 71y,4m; husb of Tenta
HILL, Hamilton D. died Oct 20, 1841; aged 32y,5m
HILL, Harley May 15, 1869 -19??
HILL, Harriet Sept 10, 1813 - May ,, 1816; dau
HILL, James died Feb 6, 1831; aged 26y,5m; son of Ephraim & Tenta
HILL, Jonathan died Mar 2, 1825; aged 18y,9m; son of Ephraim & Tenta
HILL, John died Feb 20, 1826; aged 38y,6m,5d; son of Ephraim & Tenta
HILL, Nancy died Mar 27, 1833; aged 29y; dau of John & Hannah
HILL, Reuben S. Sept 19, 1790 - May 3, 1840; husb of Sally
HILL, Sally Nov 7, 1795 - Aug 7, 1882; wife of Reuben S.
HILL, Tenta died July 9, 1949; aged 831y,1m,10d; wife of Ephraim
HILL, Zelek C. Oct 7, 1822 -Oct 17, 1898; husb of Catherine
KNAPP, Ezra  *         died Nov 4, 1842; aged 88y; husb of Phebe
KNAPP, Leonard H. *  died Oct 17, 1886; aged 80y; husb of Mercy
KNAPP, Mercy  *        died July 20, 1859; aged 68y,8m,14d; wife of Leonard H.; nee BROWN 
KNAPP, Phebe *         died Jan 5, 1850; aged 90y,6m; wife of Ezra
KNAPP, Sarah Ann *   died Dec 11, 1841; aged 19y,24d; wife of Leonard 2nd
MC CAULEY, Clara no dates
MC CAULEY, Emma no dates
MC CAULEY, Greig died Aug 9, 1849; aged 3y; son of T. & C
MC CAULEY, Jefferson no dates
MC CAULEY, John D. died Apr 7, 1842; aged 73y; husb of Margaret
MC CAULEY, Margaret died Mar 29, 1858; aged 77y,16d; wife of John D.
MC CAULEY, Mary no dates
MC CAULEY, Susan died Oct 24, 1864; aged 11y
MC CAULEY, Wilson no dates
MC KNUTT, Archibald died Mar 2, 1868; aged 85y
PECK, Alice died May 25, 1848; aged 3y,9m,13d; dau of C.M. & U.L.
PECK, Infant son no dates; son of C.M. & U.L.
PECK, Infant son no dates; son of C.M. & U.L.
PICKERING, Arabella aged 5y
PICKERING, Archibald Mc Knutt died Mar 1868; aged 85y
PICKERING, Dorinda  died Aug 11, 1863; aged 53y,2m,18d; wife of William
PICKERING, John 1889 - 1904
PICKERING, N.M. died June 2, 1897; aged 85y
PICKERING, William died June 2, 1897; aged 85y; husb of Dorinda
POMEROY, Elizabeth died Jan 28, 1846; aged 27y; wife of M. S.
PORTER, Abigail died Feb 4, 1840; aged 38y; wife of William; (between Giles Sage & Child)
RODNEY, Albert M.  * died Apr 12, 1862; aged 5y,9m,15d; son of Cornelius & Deb
RODNEY, Arabella  * died Apr 7, 1856; aged 6y,1m,26d; dau of Cornelius & Deb
RODNEY, Charles B. * died Feb 15, 1840; aged 4y,3m,2d son of Cornelius & Deb
RODNEY, Cornelius  * died Feb 9, 1862; aged 55y,8m,27d; husb of Deborah
RODNEY, Deborah * died Sept 15,1892; aged 80y,2m,2d; wife of Cornelius
RODNEY, Edwin * died Aug 26, 1849; aged 5y,1m,15d;same stone w/Mary J.
RODNEY, George B. * died May 12, 1850; aged 1y,4m,20d; son of Cornelius & Deb
RODNEY, Infant * died aged 4d; on same stone w/ George; child of Cornelius & Deb
RODNEY, Mary J. * died July 15, 1849; aged 3y,8m; dau of Cornelius & Deb
RODNEY, Robert  * died  Feb 16, 1840; aged 1y,3m,2d; son of Cornelius & Deb
SAGE, Abigail died Feb 4, 1840; aged 38y; wife of William A. PORTER
SAGE, Giles died Sept 21, 1842; aged 62y
SAGE, Mary died Mar 7, 1838; aged 30y; dau of Giles & Lydia
SMALLWOOD, Leonard died 1818; aged 3wk; son of John W. & Rhoda Wayne
SMALLWOOD, Rhoda died Apr 30, 1820;a ged 18y,10m; wife of John W; dau of Oliver & Charlotte WAYNE
STOUTENBURG, Maria V. died Mar 7, 1855; aged 57y,4m,3d
STOUTENBURG, Mary died Nov 26, 1846; aged 77y; wife of Tobias
STOUTENBURG, Tobias W. died May 24, 1853; aged 90y,1m; husb of Mary
WAYNE, Charlotte died July 26, 1859; aged 74y,3m,27d; wife of Oliver
WAYNE, Horace died Oct 23, 1844; aged 25y
WAYNE, Horace Jerome died Oct 6, 1851; aged 31y,8m; son of William & Sarah
WAYNE, Leonard died Mar 1, 1818; aged 3wks; son of Oliver & Charlotte
WAYNE, Oliver died May 9, 1838; aged 20y; son of Oliver & Charlotte
WAYNE, Rhoda died Apr 30, 1820; aged 18y,10m; dau of D & C
WAYNE, Sarah Ann died Feb 11, 1849; aged 12y,8m; dau of William. & Sarah

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